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Game design: 7.803

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Other Aspects: 7.975

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Found 93 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 93 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Diner brings together solid art, hilarious callouts, and decent gameplay for a standout System 11 game. It's definitely a looker for sure! The artwork is top notch, and the addition of the springy, moving characters in the backbox as well as the jackpot clock take the overall package to the next level. Gauging your skill shot with the mini jukebox is such an awesome, well thought out touch. The cup shot is unique & fun in an attempt to get maximum value from it. Criss-cross ramps are signature Mark Ritchie design. The different character callouts really put the icing on the cake & will have you chuckling in no time.
7 years ago
Played Diner and loved it. The Theme is pretty cool, you have to hit certain targets based on your customer's desires. The whole playfield looks awesome and they game plays pretty fluently.
7 years ago
I'm a Diner owner, so I may be a bit biased. Classic style pin: drop targets, skill shot, 3 bumpers, and multiball. Love the cup shot and the options and pressure during Dine Time. Wish it had 3 ball multiball and a bit more rules, but I find myself still enjoying every game after owning for nearly a year.
7 years ago
I really love the look of this machine but the play does not do much for me. I really want this one to play well based on how I like the look but it lets me down. Still Ok but I doubt it will stay in my collection long term.
8 years ago
I had a really nice example of this game and I liked it, but I just could not get over the two ball multiball.
8 years ago
Overall fun game. Wouldnt want it to be my only pin tho
8 years ago
I purchased Diner for the look. What a different theme and unique. Game is such a great looking game with new ramps and plastics and LED's. Its fun like taxi. Not deep rules for the pro but for fun casual its great. I am a Shadow, TZ, MM, AFM player but I love having this in my collection. Those System 11 games cannot be beat for their themes before things got to Movie Licensing Driven.

Sitting next to Taxi it looks great. For the hard core player this may not be their bag but for a pinball collector who appreciates and nice looking game and theme and for the casual player this game cannot be beat.
8 years ago
A nice solid game for it's ago... almost a keeper for me, but not quite! (I think the artwork and theme put me off just a bit too much for the gameplay to compensate for it).
8 years ago
This is a really fun pin! Serving the customers makes for a great goal and "the rush" multiball adds a good challenge. The skill shot for the jukebox is a fun way to start the game. The customers complaining for their order crakes me up. Makes me want to go get a malt!
8 years ago
The playfield and a couple of shots are similar to Taxi but I don't really think they are all that much alike as I have heard from so many. Had them side by side in the collection for a little while...Diner is by far the better looking game (one of the best looking games ever) but Taxi mops up in gameplay. All in all a good game that holds it's own but it's a B list game even by System 11 standards. Currently sits at #74 in the rankings and I think that's pretty much the perfect place for it.
8 years ago
A good solid game - lots of fun, plenty to shoot for and easy ruleset to understand.
8 years ago
This game just fails man & the annoying waitress? Lame!
8 years ago
A fun & lightweight theme, and quite an easy pin to master, just keep shooting up the left hand Cash Register ramp to light the extra ball, and then keep shooting it again to boost up the Dine Time jackpot. Knock down the two sets of drop targets to serve all the 5 impatient customers their meals, and then go for the Dine Time jackpot at the top saucer for big big points!
Two more great shots are shooting a fast ball up the right ramp into the big perspex bowl at the back to "Stir The Cup" the harder you shoot, the ball spins faster round the cup, the more points you score, also wacking the spinner hard with 3000 points per spin lit up then watching that score go up fast on the alphanumeric display.
The backglass on this pin is a clever design with models of the five characters that you have to serve, plus the cook jiggling around on little springs as you play the game. There is also a clock at the top of the backglass with a mechanical hour hand that rotates to show how many millions there are in the Dine Time jackpot.
A strange thing on this one is there is just a two ball multiball available when three balls are needed to run the game.
The music during the game can get on your nerves a bit, just like on Fish Tales or Monopoly, and the little jingle on the skill shot will become tiresome after a while. The comments and complaints from the impatient customers can grate a bit, especially "Babs" (who is based on our UK's beloved Mrs Thatcher), otherwise this is a great game to play.
Watch out for any insert wear, and bubbling mylar on the playfield. Some examples have a Diamondcoat playfield and are worth more than the more normal version.
9 years ago
It's kind of like Taxi, only harder (BONG sealclubber!) I love the very unique and akward theme for a pin and the peopl yelling at you for there order is priceless! It reminds me of my job in the grocery business.
9 years ago
This game reminded me a lot like Taxi, only easier. I like the artwork on this. Fast game. Flows well. Game would drain SDTM if the ball rolled slowly down the right orbit. If you like Taxi you will like this game.
10 years ago
A pretty fun game. Not my favorite theme, but it holds up well against other machines of that era.
11 years ago
Great game and the best System 11 ever!
Fun theme, good artwork, fast game play, cool toys, and the best back glass Ive seen. I do wish, at times, that it had 3 ball multiball.
Perfect game for your dining room!
15 years ago
A classic theme that is loved by many ol' timers.
There are 93 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 4.

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