Elvira and the Party Monsters

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Game Design: 7.86

Artwork: 8.344

Sounds/Music: 7.501

Other Aspects: 8.173

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There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
Such a great pinball game, EATPM kick-started a franchise of great machines.

The integration of lights, music, theme, animations (both mechanical and alpha display) are second to none.

10/10 Charm factor.

Some of my favourite features:
Kickout ramp over the center lane into the pops is amazing. "PAAAAAAARTY!!!!!"
boogie men mechanical animation jumping up and down with rubber arms flailing... "Let's boogie.... Thank you boys!"

The iconic massive Monster Slide that takes you from the left ramp, in behind the PF, all the way to the right flipper!.. going up, "OH YEAH!!!!".. not enough power..? "Ohhhh.. No."

"Lights" (machines goes dark).. "Organ".. a piece plays and strobes go off all over the place.. ... Elvira states: "oooo, nice Organ!"

... I could just go on and on here... in general tho, the variety of call-outs and things to do is great.


room for improvement might be some rules tweak between the competition mode, and default. Perhaps balance some other shots, the game can be largely about making the ramps.

There's no spinner.. I like spinners.
8 months ago
Very good theme integration. The speech, sounds and music and light show stand out, especially for this era game. The rules and scoring are not as great, since left ramp over and over (with an occasional skull shot) is the best way to score big points. Still a fun and entertaining game, especially if you like the theme.
9 months ago
This was the game that got me back into pinball after a long hiatus away from the hobby. So admittedly I have a soft spot for this one. I find it a ball to play and not overly punishing.
1 year ago
Simply a feast for both the eyes and ears. Layout makes for some really satisfying shots not to mention all the ghoulish attractions. Basiscally a kids haunted house under glass. 10/10 all day long.
1 year ago
So I love the theme, artwork, and sounds. I like the ramps, layout, and toys. But I find the rules lacking.

There's just not much to do other than go for the multi-ball. And while it's a lot of fun to play in short bursts, I don't find myself pulled in and engaged to the point that I want to keep playing game after game. The gameplay/rules aren't addictive for me, the way some pins are.

Still a very pretty and enjoyable game with Nordman's signature fun ramps; just don't expect much from the rules.
1 year ago
Probably my fav sys 11 game as far as fun factor. I don't know why, I just enjoy playing this one more than the other games from this generation.
1 year ago
Another great system 11 game. Gotta love Elvira and her great commentary.
1 year ago
Love my Elvira. Not a deep game, but it is never boring. Great art, sounds, and just fun to shoot. Wife likes it too, because she doesn't need a PhD. to understand how to score big... and Elvira likes to score big!
1 year ago
I played Elvira at a laundromat back in college 96-00 and I put a lot of quarters in her and said one day and that day did came. Fun to play a lot to shoot at and when you get the multiball light organ uh nice organ that makes me laugh. It has some light show. The backglass and cabinet forget about it it's Elvira great to look at. My wife, mom, dad, brother, and our friends love to play her, she would be great in any collection glad she is in my.
2 years ago
sorry this was for scared stiff
2 years ago
Probably my favorite Elvira game of them all, mainly because of the 80's nostalgia, music, sounds, speech, and fun theme.
2 years ago
Another stand-out from my college days. It didn't really stand out in a long row of pinball machines, but that was fine with me. The machine was just fun, and there usually wasn't a line.
2 years ago
Fun game is pretty difficult for a Sys11, especially if set up fast and steep. Rules are straightforward but reasonable for that era. The 2 ramps feel good to hit, and the gimmicks and toys like the boogie men and grave stones are iconic now that we have a trilogy. The backglass art is fantastic. Overall, this is a fun pin that looks good and has cool ramps and decent rules. Not deep, but not easy to beat either. A good Sys11 game that paved the way for Scared Stiff and House of Horrors. That alone is pretty awesome.
EDIT- 6 months later I now own one of these, and I like this game more and more. The music and hurry up modes are exciting, especially the 3 million shot. There are several ways to achieve a high score, but you have to work for it. This is a worthy entry in the Elvira series!
2 years ago
I don’t get how this is ranked so high. Love Elvira. I understand this game is a little older so I take that into consideration. It’s not fun. I do like some of the simplicity within the game but I walk away from it always telling myself “hey I gave it another shot” always disappointed.
2 years ago
the first Elvira game is a hoot to play , great callouts & some good multi ball modes on this gorgeous system 11 jewel
2 years ago
I'm a big fan of all three Elvira pins and would be happy to own any of them. Of the three, this one is the weakest because of the low fidelity callouts and whiny sound effects. The series only gets better from here.
2 years ago
I have had this game a week today.i wanted to give myself time to really put some time on this game before reviewing. All in all this game is a keeper for me.It is just so much fun and I truly believe it should be way higher on the ranking list.the theme integration is perfect and is such a fun game. don't be fooled though this game takes no prisoners as it is quite difficult and that's what makes it a great game too me.if you ever get the chance too play it.DO IT.
3 years ago
“Lights . . . Organ!”

Great memories of playing this one in college at the university rec center. Good music for its time. I especially liked the jackpot music after the organ plays, and the “hurried up” version of the main theme that plays after you get a jackpot. Its downside was gameplay gets repetitive fairly quickly.
3 years ago
One of the better system 11 games, but the prices are higher than most. The gameplay is smooth and fun. The callouts and sounds are great. Holy cow...the light show...easily one of the best.
3 years ago
I have owned this game for several years and played it allt. I think the jackpot on multiball mode is quite too tricky. Its really hard to get the two balls up the ramp withouth dropping them.
3 years ago
Older game for sure but way fun. Fun shots... Would probably got old after a while but I've played it probably 50x and nowhere close to beating. Would be a great cheaper pickup. There's so many games rated above it that this game is better than!
3 years ago
I really like this pin. I like how it shoots, and I love the theme. I won't lie I like babes and pinball. But, I also love macabre themes, and I enjoy Elvira and her cheeky sense of humor. I'm a big fan of art and I think this pin has a very good backglass not the best, but definitely among one of my favorites. The cab art is really nice and I think its one of my favorite cab arts. The playfield art is only decent, but the sculpts and tombstone targets really make the theme pop. No real toys or complicated mechs in this one. Regardless it doesn't need any. And all the little flourishes like the skull lock, and the aforementioned tombstones targets really add up to make the theme pop in this pin. I do like all the silly details and jokes in both the backglass and playfield.
One thing I like about the playfield is it's easy to know what to shoot for, and its not cluttered. However, with that being sad... I feel the light show on this game isn't the best. I'm not harsh with lights as I just for the most part like any type of blinking and flashing light show.
The layout shoots really well. Love the ramps. They're super fun to shoot and watch. I do like the coding and rewards for shooting them multiple times. And I like the look of the ramps they have nice personality.
The callouts and music also add greatly to the personality. They're not a lot of a variety to the callouts. But, they're good. My favorite is when multiball starts Dracula says "Lights... Organ... and there is a really nice flourish of organ music, and Elvira says... OHHHHHhhhh nice organ." Its probably one of my favorite MB starts there is. And they really use sound amazing in this game. From the sound effects to speech and the music. The music is good, but not great. But, I do like how it speeds up with every ball that is locked. Really amps up the tension, however it can get old.
About MB its simple rules. It starts off with the lock lit for all three balls and you just need to lock them and then it starts. To get the jackpot you need to hit both ramp shots. The 2nd time it's the jackpot. Nothing to complex. And if you're decent at trapping and you're lucky to be able to get control, then its not the hardest shot. But, I find the real trick is getting control to trap them in the first place as there is no guarantee that you can get control from where the balls released.
Then after the first mb you'll need to light the ball lock each time you want to lock a ball. To light the lock you need to complete jam or bats. Jam is risky, but easier than bats...
And that's the game... Rinse and repeat... And I won't lie the game can get old and repetitive. But, its still a very, very fun game. I like the rules. And all in all I think this is one heck of a pin. In a small collection it might be too expensive and too shallow, but if you have a big collection it would fit nicely. As is. If you ever see one. Play it. Its fun.
3 years ago
I'm still a bit mixed on this game. The playfield layout is definitely nice and the amount of shots is too, but I don't know if I found it all that much fun. I can definitely see why it is fairly popular, and it may grow one me, at which point I'll update my review. I guess I just somehow found this game kind of boring despite its shots and playfield features.
3 years ago
After playing one machine with LED and one without, LEDs are a must. I absolutely recommend this game. You would think with an Elvira game that it would have more sexual inuindo, but I understand why it doesn't. It does have a few shots that are instant drainos and that can get a bit frustrating.
3 years ago
Cool theme, great art, challenging shots and no ball save. This game can get a little old after owning for a while but its a really cool comp game & does well on site
There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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