Elvira and the Party Monsters

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Game Design: 7.838

Artwork: 8.274

Sounds/Music: 7.471

Other Aspects: 8.138

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Found 151 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 151 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
nice pin
10 years ago
The game I played need lots of work to it. But it was very fun to play the ramps were very cool. If it would of been restored it may have been better the back glass did not light up all the way the cabinet was dented and marked the lights for score did not all work. I would like to play a good condition one. Fun game but I wouldnt buy it for the 2500 the guy was asking for it.
10 years ago
I just love this pin! The dancing boogiemen (thank you boys) always makes me laugh. It was my goal to just get those to dance. Didn't care about the high score, I just wanted to watch that over and over! The 3 million shot is stressful, but very fun. Probably will add this next to my Scared Stiff pin someday.
10 years ago
Great game and very fun to play. Seems like there's a lot to do but nothing overly-complicated. It's also a lot of fun with great art. Aside from the rubber finger puppets, I love everything about it.
10 years ago
Real middle of the road game for me... there's something about the theme and artwork that leave me cold though... although the idea is that I'm HOT!
10 years ago
Great game, great theme, fun sounds.
10 years ago
Pretty well done overall. Nice artwork all around. Fun game with good music and shots. It seemed fairly easy compared to Whirlwind and I think I'd get bored with it somewhat quickly.
10 years ago
A good Elvira themed game for its time.
The theme becomes more alive in Scared Stiff!
10 years ago
Great theme, but I don't like the shots. Too stop-and-go for my tastes without other redeeming traits. Monster Slide ramp is nice, though.
10 years ago
Elvira and pinball is like a match made in heaven. I love the artwork and the sounds which have Elvira-esque humor sprinkled throughout ("Ooo, don't touch me there!" when you press the start button with no credits in there). The monster slide is fun to shoot for. Overall, the theme was very well done and the game is a lot of fun to play.
10 years ago
Fun late 80s games with great art and sound for the time. Greg Freres killed the art. I love the goofy theme, well executed system 11 pin. Play it when you see it! Not exceptionally challenging, but still a very good time.
10 years ago
Really fun game, stands up to the most of the new machines considering it pre 90's.
Looks great plays great.
10 years ago
This is a very good pinball machine. The theme and its fidelity during play are excellent. What I like the most is Elvira's sexy voice and the sensual comments she makes. The ramps provide a lot of excitement as well as the jackpot (sending the ball through the two ramps during multi-ball). The monster cave 4 million point award provides lots of excitement when obtained. There are a couple of drawbacks; first, it is very easy to get the ball stuck inside the center three target objective. This is particularly true, when the first two targets have been knocked down. Also the ball will get stuck in the right-most bumper as it is bouncing off the three bumper scheme. Aside from that Elvira and the Party Monsters was my favorite pin for quiet a while. The sound, voices, and lighting effects makes it a must have.
11 years ago
I really enjoyed this pin. I like the lay out and the flow of the game. Not to mention that the artwork was spot on with this one. It is a bit on the old one but it easily hangs with some of the newer pins. If you ever see it give it a few plays you won't regret it.
11 years ago
What a great pin!
Picked one of these up for a bargain price and it's delivered enjoyability by the bucket load. All my friends love playing with Elvira.
There is a great range of shots to make, with drop targets, the novel 'flip over' coffin targets, 2 ramps (1 with up-kicker) and a pair of dancing boogie men who like to jiggle around when you land in their saucer.

Artwork is top notch - playfield and plastics are packed with little novel artwork items, and the translite has an awesome amount of characters/detail.
Side are is mediocre by comparison, but still pretty decent.

One other thing of note is the lighting - excellent use of flashers, CPU controlled GI lighting and the general lamps themselves. The first time you get multiball is a treat!!
11 years ago
EATPM is awesome! Proof positive that you don't need a DMD to be a killer pin. Gives Whirlwind & BK2K a run for their money for best System 11 pin. Solid flow, incredible ramps, & lots of things to shoot for. A very good player. Light show is stunning! The lights turn off, Dracula gives the go ahead to turn on the lights, & multiball starts. Effect was used again for DM & SS. You'll understand why Nordman didn't stray too far from Elvira's design when it came to making the incredibly fun sequel, Scared Stiff. Greg Freres' best art. Even the cabinet looks gorgeous! Suggestive Elvira vox. Original soundtrack by Chris Granner is amazing! Runner-up to BK2K & BR as best of all-time! For a late 80's pin, it does have a fairly good ruleset. Very approachable game for all player types. If your looking for a budget-priced game & are willing to go beyond the relative safety of the DMD era, you can't go wrong with EATPM. One of the few alpha-numerics that can stand toe-to-toe with the top DMD's.
11 years ago
If I were to get a pre-dot matrix game, it would either be this or funhouse. Very cool game.
11 years ago
Elvira has been in my house for 6 years, which is an eternity for me as I tend to get tired of games fairly quick and trade for another. She does not have the deepest rule set, but there is always the fun factor when playing. There are not that many quotes in the game, but the ones that are there are funny and the music is nicely done as well.

Just another one of the system 11 games that are fun, I do tend to favor that period as far as bang for the buck.
11 years ago
I like scarred stiff
11 years ago
Love this game, The sound is one of the best pre 90's going and it as a great layout. A lot of fun.
11 years ago
Played this for a while at my local 7-11. It was fun. Was a drain monster, but that might just have been how that particular one was set up. Elvira's quotes are comical and the light show was pretty cool. Did not like the repetetive ramp shots. That alone knocked my fun rating down from excellent. Has some goofy toys but they are in tune with the theme of this game. I wouldn't mind owning but wouldn't go out of my way to get one.
11 years ago
Always liked this pin. Once you get to know your...er...way around "Elvira", you'll probably get bored with repetitive shots but I think the voice and 70's stag film music are funny. When I see people playing Elvira...they're never intense...always smiling. It's got some cool toys even if the dancing monsters are a little cheesy.... AND a good mulitball. Sure you'll need to walk away from it from time to time but it'll probably always be more than a place to stack your folded laundry.
12 years ago
Absolutely adore this pin! From the boogie monsters to the ramps. The crypt kicker to the dead heads. This pin always garners a smile. Fun factor 11 on a scale of 1-10. Play it you can find one and I'd recommend owning if possible.
12 years ago
Got my back glass signed by Elvira right across her chest at a show! My 2nd machine I bought. We had to take apart the guys patio door to get it out of his house! Nice comments from Elvira while you play the game ad to the fun!
15 years ago
imho overrated because of the theme and artork.
There are 151 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 7.

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