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Game design: 7.807

Artwork: 8.159

Sounds/Music: 7.087

Other Aspects: 7.973

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Found 93 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 93 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
A good system 11 game with a beautiful art package and pretty good sound. The gameplay is fun but it doesn't hold its appeal that long.
3 years ago
I consider this one of the best System 11 games, along with Taxi and Whirlwind. It's got great flow and the cash register shot just feels so good. It's nice that you can build up your jackpot and decide when to take it. ORDER UP!!
3 years ago
A good game, with obvious look and feel and rules similarities to Taxi. I much prefer Taxi myself. I like how the right loop snakes up to a saucer, it reminds me of Embryon.

Serve customers, get multiball, shoot rush, loop the left ramp over and over, cash in your cup bonus (or don't... and DINER stays lit for multiball which is kind of neat). It's fun, but nothing mind blowing.
4 years ago
Great classic Williams pin. Simple, surprisingly addictive, and reflective of the best of the system 11 classics. This seems to be a pin everyone remembers, and loves to play. A great addition to any line up.
4 years ago
played it in the early 90's ,havnt play one since...its just o.k.. if u have a cafe it would b sweet to have, i dnt like the clutter up on the playfield cant see the ball good, not that fun to me i will pass on playing it,not a keeper
4 years ago
Good game but not great
4 years ago
I'm a big fan of Taxi and Diner is very similar. It's definitly a great looking machine that will attract anyone, young and old. It's true the upper playfield is crowded and I wish I could see more the E-A-T lane but the display right above is a neat idea to solve the problem.

It can be punishing when playing fast as you know that you are leaving tons of points on the field. This is the mark of a great pinball coming back to it. Not super deep but still a few things to do and a cool ball locking mecanism and multi-ball get can though imo. The skill shot is repetitive and not super rewarding as in Taxi or other games.
4 years ago
“[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium] Oh, I really wanted to like this one better. I love the concept and from an artwork perspective, it works. But playing this was next to impossible: between the blur of red, red, red, and more red, under white... and hidden / obstructed targets, inserts, and other toys... I really did not have much fun at all. Plus the music just doesn't sound good even for its time, but I admire the attempt. The clock and patron animations are neat. It's very creative and I appreciate what they were going for, I just wish I had fun playing it. Probably my biggest disappointment to date.(Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)
4 years ago
The most outstanding detail about this pinball is the nice artwork on the back glass and field. Certainly one of the better looking machines.
The bonus is a 2% or 3%,... whatever tip. That's a cool idea. The overall game play was good but not great. Flow was so-so, too much of the upper field covered by stuff which makes it hard to follow the ball.
Overall a pretty good machine that looks better than it plays.
4 years ago
I love this era of Williams and Bally pins and games such as Taxi are amongst my favorites but this game just doesn't click for me. It never feels like it all comes together as it should.
5 years ago
Another disappointment for me. Any game that is in the Top 100, I expect it to be fun to play. Yet this is another one to is just kind of ho-hum. First of, it is a very lame theme for a pin (just like Who Dunnit). Secondly, the ball flow and game action is pretty limp. Uinteresting theme, un-interesting gameplay, un-interesting gameplay.
5 years ago
This game is spectacular to look at great use of the theme i really do love playing it, i have a soft spot for system 11 games and i would love to own this one day. Update 2017 my local arcade now has this machine on site there is a god, put loads of games on it never got bored just shed loads of fun between this and funhouse are my two fave pins and i now have access to them every weekend along with 8 other machines.
5 years ago
hawkmoon says i have this machine and its realy fun! the sound can be rough but it shows what your made of! ive gotten to 20200000,so far
5 years ago
A sentimental favorite of mine. Love the sound of the ball spinning in the giant coffee cup. Loads of fun. I'm going to the best pinball museum in the United States later this month (better than Las Vegas!) and I will play Diner there!
5 years ago
fun game with reasonable and achievable rule set, cup shot is very satisfying, overall an excellent pin
5 years ago
Not a fan. Don't really dig the theme much at all. Dislike the art. That being said, ignoring the theme and art, there are some fun shots, but all in all there isn't anything about this game that would make me want to own one. It is mediocre.
5 years ago
This is a game I had been wanting for a long time, and I finally picked it up this year. Really enjoy the layout, the theme, and how hard the game can be.
5 years ago
Lots of people fuss about this one, but I just don't get it. Gameplay is ok, not great. It's a horrible theme, with mediocre artwork.
5 years ago
Expected a bit more but still fun to play.
5 years ago
I was very impressed with this game. I immediately noticed a lot of similarities between this game and Taxi. While they're both great games, I found this one to be the better playing game. There are lots of interesting shots and the game has great flow. The playfield layout is expertly designed and it features a wonderful risk/reward balance. The music is very catchy and couldn't fit the theme more perfectly. The call outs from the 5 customers get a little repetitive, but it's a small blemish on a great game. This is a great playing machine with an interesting and family friendly theme. Classic!
5 years ago
Finally acquired one after wanting one for so long, A big Mark Ritchie fan.
It optimizes the very best of System 11 machines, should be rated higher than Taxi.
5 years ago
This is a genuinely great game. The code is relatively simple, but engaging. I find the risk vs. reward strategy around the Dine-Time award very interesting. A couple of fun and challenging shots. A relatively intuitive game. I don't particularly love the Diner theme, but it's not offensive. The call-outs are somewhat repetitive and irritating. I would consider owning this game.
5 years ago
Classic and fun
5 years ago
Decent game, nothing fantastic about it but nothing truly bad.
6 years ago
It is a beautiful machine to look at..and play. Nice to have.
There are 93 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 4.

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