Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally, 1989)

Elvira and the Party Monsters

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Game design: 7.819

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Other Aspects: 8.109

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53 days ago
EATPM is a challenging Pin and at times downright frustrating BUT it will make you twice the player when you master it. The rules are shallow but the shots are very satisfying. The 3mil shot is one of the coolest, most intense shots in all of pinball. You feel like a KING when you nail it. This game has an amazing look and layout. Love the light show and the sounds / fallouts are great. The song does grate on you after awhile. I’ve had this game in home and I played it non stop...it just keeps calling you back for more. It never got old to me. I had it on route for awhile and it didn’t do we’ll coin wise...I’ll guess that is due to the difficulty and no ball saves. In short this is DEFINITELY top five system 11. It’s just GREAT PINBALL! If you can find one between $2500-$3000, GET IT and KEEP IT.
3 months ago
My love
4 months ago
I love everything about this pin, except I don't own one.
Sell me yours!
7 months ago
8 months ago
This game does it's theme well, and it's iconic in terms of nostalgia, but there's nothing here to make me want to come back. I feel it's a little overated because of the great theme, because the none of the 'toys' interact with the ball, and there is almost nothing to do, even when compared to games of the time. Callouts are muffled and repetitive, orbit shots don't go all the way around the back of the game, and once you've got multiball you've seen everything there is.

Fun game, but not for long.
10 months ago
EATPM is timeless. The boogy men are hilarious, and the game has a fun feel. The flow is great, and you can play for a long time. Plenty of stuff to accomplish, but not too much as to seem overwhelming. The flow is laid back, but hey the theme is a bbq with Elvira...
11 months ago
I just don't get it. SS is great, so I'm happy Elvira got another shot. Just not into the layout. One ramp is long and squiggly. The other leads to a kickout which serves no purpose other than to slow the game down. The main shot up the center is in to a saucer that leads to the pops. There's a reason games aren't designed like this anymore. Slowing the ball down so much removes excitement from the game! The multiball and ramping out is fun enough though. Great sound obviously.
11 months ago
Not a bad game for what it is. Neat theme, I liked the sounds and the shots. definitely worth some loonies/quarters in the wild
12 months ago
I had remorse when I first bought EATPM, but over time I came to love her. I like this one much more than Scared Stiff, to be honest. Fun music, callouts, and light shows.
1 year ago
I loved Elvira and the Party Monsters WAY more than Scared Stiff. I think party monster flow and proportion are spot on. Usually I try to activate everything on the PF and not just keep doing the same shot but the monster slide is one of the few exceptions for me (like fish tales) where there is something so satisfying nailing that shot over and over as the sound, pitch, and score increases. I can't wait to get one as it, excuse me, she is next on the list.
1 year ago
This is my go to pin after playing my sterns. Reminds me why I love the classics. Great shots, flow and the theme is the cherry on top.
1 year ago
I don't like Elvira because the game is very simple get multiball or grind ramps.
1 year ago
Nice surprise to play this game. Kind of rush after couple of runs on this Pin.
1 year ago
Such a classic. From the time you start the game the fun begins. A great 80's soundtrack starts coupled with the cheesy organ and Dracula sound bites.

Not a deep rule set by any means but a fun game with very cleaver theme objectives. Gotta love collecting The Deadheads. Collect the tombstones and you hear a quick Grateful Dead "Not Fade Away" tease.

Never gets old.
1 year ago
Elvira is HOT. The game is excellent. I would defiantly place this within the top 5 of system 11 games.
The game play is fun and rules are easy to understand. I always say, a great game is one that is easy for a novice player to get something going, but hard enough for skilled players to keep coming back. This game has both!
1 year ago
I. Love. This. Table.

First played it as a teenager in an apartment complex gameroom and I absolutely fell in love with it. Aside from the game playing fast (and frustratingly draining to the left side all the time), it's still easy for even a novice to master.

The game has excellent audio that makes you shake your head and smile because it's SO Elvira and making well-timed shots or activating multi-ball only makes her that much more playful with one-liners like "Don't touch me THERE..." or "Ooooo, nice organ!" (with regard to an actual organ tune, not one's actual "organ" - heh). Music has about two or three tunes that play during different modes.

Hitting ramps are satisfying and the game features one of the best Multiball activation sequences next to The Twilight Zone.

One of the greatest tables I've ever played.
1 year ago
I really do not know why, but I have never found this game fun. I actively avoid it in fact. I roll my eyes if I have to play it in tournament. It deserves credit.... just not from me.
2 years ago
good job..the monsters are a great theme anytime
2 years ago
A classic. My first pin and maybe the best system 11 ever created. Great fun and a beautiful machine, if you can find one in good shape
2 years ago
Pretty simple but fun rules yet a very difficult game to have a 30 minute ball. Sounds and theme are very appealing to me.
2 years ago
This pin was more fun than I thought it would be. I like the music and call outs. Flow was good. I would add one to my collection seems like it would not get old, the art work is silly but fun. Just a fun pin to me I enjoy playing it when I can.
3 years ago
I've owned this game for a little while now and I absolutely love it. It is absolutely my favorite system 11 game. The music is perfect for the time it was made. Light shows are some of the best of this era. Lights.... Organ! Scoring the 3 million shot gives you an epic organ score and light show. It just doesn't get old for me.

It would be really hard for me to let this game go.
3 years ago
I have owned this since about 1996 and would not get rid of it. It can be brutal to play at times. Maybe I am just a bad player. Nice organ!
3 years ago
great late 80's game,i dnt think it would be as good of a game if it didnt have elvira...wen starting a game i get tierd of hearing her say "lets party" other than all of the rest of the sound bites are cool and i love the organ, very fun game sweet multi ball..not much flow but still very playable to me...keeper in a bigger collection if i could only have one game i would pass on this and do s.s! if i get rid of tftc i would buy one ,only because s.s is so expensive(rather have s.s) all in all e.a.t.p.m is a good game
3 years ago
I get bored of this one pretty quick, thin gameplay.
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