Doctor Who (Bally, 1992)

Doctor Who

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Game design: 8.113

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Other Aspects: 8.128

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Found 154 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Dr. Who is a thinking man's pinball game. When you REALLY get to know it, the subtle strategies open up to you and the game becomes quite interesting. Barry sure does love those mini lighting flippers.

How many games give you a choice of how you plan to play the game and score your points? Do you want to max your pf bonus? Do you need help with multiball? Learn about the doctors and use their abilities wisely. With the mushroom targets at the top of the pf and the double lock, this is Pinbot-plus without a skill shot. Shooting Daleks is fun. The ramp to W-H-O combo is a a great way to keep the game cranking without being monotonous. A seemingly wide open playfield has a lot to shoot for. The Dalek that lights up is funny. This game is deceptively fast, but even slow balls have a good chance of going out the lanes or sdtm.

A few of the doctors are worthless. Barry Oursler outlanes are tough! Fixing that cursed min-pf is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Sounds are not the best, but then again, this is based on an old BBC tv show, so it kind of works. Another game where the video mode is a gimme. Linda Deal had a tough time with her blues and oranges on the bg. The composition is strange and looks muddy. This is one of the few BG's that takes away from the enjoyment of the game for me. I guess she didn't find out about vector artwork until CV, painting with traditional media is just not her forte.

Want to sharpen your skills and your pinball strategy... this game is for you. Want an easy game of pinball that you can lose yourself in dreamland with... this is not your table. If you are a Dr. Who fan (you're probably a brain anyways), this game is a must. A great skills game as pinballs that are out of control mean a quick drainy death on this table.

While this game has 3 main strategies:

Davros Super Jacks
Vidja Mode

The safest way to play this game is Loops/Who. Make your shots, the ball ALWAYS feeds to the fleepers. Hit the upper loop until the W-H-O sequence starts. Hit the 3 ramps, collect lots of points, back to the upper ramp, you are never in danger of losing the ball unless you miss a sequential shot. Once you have the "rhythm" of the game established. You can be here for quite a while. Multiplier maxed at 4x nearly the whole time with every ramp shot boosting scores. It is not the most exciting way to play pinball, but if money is on the table the risk/reward ratio is very, very, very good. A great game with multiple strategies, but regardless of my gameplan, I always start with Doctor 6 for my PF multiplier boost!
6 years ago
Fantastic Machine. At first I found the play field to be awkwardly wide open, but after playing for a while I got used to it and had a blast playing it a dozzen times or so. I'm a big Dr Who fan so the theme caught me, and I love all the little elements of the show that were put into the table. Even when you get a new ball it doesnt say "Ball 1" it says "Part 1" as if you were watching episodes of the old TV series.

The Dalek's are an awesome touch, especially the topper. The playfield is simple, but challenging. It feels like very old school pinball design. Not a ton of ramps and moving toys, but still a good quality experience.

One design flaw I found is that there is a spot just bellow the 3 bumpers where the ball can get caught very easily and stuck. It happened to me the first time I played it.

If I ever get to a point that I can afford to have my own collection of pins, this one is high on my list to get.
6 years ago
This is a very good game, with a good variety of shots. Love getting the loop shot going, and the selectable bonus when you collect a Dr. gives you different ways to go after the machine. The DMD mini-games are simple yet fun, and the Dalek sounds and topper add to the game.

The playfield art is OK, and the rule set is rather complex for a noob. This machine takes a number of plays for one to actually truly understand what they're doing.

Not in my top 5, but one I'd certainly drop a few quarters in if I saw it on route.
6 years ago
The good bits are the time expander mini playfield and the choice of doctor's and their corresponding bonuses. Everything else is just average. That cross playfield ramp shot gets really repetitive fast and gosh do I ever loathe that orbit to the pop bumpers. That shot really is a terrible bit of design because it kills all of the minimal flow this game had to begin with. I mean it gets held up at the pops then slowly makes it's way down to the Tardis VUK to be kicked onto a ramp and head for my flipper. MY GOD, THAT IS A LONG, DRAWN OUT, AND PAINFULLY BORING SHOT.
6 years ago
I just did a restoration on this pin - without playing it prior - so my review is essentially on a fresh, nearly perfect machine. Additionally, I read a little bio about the designer and all the effort that went into this machine - which may have swayed my review as I then picked up on all the items he was referring to.

In the end, I think this machine is brilliant. I personally could care less about Dr Who, and I think some of the doctors are pretty ugly. But from what I remember only briefly about the show, it's dead on. Not only that, the game play is just fun fun fun. Fast, outlanes are drain masters. Zipper flippers. Awesome ramps and excellent integration of the pop bumpers into the game. I mean, I want to keep sending it up around the time expander just to increase my Nx values. What other game makes you want to do that? I love how this game has different characters and they bring out different rules.

Lastly, the light show really is different that any other pin I've played. I've never seen GI lighting dance like that. It's not just all on or levels of dim... there are probably 3 to 4 separate GI circuits in there that are animated accordingly. As well, the backbox lighting is also animated and very distinct. Well done Williams. Well done.
6 years ago
Great game overall. 3 level mini-playfield is impressive. The 2 ramps are good. I like the theme song background music. 3rd flipper is important/functional. Great video modes. Good pace during gameplay. Has 3-ball multiball - good. Dr Who has lastability to me. Lighting good. Cabinet artwork good. Backglass artwork ok, but not impressive. Playfield artwork good.
A bit harder w/ the slightly shorter lightning flippers for the 2 lower flippers that were factory installed(more center drains / shorter ball times).
6 years ago
A very under rated game. Nice lighting and the play field is really well laid out. Multiball is where this game shines...
6 years ago
Not a big fan of the layout and the sound of this pinball just get boring with time.
Despite that I had some good time on it, but the lastability is really low for me.
6 years ago
This has become my fav. My wife gave this table to me for my B-Day in 2003, and I love it. This table is very challenging, and has a high replay value. My son has become a pinball fan not because of Doctor Who. I love the multi goals that this table has, and yes, this game does take a little time in getting use to.
6 years ago
My first pin and very fun to play. A little difficult to follow with its rule set but a blast once you learn it.
6 years ago
My first pin, and the only pin I regret selling so far. Mostly because I wasn't a Doctor Who watcher at the time, but I'm now a fan of the newer series.
6 years ago
This is probably my favorite game to play in my collection. Yet somehow after getting through the rating system it end up as one of my 'worse' games in the collection...go figure!
6 years ago
Maybe I'm biased being a big Dr. Who fan and growing up with this pin but I love everything about this, except maybe the outlane drains but then who doesnt hate outlane drains. It's a short ball time game so once you get used to that you can start to really enjoy it.
6 years ago
very british atmosphere ! I play it and now I want to buy one.... funny animations, cute ! test this pinball and you will be very positively surprise ! lights are magic in the night ! warning : dalek are here ! ! !
6 years ago
The multi-level "Time Expander" is definitely one of the coolest toys in any 90s-era game. While some complain that the Dalek sounds are annoying, I actually find them fitting. It's a great feeling hearing the Dalek agony when shooting jackpots! =) The upper loop ramp is a blast to shoot repeatedly ("MILLION!"), leading to the "Sonic Boom". The pops feel weaker on this title, and the video mode can get a bit repetitive. The music could use a little more variation. And beware, while the "Time Expander" is cool, it can be a major pain-in-the-ass to maintain (speaking from experience). Something about the translite artwork rubs me the wrong way. The rest of the art isn't as bad.
6 years ago
I Owned a Beautiful DW , The Flipper's and Ramp's were designed and layed out Great.. I like the Time Expander Raise-n Gizmo up Front. But I couldn't Stand the Sound the Pin made from the Dalek's .. I Sold it for that reason .
6 years ago
Nice open playfield lends to a good change of pace. Three tiered tower/elevator definitely makes the game, and it alone makes it worth playing. Audio is good, but the background music is kind of annoying. Mind you, not annoying enough to deter you from the excellent gameplay. Like other's have said, "everyone should play this once!"
6 years ago
Not the most difficult game, great sounds, easy to get multi ball, good value for money. Backglass could have been so much better. Decent game.
7 years ago
Fun and really fast game. The multiball is amazing as the tower in the middle grows as you lock the balls. I liked it and my fiancee loved it.
7 years ago
A great machine with an extremely fun multi-ball feature. Not very deep or complex in gameplay and fewer target options compared to many machines. The loop, though really neat, can become a bit tiresome.
7 years ago
Dr.Who is a great game due to a few things. First off , getting multi-ball is rather easy, and straitforward, even beginners can see right away to shoot the pinball into the 2 holes at the top, then the platform rises out of the playfield, all awhile, some robot speaking, rather excitabley, that your getting closer to destroying something. And then it happens, The platform rises to a third level out of the playfield...!!, And now the robot voice really starts to scream , very loudly, and lights are flashing, multi-ball is flowing, and anyone can see you need to hit the three targets to destroy the "dalek" beast. And when you do, WOW, alot of sounds, lights, and that robot going crazy.....Just a great fun machine, Everyone has to try this machine at least once. This really appeals to everyone, and it will keep you coming back for more.!!!
7 years ago
edit rating : was a bit hard with this pin, who surelly deserve better than i gave it before
edit of the edit : full of strategy, deserve better points again ;)
7 years ago
Underrated is overused, but DW has to be the most underrated WPC ever made. The game is simply awesome. The sounds and music are just amazing. The daleks and davros scratchy screaming voices really add to the madness that is most of this play.

The game is unique as you really need to be concerned with loops to not only increase but maintain the multiplier which works against everything. The video mode increases, and is one of the more important video modes of any machines.

The three level mini PF Time Expander may be the greatest toy ever. When multiball is going, and this thing is rising up and down while the game screams at you, it's just amazing.

The game, when properly rebuilt, is lightning fast as well. There is now the machinery for the moving dalek topper head as well, which is in the mail for me.

All in all for the money this machine sells for, the game is a NO BRAINER.
7 years ago
Kept playing this game every time I ran across one, finally understand what to do and enjoy it quite a bit, don't think it would last long as part of a collection but fun to play when you run across one
7 years ago
I may have a very high rating placed on this game, but it has been my #1 searched for game for some time now. Even before I had a chance to play the game the theme is what drew me in hook, line and sinker. After playing it didn't disappoint. It has a nice, wide, open playfield that allows for fast play and great action. There's a lot of strategy associated with this game -- especially when it comes to selecting the Doctor and what bonus they give. The Time Expander is one of the best dynamic playfield inventions ever -- and it works extremely well! Video mode is fun if a bit goofy but the Daleks put this machine over the top. Just a great playing game with a theme that makes it a personal darling.
There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 7.

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