Doctor Who (Bally, 1992)

Doctor Who

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Found 154 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
This is a fun game and I like the rule changes that correspond to each doctor. The multiball is relatively easy to get started. I wish the programmers would have included one or two other multiball modes but otherwise a very solid DMD game.
4 years ago
Not a fan of Dr Who, the show. Really never watched it on tv.
After I tried this pin out, I snapped it up. I was lucky enough to find a very low production number and it came with the original motorized Dalek on top of the back box.
The game is fast and the Time Expander mini play field is a fantastic feature!
The game has a deep rule set. It's not a pin you walk up to and play twice. You will walk away dis-appointed.
This is one you have to play repeatedly to figure out how to hit the shots....
The Daleks do get pretty wound up, once you hit the third level on the time expander. Some folks don't care for them yelling for you extermination in their robotic voices, but it all works for me. By this point there is a lot going on!
The theme to me doesn't matter. The fun factor does. This pin has a lot going for it.
Try it out!
4 years ago
Great game, great use of the theme. If you are not familiar with the Doctor though, I could imagine it would be quite confusing.
4 years ago
Fun game, multiball locks can get tricky.
4 years ago
I picked up a game that needed some work. After getting it all together I have to say this is one of the better games I've played. The mini play field is cool. The sounds not only fit the theme but do a great job of adding that sense of urgency at the right times. Especially if you like the TV series this is a must have.
4 years ago
A little limited but great fun and the mini play field is an easy target for people who don't often play pinball.
4 years ago
I've played this game a few times at various conventions. I really want to like this machine, but the game play is boring. It does have some lasting impact thanks to the sudden surge in Dr. Who's popularity, but since it was made in 1992 newer fans may not be as excited.
4 years ago
Our first pin. What a great theme!
4 years ago
Great example of why licensed games suck; if you;ve never seen the show then most of the rules and references don't work at all. Hardcore Dr Who fans only
4 years ago
I might not be a fan of the show, but I love this pinball machine. The ability to pick one of the Doctors and have a certain playfield feature affected in some way is brilliant. The time expander is a cool way to lock balls for multiball.
4 years ago
A simple game to learn but harder to master, not impossible. An open playfield with obvious targets, and a terrific theme.
4 years ago
An rather fun game to play once you figure out the rules. I love that you get to pick a doctor before a ball launch, adds some unique strategy that you don't see in too many pinball machines. The multiball is great fun with tricky shots to make. Time Expander is a cool gimmick with three(!) levels. Scoring can be a little bit unbalanced, you best be good at the loop shot if you want to have ridiculous scoring. But even so, It is still fair as the playfield value won't stay the same for long, even with the 6th Doctor selected.
4 years ago
Dr. Who's unique ability to select a Doctor "character" at the beginning of each ball is a novel way to vary strategy and gameplay. It's a great feature: effectively user-selectable rules for each ball.

I have been a fan of the old Dr. Who series (before 1990) and I believe this machine is a good representation of that era. The voice work by Sylvester McCoy always makes me smile, and the rendition of the Dr. Who theme is great. Unlike many, I am not annoyed by the Daleks' voices. They are spot-on, because the Dalek's voices are supposed to be annoying!

In general, I like the gameplay, too, with two exceptions: the pop bumper position is mostly useless, just a delay along another shot, and the video mode pops up too often, takes too long, scores too high, and isn't much fun.

On the other hand, the battles with the daleks in multiball are a great thrill, as long as the the Time Expander device is working correctly. And shooting the 3-shot W-H-O combo is always fun.

All in all a good solid WPC machine with novel features and a slightly polarizing theme. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I am very fond of it.
4 years ago
Been watching videos of this and I want one!! I used to watch the TV series now nostalgia draws me to buy one.
4 years ago
Fun game to play, even if your not a dr who fan. 3 level mini-play field & daleks topper Really awesome.
4 years ago
If more people knew what Dr. Who was I think this pin would be much more appreciated. Really fun ruleset with picking your Dr before each ball. Takes a bit to figure out what to hit on the playfield but when the rules are learned this is a unique game.

Also has a fun multiball...and the DALEKS! Maybe the most annoying villians of all time are out in full force.
4 years ago
This game is an overlooked classic. The 3 stage mini playfield is clever and works perfectly for the game, the multiball with the machine screaming "Exterminate, Exterminate" never gets old. The 7 doctor selection gives players a wide range of strategy. Plenty of good shots from all three flippers. If you're a fan of the TV show it ties in nicely.
4 years ago
OK game, the mini pf the raises/lowers is very sweet.
4 years ago
The time expander is my favorite toy out of all of them and I am not a fan of toys normally. Shooting loops and WHOs for sonic booms is super fun and rewarding points wise. I like the sounds which puts me in the minority. Playfield art is great; the backglass not so much.
4 years ago
that robot screams too much!
4 years ago
This is sometimes an overlooked machine because of the theme. An I am very much a Dr. Who fan in general of the New and old. But still I like it because it is challenging and I love the 3 level time expander. Mine has the Dalek upgrade that moves when he talks for any Whovian this is the icing on the cake. The rule set could be a little better but overall it is a challenging game that once you get the hang of it you can't stop. Cant go wrong with this overlooked classic.
4 years ago
Doctor Who has a slightly confusing rule set. The book that came with the Pin takes about 20 pages to explain what you should shoot for. Dang. I kind of like 6 lines of instructions on a score card. But the theme is great, and Barry Oursler did an outstanding job. It's a keeper in our house.
4 years ago
One of my favs, love the time extender, the theme was well done and the sound is great. Like the choice of Doctor and the offerings and even if some seem worthless. Gets played a lot at a friends, keeps drawing me back which is always a good sign, hoping to purchase my own some day.
4 years ago
Love the integration of the Doctor Who theme. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you will love this machine for that fact alone. I just love hearing the theme song the second you hit the start button, and the tardis noise when you hit the VUK. The miniplayfield is of course an awesome toy, and I love the loop shot. I also think the way you feed the left top flipper is very interesting from a playfield layout stand point. The rules and gameplay on this game are very interesting, as this is a score game. There are not really modes, there are just different ways to score points. You can choose different doctors to assist the way you decide to play the table, as each doctor gives a different bonus. i personally always start with the 6th Doctor, because he increase the playfield multiplier from the loop shot. Then I always try to hit that loop right away, and a lot.

This a great players game that will keep you coming back trying out new ways to get a better score.
There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 7.

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