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There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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45 days ago
Layout has really grown on me; it's a bit like a cross between lectronamo and Ali. It's genuinely a fun shooter, but the rules could use to be taken a bit further. Most classic sterns have the growing bonus multiplier to chase, and I miss that here. Do very much like the upper playfield - third flipper and drops feel good, as does the horseshoe and collect bonus shot. Ultimately it's a build-and-collect bonus game.

Playfield art is very unique, and I dig it. Cab artwork has grown on me. Backglass isn't as bad as people make it out to be, but it's not good. Drac's got alotta forehead going on here...
59 days ago
Cool it is. I like the 7 Dracula targets. Sometimes, I say 1D, 2D, And 3D when I shoot the x y and z targets
1 year ago
I’m lucky enough to have one of these by me in a local pinball arcade, and it’s probably my favorite early solid state Stern. I love the plunge shot and holding the left flipper as the ball comes around to combo into the drop targets. Such a satisfying shot. I’m not fond of the sounds. I know they are early solid state sounds, but Bally, Williams, and Gottlieb all are light years ahead of Stern sounds in this era. I don’t know what it is, but Stern sounds are extremely annoying.

Overall, Dracula has some good rules and scoring to go along with them, and I find the table quite fun to come back to. Really good effort from Stern, I just wish it sounded better.
1 year ago
Very fun game with great scoring rules.

The PF art is amazing, but I tend to agree that the BG didn't age quite as well.

The sounds grow on you, but are clearly the early SS sounds. Still some little chirps provide some interest beyond a 4-tone board.

Gameplay is where this one really shines, lots of drops, and way to increase and collect bonus and so forth.
2 years ago
I played this on a location, and wound up buying one. It’s a simple game but a great design for its age. The playfield art makes little to no sense to the theme but uniqueness make it kinda cool.
4 years ago
Great theme and art, fun game for a larger collection.
4 years ago
This is a fun game, Harry Williams did a good job with adding several different elements elements, drops, spinner, kick-out hole, loops, third flipper that keeps the strategy unique. Like these early SS sterns, gotta light and rip the spinner!
9 years ago
Of the Sterns from this era this is my least favorite. The art is way too bright for my liking considering the theme...Dracula is dark, not bright blue. Centaurs color package with similar artwork would have been much better off. I see this for sale alot and have never really considered it.
10 years ago
Game play and design average. Artwork truly attrocious.
10 years ago
Keeping in mind the age of the game, it has a lot of great shots. The game itself represents step back to my teenage years, and has a charm to it.

The artwork is good for the era and captures that whole period of time, at least to me.

As far as artwork goes, I like it. The back glass gets a lot of criticism, but I think it's really quite nice when found in good condition.

Overall a decent game, and if you have a big collection, then it fits as a period piece. Not for me however, as I favor DMD's and various callouts, habitrails, and ramps found on later games.
11 years ago
Dracula is a good game that needs to be loved... or it will suck you dry, 1 quarter at a time.

The Pros:
Cool shots all over. The only wide shot is the spinner on the right and that gets you to the upper flipper. Shooting the spinner to the targets from the upper flipper is always satisfying! Popping the upper drops is a blast. It's all about the cats and bats. And the saucer on the left... a tough shot t any time. Collecting your bonus is king! I have never said this before so brace yourselves... The Cabinet artwork is perfect! The PF and plastics all have the dark romantic look that this story is all about. I had to give the PF a 6 because Skully pop bumper caps are way sweet!

The Cons:
I can't remember if you collect your bonus, if it starts from 1k or not. Do we have difficulty settings with this feature? BG artwork is weak. Drac on the BG looks rather sickly and he looks like Marilyn Manson. He must be ready for a drink. But why would you want to drink your BG honey's blood though... she's stacked!

The Takeaway:
Wax this bad boy up. Set it up steep. Open your out lanes. Make sure your bonus drops to the bottom when collected at the saucer and you have a DAMN fine game. Almost makes up for Flight 2k. Sounds are standard issue, but hey this is 1979 and I love the sounds of my Harlem Globe Trotters too. One of Stern's and Harry William's best. And the artwork could have been much worse. As in the art pax from Bally's 1972 Vampire.
12 years ago
decent, at best....
12 years ago
i'll keep it short and sweet on Stern Dracula.....Gameplay very good & fun 8/10. Sounds average/typical 6/10. Artwork is truly awful 4/10. The art is so bad it actually takes fun away from the game because it could have been SO MUCH BETTER with nicer artwork OR a different theme.

There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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