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Other Aspects: 8.203

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This is "Eight Ball Deluxe".
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There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Love 8 ball deluxe. Many hours played on this machine when i was a kid. It keeps you interested and wanting to play the next game. This is one I would like to ad to the collection.
6 years ago
One of the greatest games ever made as far as the actual game play is concerned. The game is fast, very fast, fun and trains your reflexes. The rules are simple but the shots are very challenging. Keep the ball away from the outlanes as they drain very easily. The flippers are relatively close together, the ball rarely drains there if you play it right. The annoying voice tells you what to go after. This is helpful if you don't know the rules but gets old very quickly after you figured it out. The artwork is well above average for the regular version. LE kind of sucks because of the weird cabinet. That's a real shame, such a great game deserved better artwork and cabinet.
The play field offsets nicely against the fast moving ball, flippers are strong, the 3 bumpers work well together in the confined space up top. The side targets are relatively easy, the 8 ball and bonus multipliers are a bit more difficult. Especially the 5x multiplier and the bonus collect hole behind the "8 ball" target require some excellent aim.
After you take the side targets down you're left with stand up targets which is cool. There is really not that much "stuff" on the playfield but it all works together well for a coherent whole. A game for the advanced skill level that never gets old. As far as lastability goes this is it as far as I am concerned. No other game except maybe Joker Poker keep me coming back again and again.
6 years ago
Sounds of this game kill it for me.
6 years ago
Great older voice machine. Not my kind of theme but a decent layout. Not as fast as some, kind of laid back but fun just the same.
7 years ago
Back in 1980 things were different but quickly changing too.
This game stood out for me as it spoke to you and was also great fun to play. The artwork is good not great. The game full of many different shots.
The bonus multiplier drops great fun and spelling DELUXE really great fun.

I nearly bought one six months ago but it wasn't quite worth the money and the guy wouldn't move on price. Played well and I enjoyed it. Cabinet is excellent and really stands out. The talking gets me and I think this is where I drew the line on games hence forth.
7 years ago
It was love at first play. The #1 machine I looked for back in the day. I was hooked right away.
7 years ago
Played one that was in awesome shape. Clear coated playfield, game was fast and loads of fun. This game can be a drain monster. I can see why this pin is considered a classic.
7 years ago
Best target game ever! If you like pool, you'll love this game. Stands the test of time. Pretty fast play for the era. Love it!!
7 years ago
Fun Theme not so much
7 years ago
One thing I love about the Early Solid State Ballys I have tried (Centaur, Flash Gordon, EBD, Fathom, and a few others) is a decent set of rules for the time period. This particular game was what I hoped would make me feel better about letting go of my Centaur - which I still miss and would have again. However, and time will tell so I hope to come back to this over time, I find this game more of a challenge. The D-E-L-U-X-E feature, along with some really tricky to achieve linear drops make it a great game. It is one of those games where the left upper flipper really comes in handy in a variety of ways. The theme is well integrated and it is just a challenging game that really demands you stay focused else the bumpers, when freshly rebuilt, will through the ball right past you.
7 years ago
My favorite machine in the early Solid State era. Great playfield, tons of shots and drop targets, great ruleset for scoring. No real surprise why so many of these are worn to the wood.
7 years ago
Legendary pinball. In my village, enyone wants to have at least one.
7 years ago
A classic, the in line targets for bonus X and special give you a huge payoff. This game was way ahead of its time when it was released, I never tired of it on location.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the big appeal in this game was winning credits from all the specs. Now this motivation is missing some of the excitement is gone
7 years ago
Some titles just hit a chord. Eight Ball Deluxe is just that game for me. I love the theme, love the art. Very simple un-complicated game play. I know I'm not the first to notice this games appeal, but even so I find it is better than at least 2 dozen higher ranked DMD games I can think of, very addictive underrated game. The first edition with the "bad cowboy" and the extra molding on the back-box look awesome, and IMO worth the extra asking prices if you can find one thats not beat to hell.
7 years ago
7 years ago
My favorite game to play in college..so fun and addictive. A really fun target game. I miss it and can't wait to find one so I can recapture the magic!

Now that I own this, I recall what makes it so awesome. It's a pretty fast game - you really need to be on your toes. The shots feel so good! Pumping it up the 8 ball chute, cranking it back up top and nailing the bank shot - so satisfying. It can be brutal - the outlanes are greedy and the gap between the flippers feels a mile wide. And there are some balls where I don't even get to touch it with the flippers which seems unfair, and you almost always pay for a bad shot. The geometry of the game is fabtastic. A good game doesn't take forever to play. That combination of a very challenging game and relatively short play makes you keep coming back for more. Definitely a keeper for me!
8 years ago
top play but no connection to a big screen movie or anything famous for collectible
8 years ago
Mustache. Inline drops. Brutal outlanes. A favorite.
8 years ago
Excellent and addicting game.
8 years ago
Eight Ball Deluxe was my favorite game in the 80's to play at college. The layout, theme and gameplay are addictive and fun to go back to for beating the high score. I liked the left lane back to the top to get extra ball, in-line drops for multiplier, and always hoped to walk up with only a few letters left for backglass DELUXE worth 3 free plays to complete - you could get a couple free games on score plus the bonus 3 from deluxe and have a instant 6 free plays on a couple quarters. Great to compete on this table too. Its been in my collection for years, I found a rarely played table with excellent condition all around that was pretty cheap at around $1000. I love it for all those reasons.
8 years ago
Drop targets galore! Very simple to learn to play efficiently - maybe too simple. Still a well flowing pin, worthy of additional plays.
8 years ago
Great looking game. Unbalanced scoring IMO. If u don't get the side targets and 8 ball on your first ball u may as well restart if u r going for a high score. For an old game still fun but I like mata hari better.
Edit years later. I now like this better than Mata Hari as there is more going on. I changed my settings and now the saucer has the bonus multipliers applied to collect bonus. This change means you must shoot the whole playfield and the saucer becomes very important as do the multipliers. Great game.
8 years ago
This is the first pin I bought and was the one I wanted in my house. It fits perfectly in my pool room. We had this game in the pool room I worked at in college and we spent many late nights playing pool and EBD. Stop talking and start chalking!
8 years ago
An absolute classic from my childhood. The first machine I was aware of that had compelling audio effects.
8 years ago
Easy to see why this game was a big hit.
There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 5.

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