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Game Design: 8.801

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Other Aspects: 8.345

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Found 287 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
With most of my ratings I give a little bit of my background with a game for context. I have a friend with an absolutely amazing collection I met very early in my interest in pinball. The first time I walked into his basement I was so overwhelmed when he ask me what I wanted to play that I said, "What's your favorite?" He took me over gestured toward DI. The art package is still a big deal to me to this day, but back then it was everything (because I was a total nOOb). When he loaded up two games I thought, "wow....out of all these games this is your favorite." We played a few games and I wasn't impressed.

I'm not sure when my opinion started to change with DI, but I know every time I played it after that initial flip the more I like it. It especially helped when another friend with a DI walked me through the game play. Yes the art is lame, but I think the layout is right up there with Lawlor's other greats, TAF and TZ. I think if it had a popular theme (like um...WW), it would definitely be considered one of Lawlor's greatest achievements. It's always fun to shoot, and even better when you snag a couple sim cards. Props to my buddy who is wiser that I because he was right to say it was one of his favorite games to shoot.
2 years ago
A newcomer to the collection but clearly JJP's finest offering to date. Fun shots, engaging rules, theme that makes sense once you get engrossed in the game. Lawlor delivers another great one.
2 years ago
I played this as my first JJ game and loved it. Every game was so much fun. The camera is too cool and the call outs were great. Didn't get that deep but this is on my bucket list to own.
2 years ago
I wasn't expecting much when I played Dialed In and I was pleasantly surprised. Amazing shots, stunning LCD, varied modes, lights, music and tonnes of toys. The art and theme are the weak points but I don't think all the complaining is really worth it. I'd own a Dialed In and I'm very picky on the games I'd own.
2 years ago
I found this game to be fun but for some reason it didn't hit home like it has with a lot of other members here. I felt like the playfield was a bit cluttered with very little room to see the shots I was making (the gameroom I was in may have had something to do with that). I look forward to giving this game several more tries and will update my ratings, but overall it didn't interest me to continue playing it when I readily had the chance my first time to keep going.
2 years ago
Pretty much everything you can fit in a machine. And from my favorite designer! Replay value is high and new discoveries around every corner. Wish it was easier to track one down
2 years ago
very fun. Love the cell phone and the holograph. Cool toys.
2 years ago
Dialed In has consistently taken my quarters, left me wanting more and now finally I'm an LE owner. Yes its expensive but the quality, game play, tech, and the overall experience is second to none.

I LOVE the original theme: Science Fiction / Disaster / Tech. But its not really completely original - DI also incorporates many playfield design, sound and art work elements that pay homage to many of Lawlor's best-ever previous games. So its a Tour de Force of the Best of Pinball from Pat Lawlor, and I personally love it!

Looking at all of the reviews previous to this one, about 80% have some critical comment about the theme. For me, the theme is one of the best ever: I love science fiction/disaster in general as a theme ideology. The use of the cell phone here is perfect - running Apps on the phone to play game modes and adding SIM cards to "upgrade" is simply brilliant.

DI impresses me in many ways but what really blows me away is the playfield design, the lighting and the game tech. Pat did a truly amazing job on the layout and game physics here. It just plays so bloody well - so smooth yet dynamic and fast. This table never robs energy from the playing experience. It flows and builds as you go, and it can be insanely fast, often unpredictable, and always stunningly beautiful with an amazing light show.

Speaking about lighting, DI impresses me like no other. Its dynamic, brilliant, fast and immersive. The playfield and GI lighting is SO good there's simply nothing I'd do to change it.

With the phone and Theater LCD's, DI has a lot going on! They've both been continuously updated and are always displaying important information about whats going on. Now, ALL of the characters are animated which is pretty cool. The animations of the phone, Theater and main screen are high definition, movie-like and are far and away absolutely the best you'll see in pinball today. The city scene on the 27" LCD is an amazing piece of tech that adds a whole extra layer. Each element of the city is rendered as an individually controllable object, with camera choreography tied to game play. There's an incredible amount happening on the LCD for sure. Its a game changing piece of tech, adding a massive layer of immersion to the game. Obviously, you won't be able to keep your eye on the main LCD all the time, but I do find it easy enough to glance up enough to appreciate what's happening there and for onlookers, its quite a show!

Critiques: I think the SIM card shot could have been executed better. I'm finding it VERY hard to make on demand, with the ball going into the SIM card hole more often by accident than by design. Perhaps the SIM card shot plays well with no added physical protection to the hole, but now all new games ship with Cliffys on both SIM card and phone holes (nice touch!). And I think the back glass edges around the LCD should have been lit from the factory. I did add the LerMods light kit to that, which definitely improved the look.

In summary, DI was a "love at first sight" pinball machine. For me, the theme was perfectly chosen and perfectly incorporated. Its a Master Class machine that certainly will go down as one of the greatest designs in pinball. My hat is off to Pat Lawlor, and JJP for bringing this level of excellence to market.

Edit June '19: With just over 1000 plays now on my DI, I can honestly say it just gets better and better. So SO deep, challenging and dynamic. It is - without any doubt - the finest pinball experience I've ever had.
2 years ago
Really a great game, very beautiful artwork, the game lighting is just awesome ! It's really fun to play, many things to do... thanks JJP for this pin ! for a long time at home !!
2 years ago
Fun game with nice flow. I actually like the theme, it makes the game interesting and the animations are fitting for the original theme. Modes are great and can be extremely challenging. Only thing I am not a fan of is the feel of the flippers. Just something about jjp flippers feels “off” to me. Still a great game and only moved on due to space. I have a feeling it will rotate back in because I really do like this one. Don’t let theme hold you back, it’s a great game.
2 years ago
If you can look beyond the theme and artwork, this is a solid pin. Shoots great and lots of fun.
2 years ago
Pat Lawlor took some of the best features and concepts from his past designs and created one of the best pinball machines ever made with Dialed In.

Simply put, Dialed In is one of the best shooting pinball machines you will ever play. Any game can have buttery smooth ramps and orbits by placing two standard ramps and orbits in a game. Pat Lawlor took those concepts to the next level with Dialed In and incorporated a lot of unique shots and ways for the ball to be diverted.

While Dialed In is JJP's first and currently only standard body game I would say it's as equally of a feature packed game as JJP's widebody games. The toys and features in the game are excellent and include multiple moving mechanisms from the QED roving electric worker, to the robot mechanic that features a moving arm to divert the ball onto a basic upper mini playfield. The game also features 5 magnets for some of the best magnetic effects in all of pinball. The rotating drone toys are also a nice touch as is the large physical ball lock. There's also a large theater toy that contains in my opinion the best use of a "peppers ghost" effect in pinball. Oh, there's also a trap door feature, kick back, camera for high scores, and more. The game is loaded with toys and features!

Rules wise Dialed In is a very deep but also approachable game. You start modes by hitting the standup target on the QED toy X number of times. Hit the target more and you will increase your scoring during one of 11 disaster modes, this adds a very nice risk reward element to the game. Starting 6 disaster modes will unlock one of the games wizard modes. Things don't stop there though as there's also the SIM Card feature which is lit when disaster modes are completed. Collecting SIM cards is done by hitting the challenging but makeable shot to next to the side ramp (set upper right flipper power to “14” to make shot easier). The SIM card feature creates a reward element to each mode in similar to the “Gift from the Elves” rewards system in Lord of the Rings. Collecting enough SIM cards to spell “Dialed In” will result in the player starting the games super wizard mode. I could honestly write another 5 paragraphs about how deep and fun the code in Dialed In is.

Dialed In sometimes gets knocked for its theme which I’ve never understood. Is the game about cell phones? Not really, it’s about playing through Disaster Modes and uses a cleverly designed cell phone toy to display video calls from people within Quantum City as well as mode information. What I love about the theme of Dialed In is everything is original from the animations, to the audio is custom made and as a owner I feel that adds much more value than incorporating video clips. Pat Lawlor didn’t just create a pinball machine with Dialed In, he created an entire world which is incorporated extremely well throughout the game.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my review Pat Lawlor took some of the best features and concepts from his past designs and used them in Dialed In. The scoop shot to the cell phone may remind you of the slot machine shot in Twilight Zone, the use of the magnets will remind you of Addams Family, and the roving insert targets coming towards the player during the games main multiball mode are similar to those from the Pinball 2000 prototype game “Wizard Blocks”.

Overall Dialed In is a game that will stand up to the test of time and keep you coming back for years to come.
2 years ago
Dialed In is Pat Lawlor's Opus in pinball...a true masterpiece if you like his disaster themes.
2 years ago
The game is a lot of fun, the lighting is great and the goals are clear. They’re some of the smoothest ramps in a game, and the camera integration proves to be a great original idea that newcomers get a kick out of. There are few disjointed parts with the theme, though, that I don’t quite understand...i.e., why is there a spider on a ramp/how does he fit into the game. The animations continue to improve with coding updates at this time. Overall, it’s a recommended game!
2 years ago
Great game with so much packed in. Pat Lawlor's return to pinball is a amazing shooter with lots of flow. It's also got a ton of toys including 5 magnets that do amazing things with the ball. Another disaster themed machine that feels like it brings pinball into the 21st century.
2 years ago
Under rated all time classic. Classic Pat Lawlor parfait of disaster theme pinball with great flow, FUN and a seemingly infinitely variable light and sound package that can get the heart pumping (those singing 3 or more stacked modes are perfectly infrequent).

The pinside echo chamber of cell phone hate and SIM card difficulty (to me, even this is a nod by Pat to the history of pinball by incorporating a bit of luck into the game) has put this down on the list but don’t kid yourself. Dialed In is the real deal. A gift to Pinball and those in the know.
2 years ago
Love the game, but still struggle to understand the ruleset. I've played it a number of times now and still find myself shooting simply for flashy lights. Would love to this at home, seems to have plenty of last ability.
2 years ago
Loved it the first 50 games, then it just became meh.
2 years ago
Crazy good game.
My best seller in 2018.
Pat Lawlor did a great game. This game is in my game room front of my Safe Cracker :-)

Thanks for your work Pat.
2 years ago
This one had to grow on me. After two weeks, it totally opened up. Working for Armageddon and Showdown is fun, but the game doesn’t lose its fun factor even after you have finished it.
2 years ago
TWD gone, i needed another pin with a (complete) good code, and than i'll go for DI... of course i know already lots about this pin, i'm a (tournament) player, and i'm studying a pinball before buying & have it home... its my 1st JJP, and i have absolutly no regret ! after 1 month home, the feeling & pleasure is perfectly as i was waiting, the pin plays very smoothly (Pat L. touch at his best !?), its the "combo fiesta" if you just want to play as it, few "stop & go" as needeed, well all in all a perfect combinaison about the gameplay... the code is than complete & well balanced, deep/tacticaly enough for good players, and directly fun for beginers, in a "classical" style (main line is : enable the scoop, shoot it to began a mode, try to finish it, and next one), with more than enough others funny little things all around (for ex. pinball attack you in MB, hard to cradle than, and the magnets are sometimes really bitch*ng you even more than in TAF (lol)... the overall pinball build feel solid... and finally the theme : i know some didnt like it, i know it may feels strange at first (i was also asking myself), but... once you're in, the story line is easy to understand/follow, and its doing perfectly the job ! ... the only small bad point of DI is the timing of some samples voices : sometimes few are stacked & playing in the same time (and also we heard to often Mandy saying : "shoot this" or "shoot that", as when you have the pin home, and playing it for some time, you know already what to shoot for ;) ... in conclusion, i like all era pins, for just what they have to propose considering the time-line technology (deep ones, and simple ones), but right now, i think DI is the best pinball i have had in my hands ;)
2 years ago
Another great game from JJP. No licence in this game, so you need a great gameplay to attract player and this is the case for DI. There's a lot of things to do in this game. The theme may not be for everybody, but the more you'll play the more you'll fell in love. Game code is deep, ball flow is really good. Lot of cool features: Camera, Magnets, The moving guy you need to hit to charge the phone. Collecting sim card is a big challenge. Not the fastest game you'll play but it doesn't remove the fun part. Some modes are funny, I like the way the camera is used. Even at the end of the game it takes a picture of you for the high scores. Playfield is beautiful.
Congrats Jersey Jack!!
2 years ago
Wow does this machine have a lot going on. I played for over an hour and still found new things. The cell phone is a nice toy as is the heads up display in the center of the playfield.
2 years ago
This is almost a perfect pinball machine, for me a 9.9! Extremely good flow, well balanced missions, very well done overall experience. Only thing that would make the game even more fun to play would be more humorous callouts and animations - this was even better achieved in a predecessor of this pin: Red and Ted's Roadshow.
2 years ago
I've waited quite awhile to rate this game, but after playing it a lot over the last several months, I think it's time to say just how spectacular I think this game is!! Like most, when I first heard of the title and theme, I was pretty dumbfounded, but all that melts away once you get immersed in what is actually a very clever and original story playing out on an extremely well designed playfield. Seldom , if ever, has a game combined smooth flow with the need for precise shot making, definitely one of Lawlor's best!! My favorite shot in all of pinball might just be the Big Bang, very satisfying, especially when you are trying to complete a disaster, and the payoff in sound and light show is fantastic.

This game has that come back an play me again factor in spades, can't walk near one without wanted to play!!
There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 12.

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