Doctor Who (Bally, 1992)

Doctor Who

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Game design: 8.113

Artwork: 7.443

Sounds/Music: 7.296

Other Aspects: 8.128

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Found 154 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
A fun game - loved the jackpot shots that rise up from the playfield. Enjoyable.
7 years ago
Challenging, fun, fast, unique and worth owning game.
7 years ago
Probably the wort pinball ever made... OK, maybe not, it's a Bally/Williams, so the build quality is good... but I do dislike the game a LOT... I had it set up in the house for a while, but it didn't take long before the sounds and the repetative gameplay were driving me crazy! The artwork is absolutely awful, and I hate Dr Who, so this game does nothing at all for me except make me want to be as far from it as I can! I exaggerate a bit, but it was driving me nuts!!
7 years ago
This is a good bang/buck pin but I doesn't blow me away by any means. The theme is forgettable to me but that could be because I'm young. It's a good flowing game, except for the telephone booth (I forget it's real name) which interrupts ball flow a bit. The mini playfield is excellent and very fun to bash at. Multiball is a tad too easy to achieve, but none the less it's fast and fun. I do have concerns with the mini playfield's reliability because when I played this game at the Ottawa Pinball Convention it worked fine as I played, but when I returned to it an hour later the DMD was telling me that the mini playfield was broken. It could have just been that one game though, so I won't let it affect my rating. Overall, a good game, but by all means just average.
7 years ago
A good solid game that's easy to come by, it makes for a good 'entry level' machine. Some good quotable lines. The multiball with the raised playfield is fun and so is racking up 'who loops' with the upper left flipper. The lightning flippers add to the challenge.
7 years ago
Damn good game. It's rules are simple, but has great strategy. I actually kinda like the artwork. The dalex sounds kick ass IMO. Has a solid video mode. I love the looping ramp, especially when you can get the sonic booms! I hate the damn Master laughing at me when I drain a ball though. Give it a play if you haven't had the chance.
7 years ago
Just picked one of these machines up. I had only played it a couple times before but I found one in great condition and am very happy I now own it. Very tricky game but has enough to keep you coming back. Some challenging shots and modes. This one grows on me the more and more I play it, not overly complex but just a really fun game.
7 years ago
This machine surprised me. I really enjoyed playing it. The layout is pretty unique and the gameplay is just fun. Great machine.
7 years ago
I want to like it but so many of the rules just seem useless. The Time expander and Daleks are great, the speech is atrocious. Overall though I want to like it, just a bit "meh".
7 years ago
Great game for experienced players. Not a real fan of the button launch as opposed to plunger, and the blind launch isn't a strong point, however mini play field, daleks, different drs, sounds, music all very engaging and would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys quality pinball. Bally/Williams machines of this era seem to be screwed together really well, flippers are solid, machine is physically heavy, just a great game and a well made piece of machinery with gameplay to match and that makes this one of the top DMD games I've played.
7 years ago
Sounds are great (especially the Daleks and Sonic Boom) and the gameplay is great. Art (especially the translite) is the only flaw. If I could only own one pin this would be it.

"Doc-tor... next time you will not be so lucky!"
7 years ago
Even better with a moving Dalek head!
7 years ago
Lots of nice features and the Daleks are great! Quite a difficult game and not quite fun enough for me. The back glass is a real disappointment. I like it but not enough to want one.
7 years ago
Fun at first, won't even look at one now. This pin finds me bored by my second ball. Not that its too easy per se, rather that it drains unfairly, and I find the scoring uneven. Plus it's kinda really ugly. No replay value for me. Must be missing something...or maybe I have been making excuses for this one for too long now. Not for me. Pinbot is way more fun imo, and BoP blows them both away, and they all seem about the same price range so I can't find the point. Sound quality is embarassingly bad.
7 years ago
Great game. It's getting older so finding one that lights up correctly can be tough but one of the funnest games out there bar none.
7 years ago
It's like two great games in one. You have the risky "expander", ball lock/multi-ball game and the fantastic flow combinations offered between the left lane and two ramps. I want one!
8 years ago
Very Hard and unfair to Play, this machine does not forgive you any faults :-) Lot of Fun and good durability..
8 years ago
Very good pinball and it's not expensive. A must have
8 years ago
Great game that will never leave my collection. A true player that is difficult to master, and every shot ever so satisfying.
8 years ago
Picked one of these up to play for a little while. Not my favourite game by a long way to be honest. Far too much orange/blue on the playfield and translite, plus the sound is harsh and garbled. The scoring and ruleset is complex and incomprehensible and it is a drain monster with lightning flippers fitted. The scoring is really unbalanced, I seemed to score well by making the WHO loops then onto Sonic Booms rather than going for multiball.
Well the game lasted 13 days in my collection, Glad to see it go.
8 years ago
Barry Oursler's best DMD pin & ranks as his best design since Pinbot. The goal of the game is to rescue various regenerations of Dr Who & ultimately defeat Davros. Success will depend on precise shooting & video mode completion (Donkey Kong-esque moments of hazard jumping). Dr Who burrows heavily from Pinbot's visor idea with its amazing "Time Expander" mini-playfield. The playfield layout is a throwback to the golden era of the alpha-numeric (Black Knight loop ramp). Good light show, memorable VOX ("EXTERMINATE"), great dot animation, Sega Genesis-quality theme song rendition, & comic style PF art. Dr Who isn't perfect. Translite art is bad & VOX sound quality is garbled (so much that you will be irritated). Very hard game for beginners to understand with its complex rules. Time Expander center targets (like Pinbots' visor targets) practically beg players to commit suicide via bad shots, causing LOTS of SDTM drains. A generally affordable & great game once you get over it's nuisances.
8 years ago
Rather challenging but sometimes frustrating. Not a very good backglass but fine theme music. I own it and it is a players game no doubt, but wouldn't recommend it for a small collection, unless you want a pin that will give you a run for your money every time...
8 years ago
Dr. Who is the ultimate tease - the very cool mini playfield is a sweet carrot but a trap at the same time - the novice becomes exasperated shooting at it while the wizard avoids it all together - manipulating the doctors, the w-h-o shot and the multiplier ramp are the keys to big scores... STAY out of the
8 years ago
The pop up ball lock mechanism is reminiscent of Pinbot but better. The PF is also better balanced and there's more to do. I love the Dr. Who theme song. This is a pretty fun machine. It does drain down the sides very easily, just like Pinbot. As much as I like Pinbot, I like this one better.
9 years ago
Another one i want, one day it'll happen, it'll be a keeper. Very strategic, great rule set. The pre-dcs is prob only drawback.
There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 7.

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