Dirty Harry (Williams, 1995)

Dirty Harry

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Game design: 7.811

Artwork: 7.424

Sounds/Music: 7.553

Other Aspects: 7.948

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There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
This is my favorite shooter game, and I’m not talking about the gun. The shots are challenging, and you gotta put all of the shots together to capitalize. The sample is my preferred version iteration. The drop target in front of the warehouse shot adds a layer of difficulty to the game that I really appreciate.

My DH is set up with super band rings, except for Marco white rubber and Pinball Life red rubbers on the kickers and flippers, respectively. Wide outlanes, ball save is set to zero, which still means ball save for maybe 3 seconds, and 1 EB allowed per games. Rules set to hard and I’ve turned on tournament mode. Some may not like it, but tournament mode forces the modes to go in order, bottom to top. Me, I prefer that it go in order, even if I do always start off with Barroom Brawl.

The first DH I picked up was the second least expensive DMD game that I had ever purchased, which was a rather average re-import. Then I bought DH001 and spent very nearly the most that I’ve spent on a DMD game. Both games played like fire because of flipper pre-maintenance and full rebuilds.

Listen to Clint’s custom call outs to hear about a good place for some hot dogs.
52 days ago
As a huge fan of Clint Eastwood, I will admit upfront that I am biased. But this game does not disappoint. It is exactly what it is supposed to be. How much did it cost to have Clint add his voice to this? Worth every penny! The playfield gun puts it over the top for me.
3 months ago
Tough to master the ramps but with practice can be perfected.
5 months ago
Dirty Harry! What more do you need? Ok, how about a gun on the playfield, the modes are well made and fun, shot layout is good and the magnet for the ramp shot is great. All the call outs made by Clint himself. It made my day when I finally picked one of these up.
6 months ago
I've had Dirty Harry for a couple of months now. It has grown on me and im editing my original rating. Very good game. deeper than I originally thought. Still not an A title but definitely a B title. Call outs are cool and gun never gets old
6 months ago
Dirty Harry is one of my favorite film franchises and this is one of my favorite pins. I really like the theme and I think it has two of the coolest toys you can have. The gun handle to launch the ball and then the gun that shoots the ball out onto the playfield. Now for the negatives... You can't really see the pop bumpers or the $ lanes, so you can't really tell what lane the ball will roll down to set up the lane changer properly. Also the artwork on the playfield is a bit lame. Just stuff like badges and phones, and then you have a safehouse and a wharehouse toy building. Not too exciting. But, the game modes can be fun and challenging. I find it hard to get up the left ramp, as you really need to use the 3rd flipper to do so. But, I still really like this game and I think its just a blast to load the canon and then fire the ball right out of it.
7 months ago
Love it. Very underrated. A keeper for sure for a great price.
8 months ago
some hard shots, but really solid overall
11 months ago
nice flow and good shots on this table. the fun factor is limited for me though because the music and theme don't pull me in as much as some games. The callouts are pretty cool, but he music is blah - could have been much better. The cabinet art and backglass are good, but the playfield art is too repetitive and boring. The modes are Ok and the gameplay is good, so it is fun to play. Just not as engaging as some other machines from this era.
1 year ago
Picked up a dirty harry last week.
I love every aspect of the game .
Very challenging. Beutiful layout .great callouts.
DH will stay in my collection.
1 year ago
Great WPC-S game, not too much complicated and fun to play.
1 year ago
Dirty Harry is one of those games that isn't hugely popular, but because it was made by Bally/Williams in the 90s, still offers quite a lot. The layout is pretty great, I'm thinking specifically of the ramps and the gorgeously satisfying upper flipper ramp shot. The gun is also well implemented and it's very difficult to get the ball into the saucer with it, which is a welcome challenge. The ruleset is okay, multiball is a bit of a gimmee, and important game features are nearly always at the safehouse which is the easiest shot to hit. Theme does very little for me, but guns and car chases are always fun in Pinball regardless of whether someone has seen the film or not. Art is so-so, it's no TOTAN but it's not as awful as The Shadow backglass either. All in all I would never own this game but it's actually a tonne of fun and quite a good tournament game too
1 year ago
What a cool machine! This one is blowing away most of the top ranked pins. Most played pinball machine and very addictive.
1 year ago
Great fun game
1 year ago
Extremely underrated game if you go by the Pinside rating. But it fetches a decent penny on the open market because it's a fun ass game to play. And just has an unexplainable cool factor to it.
1 year ago
This game is super fun with tons of shots. The playfield is not really a looker, but the cabinet art is nice.
1 year ago
As time goes on this game just holds up. All the Clint mannerisms make me smile. Even if Dirty Harry isn't part of your cultural recall, the game challenges the player without tiring the player out. It is probably one of the most balanced games ever designed.
1 year ago
Dirty Harry is like a Steve Ritchie game from Barry Oursler, with it's fast flowing shots and the upper ramp shot to the gun. The scoring is really well balanced, there are no irritating modes that you want to skip. A very good multiplayer machine because of the different strategies and scoring balance. The flippers need to be tuned nice and strong so the left ramp can be made consistently, and the bullet targets need to be sensitive enough to register when the ball ricochets on them. I don't get the complaints about the callouts, Clint didn't sound any more excited in the movies. It's Dirty Harry, he's a cool cat.
1 year ago
What I really love about this machine is the perfect balanced scoring, the left ramp shot, the speed of the right ramp and when having a real good game it offers an unbelievable flow. Also the gun toy is pretty cool.
1 year ago
Recently acquired this machine. Its a tough game but the more I play it the more I like it. Right now the outlanes are set wide open so its a little more difficult to get deep into the game. I am a fan of the movies and Clint, so the game was a welcome addition to my collection. I like the variability, safe house/warehouse kickouts, and the moving revolver. Still trying to get used to the upper flipper and how to set up shots but keep coming back for more after Harry spits me out. I would like a bit more variability in the music but enjoy Callahan's callouts. . . am I the only one that has a taste for hot dogs after playing this game??

Edited after a month and a half of ownership. The appeal has only improved; Ive added some LEDs and a Pinsound is on the way. The music is growing on me and a better understanding of the rules/goals makes the game more fun to play. Do not overlook this machine. . . I think the theme and game play are underrated!
1 year ago
Bought this game recently never having played or even seen one in person before. I can't believe what a fun player this game is. Lots of fun modes and great shots all over the playfield with some nice combos too. I really like the artwork on this game as well, which a lot of people don't and Clint's voice work makes the game. The only thing this game is missing is a video mode which could have been great with what they had to work with. Overall one of the best bargains in pinball for what this game has going on and should be rated much higher.
1 year ago
The side ramp shot is a thrill to hit... the challenge of getting multiple super jackpots always brings me back for more... have only reached Crime Wave once... which also adds to lastability.
1 year ago
Fun game. Shooting the targets with the gun is a pretty neat gimmick. The voices are pretty killer. I had some trouble hitting some of the shots. It feels like maybe there's a learning curve on this one that I just didn't have time for. There is also a center curve ramp that creates a bump in the play field. Adjusting for the ball on that takes some getting used too. Interesting game. As a punk, I wasn't feeling lucky but it was still fun.
1 year ago
I really want to like this game more. It is a great theme, fun to look at, and kinda fun to play. Honestly I find it a little too difficult, maybe I'm not that good a player, but that is how I feel. This is one I should have played more before I bought it. Ramps are HARD, and some of the shots get repetitive. I like that there are lots of modes and fun interaction, just not one I play very often anymore.
1 year ago
Very challenging game at first but once you get in the groove and make things happen is when the magic happens. Tons of modes. Great animations with some of the best dmd work I've seen. Clints call outs and variation really add a nice touch. The playfield art isn't something you love or Hate. The gun on this is so much fun cause there's so much to shoot at. Your not limited to a target bank like on T2. Yes the ramps are steep but when you get the timing they are rewarding. I'm blown away by all the modes and the killer wizard mode. I also really enjoy that it has midnight madness. If your not familiar look it up. The starting skill shot and choices in rewards adds to the depth. I don't understand how this game is rated at bottom of top 100 unless. Lots to shoot at as well. This game to me has it all as far as nostalgia and gameplay. There's a reason this sees alot of PAPA play.
There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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