Dialed In

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Game Design: 8.801

Artwork: 8.168

Sounds/Music: 8.119

Other Aspects: 8.345

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Found 287 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Played one just recently and wow what a great machine, fun fast with awesome shots and heaps to do is quite deep as well
1 year ago
my favorite games
1 year ago
It’s a toss up between DI and Wonka for me. The goofball theme of this game adds an element of variation to any size of collection. Yeah everyone needs an Iron Maiden or Metallica to check the fast butt kicker box. Maybe a Hobbit to add an accurate shooter. But no other game I’ve played has quite compared to Dialed In for me.

Artwork, Music, Callouts, Theme go out the window. Originality, Innovation, Difficult but extremely GRATIFYING shots are what make this game like none other. The rules are simple charge the phone, start a mode, complete the mode, collect the SIM card, repeat..

Charging the phone is dangerous, completing most modes is challenging, hitting the SIM card shot is super frustrating. The three main ways of intentionally hitting the SIM card are:
1) Shoot through the theater and use upper flipper
2) Use lower right flipper and bounce it off the Big Bang Target.
3) Use left flipper and bounce it off the rubber bands below the Drone standup target.

None of which are easy and frustrates me just enough to want to keep playing this game to see how many I can collect. I’ve only ever gotten three Sim cards but haven’t played a ton of games on it.

Out of the 14 machines I own, this one stands out for overall fun. If a person is trying to decide between Dialed In and Wonka..I have them both in my home, I would go with Dialed In. Just based off gameplay alone, obviously theme could make someone lean the other way.

The cabinet decals on the Dialed In LE are much thicker, shinier, more durable than the ones on Wonka. The DI cabinet looks like it’s clear coated but it’s just the super nice decals. Seeing as how Wonka costs $500 more its questionable why they put such dull/thin decals on there.

I genuinely feel like not having a licensed theme allows JJP to put more toys and features into this machine instead of giving up a royalty to add movie clips that you don’t really watch while playing anyways. Most bang for your buck you can get in a high end modern pin. Go ahead and drop $13k on a Pirates..won’t shoot any better than a DILE.
1 year ago
I played a few of these NIB.
At first it seems over populated and clunky.
But once you find the shots and learn a few of the rules, its a really fun game.
1 year ago
Best of the jersey jack games in my opinion fun all around game. Being more of a tournament player the rule set seems to be by far the most balanced of the jersey jacks.
1 year ago
lots of new technology in this pin , camera , cell phone interaction & etc.. but I have never been able to really get into this game , shoots good & all but just not my cup of Rum
1 year ago
I’m no pro but it’s a fun game. Sometimes the JJ machines feel “thrown together”. Not stable. But there is a lot to do and I haven’t done it all.
1 year ago
Solid game with a superb layout and exceptionally deep. I think they could have made the voice acting a bit better and the art is okay only, but the game play is superb.
1 year ago
Good game with a terrible theme. Lots of toys and flow.
1 year ago
This game kicks so much butt. I get some saying the theme isnt for them, but it's not a movie or band. It's one of the few completely original themes in the last decade. This has the ability to be a forever collectable machine for that reason alone. It has suprising flow for a lawlor and sometimes it feels so good to shoot you want to just keep the flow going instead of going for a shot I need.
1 year ago
The good: Great shots. I'd say easily top 5 layout/shots of all time. Can be fast, can be stop/go with interesting shots. Cool toys (although I hate the cell phone theme).

The bad: The theme. Initially just destroyed the pin for me. Sim card slot, really? After playing it a while, I realize it's more of a Sim City-esque theme, but focusing on the cell phone part of it is terribad IMO. Also, the selfie mode is crazy bad. I don't want to see crappy pictures of myself up on the screen.

The Overall: The new generation's Shadow. This game is awesome to play, but the theme is terrible. I seek it out on location every time though and may end up getting one at home because it's just so much fun to play. Wish they had just stuck with the more subtle Sim-City theme and scrapped all of the cell phone references. No doubt those will become dated in a short time.
1 year ago
Fun for all the familly and guest, one of my favorite games. Always fun but difficult to master. Beautiful machine.
1 year ago
Wow, instant fun and very very deep. Is a must to have it at home for really appreciate. A lot to do in this machine. A keeper for me.
1 year ago
This pin is something I can't describe with words. Wherever I find it, I get the at "one more game" urge. You're filled with an infatuating feeling when fulfilling asked shots. It's challenging, well rigged, beautiful and lit. I like the big bang shortcut. If you see it, drop a coin/token/whatever and enjoy.
1 year ago
Dialed in is one of those games I didn't expect to grab me. Though it doesn't have a major IP behind it, I could get behind the disaster theme for something original. I could buy the world it was giving me with the phone as the device causing the devastation. While starting the themes is fairly straight forward, I liked the variation of play and shots given by each mode. Each shot in this game is satisfying. I love there is "close play" and "long play" with shots, and unlike many games the close shot actively moves, keeping the game fairly open.

Overall, this is one of those games I could see in my collection if I were to be more than a 1 pin home. As it stands, it's one of my favs of all time. I think many people can't get past the theme, but it's exactly what you'd want for an original theme with a throw back to those classic williams games.
1 year ago
This is an interesting game in that it pushes pinball forward. The theme is great, as in it's a novel, new, non-licensed theme like the old days. There is room to explore without the penalty of a license. The machine is a satirized take on today's mobile phone system, which is aging well with mobile phones getting even more out of control. I really like the way the mid-right lcd is a phone - which is great in terms of game design. Other games take note! Use LCD screens in a functional way instead of just playing cut video footage mid-playfield. This game's theme is 10/10 and points the way to a bunch of new tech that maybe people are scared off. If this was the 70's, they would use all this tech to do the old tricks: LCD mini play fields, LCD play fields under the play field, updated mini-games - what can be done with the LCD is endless, it's just not been utilized as part of the overall theme in a game I've played before this.

That being said: downside is the play field is crowded and tight, but plays better than the wide JJ pins. The shots are a little wanting but not bad, the sliding element with the thunder is a bit much and blocks shots. The shots don't feel that satisfying. That being said, it's the best JJ pin I've played: I haven't played them all...I have no complaints about the implementation of the theme, animations, any of that....it's very well done.
2 years ago
September 16, 2019 Update: Owned for 3 weeks and this game is even better than when I wrote the comments below The Crazy Bob modes are enormous fun. Still has amazing smoothness and flow. Lots of things I haven't yet achieved! Dialed In! really makes you consider all previous ratings made as the bar has been raised.


I cannot express the awesomeness of Dialed In! within the space allowed.

First of all, Dialed In! is incredibly fun. I keep going back for another game. It’s a delight to play. I smile when I’m playing.

The “toys” are stellar --- even setting a new bar. Quantum Theater deserves a specific callout. I used to have a Pin2K Revenge from Mars. The Quantum Theater is like a Pin2K in a box. A screen is “magically” displayed over the playfield, just like Pin2K. It’s integrated perfectly into the game, providing functionality like: destroying a spider, virtual spinners, hurry up target, virtual drop targets. Yes, virtual drop targets. There is a magnet under the Quantum Theater so Dialed In! can display a virtual drop target and stop the ball when it is hit!

There a real camera. Physical ball locks. Drones with spinning propellers.

This game has magnets galore under the playfield that really impact the ball during certain modes.

Dialed In! is a Lawlor game. I have several so when I say that Lawlor games don’t always have tons of flow, I know first-hand. Dailed In! is all about flow. The ball smoothly zips around the orbits, the two ramps, and there are various diverters and trap doors which cause the shots to always feel unique.

And… Dialed In! has a subway. I enjoy it when the ball disappears under the playfield and pops up somewhere else. Subways are sadly missing from many modern games, IMHO.

Music is super catchy, sound effects are impressive.

While I like the computer assistant MANDI, if I could change one thing… I would make a couple of her callouts be more energetic (such as jackpot).

Lighting and artwork are first rate.

Game is built like a tank. Did you know the 27” LCD display is mounted on an articulating arm?

I’ll update this review as time passes. In summary, if I could have only one pinball machine, it would be Dialed In!
2 years ago
Theme sucks but its a smooth fun shooter
2 years ago
First title I’ve tried from the JJP manufacture. Speaking flipper mechs and the way the game reacts to player and play is pretty solid. I was more impressed with Spooky Pinball- but this table feels absolutely OK from a quality standpoint. In my opinion there is nothing here that makes this game second to Stern games from recent years. It feels a little different – but it plays well. Only negative note from me is that the particular game I played was rather bouncy and served a lot of strange airballs. I will have to try another example to determine wether its a matter of adjustments or a general drawback for this title.

Being used to monsters, adventure and sci-fi I’ll have to admit that I’m not crazy about the theme here. Disasters and modern technical culture doesnt sound too fun for a pinball title. Surprisingly enough the game is absolutely a blast to play with cool playfield toys, a decent variety of shots and high tempo flow. The chaotic playfield won´t win any beauty contest, but it fits the theme rather well with a goofy, midfield moving target, small drones and a smartphone toy with a small LCD window.

The technical aspects of this game are impressive. From the giant LCD-screen on the backbox or the possibility for smartphone interaction to the flashing camera in the backbox that takes pictures of the player. As a home owner my main concern would be how well the technical details on this game will work in 10 or 15 years. Will replacement or substitute parts be available ?

A very fun and entertaining pinball machine. I’d expect this title to get quite a bit of traffic even in a larger lineup.
2 years ago
I have played this several times on location but it’s not my type of game. I thought it would be much better its a ok game.
2 years ago
I definitely enjoy the pin but for me personally, it’s pretty difficult. The theme works, even though I’m not crazy about it, but the attention to detail and cohesiveness of the story does well. If you’re looking for a pin with relatively short ball times and difficult to beat, you can’t go wrong with it.
2 years ago
I've had the opportunity to play this pin regularly for the past year. It's a popular game, and I've tried to see what others see, but I just can't get into it, and thus my Lastability and Fun rankings are on the low side.

If you want a novel game, that will wow guests, this seems like a good pick. So many cool features, typical deep JJP, and clearly the build quality is excellent.

However, for regular play, I find it pretty slow compared to most games, and the theme, although well integrated just does not hold my interest.
2 years ago
This is just an amazing playing game with fantastic lighting, beautiful artwork, amazing audio, and shots!
it's just fun pin !
2 years ago
Dialed In is an amazing game. One of the few games that I enjoyed playing for hours learning the rules.
2 years ago
The title and theme don't really do any justice to the game. You have to play it to realize there's a very fun game here!
There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 12.

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