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Game Design: 8.158

Artwork: 7.818

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Other Aspects: 8.203

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This is "Eight Ball Deluxe".
The other version is: Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition

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There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
In the long line of pool-themed pinball games, EBD is probably the best one. There's a reason Sharkey's Shootout ripped off this layout out of all the classic pool games. Shooting down the drops is great. You can wail on them to start, but need accuracy towards the end. Hitting the 8-ball always feels good. Your multipliers can lead to huge scores in just a few shots late in the game, so it makes for some high pressure shots. The lanes up top make for super easy nudging which is fun. Open pop bumpers, inline drops, and no safe returns, just like pinball should be.
3 years ago
Superb 80s Bally in every category. I have a deep love for this era of Ballys and this game is in the top. Excellent in every way.
3 years ago
what can you say. this game is a classic and everyone should have one in their collection. It not like the new games but this was the best game in the 80's
4 years ago
This is a nostalgia game for many. I've determined that's the only reason it's sought after and demands a higher price tag.
I did not grow up with this game, so I don't have a bias opinion of the game.
I feel the game is basic in layout and rules. It's still fun for a few plays, but I can think of several other Ballys' of the same era I would rather have.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hard to add to the scores of great comments about an all time classic. Theme aside, the shots/ layout and player feedback have to be some of best all time for a single ball/single level game!
4 years ago
This one really snuck up on me but after a few games I learned why it was considered a classic. Great goals to aim for, multipliers can be tricky as they tend to come back down the middle, hitting the 8 ball and then landing in the kickout is a tough shot to make. All in all, it is the height of the early solid state pinball era.
4 years ago
good cabinet..i docked it a little because of it's age..otherwise worth playing
4 years ago
Best Bally game made without a spinner? Gotta be Eight Ball Deluxe! The game is absolutely charming, and serves the pool theme well by looking past green felt and pool balls, to include the experience of playing pool in a sh*t-kicker bar--guns, bull-riding, and cowboy hats. When I first stepped into Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, I felt like I was stepping under the glass in this machine. It feels real good to grab that eight ball shot from the upper flipper. The sounds only add to the charm of this game. I like other Bally games from this era a tad better, but EBD has a special feel to it, and no other Bally table feels quite it.
4 years ago
My favorite game of it's era. I'm havlooking no ne restored now and plan to keep it.
4 years ago
A favorite frustration table, fast draining, but just one more game!
Love the sound!
5 years ago
Best Pinball of it's time. Wherever you prefer to shoot you will get a special after some time. And the stress if you don't hit the last Deluxe-target "One more for deluxe!" was far beyond it's time.
5 years ago
Classic Bally Pin, great speech and a fantastic layout. Redefined the classic pool theme.
5 years ago
Challenging rules, and somewhat prone to draining, but a fun game overall.
5 years ago
This is one of the best game designs of all-time - especially if you out in the context of '80's Sold State. Just really fun and doesn't get old. My only gripe: while I love the Wedtern theme, I'm not a fan of the artwork. Could have taken a page out of the simple, graphic eloquence of El dorado, for example. The ladies in high-bottom jeans mustache-guy and the busy graphics and colors make it a game I won't have in my collection, as much as I love the gameplay.
5 years ago
I don't understand why this is a top 100 game. Mercifully, my game finally ended... I have no need to play this game ever again.
5 years ago
Eight Ball Deluxe, "shoot the 5 ball." A wonderful 3 flipper layout that has more than one way to attack it. The mark of a great game is there is more than one way to score big points. This game has that. There is both luck and skill involved in hitting shots to drop down targets and progress through to the deluxe portion. This game can be very fun to play and sometimes very cruel. Nothing better then getting settled into a groove...hitting shots and scoring points. It has that ONE MORE GAME factor that keeps you hitting the start button and even putting quarters in if on location. A classic that stands up well against other eras.
5 years ago
The best SS game in my opinion. Was my 1st pin and still one of my favorites. EBD was IT in the early 80's. Just could never get enough of it. Love the layout and the inline drops (2-5X) and the Horseshoe drop targets. Another game with a simple ruleset that was simple enough to understand, yet much harder to achieve. Nothing more fun that trying to get the DELUXE targets once all eight "ball" targets were dropped for another Special. Classic pinball at it's best. If you look up pinball in a dictionary, EBD should be pictured. Hope to get another one soon. "Quit Talkin and Start Chalkin"
6 years ago
One of the games that defined the 1980s generation of the Early Bally Solid State Era.

This was one of the "go to" games in the arcades in the day alongside games like Black Knight, Black Hole, and Haunted House, during the 80s revival period.
This is a "one more game" title.

A great game for novices and experts alike.
Straightforward ruleset, nobody gets confused.
Fun horseshoe targets bank to shoot the pool balls, very addictive.
Outstanding artwork by Margaret Hudson, her best work IMHO.
Great competition game as well, or up to four players.
This is a good choice for a collector which can stand well on its own or a collection of 100+ pinball machines.

A lot of people say the game is "not fast enough". (See another example above...)
If you do not feel challenged, put a PowerBall™ into a EBD (hey, a "mini" cue ball, novel idea!), raise the back legs up up as high as possible, and jack the game up on 2X4s.
Players were overjoyed when I did that.
Stop making the game play like a woodrail, the flippers are MORE than strong enough to make all the shots.
The game then REALLY rocks, outlanes and center are deadly, and ball time is less than 15 seconds unless you are EXTREMELY good.
EBD at its finest.
"Long live the artwork of Margaret Hudson."

I have owned FOUR EBD in my lifetime, 2X original, and 1X 1984 version, including building one from scratch from a wired playfield, and the fact I still carry a NOS glasses on my wall. Yes, it is that GOOD.

"Stop talkin' and start chalkin'"!

NOTE: If you do the modification I mentioned above, make sure you ADJUST the tilt bob (or remove it), or the game will be UNPLAYABLE! (The incline angle is well above 10+ degrees)

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Classic, fun for all skill levels, "Suitable for any collector!"
6 years ago
24 things I look for:

* Asymmetry: Very good
* Backhands: Very good -- you can make the 8-ball shot with a backhand.
* Ball Control/Hazards: Very good: pops middle of PF, and posts around the inline targets, makes for some danger
* Ball Time: Excellent. Super short game.
* Drops (Sweepable): ok -- not sure how sweepable they are, but you can likely get two at a time on some shots.
* Flasher Blinding: Excellent. I don't think there are any flashers on this game.
* Flippers and shots: Good. 3 flippers, and the top one can't easily make the 8-ball shot. It's kind of a bummer.
* Flow/Stop n Go: Excellent. Ball never stops, unless you hit a specific 8-ball shot and then it pushes right out of the saucer.
* Fun/Lastability: Excellent. It's a very punishing game, and you want to keep playing "just one more".
* Inlane Flow: Depends. Some EBD's are not set up right, and the flow is weak like on a typical Bally. There is an opportunity for good flow, since it's using a long plastic inlane guide.
* Lateral movement/Nudging: Excellent. You really want to laterally nudge this one, and try to manage the ball from going to the outlanes.
* Multiball: NONE.
* Orbit Shots: NONE.
* Originality: Decent. There have been a lot of billiards games.
* Outlane save-ability: Fair. I find most shots to the outlanes are tough to save, it's all metal.
* Pop bumpers: Very good. One very mean pop center of PF, while the other two kinda just hold up the ball a bit. I played on two games where a pop hit did NOT push the ball up into the A / B lanes. I would like to see that.
* Scoring Balance: I presume it's fine. No idea.
* Skill shot: Fair. You plunge, then nudge for A or B.
* Sound/Callouts/Voice: Very good. The famous Bally voice is there with many call outs. Not very sinister though.
* Spinners: NONE.
* ThemeArt/Lights: Very good. It's a nice art package and lighting, but I wasn't blow away by it.
* Toys/Gimmicks: The gimmick that makes you play is that you can earn a SPECIAL doing almost anything 3+ times. It's really neat. But I'm wondering how interesting that would be in a home add-a-ball situation.

One of the BEST location pins of all time. Short ball times, yet LOOKS so easy to play.

6 years ago
While county + western pool hall, as a theme, might not interest me in the slightest, the beautiful artwork, appropriate rules, and well executed digital speech make everything integrate extremely well.
I can only imagine the splash this must have made in the arcade when it was released!

I really enjoy the simple rules of this game, and very much appreciate the strategy that arises because of them. It is addictive to the highest degree and a GREAT game for competing against friends.

The drops are individually controlled, allowing your progress to saved after others play. This gives a satisfying linearity to the game, since each balls builds on the prior (bonus carries over,) and that allows you to adjust whether you're going for the rack, the 8ball + bonus collect, or the bonus multipliers.
6 years ago
This is a timeless classic, played it often on the PC but the real thing is even better!
Great design, often copied, never as good as the original.
Drop target heaven, good for competitions.
6 years ago
Classic game. Simple rule set, impossible to master.
6 years ago
Not really a theme that tugs at the heartstrings but this is a classic Bally, 'Shoot the Eight Ball!' the electronic voice tells you. One of those games everyone seems to want to own and I can see why.
6 years ago
I grew up playing this game and have thousands of plays on it. The level of difficulty on it is just right. I've been close to turning it over but haven't which is about perfect to me.

The backglass deluxe is an awesome feature that makes the game even more attractive when it is close.

A true classic and the best of its era.
There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 5.

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