Dr. Dude

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Game design: 7.442

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Other Aspects: 7.427

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29 days ago
Such a fun game. Its easy to understand what to shoot for, but hard to string a decent game together. The mixmaster is a fun addition. To me, the best part of the game is the music. Dr.Dude and Time machine are the two machines where I always groove to the music as I play.
67 days ago
Overall fun game, not deep... but easy to play, easy to get hooked into a few games... But you wont stay here long.

One of my first games. Fun, but short fun. Would go well in a larger collection.
4 months ago
It was ok. Shots were ok. Fun was ok. Game is an ok game. Don't walk past it without trying it. But it won't call you back.
6 months ago
I own this game. I LOVE the theme so my rating is affected by that. So much fun, but does get old. Not much going on really, but still a good challenge! Head for the mixmaster!!!!!!
1 year ago
For whatever reason I don't like the theme or the artwork on this pin, it reminds me of Gameshow, another 1990 pin (totally different design team).

I played a not well maintained version, and as Caucasian2Step points out, the Mixmaster must be properly maintained to work with the Jackpot as it should. The one I played wasn't.

Overall, not anything to write home about.
1 year ago
Dr. Dude is a fun, well-designed system 11 game from Bally. Like most System 11 games, it's not very deep. However, this pin feels ahead of it's time with a few features. Namely, the magnet in the playfield and the spinning "mix-master" disc (like the disc in Tron, POTC or CSI). The layout is pretty good, if a bit basic fan layout. The shots feel pretty good, and the concept is fun. You just have to hit 3 shots - the left magnet "Magnetic Personality," the center "Heart of Rock 'n Roll standup target, and the scoop on the right for "Gift of Gab." Once you hit each of these shots 2 or 3 times, the game tells you the mix-master is ready, and you shoot the ramp. If you make the ramp shot to the mixmaster, the Excellent Ray is ready. You shoot the left scoop shot, and the ray activates and turns you from an "ordinary dude" to a "cool" dude and so forth. You can keep playing game after game, without losing your progress. Smart for coin-op on location. The concept is funny, the artwork is pretty good. Overall, this is a really nice pin and a partner to Party Zone. You can get a decent one pretty cheap too, if you can find it.
1 year ago
I enjoy this game on occasion. I can see how it can become repetitive or even annoying after a while. I must say I do enjoy playing it out at the bar. I would like to own one but not if I could only have one pin. It would be a nice addition to a collection to play once in a while.
1 year ago
This game is just weird. I owned it for a while. Its one of those games that looks like its going to be a lot more fun than it really is. The shots are repetitive and gets boring pretty quickly. The game is very colorful and has a lot of flash. I just could never get into it.
1 year ago
This game is fun at first, but soon becomes boring. Very repetitive. Music is annoying. Call outs are annoying. Didnt last long in my game room. The art on this game is really cool.
2 years ago
Played at Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown.
Really really fun retro game!
2 years ago
This (I believe) is a sequel to Party Zone, which is a fun game. But this was pretty disappointing. Poor ball flow and a this set of rules make this party pretty dull.
2 years ago
I love this game. Super fun to play competitively. When you have at least 2 people familiar with the rules and start inching past each other's high scores it gets downright dramatic for how campy the theme is. When someone finally gets the gazillion, boom. It's over.
2 years ago
This game is great!!!!!
2 years ago
Dude, this one of the most eccentric games I have played.
3 years ago
Dr. Dude is a slow meditative game. I think it is the opposite of a game with lots of flow. So when I’m in the mood for a game like this, it’s great. Shots require precision so one finds oneself trapping the ball, lining up the next shot and taking it. I love the way the ball drops off the “Magnetic Personality” magnet and dribbles down to the left flipper for an easy trap. Main goal is to hit each of the “Elements of Coolness” 3-4 times – a standup behind a magnet (“Magnetic Personality”), a standup (“Heart of Rock ‘n Roll” – this is the hardest to hit and can cause a drain from either flipper even if you hit it properly – it’s kind of mean) and a sinkhole with VUK (“Gift of Gab”). Once done there are two more things to hit then you start multiball. So starting multiball is a lot of work, it’s only two balls so if one drains it’s over and you have to start all over again – this can be a bit frustrating. The other main goal of the game - the Reflex – hit 6 diagonal adjacent standups, then a VUK, then in short succession you have to hit two other consecutive targets – stressful but exciting and lucrative. That’s Dr. Dude – considering it’s a late System 11c game there is not much going on I think. Two shots – the right loop and “Big Shot” standup seem pointless – in terms of points obtainable. The 4 drop targets on the right offer some benefits, but seem to me to be not worth the risk. Even the main ramp with the Mix-Master (which takes up a lot of playfield real estate) seems kind of under-utilized. Dr. Dude has a great light show – even without LEDs (which I plan to install in not so distant future) – when the “Gift of Gab” toy lights up – very nice and I personally think the music is great.
3 years ago
The biggest fault of this game is the layout. It's stop and go but not very satisfyingly so. There are no orbits and only one ramp. The spinner at the top of the ramp is pretty cool though. I also can't stand the theme, it's very annoying looking and sounding. Just doesn't give me that good feeling I like when I'm playing a pin.
3 years ago
The Dude is another addictive Sys11 machine.

The two ball multiball is a real challenge to keep going and get your jackpots.

Super cool 80s artwork and callouts.

3 years ago
I enjoy playing this game. It's an odd game and very unique.
3 years ago
I've never been excited to play this game for whatever reason. The cheesy theme is cool and the playfield has a lot of "stuff" on it. It has nice art, a bunch of toys, and those wires going all over give it a great look. The callouts are grating and I just never, ever found this game much fun at all.
4 years ago
I really do like this game for the 1-2-3 Reflex shots, and the Bazillion, but that's really all it has to offer. I find it fun and challenging, but nothing that would be able to stand alone.
4 years ago
I like the fame, but the bill and ted voices get old fast! Cheesy theme, but still a lot of fun to play
4 years ago
Pinball fun, only to watch it puts you in a good mood, no doubt one of the most enjoyable ever produced by Bally
4 years ago
The game is a bit simple, but I love the theme and the art. I played this game a lot when it first came out, so it must be pretty good.
4 years ago
A very underrated table, in my book... while the rules are incredibly simple (shoot the ball here, here, and here, hit jackpot... that's it), the comic book look and feel of the table keeps me coming back. While I'll agree with some others here that the sound can get annoying pretty quickly, it's a table that's fun to play and one that's easy to understand, so you don't need to break your brain trying to understand the rules. For that reason, yes, the table can become repetitive quite quickly. If I were to buy a pin, it probably wouldn't be this one for that reason. However, when surrounded by a number of other machines, this is one that I come back to relatively often as it's accessible for anybody to play with.
5 years ago
this was fun to play, wish i had some more time on it !
There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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