El Dorado City of Gold

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Found 11 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Great playfield art, the detail is amazing. One of the best layouts ever, there’s a reason it was Redone so many times. Sounds is lacking for its era and rules a little shallow but still a great gottlieb pin.
3 years ago
I really like this game. Easy to understand what you need to hit and do, challenging but not too frustrating.
6 years ago
This is one of those games where again the play field is way to open, there's very little of anything to hit other than drop targets at the very top or off to one side and thats it. The sounds are not that great but the "Music" it plays ir more of a random bunch of sounds and every time you hit the switches in a lane it goes tweet.

I have also noticed a tendency for the ball to just either roll straight down the middle to the drain or roll of on a side lane to the drain more often then not. Oddly there is no music on the first ball it's nice and quiet but then on ball 2 the music starts and won't stop and gets very annoying fast.

If there where more bumpers or some gimmick to keep things from getting stale but the play field is just to empty and theirs nothign to keep you interested in the game. it makes sounds but there's no build up or collection or stuff to make it less repetitive.
6 years ago
This has the same layout as several EM games, but different artwork and electronic sounds (instead of chimes). The sounds can get annoying, but it is as challenging to play as the games that preceded it.
6 years ago
This game is tough but in a good way. The main objective is to git rid of the upper drop targets twice before you drain. Nothing else matters until you do that. The game can get kind of repetitive because of that and can get very frustrating if you fail but you will want to try again. The art is the best thing about the machine. It has really nice jungle art on the playfield and the cabinet looks cool.
7 years ago
First of all, El Dorado: City of Gold just has a gorgeous play field. I really, really like how it looks. In fact, I even quite like how it plays. Where CoG fails for me is the sound... it's one of the most annoying tables I've ever played. The sounds are both of weak quality, and incredibly repetitive as well. After just two games I had just about enough of CoG because of the redundancy in sound. The game plays pretty well, although I find the top two flippers on this table to be borderline useless, as the ball seldom finds its way there, and when it does, it doesn't last there long. I actually think this table is pretty decent, even if its a bit uninspired, and the sound pretty much ruins the El Dorado vibe.
7 years ago
I wanted to like it, but I just can't. It is just too boring and the sound is so annoying. There is nothing special about the table that really makes it unique. Just shoot the drop targets and listen to some horrible noises. I really like Gottlieb classics but this one... not so much.
9 years ago
Well I finally got the chance to play this game after years of searching.

The Pros:
A damn fine SS remake of a damn fine EM game. This is the only one of the Gottleib SS remakes that captures the brilliant feel of its EM Counterparts. In someways I like it better with the more complex and intricate rules. The good news is, it's still all about the drops. Find it and play it if you can. I'm looking for one for my collection.

The Cons:
I don't know why, but I liked the little flipper on the upper left better than the big one that is on this version of this design. The BG is some of Larry Day's best work, but I am nostalgic for the Gordon Morrison look that I grew up with.

The Takeaway:
Between 7 different art packages and 4 types of gameplay (EM replay 1 player, EM add-a-ball, EM multiplayer and SS with adjusted rules) with the same PF, this game was produced about 18,163 times. This design transcends technologies, rule sets and was the last game that the great Krynski put his name on. The master craftsman will be missed. Rest in Peace Ed.
10 years ago
Lots of drop targets. I could see the rating go up if i owned it and had things tuned up nice.
10 years ago
SS version of their older EM game, Canada Dry. If you like drop targets, this one is for you. The bird screech is very annoying.
10 years ago
The bird noises can become tiresome. Simply a hit-the-target-bank game. It was my first pin, and I did like the theme, but it will get old fast.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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