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Game design: 8.129

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Other Aspects: 8.16

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This is "Eight Ball Deluxe".
The other version is: Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition

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3 hours ago
Great game to play with friends. Deep enough rules for an early solid state that advanced players can enjoy it, yet the rules are easy enough for beginners to get a grasp on the idea that there is more than just keeping the ball alive. Completing deluxe is a fun goal to go for when playing alone. Chalk up!
4 days ago
Classic pin with a simple ruleset yet very tough and is super addictive. I I love how you get bonus multipliers by hitting drop targets.
5 days ago
This game is very repetitive. The middle of the play field is just plain empty. The drop targets and theme are cool but the game loses that loving feeling quickly. Speaking of quickly, your game will after be over quickly. I like to rate drain in terms of how much draining has to do with the players abilities alongside how apt the ball is to draining. 8 ball drains often and has little to do with your skill level. If you try to shoot at...anything really, you will lose your ball quickly. This gets annoying as you want to get into shooting the ball around to get a game of “pool” going, but you rarely have enough play time to get into the zone. Love the theme and lighting. This is a cool game concept that just misses the mark due to lack of variety and a bad drain rate.
8 days ago
They made it three different times for a reason!
15 days ago
a simple yet superb solid state game
22 days ago
This game got me through my upperclassmen men years at college! This is one of the best classic pinball games of the early 80's and is considered one of my top three machines that I must have! Admittedly, I am biased as, not only am I nostalgic about this game, but I prefer classic pinball to the more modern ones.
35 days ago
i don't like this as much as some other pinball machines.
Its still a good game but i found a bit difficult as you can shoot the ball just a bit off and lose it , so games don't tend to last too long.
But it very good artwork and the voice sound effects were great for the time.
the voice effect can get repetitive with it telling to " hit the 8 ball".
it got a upper left flipper to hit the 1-7 ball targets and is satisfying to eight ball target with it.
but overall this a good bally pinball from 1981.
4 months ago
I love this game. For a game that's made almost 40 years ago, this one has great rules and appeal. There's almost always something to shoot for and hit. The one thing I hate is that when you sink the 8 ball to complete the set, you are forced to hit the standups again to set the drops back up You'd be better off aiming for the left orbit, which makes this a one-flipper game at that point, especially on ball 3. No complaints otherwise, fun game!
5 months ago
Probably the most iconic billiards themed pinball.

Definitely a winner in the addictive/one more game category. A game with simple, intuitive goals; easy in the beginning but gets more challenging the longer you play. I always find myself needing just one or two more targets to achieve a fantastic score. . .

Solid State 80s sounds/voices are not for everyone but I like them in this sort of game, period correct if you will.

I'd love to own one someday -- a Classic that fits in just about every collection.
1 year ago
All time Classic.
1 year ago
Played this years ago, it's on my list to buy. Just hard to find one in good shape.
1 year ago
In the long line of pool-themed pinball games, EBD is probably the best one. There's a reason Sharkey's Shootout ripped off this layout out of all the classic pool games. Shooting down the drops is great. You can wail on them to start, but need accuracy towards the end. Hitting the 8-ball always feels good. Your multipliers can lead to huge scores in just a few shots late in the game, so it makes for some high pressure shots. The lanes up top make for super easy nudging which is fun. Open pop bumpers, inline drops, and no safe returns, just like pinball should be.
1 year ago
Superb 80s Bally in every category. I have a deep love for this era of Ballys and this game is in the top. Excellent in every way.
2 years ago
what can you say. this game is a classic and everyone should have one in their collection. It not like the new games but this was the best game in the 80's
2 years ago
One of the classic Bally titles.
2 years ago
This is a nostalgia game for many. I've determined that's the only reason it's sought after and demands a higher price tag.
I did not grow up with this game, so I don't have a bias opinion of the game.
I feel the game is basic in layout and rules. It's still fun for a few plays, but I can think of several other Ballys' of the same era I would rather have.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hard to add to the scores of great comments about an all time classic. Theme aside, the shots/ layout and player feedback have to be some of best all time for a single ball/single level game!
2 years ago
This one really snuck up on me but after a few games I learned why it was considered a classic. Great goals to aim for, multipliers can be tricky as they tend to come back down the middle, hitting the 8 ball and then landing in the kickout is a tough shot to make. All in all, it is the height of the early solid state pinball era.
2 years ago
good cabinet..i docked it a little because of it's age..otherwise worth playing
2 years ago
Best Bally game made without a spinner? Gotta be Eight Ball Deluxe! The game is absolutely charming, and serves the pool theme well by looking past green felt and pool balls, to include the experience of playing pool in a sh*t-kicker bar--guns, bull-riding, and cowboy hats. When I first stepped into Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, I felt like I was stepping under the glass in this machine. It feels real good to grab that eight ball shot from the upper flipper. The sounds only add to the charm of this game. I like other Bally games from this era a tad better, but EBD has a special feel to it, and no other Bally table feels quite it.
3 years ago
My favorite game of it's era. I'm havlooking no ne restored now and plan to keep it.
3 years ago
A favorite frustration table, fast draining, but just one more game!
Love the sound!
3 years ago
Best Pinball of it's time. Wherever you prefer to shoot you will get a special after some time. And the stress if you don't hit the last Deluxe-target "One more for deluxe!" was far beyond it's time.
3 years ago
Classic Bally Pin, great speech and a fantastic layout. Redefined the classic pool theme.
There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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