Dolly Parton

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Game Design: 6.859

Artwork: 7.173

Sounds/Music: 4.451

Other Aspects: 6.948

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Found 23 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 months ago
Love the theme! Game plays like a classic, hard to find in great shape.
9 months ago
A perfectly fine era game. Very simple, but I've played this in tournaments against top-500 players and it's a solid competition game- unforgiving, but you generally get what you shoot, and the in line drops are dangerous but lucrative if you've got a lot of letters. It's like a stripped down Globetrotters, and while it isn't as good as that title, it's certainly better than most games ranked in the 200s on Pinside.

Pros: More strategy than it would seem with the simplistic layout, satisfying spinner shot, challenging enough to be replayable.

Cons: The inlane/outlane is unpredictable and fast, lots of returns through pops (including full plunge), so houseballs or unavoidable drains are pretty common.
10 months ago
If you love Dolly Parton's music, I think you'll be disappointed. This is nothing like the modern band-based pinball machines that can play a lot of different songs with reasonable fidelity. The artwork is beautiful, though!
1 year ago
I've owned Dolly for a good while now. It's a pretty standard Bally layout from the time period. It gets a lot of play just because of the theme. This is the only Bally I've owned from this era so it plays fine to me. I could definitely get bored if I had other games as well from this era. It's definitely an easier game to play which also helps with my arcade.
2 years ago
I played Dolly Parton at Plonk Golf in Hackney. I’m happy to report that it was a surprise hit with me - a wonderfully fluid machine with enjoyable inline ‘superstar’ drop targets. For comparison purposes, it was better than both Hook and Bride of Pinbot in the same venue…
4 years ago
Underrated game. Definitely a classic in our eyes. Good fun in a classic collection. Simple rules, but remains a challenge.
4 years ago
This is one good pin. All I've got to say.
5 years ago
Average design but a fun playing experience altogether. I don't know if it, in all it's simplicity, is a wise choice for a home collection. But in any larger line-up I think it's a decent title if you want some early solid state game to balance the traditional EM and younger DMD era games. Sound here is very simplistic - and it seems weird that this game is only 1-2 years older than for example Xenon or Centaur. It sure feels like a whole generation of ideas between those two "modern" tables and Dolly Parton. In all it's simplicity it still is fun though, and those 4 in-line drops together with the spinner sure are tempting. Hitting the upper stand up targets by aim is quite hard and often it will be a matter of luck if the pop bumpers help you in hitting them.
6 years ago
Dolly P. is still one of my favourites. Easy and annoying at the same time.
6 years ago
I had lots of fun with this game I wish I still had it !
6 years ago
I really enjoy this pin. Probably would not want this as your only game, but in a large collection would be cool.
6 years ago
One of the early Bally games to break the mold of the Bally recipe of double spinners + side drops + side standups, but not executed nearly as well as fellow mold-breaker Harlem Globetrotters. I have no problem with the theme/licence of country superstar Parton on the game, nor do I have a problem with the disconnect between Country-Dolly on the playfield and Vegas-Dolly on the backglass--I am however frightened by the image of her on the playfield, as she looks much like a present-day Dolly would (Dollywood?) if she hadn’t been under the knife as much as she has over the years. A truly frightening image created by Dave Christensen. The game offers very little to allow the player to get their rocks off. The game may be more beloved if the five “D-O-L-L-Y” stand-ups were drops instead. No difference in gameplay really…but people really, really like drop targets. It’s a different design from the other games of the era but needs a few more hooks to be considered a classic.
7 years ago
Artwork is great, inline drops are cool, otherwise a game that is too simple. The bank of standup targets is only half accessible from the flippers.
7 years ago
fun game but a bit ugly
8 years ago
great game to play for dollars. Dolly is a real ball buster, fo sho...
9 years ago
Dolly Parton is a game that should have been great. What happened?

The Pros: A brilliant Dave Christensen art package all around. The game that I played at Lyons Classic Pinball had the proto cab on it, which looks great. Could have this suffered the same fate as the original nipply BG that Dolly nixed? The colors and the even the butterflies look fantastic. The farmgirl outfit on the PF is completely different that what is shown on the BG, but so what! Dolly is sexy, smart and smiling all the way! Inline drops. Love 'em!

The Cons:
The gameplay on this deck falls flat. This is lamented by Christensen in his book that Gene Cunningham put together (Broads, Boobs and Buckles: The Pinball Art of Dave Christensen (Broads, boobs and buckles: The pinball art of Dave Christensen) . He didn't like working with George Christian and after playing this deck, I agree with him. The entire left hand 2/3rds of the deck is wasted space. HOW DO YOU MAKE 2/3RDS OF A GAME THIS DEAD AND STILL BE ABLE TO KEEP YOUR JOB AS A PINBALL DESIGNER? Oh yeah... 20k in sales with beginner's luck... and 8 ball deluxe... Alright, maybe he ins't so bad... BUT NOTHING OF NOTE OUT OF THE BOX AFTER EBD!!! I take that back, even the lane on the lower right just above the shooter lane is lame too. Other than the inline drops and the spinner... 3/4THS OF THIS GAME PLAYS LIKE A BAD CAR ACCIDENT! This is the most vapid and boring game from this classic era of bally pinball. VOLTAN plays better than this table, that is how absolutely awful this deck plays. They didn't even get Dolly's tune right. AGH!!!

The Takeaway:
Even though Dolly had final approval on the art package... Mad Dog still got his last laugh in. Look carefully over her head and pay attention to the magenta flames. Look closely! Once you take in the awesome Mad Dog art package, step away from the game while never touching it.

Inline drops and a spinner. This is a good combo. I can have fun with that. Too bad there isn't anything to shoot for with the right flipper. A surprisingly challenging tourney table when properly tuned. I'm really trying to find the "fun" in this table, really, I am.
9 years ago
Not for me.
9 years ago
I used to play this game a lot in my teens. The main reason was the sexual fantasies I had about Dolly Parton. The Christensen back glass really does enhance all things curvy and as a result I would stare at the glass in a gaze much to the operators. The game play is ok, not fab, but good. Nice looking cabinet too.
11 years ago
Oh yes ... this is not my system generation.
To be hones, for its dyas it was a nice machine but not my "aera".
Why do I own it ? To be honest .. waiting for over 3 years now for the LOST VEGAS conversion kit.
I am 45 years old .. maybe I will play Lost Vegas as an old old man ... hopefully I am looking forward.
11 years ago
As a huge fan of this generation Bally SS machines, can't find much to complain about with Dolly. Inline drops, check, spelling game combo of stand ups and saucer, check, satisfying spinner shot for multiple thousands when lit, check...Clever use of her song "here you come again" in the music, sound profile...Now as far as the art, I love it (Future Spa one of my favorites as well so take it for what it's worth!) It's so cheesy and campy that it's good, at least to me. Tuned and tweaked this plays as fast as any in this gen of machines.
11 years ago
I really do like the slower games sometimes. it was quite enjoyable.
12 years ago
I played DP more than any other pinball in my youth due to the fact our local bowling alley had one it it and I learned to master the inline drop targets with the a right flipper shot. Imagine walking in to an establishment with $1 and racking up 20 credits with that? I became a socialite in high school due to this. And the bowling alley never changed the settings or incline over a two year time period. Gameplay is typical Bally (saucer at top of playfield) but a huge plus for the inline drop targets. Rest of playfield is all standups. Artwork on the backglass is also a big big big big plus if you admire .... you can guess the rest. Dolly Parton is a classy lady and respected singer so the theme is great. Playfield artwork shows a different representation of her nice figure... Underappreciated game at a low price but hard to find in good condition.
14 years ago
I just purchased my very own Dolly pin. I'm not very familiar with Dolly's career/life, but I gotta say, I really enjoy this game. Fun shots, bright colors, and a simple, but gratifying rule set. This game makes me want to get every Bally game of this era.
There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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