Dialed In

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Game Design: 8.796

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Other Aspects: 8.343

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Found 287 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
To me, this is the ultimate Pin, especially considering how turned off I am with the theme.... but other than that it has everything. Lots of great shots, and great flow and an all around fun game to play. I only played a couple of games on it, and the only negative comment (besides theme) which is a little nit-picky is that it seemed to allow for very long ball times... though I might have been having just one of those games, since I did end up with a high score and I am an uber amateur.

3 years ago
I'm one of the tiny 'rogue' faction who just can't get into DI. I pre-ordered mine last year and took delivery in Feb this year. First off I really enjoyed Pat Lawlor's essential design and playfield work, there's no doubting it. However, I really quickly started to hate the sounds, dorky callouts, and struggled to deal with theme itself. There were times when I wanted to pound the glass with my fist, the callouts got on my nerves so bad. On sold the machine in May.
3 years ago
I recently had the opportunity to play Dialed In on location. I always passed it by at TPF, usually because I did not want to stand in line for a pin that I had no budget for and was not planning on buying.

My first game let me play for a little bit and did not drain the ball as soon as it left the shooter lane. So, I put in more coin for another round and had a better game. So, I put in more coin and had another enjoyable game. Then I went over to TNA and played a couple of games. And then back to DI one more time.

I like it. If I ever win the lottery I would consider owning one.

It is a fair game for a rookie. I like the back glass. Sine it was on location the sounds was turned down and it was sandwiched between the other pin I cannot make opinions on the other aspects of the game.

It is a nice pin to play.
3 years ago
Perfect game from Mr Pat Lawlor!
But very hard to finish!
3 years ago
Fantastic game that makes me smile from ear to ear when I play it. Much more challenging than I had anticipated but it’s a very fair machine. I’ve heard of people having unfair drains from the theater but I have never experienced one. You can left ramp, right ramp, theater shot, side ramp combo this thing for days and it’s incredible how smooth it is. If you’re a flow person, this is the game for you. Code is great with more updates on the horizon. This is my first JJP machine and am very impressed with the fit and finish. Might be the best pinball machine I’ve ever played in 40 years. We’ll see, I’m still in the honeymoon phase.

Edit: This game is still incredible. Not as fun as DP (what is?) or as intense as GOT (what is?). It’s had a good 1.5 year run at my house. Still the best light show in the biz.

Edit: I did end up selling this, it was time, but it’s still one of the best ever.
3 years ago
Love playing this machine. I spend hours at the local arcade playing.
3 years ago
Smoothest shots on any game I've ever played. The game isn't about cell phones it's actually a disaster theme. It's Lawler going back to his roots. It's the third installment in his disaster series which features references to Earthshaker and Whirlwind. Whirlwind is one of my favorite pins, therefore theme is A+ for me. The phone is only used as a tool to receive calls informing the player when a disaster is occurring. I own TAF, TZ, WW and I have to say that this game is head and shoulders above all of them. Not as good a theme as TAF or TZ, but smoother, deeper, and more fun. Overall, most impressive and fun pin to date.
3 years ago
A great and fun pin! Shots and flow are excellent! Modes and achievements well presented. Good use of newer tech and innovation add to a well designed machine.
3 years ago
I'm glad I've had the chance to wait for the code to mature and get plenty of play time in on this one. I'll admit I was a little unsure of a theme centered around a cell phone and a Sim City look alike. But wow, this game is just so much fun to play and the little details in animations, rules, lighting effects, sounds, etc. It really is an all-around amazing game that is really deep with some very original new ideas integrated into it (ie. the camera and bluetooth capabilities.) The fact they incorporated so many little throwbacks to games of past is really cool too. This is game is absolutely solid in both construction and game design.
3 years ago
Love it, TZ on steroids!
3 years ago
This is just an amazing playing game with fantastic lighting, beautiful artwork, amazing audio, and it's just plain FUN.
Originally I didn't like the theme but now that i've played it a lot I actually like the theme. It's not just about phones and emojis and crap. It's about disasters in a modern city.
3 years ago
Pretty good but didn’t really have that one more game appeal. Rules and what to shoot for can be confusing especially for newer players on location. A couple of difficult shots make for a often frustrating experience. Good effort from JJP though and preferred over the Hobbit. Rules could be improved with updates I’m sure.
3 years ago
Played about 5 games, liked it, didn't love it. I love the JJP cabinets vs sterns. Fun game
3 years ago
what a marvellous pinball machine ! a real pat lawlor treasure .... the ball is very smoothie, the art work is original and the lights arre great ....very addictive machine one of the best I never play congrtulation J J P : Home Run Jack ! very close to the the Perfection
3 years ago
I'm writing this rating after two weeks of owning the game and over 100 games. I'll update as time goes on if my feelings change.

Summary: Fantastic game. Everything about this game shines from the theme to the toys to the layout to the overall fun factor. One of the best pins out there.

Layout: The layout is very well thought out, with a lot of flow. This pin, however, favors those with a high level of shot accuracy. I'm just average which can make some of the tighter shots, like the right ramp, tough and interrupt the flow. But there is so much to shoot for, and when you are in the groove, hitting your shots, it is a great feeling.

Rules: I'm reviewing this on code version 1.52, and the code feels complete. I understand that there is an update coming to add some more animations and another MB, which is great. This is a mode based game. You can stack some things, but there doesn't seem to be any strategy or reward for stacking. The modes are very well done, and the ones that are available are random at the start of each game, so every game feels a bit different. The two most important things in the game are (1) completing a mode, and (2) collecting a sim card. As for completing the modes, some are quite tough, while others are easier. Again, this game very much favors those with good shot accuracy. Those who suffer in that department might get frustrated in their inability to advance. I'm average and can find modes that I can readily compete. For the others, I try to light Big Bang before I start them. This one shot is very satisfying and allows you to complete a mode with one hit, so it is useful for the harder ones. As to the sim card shot, this is lit upon completing a mode and gives you a mode point multiplier for the remainder of the game. It is a very hard shot. While people complain that it is nearly impossible to make on purpose, you can exercise strategies to get it, like starting a MB when it is lit or trying to bounce the ball off of a target to get in. Overall, it can get kind of frustrating to try for this shot and not get it. On the other hand, it is so powerful in terms of points, that you don't want it to be easy, and when you do get it, you feel elated.

Toys: This game has some of the best toys. The moving statue is enormously fun to hit, and it can change what shots are available to hit as it moves back and forth. There are also 5 magnets in the game that are used very well during certain modes, like EMP and some of the multiballs. There is also the theater shot, the physical ball lock, the drones, the camera, the phone, etc. The one criticsm I have is the diverter. I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is. I know in some modes, you are supposed to hit the ball to the diverter and then try to nudge it through the hole in the upper playfield and into the pops. I find this nearly impossible, but perhaps I'm doing something wrong. It is used well in one of the MB's where you try to sneak your ball past the arm that is raising and lowering.

Artwork: Really great. The pin looks beautiful. I love the design of the playfield, cabinet and backglass.

Theme: I know some are not into the theme and view it as a game about a cell phone. It is not. It is a game about a city and natural disasters. As you play, a newscast narrates the story in the background as to what is happening in the city, and this is done exceedingly well. My one criticism is that I wish I knew whether I was trying to save or destroy the city. I think I've come to terms with the story being about a dimwitted guy who accidentally gets an experimental cell phone, starts opening apps, which leads to natural disasters, and then plays the apps which can either destroy or save the city. I wouldn't mind a bit more explanation, but it is what it is, and it is fun. There is also a certain amount of cheesiness, but this is part of the fun and gives the pin a feeling of some of the older 80's and 90's pins only far more polished.

Sounds: The music is good and fits in with the newscast theme, but can get repetitive. The call outs and voice acting is top notch.

Lighting: Another JJP home run. Very good RGB lighting.

Fun: This is one of the most fun pins I've played. It keeps everything light hearted, but at the same time, there is a level of intensity to it to complete the modes. I keep wanting to play one more game.

Conclusion: Another home run for JJP. The care and attention they put into their pins is amazing. The quality is outstanding, and the playability is top notch.
3 years ago
Great effort by JJP and especially Pat Lawlor. The game plays fast and smooth, the backglass animations are interesting enough to keep your attention while not distracting from the gameplay, and the game is packed with stuff to do. The price makes it difficult for me to consider buying, but I play it every time I see it in the wild.
3 years ago
Overall a very good game. Has some very neat features like selfi and drones. Plays very well but I think the newness factor might ware off after a bit of playing. Still out of all the new games out there this one is the best one.

I wish the price wasn't so high.
3 years ago
So many shots that are both smooth and challenging, great rules and light show and very fun rules and theme. My main complaint is the side ramp is hard to hit consistently. I love the Big Bang shot, SIM card shot and the return of subways are much appreciated, I love the magnets and the holograms. Almost hard to find a fault with this pin except that I need to Play Better!
3 years ago
This game has it all: Applies the latest technology to a great layout and flow with a very good rule set. Challenging with a lot of satisfying shots. Definitely keeps you coming back for more.
This game looks great and has a quirky retro futuristic theme with tongue in cheek humor that pays homage to some past Lawlor games. It’s nice to have an original theme vs another license.

There are a good mix of easy to tough shots, with the roving EMP targets, the 5 magnets and the unpredictabilty of the Theatre Magnet to help to keep each game different from the next.
The SIM shot is tough and takes a bit of luck but is very satisfying. The Big Bang, virtual Theater and Side ramp shots are also great. Excellent ball lock in the subway ramp that is similar to LOTR that manages to keep the flow going.
The scoring is a bit weighted to the modes, you can have a lot of flow and multiball jackpots but the modes, Sim Card and Big Bang are what deliver the scoring.
Biggest issue I have is the randomness of the magnets on the EMP mode where you can get a drain on a good game. But there are many game adjustments that can be made to suit your liking.

The 1.56 Code Update is fantastic...the addition of Quantum Theatre Multiball adds to the rules depth and strategy. Scoring changes and QTMB make the use Under Attack Multiball much more valued.

1.73 Code update corrected the lag on the phone.
Also the Emoji Mode (as of 1.63?) is now fun as you completing it rewards you with a beautiful Wonkaesque colored light show.
3 years ago
Purchased the LE, very surprised at how much DI has grown on me as it has become on of my all time favorites.
3 years ago
Good game feels like big buck hunter never a good photo of player which is hilarious in selfie mode lots of flow just would have kept interest if the energy in the sound was there
3 years ago
Wacky theme but very well done - some very clever and modern features and modes - selfie, emoji, etc. The layout and shots are good and the sound package is very good and really helps tie it together.

Not that simple for a beginner to get the hang of, although the game does have some good instructional call outs.

Overall a very good game, even if the theme does not grab you - still quite fun and entertaining. I have noticed though that after the novelty has worn off, it does not get tons of action at our club location. It does not have as much "one more game" appeal as some others. The game is fairly long playing once you get the hang of it.
3 years ago
Has all aspects you would want from a great pin....
3 years ago
Just recently got a Dialed In LE and we love it. The originally theme is fun, maybe a tad cheesey but it fits modern times. It’s a blast to play
3 years ago
I had a chance to play this at Zapcon for awhile. I wasnt a fan of the playflield layout with that guy that moved back and forth and I felt like I never used the top left part of the machine. With that said I do enjoy what Jersey Jack is doing to step up the pinball game and the game really is eye catching.
There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 12.

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