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This game received 220 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.790 /10


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This game ranks #99 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.767

Artwork: 8.14

Sounds/Music: 6.986

Other Aspects: 7.951

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Found 95 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 95 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
A real looker. For system 11 games this is a nice addition.
Strange I enjoy Rollergames more?
2nd tie buying Diner and I'm guessing I won't have it for to many years.
Shots are easy and callouts are fun yet repetitive.
If the playfield didn't look so darn nice I wouldn't have this in my collection.
10 months ago
I admit that I am a little biased since I have wanted this one for my basement for years. I still tried to be fair. I love the commentary from the characters in Diner.
11 months ago
A different type of game for sure. I really like the art work and the toys on the field especially the bowl.
11 months ago
This game could not be made today, due to some politically incorrect characters/customers. Hitting a great coffee cup shot when Diner is lit is one of the most satisfying experiences in pinball. Ball can get out of control in a hurry. I’m always craving root beer after a game.
1 year ago
Diner has a lot of nostalgia for me. It is such a unique theme...i love it. It is one of the best system 11 games.
1 year ago
This game serves up a dish of excitement!! Has a fun rule set with a great theme. Everyone in Jersey loves a great Diner!!! Makes you hunger for another game!!
1 year ago
Diner is a completely under-rated game.
Shots are challenging, theme is engaging and approachable.

People just live to play it!

It's just plain fun!
1 year ago
Great starter machine for any beginner because the rules are so simple - Five customers are waiting to be served, and you collect one at a time by knocking down six playfield targets. Along the way, you hit the ramps that boost the Dine Time value and initiate multiball for double scoring. Aside from random awards, and a coffee cup skill shot, that's about it. Great machine to have in the house, as it's family friendly and is fun for guests at parties.

Very similar in theme and rule set to another Williams game from Mark Ritchie, Taxi. I've loved both for years.
1 year ago
Call outs bug me and the theme is not very exciting. I like system 11's and wanted to like this game. Annoying game.
1 year ago
Added this one to the collection a couple of months ago, and for as highly rated rated as it is I guess I was expecting a lot. Sad to say, I'm a bit underwhelmed. It's not that I hate the game, it's just doesn't have any attributes that I really, really like. For starters, the theme doesn't grab me at all. When compared to the themes of Whirlwind, Earthshaker, and F-14, it's just not that cool. The major toy, the coffee cup is ok, but I dislike that you have to avoid that shot to improve your chance at getting multiball more than once. And speaking of multiball... only 2? Yawn! Then there's the callouts. Sure they are cheesy and non-PC (good traits, IMO), but after two games they get repetitive and annoying. Some people say this is a better version of Taxi. I disagree. Bottom line is I don't think this one is a keeper for me.
1 year ago
Fantastic 1990 machine. The theme, call outs, music ang game play are all FUN and family friendly.
1 year ago
Diner has one of the best layouts of any System 11 pin. It has a simple design but it is also a challenge if you dont have ball control skills. Every shot is dangerous and can lead to drains if you're not accurate. This pin features a nice variety of drop targets, a couple of ramps with a diverter, and a long spinner shot that orbits into rollover lanes. A saucer shot that require a ball hit off the very tip of the flipper is starting to become one of my favorite things in pinball. Flippers will need to be strong enough to get the most our of your ramp shots.

I think its ine of the better System 11 machines. It looks and plays great, but it's tougher than it appears. Game can be frustratingly brutal at times but satisfyingly fun when you do well.
1 year ago
Diner is a really, really fun game! The theme just works really well with the aspect of fulfilling the customers orders (Similar to picking up the passengers in Taxi). The art is fantastic and there are a good amount of shots and ramps in this game. There is a 2 ball multiball that is totally unforgiving - Reminds me of Pinbot where sometimes you get multiball and drain one (or both) almost instantly.

The ruleset isn't too deep, but there is enough going on that it holds your interest for a while. I love system 11 pins, and this is definitely one of my favorites.
2 years ago
One of my favorite sys 11 games. Some people might say "why would I want a pinball machine about a diner?" and I was the same way at first. Then I saw it. Williams did a really excellent job with the theme. It was definitely very well thought out. I personally am a fan of the sound effects on the sys 11 games like taxi and others, so I think the sound effects are pretty good. Same with the music. Definitely pretty catchy in my opinion. The callouts could get repetitive and annoying after a while. The game art is beautiful. The game design is well thought out too. Love the clock and springy heads in the backglass/translite. If you find one, go for it! It's a fun game with a great theme.
2 years ago
I absolutely love this table. I played one at an arcade auction and it was in near mint condition. It went for more money than I budgeted so it’s still on my wishlist. The art is simply beautiful and really well thought out. From the red and white checkered paint to the spring suspended characters on the back box. I also like the simple instructions of get this food to person x. It’s really engaging and the shots (though clear) are challenging. I also have four little boys that like to play pinball at the house and this is a completely safe themed machine without any worries of half dressed female artwork. Great game all around.
2 years ago
Hard as they come from the era, but also one of the funnest. Love the ramp setup in this game and wish more games were made with this sorta layout. Gives me joyous flashbacks of games like APB and Toobin when it comes to sounds and music and that is a huge plus in my book. Overall a hard to find game that is worth searching for...
2 years ago
another classic game. So many compare it to taxi and think taxi is better. Taxi is great playing game but ugly. This one is as good as taxi but a better looking game
2 years ago
A great theme & the machine certainly has presence not the least that the theme is in tune with the pinball heydays. A great player & certainly a keeper for me.
3 years ago
Diner is the first pin I bought. I'll admit, it wasn't on my short list but it came up in my area at a good price in great condition so I went for it. It quickly grew on me though - the music is a little goofy but still catchy, fun, and true to the theme. The two ramp shots are satisfying and reward accuracy. I find the right a bit harder to hit consistently than the left. Also, the way the ramp shots cross over each other is unique and neat to see.

My only gripes would be the multiball and the cup shot. I wish there was more than 1 MB or an option to make it 3 ball. On the cup, it's an awesome and rewarding shot to make with good sounds and lights. But, once I realized I could pass on the cup to light lock again without spelling DINER, I don't go for the cup as much.

All in all, its a great game with some neat quirks. I'm a fairly new player so it took me several months to get through everything in the game. Still, it is not an easy game - balls can be brutal coming out of the pop bumpers, off the drops, or on a missed ramp shot. It definitely improved my accuracy and technique. I know I won't have this game in my collection forever but I would still recommend it to any level player and it will hold a special place for me as my first pin.
3 years ago
Love this game!

In my opinion probably the most beautiful pin out there. Simple but also stretches out a little to give you extra goals and shots. Really fun and a nice break from the more serious pins.
3 years ago
I once owned a Diner, and I regret having parted with it, because it was a great, albeit simple by current standards, original theme game. There's a schtick that's sort of like a series of modes, where you serve up different customers (although there are a few moderately un-PC snippets, to modern ears) and a simple multiball. Ramp shots and a cup of coffee, with a clock on the backglass (which if working adds a lot to the appeal). One of the fine machines in a very good Williams era.
3 years ago
Things I like best about the game are the well integrated theme, the backglass art and the stir the cup shot, which is a fun one! Oh and tip bonus is very cool. Things i like least about the game are the hard to see upper playfield, the skill shot (too easy), and the callouts get annoying. I like the rest of the sound package.

As for the great Diner vs Taxi debate, I definitely like Taxi better. The skill shot is better, the characters are more fun, the jackpot and million shots are more challenging and the Flashing Taxi sign and bell ringing are just awesome. Taxi just gets my blood pumping more too.

Overall, a fun game with a decent amount of appeal, but not quite exciting, charming or challenging enough to be a long term keeper for me. I'll give it more time to see if it grows on me though!
3 years ago
Diner was my first SS game and it continues to be one of my favorite games. Mr. Ritchie took an unusual theme (for a pinball) and really turned it into a masterpiece of design and theme integration. The individual tasks are all integrated into each other so you’re working on them simultaneously: Serving the customers to go for dine time, hitting the left ramp repeatedly to activate extra ball and increasing the dine time bonus, hitting the right ramp to activate the ball lock (the left ramp rises to expose the ball lock) and, and, and the CUP SHOT – watching the ball spin around at high speed and the cup bonus going up over 2.5 Mio. – well, as some have said, maybe the most satisfying shot in pinball. Now some folks say you should avoid the cup shot and keep going for multiball over and over – it’s a valid point as multiball can be very lucrative – but it is pretty hard to hit the spinner and the sink hole, then start nailing the ramps – so risk vs. reward – players choice. Diner has the pop bumpers in front of the lanes and a lot of space around them so there is a lot of ball action. The skill shot on Diner is rather easy, once you figure out how to time your plunge you can get the max almost every time – but hey, I don’t mind the points.
3 years ago
Game rules somewhat similar to Taxi. I do think this is a beautiful pin. Another great run of system 11 pins.
3 years ago
Diner is a beautiful System 11 masterpiece. The animated backglass is perfect. The skill shot into the jukebox is a joy. The left bank of drop targets are challenging and must be hit to progress the game. The gobble hole is a nice one in a tight spot. The goals are very clear. The play is exciting and speedy. The multiball lock is ingenious. Only two ball multiball, but that's all it needs. And finally, the "stir the cup" shot is magnificent, definitely a top 10 shot in all of pinball history. My only gripe is I wish there was more music and the callouts can get annoying. However, the sound roms were limited in 1990, so I can't gripe much about that. The sound that is there fits and still has some classic early SS sound to it as well which makes it feel even more like a classic. As it says on the backglass, it's "A Classic Williams Pinball".
There are 95 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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