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This game received 54 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.223 /10


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This game ranks #224 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.278

Artwork: 7.722

Sounds/Music: 5.95

Other Aspects: 7.098

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There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
Elektra is a game for the skilled player, one knowing how to control the pinball and aim carefully. Follow the ruleset and Elektra delivers. Multiball is among the hardest out there.

Four ramps, two spinners, five banks of targets, inline drop targets and, yes, the third mini-playfield. She isn't a Flash Gordon or an EBD, but sits well between both of these games in the collection.
1 year ago
A ok game,it doesnt have that one more game feeling,probably ok in a larger collection.The theme and look is pretty nice tho and good use of colors,upper pf not so much.It looks better then it plays imo
1 year ago
Played two of these machines now and disappointed both times. At the same show as the second Elektra, played Flash Gorden for the first time and was like WOW! Something clicks on FG that just doesn't click here. Liked FG so much I rattled off 3 more games, it has a "I have to try one more time" feel that this game doesn't have. She is a looker but nothing gelled for me.
2 years ago
OK - this game does not get a lot of credit for how good it is because it was over-shadowed by other games in that time frame like Flash Gordon, Eight Ball Deluxe, Fathom, etc. It is still a great game - hard to find as there were not many made. The game may not be as much fun as a Flash Gordon or EBD but it is still fun especially with the lower playfield that is really fun to get to on each turn. The two ball multi-ball is a great feature it is hard to get but fun as well.

A common complaint is the lack of pop bumpers or maybe drop targets which is true but if you are working for multi-ball or Elektra points you don't miss that.

I think the artwork is great - both on the playfield and the cabinet. It is typical 80's stuff....but neat if you like the vintage of it all.

The upper playfield can be worn - as they are hard to find un-used but there are people who touch them up or make overlays for it.

It is a rare game so most people do not get a chance to play it, I never saw one until I found one for sale and I grabbed it as fast as I could and I think it is great.

My only issue is all Bally of this vintage don't have freeplay settings - I updated the board and put in a freeplay rom. Also, I think during the attract mode the repeated call out of the Elektra voice gets repetitive. I could probably shut that off I guess but to me that is the only downsides of the game.
4 years ago
Elektra is a very complex title for the era! The rules and shots are quite challenging. I love the tri-playfield setup, where the lower playfield is a bonus round when you drain.
I’ve only been able to accomplish the 2-ball multiball a few times. It’s quite exciting, because it’s not easy to hit all the targets in order to enable the locks. I would compare this to the difficulty level of obtaining a multiball on Black Hole.
Love the sounds and voice on the machine or any machine around this era. My favorites are Elektra, Flash Gordon, and Vector with those cool background sounds and voices.
The trouble with this game is finding one with a good upper and lower playfield. The main playfield has a sheet of plexyglass over it, so it’s always good. The upper is a standard Bally finish, so it wears out quickly. I’ve seen the lower PF with and without mylar, but this naturally gets less play.
I can see why this title is a keeper for many collectors.
5 years ago
Well balanced and pretty hard game!
3 playfield are a blast and well designed.
If you find one you should buy it and have a chance to explore the great ruleset.
6 years ago
What a great game. I've played a few others from this era, but this one made me want to own it. It has a deep set of rules, especially for the year. Excellent theme with BEAUTIFUL back glass!
7 years ago
Elektra is a great machine. It's one of the most complicated early solid state Bally pins. Both playwise and from a mechanical point of view.

The thing I love about Elektra is how almost every aspect of the game adds to the theme. For instance:
- The ball flow is different from any other machine. This is caused by the plexiglass playfield surface. Very smooth, almost futuristic feeling.
- The mechanical parts like the flippers just sound different, because of the thick layer of plexiglass. Adds to the mystique.
- The sounds are, well, electrifying. The background hum is simple, but makes it seem like the machine is really charged with electricity. A classic example of where less is more. There's not much speech, but what's there is good.
- The ruleset is somewhat elaborate, but mainly just very different from other SS Bally's. Very challenging and refreshing. The mini playfield under the normal playfield is a welcome twist. Get good at it, and you can score some serious points.
- The artwork is beautiful. It just makes all the above blend together.
7 years ago
This is a pinball with a lot of space. Huge.
I mean there is nothing to hit for ages.
Look at that pinball go!
It's the freakiest show.

Heads up, engaging(maybe also because of this), way more interesting than most machines from after 2000

The theme is awesome. The sounds are great, the background hum envigorating and eeery. Enveloping you in a distopian, dark, stil typical 70's vision of the future.
As we knew it.

The three different levels for play is AWESOME! There is speech, for being so old, it's pretty, pretty good! This keep you at the amtosphere even when you loose.
That is soooo cool.

This is something I would not would be surprised to find lingerning around in the deepest corner of Jean Luc Picards private chambers.

You wait for Moebius to come crashing through the backglass at any moment.

The flipper/ramps communication is horrible. I made the ball crash against the glass quite a few times, always looking for a crack.
7 years ago
Elektra is a game that does not come up that often... for a good reason.

The Pros:
Triple PF design. The lower PF is a pretty cool design and is the best thing about this table. Bally was smart enough to learn from Haunted house and keep the ball on the lower PF and not use a multi level ball transportation system that blew the game up if things went bad.

The Cons:
This game is a bore to play other than the lower pf. The upper PF is reuined by 3 second ball times. For so much to shoot for, there doesn't seem to be any action at all.

The Takeaway:
If you can find a nice one and you like it great! I have yet to have fun on this table. Will see what happens when I get a chance to play it again. Not giving this one much hope though. The Fernandez/Ramunni connection here is not doing it for me. Claude never produced a good pinball game (Baby-pac is not a true pin!) after Flash Gordon starting with this table...

I made a point to spend some time with this deck at Pinburgh 2013. I have to say, it is starting to grow on me. Elektra is rather complex and not immediately apparent as far as rules and strategies are concerned. On the upper PF, the captive ball WITH the inline drops is a very satisfying shot. Nudging skills come to the forefront when on the upper playfield. With such a wide open and vertically angled standups on the left of the PF, and the skateball saucer on the right... sniper skills are a must. The upper PF will challenge your adaptation skills with the flippers at such steep angles. On the lower PF, I like the flipper layout with the StarGazer metal lanes to keep things fast and interesting. With bouncy brightly colored rubbers on the flippers, this setup is much faster and difficult to control than what you'd initially think it would be. Elektra... is it obscure, interesting and unusual? Yes. Is it a game I'd like in my collection? Probably not (at this point). But the more pin players that I respect, who talk to me about it that view it favorably and in a few cases, rave about it... I'm willing to play it some more. And that's always a good sign. Scores adjusted accordingly.
8 years ago
I love all pins with lower PF!... but among them, this is the one I love the least and played the least. The elektra unit accumulation was an excellent idea - too bad the rest of the game play does not match its potential!
8 years ago
A bit of a sleeper IMO. Setup the table at a higher than normal angle, polish the plexi on the main PF until smooth. This is a fairly fast playing game for its age. I find it better to setup the multiplier early on and setup most shots into the upper PF from the bottom. The 3rd below PF mini-field really helps with the score. People complain the lack of pop bumpers on this table but I really don't think they are needed. The biggest challenge is controlling the shots from outlane drains and building up your elektra units and bonuses using aimed shots from the lower PF. I also found updating the game with some LED's helped increase its visual appeal (particularly the 3rd mini PF) and fit with the "Elektra" theme.
8 years ago
fun game with the 3 levels, mine is quite fast and love building the elektra units, a real sleeper classic with so many things that are right about this game, an understated classic, it screams 80's in a cool way
8 years ago
Love the monotone electronic background hum. Sounds cool. Very fitting to the theme. Not sure if it should be called music since it doesn't change so I just rated it under sounds. The extra scoring logic of having to earn points to open up the lower playfield is neat. Artwork is colorful and wierd but in a cool way. Gameplay wise though, the game falls short.
9 years ago
I love the sounds on this... if I like the fact that there's no variation, does that mean I should rate variation as Terrible or excellent??
11 years ago
The first 3 level pinball of all time. Reach the market some month before the "Haunted House, but didn't really find the same reception. A strange and nice machine, but the game play, in spite of a two ball multi ball mode, is so slow and boring. Perhaps the addition of some bumpers could have give some rhythm to the machine.
There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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