Eight Ball Deluxe

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Game Design: 8.144

Artwork: 7.8

Sounds/Music: 6.554

Other Aspects: 8.192

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This is "Eight Ball Deluxe".
The other version is: Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition

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There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Really fun drop target game that has great playfield flow. There is a reason so many reproduction playfields have been made for EBD after all, fun game that gets played alot whenever I see it.
8 years ago
Favorite game ever. Period.
8 years ago
Have wanted one of these for years.I had to be patient for the right example to come along.

Love the theme and the look.One of the few classics from the early eighties era,like Fathom,Medusa,Centaur etc
8 years ago
Eight Ball Deluxe is a damn fine game to play.

The Pros:
A great game to look at. I'm not much for Country music, but that bar on the BG looks like a fun place to be. Margaret Hudson did one of her best packages for this deck. Goerge Christian put together a brilliant game design that outshines his best seller Eight Ball with incredible shot selection and addictive action. 12 drop targets including 4 inlines and a standup that get progressively more difficult the further you go up the shot lane. A 3rd flipper that you actually can and want to use on a PF with no ramps or tunnels underneath it. The amount of skill needed to sharpshoot single drop targets at such a steep angle is no small matter. I love standups behind drop targets.

The Cons:
There isn't one in my basement. How can those pop bumpers shoot the ball back between the flippers so fast from a direct shot? That's 2/3rd's up the playfield and back and it still beats me to the punch! Must work on reflexive twitching skills! A 2 ball multiball with a lock from the saucer is the only thing that I can think of to make this game better. 2x PF scores would be way schweet!

The Takeaway:
If some people think this game is too easy... there are a number of software options to adjust the gameplay with. Steepen it up, wax the PF and put on a new set of rubbers to make this game as fast as you can and see how long your 3 ball games last. true player that has everything in it that a classic Bally has. Great play, great art and the feeling that you always want to go for another game. There seems to be a number of "haters" on this game for various reasons. "This game is a drainer... it was made for for the operators (duh)... it hurts my mangina..." in relation to how this game plays. Well, me belief is that this game is (Warning, Warning... incoming rant... Warning, Warning) ETERNALLY CHALLENGING!!! THIS IS WHAT A MASTERFUL GAME DESIGN DOES... IT GIVES YOU ENOUGH TO KEEP YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE EVEN WHEN IT MAKES YOU LOOK SILLY! SO GET OVER IT AND PLAY LIKE YOU SHOULD! IF YOU PLAY AS YOU SHOULD AND PLAY CONSISTENTLY ON A CHALLENGING TABLE, YOU WILL BE A BETTER PINBALL PLAYER. PINBALL IS A GAME OF LUCK, BUT THE BEST PLAYERS MINIMIZE THIS BY PLAYING WITH SKILL!!!

With this I will leave with the immortal words of Norm from "This Old Pinball" on T.O.P. #4 TOP#4 - "Pinball Ain't Dead, It Just Smells Funny": "SO PLAY BETTER!!!!! (Monkey screeches follow...)"

Rant off... I feel much better now.

This game rocks. I can see why it was one of the best, most popular and highly produced of it's era. It is a great game from a theme, players and operator's perspective. Before The Addams Family, there was Eight Ball Deluxe!
8 years ago
I enjoyed my time with "Eight Ball Deluxe" and can see why it's considered a classic. The particular game I played was very challenging, which brought me back for more a couple of times. It's not one I'd like to own, but I enjoyed playing it.
8 years ago
One of my favorite games. Played in college with friends and flay over and over to get the jackpot special (up to 9 free games with one shot I think). A very challenging drop target game. Favorite Bally game of the 80's.
9 years ago
I love this game. It keeps me coming back to play one more. Not a terribly difficult game but can be punishing if you are missing shots. Love the drops and inline is cool. The rules on various shots mesh well and strategy of when to go for certain shots is good for the era.
9 years ago
Another great classic pinball machine from one of the greatest years in pinball history -- 1980. All around I like EBD a lot. Drop targets and in-line drops are cool. Artwork pretty good imho. Some sounds are great such as when ball is bouncing around in the pop bumpers, but voice call-out sounds get old rather quick w/ me. I realize that the calling your shot type voice call-outs are part of the pool theme. I like the playfield layout. I'd be happy to have one of these in my home collection.
9 years ago
A solid, fun game with challenging drop targets and that cool, "stop talking and start chalking" sound bite. A lot of fun to play, perhaps a little basic by today's standard, but challenging and interesting and fun.
9 years ago
A classic that deserves a place in any Bally collection, mancave or honky tonk bar.
Sadly not seen too often these days in the latter.
9 years ago
All around fun classic

Own(ed): Yes

Times Played: 100s

Great pool themed game. Fun drops...inline drops!
Eight ball shot feels good

Tends toward the easy side after you have owned it for a while.

At the right price, great game. Maybe short lived for some players. Price tends to gravitate toward the high side for this vintage game. there might be better choices in this price range.
10 years ago
This is a challenging game that has plenty to keep you entertained as you clear the balls. However, it just doesn't keep me interested.
10 years ago
I used to love this game when it first appeared on the scene... I still love it infact... it's only drawback is that anyone who likes games from this era seems to have one, so it can get a bit boring from that aspect... "oh, you've got an Eight Ball Deluxe too... have you got something else to show me!" Finding one with a perfect original playfield is rare, so seeing a very nice example is always a treat!
10 years ago
One of the best billiard themed games!
10 years ago
One of my favourite 80's games. It has that 'one more go' factor and great fun clearing all the balls.
10 years ago
When I played this I thought it was a much newer game than 1980, the machine was in such great shape. I like the artwork on this, a good looking pin, even if it is a guy front and center. Game play is good for it's time with good rules, decent speed and few annoyingly dangerous shots. Definite classic.
10 years ago
This game is a lot of fun to play. Very simple to understand but still challenging. Great for occasional players as the game talks and tells you your next shot. It's not too deep, but very addicting. I still get a thrill spelling the Deluxe on the backglass.

After adding 4 DMD games to my collection, this one does look very simple compared to the them. To add to the challenge I lifted the back legs with a 2x4. Wow what a difference, it's super fast. I still enjoy playing it after all these years.
10 years ago
Classic machine! I can see why it has been so popular for so long. It's a great Pin for any level. Easy to understand rules, fast moving and fun. One of the few machines of this age that all the parts for this machine including the playfield are still being manufactured and sold.
10 years ago
In my opinion, one of the best pinballs ever made. I've been looking a long time locally for one in decent condition and they don't ever seem to materialize. Great sound/speech and the in-line drop targets and left ramp are a masterpiece. A simple game but a challange nonetheless. This is an example of a pinball that is greater than the sum of all its parts. A cult classic.
10 years ago
The first of these I ever played was an LE (in the odd shaped cabinet). I like the game theme and play overall, but I don't care much for the music / sound mix. Bally could have done better. Overall, I like the game.
10 years ago
This is a great classic pin that was a standout in its day.
It is well designed and enormously challenging with lots to shoot for including many playfield Specials.
11 years ago
It is more fun than many DMD era pins I've played that somehow are ranked higher here.

EBD is a great pin. Simple but challenging. Fun, addictive, & a great, well thought out design. Good art, speech is plentiful for a game of this age, cool sounds. It has the IT factor, "just one more game".
11 years ago
This is the game that hooked me on Pinball. Several challenging but makable shots. The game has a high lastability factor for me. This is easily my favorite all time game.
12 years ago
a classic
12 years ago
I know it is an older machine but it just isn't really that fun to play. I like the way it looks but the play field is about as dry as you can get and the sounds are pretty annoying.
There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 5.

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