Domino's Spectacular Pinball Adventure

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9 days ago
There’s some stuff to like about this game, but you can tell it was just a contract. Feels too underbaked for how enjoyably it shoots which is disappointing
3 years ago
Played at VFW
For a commercial game it played fun.
I had never seen or played a Spooky.
Not a fan of the backglass. Slingshot pizza cutters!

Wish my pizza shop had one.
6 years ago
Game looks nice but not a fan of the theme really. Is better than just an advertisement piece, but still not a pin I would own. Rules are unbalanced.
6 years ago
Dominos is a weird Game the theme is awful in my opinion I actually did like the playfield artwork and cabinet. The game has no toys and the rules are not that great.
6 years ago
This was in a tournament - a TOURNAMENT - I played in, if you can imagine that. I can't, because the machine was so badly malfunctioning (throwing balls STDM, zotzing them, switches not tripping, etc.) it was taken out of the tournament after an hour or so. I idiotically had played a bunch of games on it by then, figuring as the machine I was least familiar with I should spend the most time on it. I even more idiotically played more later when it got moved onto the floor and turned back on, because of some kind of pathological interest in the truly terrible.

Well, I could rag on the horrible theme (Domino's Pizza?) and the resulting banal artwork and animations but they take a backseat to the truly off-line design of the playing field. Every Spooky I've tried has had similar issues, but this was truly the worst.

I'll just leave it at that: I'm no fan of most Stern designs of the last 15 years, and am sick of their playfield gimmicks that trap balls and toys that break after being on site for three months, but at least they generally work and have a coherent set of rules. This, OTOH, may be the most ill-conceived and poorly-executed pinball machine in a generation.
7 years ago
I received my Domino's pin this week. This is an early review that I suspect will be revised, but I can say that I am impressed. First, the game comes with a real back-glass, not the plastic thing you get from Stern. I really like the powder-coating/finishing on the legs and armour for the game. Looks great.

Other than that, I'm also told by Mr. Adam Gacek (Domino's lawyer/loyal Pinsider) that a code update is forthcoming. That could turn this game into a sleeper and a gem. Right now, I find multiballs come kind of easily/randomly. I also find the pop-bumpers (2) are a bit under-used. But hey, it's early!

For me, it is fun to try to make shots and figure out what Charlie was 'inspired' by when he designed certain shots. For instance, the 'Oven' is 'Stugots' shot on Sopranos. The skill shot is Congo. The Noid bash-toy/area is the ghost/minion shot on his own 'America's Most Haunted'. The tight loop is from 'Theatre of Magic' (around the box). There are undoubtedly others I am missing or have yet to relate to an existing pin; my knowledge is not as extensive as that of Kevin in Colorado (legendary Pin-rater "Caucasian2step", from Westminster, CO.

I really like the 80's sounds. Well done.

This is a great value pin, made by cool people, I think. The back-glass is terrific. The colour DMD is a bonus.

For the operators out there, this could be a decent earner if placed in a Domino's location.

At this point, I'd say if you don't own a Spooky-affiliated pin, your collection is not reflective of the modern state of pinball. Cheers to Charlie, Kayte & Co.
7 years ago
Way more than a promotional piece. A lot of fun, great sound effects, and who doesn't love the Noid? Reasonably deep with good but difficult shots. For the price point well worth the price, and a good family theme if you need one for the kids.
7 years ago
While I am not much for the theme of this game, This is a great design that plays much better than I had anticipated.

The Pros:
A great skillshot to start out every ball makes me happy! This fan layout is very well done and makes the most of what it has in spades. I have to give this team a great deal of credit for maximizing the BOM and working with a limited budget. The magno/walled chamber is placed very well and the right ramp/kicker maximizes space, essentially making two shots with the ramp and the kicker (why have we not seen this before?). The Noid is there and there is quite a bit to do with different modes and things to shoot for.

The Cons:
By their own admission, this is a marketing/advertising piece. The software is not that well sussed out and it may never get an update. Are the rules balanced? Probably not. The Spooky people have also stated that most people playing this game will not care as pinball is "fun" for them and nothing else.

The Takeaway:
I am all for Spooky keeping their doors open and making pinball. In fact, I hope they take this layout and make it into another table with a different theme. There are some incredibly well thought out shots and in many ways this deck reminds me of AFM. Yeah, I said it. While not the most impressive game to date, what has impressed me is that Spooky continues to make pinball games in a way that no one else can. I for one am cheering them on!
7 years ago
In a word: meh. Didn't find it very interesting and lost all interest after a couple of games. After playing America's Most Haunted several times, I know what Spooky Pinball is capable of. I know that his kind of game is more marketing gimmick than an actual pin but this, on the heels of the mediocre Rob Zombie pin, indicates that Spooky is on a trend that is not beneficial to anybody. I hope that the pick it back up with The Jetsons.
7 years ago
This game was a stinker. I didn't even finish 3 balls and I walked away from it. I hope they never mass produce this one.
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