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15 days ago
I had a really nice copy of this game for awhile & I kind of miss it now , one of the best system 11's "AFTERSHOCK!!!"
26 days ago
Earthshaker, a Williams disaster pin, is not as good Whirlwind but is still fun to play. Of course, the shaker motor is a prerequisite. The center ramp shot is too easy to rack up the points. Music is better than Whirlwind but not that great.
53 days ago
Fun game from end of the 80s. Good variation in the game and its lastabel over time. Good homegame!
3 months ago
This is a fantastic game!
3 months ago
This is a game that seems right on the precipice of greatness. It's an overall pretty damn good game, but something about it doesn't really get the juices flowing. maybe a differing theme or slightly better artwork would have added to it. Extremely playable but not high up there on favorites or wishlist material.
7 months ago
This is one of my favorite system 11 games. Lots to shoot for here! Great music and sound for the era. Can get a bit too easy if you are Dialed in on your shots but has that “one more game” feeling for me.
8 months ago
Along with Whirlwind which I like just as much, this is the best Williams form the late 80's. Funhouse is just as good I guess, but he shaker aspect to this game is what I love. Pretty easy too, so a great game for a beginner pin fan.
9 months ago
Great system 11 with a serious shaker motor. Nice variety of shots. Ca nv lane diverter is cool as well as having a good mix of pops spinners drops etc...
9 months ago
I enjoy this pin and believe it is underrated. Then again I’m a sucker for 90s Williams. I do enjoy the theme and the shaker motor on this one. Can really get the lost out of your quarter on this one.
9 months ago
I was surprised that my first game on this machine went so well. I haven't played it that much but I understand the premise at this point and can say that it's fun, just not a must-play for me when other games are open to play. The multiball was pretty fun and the shaker motor definitely does the trick when it is unlocked. Definitely worth a try if you see one to play.
9 months ago
A great game for the time period, but with the main gimmick being a shaker motor, it's tough for this one to stand up against all the games with a shaker that followed. I genuinely like this game, but feel like Lawlor's later games (Whirlwind, Addams, Funhouse, etc...) were better.
1 year ago
This was my first game with a shaker and is definitely a favorite of friends and family for that reason.
Plenty of variety when it comes to what to shoot for -- ramps, drop targets, spinner. . . it was hard to walk away for the first couple days. The left ramp is easy enough to master -- I'm an average player and was able to keep hitting the loop repeatedly. A great mostly family friendly theme (depends on how you handle "Bi**hing!") that is a go-to/favorite in our house.
1 year ago
This game gets the most attention when people are over. The shaker motor is a lot of fun. This game is challenging enough that it keeps me coming back for more. Would love to find a CQ example of this one for sure.
1 year ago
overall fun pat lawlor game. Not a keeper for us but its fun to play. Love some of the shots and the fault line break. The back lighting is horrible though even with LEDS. I love the mirrored backglass and the art is fun and cool. Very Cali and looks great. I really enjoy the shaker and what Pat did on this one for being 1989.
1 year ago
Earthshakeeeeeer! This is it, Sys11 at its best! Big fun is guaranteed while playing.
1 year ago
I have owned this game for many years, its still a game most of my guests like to play. Who doesn't love Pat Lawlor machines, for the time the game was innovative with the "Bitch'n" call out. I think it says a lot when after almost 29+ years pass since it came out that people are still playing your machine. Love this machine, its a good addition to any collection.
1 year ago
I fitted the prototype “falling building” to mine, so my animation scores and a couple of others are based on this being present... like they should have been!
These gams feel a little less polished than those that came ten and twenty years after, but of its period it’s really very good.
1 year ago
Middle of the road System 11 game. I wish it had a tad more flow but a packed playfield with a lot to shoot at.
1 year ago
I don't like the art in this game. The artists style just weirds me out. The also bad thing is the left ramp is easy to hit. And once you get use to the game you'll be able to hit it over and over... I haven't hit it 99 times in a row, but I've seen videos where people have. I have hit it about 7-10 times in a row and then done so again in the game a few more times. Its a fun game and I think it was one of the first if not first use of a shaker motor in pinball. So its a breakthrough game in that regard. Also I think it works the theming out very well. Nice fault lock toy. Decent rules. A nice jackpot that is challenging at first to get, but attainable. And I think nice music and great callouts. Love the whole Bitchin and Give me shelter... Also love the whole EARTHSHAKER!!! Callout when you lock a ball. Would I own one of these games... Maybe if I had a 50-100 pin collection. That is mainly due to me just not caring for the theme too much, and the art package. But, it plays good and its fun. And it has nice replay to it... But, I find myself only playing it for about 15 minutes at a time.
1 year ago
This along with Whirlwind are great Pat Lawler games that are a precursor to one the best pinball machines of all time Adam's Family. I love the call outs, art, and music. However, For me the fun factor isn't as good as Whirlwind. The playfield is a little to busy. I love to play this game once in while but in a smaller collection (under 10 pins) its loses its fun factor quickly. I've owned it twice but both of mine were players pins. I'd buy it again if I could find a collector quality one for a fair price.
1 year ago
Not a good pin for a smaller collection. Got it to pair with my whirlwind but it’s just way too repetitive. It does have a good jackpot shot with multiball but doesnt play much into high scores. It’s hard to play it again after hitting the center ramp for 99 miles.
1 year ago
I've played this game two days for hours on end. It's a game that needs precisely aimed shots and punishes missed ones. At first I really liked the challenge, but after the second day of playing I was a lot less excited. There is just not enough variety, and the lack of flow also started to bother me. Still, the challenge of the game is what makes you want to try again, and that is a good thing.

The artwork is nice, as I really like the 80's style graphics. The cabinet is a real missed opportunity though, as it's kind of bland.
1 year ago
One of my favorite System 11 games. This was the first pin I fell in love with back in the day. First to have a shaker motor, It is always satisfying to hit the upper flipper shot to lock the ball. EARTHSHAKER!! The music has variety and the call outs are lighthearted and fun. A Pat Lawlor classic. A simple game to play, but it just keeps sucking you in. Great fun!
1 year ago
Owned this machine for several months. It is fun but not a keeper.
1 year ago
There is enough variety to make this a fun game to play. Lots of ramps and places for the ball to go. The Music was OK, not outstanding. The sound effects ok. There is a playfield animation of California breaking away from US which is unique. The notable feature of this game is the “Earthquake” that occurs during the Multiball. The artwork I think captures the “flavor” of Southern California pretty well, but the middle of the playfield is empty to me. Racking up miles up the ramp is a pretty good skill shot, with the final goal of getting to the end of the road. Overall a good game.
There are 140 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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