Elvira's House of Horrors (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 8.693

Artwork: 8.816

Sounds/Music: 8.404

Other Aspects: 8.773

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Elvira's House of Horrors (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium Edition) (regular version), Elvira's House of Horrors (40th anniversary edition)

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There are 82 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
One of the best machines ever made imo. Absolutely nailed it with the flow, ruleset, theme, depth and the hilarious callouts. A perfect follow up to the classic scared stiff.
6 days ago
Played Elvira at the UK Pinball Open in the People's Bank.

It's basically the Medieval Madness castle (the castle shots, not the castle, we'll come to that in a minute) with a couple of crypts and boxes from earlier Elvira games. The layout is pretty standard fan layout, the shots are somewhat 'leisurely' (at best) and the castle doesn't move.

The result is somehow less than the Bally-Williams era pins it's copied off. It plays leisurely like Monster Bash and, despite putting up a mediocre score in the match (in the whole tournament in fact), I found it a bit dull and easy.
25 days ago
I've tried this game again and again and it doesn't do anything for me. It's okay but I don't think is on the top 10 games. I think is like a 25 of 100 in my opinion.
4 months ago
This is the longest I've owned a pin. I took delivery of EHOH the day before EXPO 2019 and she is still here. Look at my collection history!! Some games only stay here for a weekend because I am pin crazy.
Plenty of shots and things to do
Music changes
cheesy movie clips are a treat
Innovations like the trunk lock built into the ramp and the crazy fun house with the "BAck Door" LOL
The dracula sounding announcer is hilarious.
ZERO that I can honestly think of.
She may not be the crazy layout of Godzilla but, open her up and see her modes and challenges and she keeps your entertained for hours. She's not leaving here unless I exit this hobby for good. again. :)
6 months ago
Elvira strikes again with another awesome Pin!!! I was not going into this thinking I was going to like it, but in fact I loved it. Does everything right a pin should do. I would rate it a little higher but feel it is placed right at 7-15 on the top 100! Play it and love it.
7 months ago
SO have played this a bunch now on location and it has become on of my favorites. Fund shots, good rule set and nice playfield.
8 months ago
One of Stern's best with a classic feel awesome call outs one sexy looking machine.
10 months ago
I have played lots of different pinballs in past 13 years. This was the first pinball that I must buy! I will get in 2022. Playfield and rulesheet reminds me of Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, Stranger Things and perhaps Adams Family. It is very clear after few played games what you should do. You can use different tactics, how you want the play/start. I love about pinball when you can choose different tasks to complete at the beginning, not always same thing and same music.

I love artwork and theme. Only minus in this pinball is old movieclips, but luckily you can skip those. I personally just don't like those movie clips so much. There is very good sounds when you hit something and with updates just getting better (like with crypto heads). Lots of different multiballs to play and achieve. Shots are good, not so crazy hard but with my skills not always making them to the end. If you just want to relax and not bite your teeths together with irritated face - this is the choice. Rulesheet is long enough if you want to play whole game throw.

Very addicting game and you get in good mood with this - not displeased.
11 months ago
I am not the target audience for this game, and frankly the absurdly sexualized backglass would make this too embarrassing to have in my collection, like something a 12-year-old would love. That said, this game punches way, way, way above its weight in terms of fun.

I saw an interview with the actress behind Elvira, and she seems like a really fun person. That charm oozes into this game and her video clips. I'd probably go as far to say that she is one of the more talented actors doing shot callouts in any Stern title. Compare her "jackpot" lines to the ones in Turtles, Avengers, Deadpool, and it's very clear who has talent. It genuinely draws you in.

Which is why it's a shame the table layout is so basic, and the gameplay is a bit slow. The shots are not particularly interesting, nor are the ramps or toys. The main interactive feature are the fun video clips and the voice acting.

Overall, this game adds up to way more than the sum of its parts.
11 months ago
its ok if you never play scared stiff, its almost the same call and so repetitive
another stern overated game
12 months ago
When I first SAW the game, I thought "wow"! What great art work and design. Then I PLAYED the game and all the "wow" went away. The game does too much talking (annoying) and the playfield is just plain average. So there you have it: An OK game that is very well dressed up........disappointed and overrated.
1 year ago
One of the absolute best games to come out in years. This game will never leave my collection.
1 year ago
My least favorite Elvira table, but still fun. I love the throwback to old horror troupes.
1 year ago
This game really surprised me. Takes some time to get used to, but lots of fun once you start getting the shots flowing. Elvira is like pinball royalty, so I'm glad this theme has been revived. Wish the game didn't cost so much to own, but it's something to look forward to playing on location. Great machine overall!
1 year ago
I love games where mods really make the experience more fun... this game has some of the best mods. This is one of the best stern games ever made.
1 year ago
The layout is VERY similar to MM, but the shots are longer like AFM. The game has a great flow, deep rules, good humor and great art. One of Sterns top 5 games of all time.

The one drawback would be the price - the game has a lot of demand and the supply is limited.
1 year ago
I’ve only played about 50 games on EHOH, but I think it’s really well done and super fun. I love the layout and the shots on this game—everything feels natural and is fun to shoot. At points I get a little annoyed by the video clips slowing things down, but I forget all about that when the balls back in play—it’s just that much fun to shoot. I love that the lighting indications are easy to see and not ambiguous—sometimes I have a tough time with modern games blasting lights everywhere to the point that I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do. On this Playfield, it’s never a problem, and pretty much any shot they choose is a good time and feels rewarding to hit. This is my favorite modern Stern—not that I’ve played them all—but it’s got a mix of humor and gameplay that just works, and I really can’t imagine getting tired of it.
1 year ago
My family and friends have previously owned and/or currently own many of the top 100 machines on pinside.This machine is a huge favorite with the adults and owned in the family. This edition is the creme de la creme of all machines released. Deserves no less than the top 20 ranking on this site. It is adult themed, a lot of Elvira to be seen and heard and maybe a bit much for younger players and some adults.
1 year ago
For a third Elvira pin, EHOH did not rest on it laurels. This pin is beautiful, plays great and has enough depth to be a long term fixture in any gameroom. I get the free content of the old movies (that is why Elivera's Movie Macabre TV Show used them in the first place) but calling them cheesy is being kind. Not much criticism for an otherwise outstanding pin!
1 year ago
This is how great a pinball machine can be with no restrictions on the license and the license is involved in the game development. Game shots are very smooth, game is fun, funny, and well thought out. Playfield is amazing with the house being the highlight, but the crypt is great as well. Could swoon for a while over all the great aspects of this pinball, but it is fantastic and FUN!
1 year ago
fun from the first ball!
and the more you hit the more fun it is...
1 year ago
Great horror theme. Love the colors.
1 year ago
I got to play this game at Expo 2019.

The Pros:
Ummmmmmms, it's elvira? The mistress of the dark is BACK! This game is FUN. The theatre on this game, OG horror clips of the highest Bgrade rating and more silly-gore than you can shake a Gar-goil on a stick at. The lighting in particular is well designed. The haunted house is set up so that it reflects the colors of the modes running in the game. Multiball is straightforward and well done. The deadheads are now an active mode running along with all the rest of the action of the table simultaneously. At first the shots seem narrow, but they are well laid out and very make-able. This game should sell well and keep lots of pinheads happy. Using the button on the animated wheel to skillfully stop on the award you want. Why hasn't this been done this well before?

The Cons:
The kickout on the right shoots the ball directly across the PF. Sling-sling-out with consistency. I know that the power on the coil can be adjusted, but the direction of the VUK may not (?). You should not be punished for making a successful shot and then have the control taken out of your hands. Almost as bad as a badly adjusted kickout on MB. A semi-standard fan layout with most shots around the perimeter of the PF. Junk in the trunk can be accidentally started by the ball bumbling it's way into the exit. No one way gate?

The takeaway:
So far a really good game, will it be a really great game...? We shall see. As software updates come out, that will be the real test. There are lots of inserts on the PF that need to have code assigned to them. The best news is that just shooting this game is a hoot and that is always a good start. Updates will follow as the game code is flushed out.

The software and rules have gotten much better since I first played this game. The polish and depth is apparent. However, the playfield is the same. In particular, the kicker from the right hand side of the playfield is either too strong or too weak. This makes the game less than ideal for street operation. Better in a home, or a tourney environment. Good thing they added a ball saver when the ball spits out into the left outline as compared to the 3 targets on the left hand side of the pf. The game shoots well and the theme integration is excellent. Similar to Batman ‘66, mechanically complex mechanisms (just like any/all pinball games) fail or deteriorate in performance over time without proper care and maintenance. What can I say, Elvira has needs. But when she is happy, she is a lot of fun!

Update v.2:
Are there are two types of Elvira games. The first time is more common. Games that are not tuned or maintained to the ideal for this design to work properly. Unfortunately, that’s the most games on location. The second type is a Home player takes fantastic care of their game and make sure that everything is just right. When this happens, I have relatively straightforward fan loud becomes an incredible player and the ruleset design is one of the best that has ever been created. Unfortunately, this was the last game that Lyman sheets worked on for Sterne. The rules that is what makes this game. The multiple layers of modes multiples and the wizard modes are fantastic. The gap angry mode in particular is one of the most impressive displays of pinball code ever put together.

What this means for the game is that most location play it’s going to be less than ideal. Does this make this game unworthy of the street? I don’t think so. But you’re more likely to get the ideal experience from a home collector who pampers their copy and make sure that does everything that it should, when it should, no credit dots allowed!

Out of the three games with Elvira‘s name on it, the first is the most highly produced and unfortunately, the least refined ruleset. This led to Indianapolis 500 which had a very similar layout with a third flipper. Scared Stiff, the second Elvira game is a damn fine game in it’s own right. When the third installation of the series was first released, the rule set was not fully realized and it showed. Today, thanks to the brilliant work of Lyman Sheats, we have one of the best pinball games that Stern has ever created. Rest In Peace.

The music, artwork, animation, lighting and (when tuned) engineering is cohesive and gives this spooky and silly world under glass the theater it deserves. Dennis Nortman put together a great layout and toy with the Haunted mansion in the middle of this playfield. This game is a blast to play. Go a copy, play it and enjoy it. Frights, tongue and cheek goofiness, sexually charged humor that shows its power by using it and not taking itself so damn seriously. More than anything else the Elvira pinball trilogy shows how much fun the theme of the pinball game can be. If you don’t like everything about this game... it might be you. In the meantime, I’m going to play this game and thank Cassandra for being the only woman to grace pinball with her awesomeness 3 times!
1 year ago
Was not impressed with this game at first but it’s really come a long way and is one of the best around ! Great use of the theme, amazing rules and toys . Not as brutal
As some other modern stern but deep enough it’s still challenging .
1 year ago
Fun game, had it and sold it. Not a huge Elvira fan. Great shooter with limited shots.
There are 82 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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