Elvira's House of Horrors (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 8.702

Artwork: 8.82

Sounds/Music: 8.462

Other Aspects: 8.792

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Elvira's House of Horrors (Limited Edition)".
The other version is: Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium Edition) (regular version)

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There are 71 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
I love games where mods really make the experience more fun... this game has some of the best mods. This is one of the best stern games ever made.
73 days ago
The layout is VERY similar to MM, but the shots are longer like AFM. The game has a great flow, deep rules, good humor and great art. One of Sterns top 5 games of all time.

The one drawback would be the price - the game has a lot of demand and the supply is limited.
3 months ago
I’ve only played about 50 games on EHOH, but I think it’s really well done and super fun. I love the layout and the shots on this game—everything feels natural and is fun to shoot. At points I get a little annoyed by the video clips slowing things down, but I forget all about that when the balls back in play—it’s just that much fun to shoot. I love that the lighting indications are easy to see and not ambiguous—sometimes I have a tough time with modern games blasting lights everywhere to the point that I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do. On this Playfield, it’s never a problem, and pretty much any shot they choose is a good time and feels rewarding to hit. This is my favorite modern Stern—not that I’ve played them all—but it’s got a mix of humor and gameplay that just works, and I really can’t imagine getting tired of it.
4 months ago
Game has the worst animations of any LCD era Stern game.
5 months ago
My family and friends have previously owned and/or currently own many of the top 100 machines on pinside.This machine is a huge favorite with the adults and owned in the family. This edition is the creme de la creme of all machines released. Deserves no less than the top 20 ranking on this site. It is adult themed, a lot of Elvira to be seen and heard and maybe a bit much for younger players and some adults.
5 months ago
This is a pretty cool game.

-The house is a cool toy
-nice layout
-Great theme integration with Elvira
-Good quality build

-There are already 2 Elvira games; did we really need another? (minor thing)
-I don't like the video animations; not my taste (my personal opinion)
6 months ago
For a third Elvira pin, EHOH did not rest on it laurels. This pin is beautiful, plays great and has enough depth to be a long term fixture in any gameroom. I get the free content of the old movies (that is why Elivera's Movie Macabre TV Show used them in the first place) but calling them cheesy is being kind. Not much criticism for an otherwise outstanding pin!
6 months ago
This is how great a pinball machine can be with no restrictions on the license and the license is involved in the game development. Game shots are very smooth, game is fun, funny, and well thought out. Playfield is amazing with the house being the highlight, but the crypt is great as well. Could swoon for a while over all the great aspects of this pinball, but it is fantastic and FUN!
6 months ago
Great horror theme. Love the colors.
7 months ago
I got to play this game at Expo 2019.

The Pros:
Ummmmmmm, it's elvira? The mistress of the dark is BACK! This game is FUN. The theatre on this game, OG horror clips of the highest Bgrade rating and more silly-gore than you can shake a Gar-goil on a stick at. The lighting in particular is well designed. The haunted house is set up so that it reflects the colors of the modes running in the game. Multiball is straightforward and well done. The deadheads are now an active mode running along with all the rest of the action of the table simultaneously. At first the shots seem narrow, but they are well laid out and very make-able. This game should sell well and keep lots of pinheads happy. Using the button on the animated wheel to skillfully stop on the award you want. Why hasn't this been done this well before?

The Cons:
The kickout on the right shoots the ball directly across the PF. Sling-sling-out with consistency. I know that the power on the coil can be adjusted, but the direction of the VUK may not (?). You should not be punished for making a successful shot and then have the control taken out of your hands. Almost as bad as a badly adjusted kickout on MB. A semi-standard fan layout with most shots around the perimeter of the PF. Junk in the trunk can be accidentally started by the ball bumbling it's way into the exit. No one way gate?

The takeaway:
So far a really good game, will it be a really great game...? We shall see. As software updates come out, that will be the real test. There are lots of inserts on the PF that need to have code assigned to them. The best news is that just shooting this game is a hoot and that is always a good start. Updates will follow as the game code is flushed out.

The software and rules have gotten much better since I first played this game. The polish and depth is apparent. However, the playfield is the same. In particular, the kicker from the right hand side of the playfield is either too strong or too weak. This makes the game less than ideal for street operation. Better in a home, or a tourney environment. Good thing they added a ball saver when the ball spits out into the left outline as compared to the 3 targets on the left hand side of the pf. The game shoots well and the theme integration is excellent. Similar to Batman ‘66, mechanically complex mechanisms (just like any/all pinball games) fail or deteriorate in performance over time without proper care and maintenance. What can I say, Elvira has needs. But when she is happy, she is a lot of fun!
7 months ago
Was not impressed with this game at first but it’s really come a long way and is one of the best around ! Great use of the theme, amazing rules and toys . Not as brutal
As some other modern stern but deep enough it’s still challenging .
8 months ago
Fun game, had it and sold it. Not a huge Elvira fan. Great shooter with limited shots.
8 months ago
One of the more impressive newer Stern machines I've played. Feels like a mixture of MM and TaF
8 months ago
Modern day Medieval Madness! Love this game. All the shots involving the house are great, and like the trunk multi-ball and crypt. I do think the Elvira call-outs would be annoying in a home environment, but not for occasional on location play. Really fun pin!
9 months ago
I really got infected with this game. FIrst I did not know or undertsand the whole Elvira thing. Yes I played previous machines but never had much interest in it. This was launched and tought, not for me. How wrong I was. I played it finally at a friend, this machine is so much fun, the camp B movies, the comments, the rules, the super flow shots. This is almost the best I think pinball can be. I do not always like the art, but that is subjective. It is not A+ material but very solid. Overall a stunning and great machine. PLay it and you will love it!
9 months ago
Liked the theme and Elvira backglass. Not a fan of the spinning spider wheel though. I did enjoy playing it at local arcade. Have returned 4 times to play that machine.
9 months ago
I love this game for many reasons but it has its limitations. The art package, sounds, and theme are great if your a horror fan. The haunted house is amazing. There really is no other pinball machine like it. I really like how you can stack modes. You can start the Dead Heads mode which you can start by hitting the Dead Heads Family Crypt. The floating heads make funny comments when you hit the Family Crypt shot. At the same time you can start one of the movie clips and play it and if that isn't enough you can start the Junk in the Trunk mode. When all these modes are going at the same time it is really satisfying to hit your shots and watch the movie clips (tough to do while playing). Elvira has a history with pins as this is the third in her series. She has become a staple in the pinball industry. She speaks a little "dirty" now and then and Stern has allowed some cleavage. The only downside of the game is like most games it can become a little bit repetitive. I wish there were more movie clips and movie modes. Maybe they will come in the future. I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes horror and humor in the same game.
10 months ago
I waited until the code upgraded to 1.0 before rating. Dream theme, great artwork, great layout, great code etc. The music, sounds & call outs are certainly the best in the pinball world ever. The lights, without being shameful, are not as great as the other aspects.
It shoots like a W/B, I don't know why, but it does not feel as bouncy or clinky as the other Stern tables, which is a good point.
Maybe not the most creative layout, but a lot of shoots & mech. For me it's kind of a best of compilation of the 90s royal trilogy (MM MB AFM).
Theme and art, the mix between humor, bad horror and sexy Elvira is unbeatable, at least for me, even if I never watched her show. It attracts people, even those who never play pinball, and it's accessible enough to retain them for several game. For hardcore players, it's clearly a long ball game, but with a code that deep, it's OK this way.
The only one bad point, well... maintenance. Stern has been great with support, but as this price point, I was not expected to spend so much time adjusting it. It's a keeper anyway, I don't see another game replacing it.
Ho, and I remember how this table was bashed after the 1st reveal, so it's kind of funny to see her progressing little by little to the top of the Pinside ranking :)
PS: to prefer Oktoberfest to Elvira (cf previous rating) made me laugh very hard. This is a very courageous move to accept it publicly.
10 months ago
This game is truely great!

I appreciate how they did the center shot to start all the modes without putting you in jeopardy because the center shot plays through.

The integration on the Intelectual Property (IP) licensing is complete with Elvira. That is a big deal for any home user, and home use is a big part of pin sales now, so I hope pin manufactures are paying attention to the consumer here. I hope that future pins understand how important that is to making the game fun long term. One of the resaons everyone is going bonkers on GnR is because Slash was all in and JJP did not need to beg for complete IP integration in the theme. This is the same case with the IP on Elvira HOH. I did not even know Casandra Peterson's (Elvira) real name until I purchased the game, now I love her great humor and sincerely appreciate how she cared enough about her work that she was all in on making the theme great. Then you have the Beatles as a comparison... and its a joke from a beatles IP integration standpoint becuase Stern, clearly did not have a lot to work with directly from the Beatles. Casandra Peterson beat the freaking Beatles from a long term enjoyment standpoint! Casandra and her crew gave the IP needed to Stern... and the Beatles did not. Casandra Peterson for the Win over the Beatles!! You go girl!

Elvira is a top 10 game and she was popular in the '90s, this is the third Elvira game so you would think the theme would have been played out on the second game, but that is not what happened. Stern was able to get all the IP latitude they needed to make this game not only a fun shooter, but the interaction with Elvira and the clips are totaly legit. Then you add to that Lyman, who cares enough to keep the game great and update the Code. Now Elvira is a top 10 game and Stern is able to WAY OVERCHARGE for a mediocre topper becuase people actually LOVE THE GAME.

Think about that for a second... Elvira prides herself as a B or even C actor from the '90s that not a whole lot of people remember, and this is her third pin. One would not think a third Elvira pin would not be a big winner from a theme standpoint.... and yet it is. It is a big win for Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) as she is more loved, a win for Stern for putting out a great game and most importantly.... a win for the consumer. Credit to the game shooting well and the layout is great, but the IP integration is just as important, if not more so for us home use only players.

Stern, JJP and every other pin maker. Please learn from your own experiences and get latitude in your games that allows for full IP imersion. the manufacutre of pin ball games may be able to make a lot of money cranking out games like the Beatles because of the theme, but the consumer feels like they have been ripped off when there are only a few short songs and it is apparent that the theme headline was more important to get the short term sale, than the IP integration that the consumer assumed would come with the theme on the game.

Stern... if you get garbage IP lattitued, do the consumer a favor and only make those games (that give you very limited IP) pro models. I get the location games put money in the machine when they walk by, becuase of the theme. But for us Home use only people, when we buy a premium, or LE, we expect that you were able to get a lot from an IP standpoint.

Love Elvira for a lot of reason, just wanted to give props to Lyman on the code, Denis Nordam on the desgin and Cassandra Peterson for giving a sh!t when she allowes her IP to be used. And of course, whoever is in charge of the IP for Elvira at Stern and (for this game at least).
10 months ago
The theming and licensed assets was integrated real well to help contribute it to being a fun pin to play. The playfield general layout seems very similar to Medieval Madness. I weighed buying a HUO MMR vs. this Elvira and MMR has more shots and a more populated playfield. However, Elvira has more code depth and modes to explore. Some day I may get an Elvira. We like the "fun factor".

I like that Stern used some RGB for lighting effects during the modes. It's a minor "wow factor". The animations are pretty good except for a couple of cardboard cutout puppet show scenes. The Elvira horror episodes was a pretty cool them integration. The LE upgrades are good and make them unique. The super high priced optional topper is ... lets just say overpriced.
11 months ago
Absolutely incredible game, amazing rule set and top notch coding thanks to the genius of Lyman Sheets. A simple layout but so much fun to shoot. Deep deep deep, I defy you to play complete every objective in a single game. So much to see even after 100’s of plays.
11 months ago
They absolutely nailed it on this one!
1 year ago
This is the best Stern in the last few years, this game sucks you into its atmosphere. This is one stern the belongs in a list with the kings, Medevil Madness, Indiana Jones, Twlight Zone etc...
1 year ago
my personal favorite game, a perfect 10 imo. there's so much to do while not being too confusing. the haunts are goofy, deadheads are weird just like from SS, and the atmosphere is campy.

Elvira being there the whole time makes it more intimate, and you feel like the house is alive as you're exploring it and interacting with all the different characters.

chaining the modes, multiballs, and extensions together is just as enjoyable, if not more than SS. it also shoots like a classic Bally/Williams.

*Gappa Angry is a masterpiece and I highly suggest anyone gets there before making a final judgment on the game.*

looking forward to these final touches in these next few code updates, I have no doubt in my mind that HoH will forever be one of the greats. thanks to everyone involved, and all of the incredible pinsiders in the owner's thread that has worked to make HoH even greater.
1 year ago
I just play at a pincade we go to .If the lighting was better this would be top 5 .I really like the game I was close to buying it as my first Pin this year guy sold day earlier n bought his WOZRR instead .I’m happy with that as WOZ will be only game I keep until they bury me .I will own this at some point and can’t wait !
There are 71 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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