Dialed In

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Game Design: 8.801

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Sounds/Music: 8.119

Other Aspects: 8.345

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Found 287 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
After putting alot more games in, I believe the modes are some of the best im all of pinball. EMP, makes the ball move in a way I have never seen in a pin b4. This pin takes a at least 50 plays to grow on you but its awesome once you get a hang of it.
9 months ago
This is such a tough pin to review. Lots of fun and great animations, but just the worst theme. It’s not even that it is an original theme that is the problem, it’s that the theme they picked is horrible. So dumb.

Hard to separate that from the overall enjoyment, and my rating reflects that.
9 months ago
JJP get Lawlor and Yousi on a custom disaster theme with a seemingly limitless b.o.m.

easily one of the greats, but since it's not Star Wars or Rick and Morty it doesn't appeal to the masses, and doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves.

it shoots smooth like a Stern/Bally/Williams, but it feels packed and chunky like a JJP. it's not dark like other JJPs, the GI is perfect and I never have problems seeing the ball like I do other JJP titles.

the modes, multiballs, and lightshows are unreal. some of the best of any machine I've ever played. everyone should get to Chaos in Quantum City before fully judging this game because it will blow your mind.

I can see how anyone can step up to this machine in the wild and completely dismiss it, and that's probably why its rating is so low. but don't be fooled, go into it with an open mind and you will see why many, including me, consider this their grail.
9 months ago
the theme is not everybody's darling. but the game is really great. many very satisfying shoots. good flow.
10 months ago
After owning this game for several years I still find enough depth in the many game modes to shoot it regularly. Hitting the scoops in this pin can be a challenge (greatly varying from machine to machine), but it's always a blast to play!
10 months ago
It’s got some cool gameplay, is loaded with toys, has great craftsmanship, and it’s an original theme (which is always a plus to me), but I don’t care much for the artwork, or animations, and after I’m done playing I don’t feel much desire to play it again. I do like how challenging it is though.

Also, I really don’t like how it takes a photo of you at the end of game, that is very off-putting (it’s probably a setting, but if it is, the location where I play it always has it on).
10 months ago
After owning an LE for a month, I am in love with this machine. I love the theme and works for me. Chaos in Quantum City is a perfect follow-up to most of Pat Lawler's previous titles. If you like any of Pat's games then I would think this would be One of your all time favorites! I've had Two Earthshakers, Two TZ, Funhouse, Wonka, WhirlWind, Ripley's, and others. This is a tie for me with Wonka. The engineering is excellent, toys, best use of magnets (7 of them!!), not One but TWO additional displays on the playfield! Such a packed game! The art is excellent, the sounds and music are great for not being tied to a movie or band. Well done Jersey Jack and Pat! Shots are unique and fun. Deep rules and perfect balance of fun and the skill required. Makes me smile!
10 months ago
Pat Lawlor maybe best if not second to only Steve Ritchie and has incorporated nearly every previously designed machine in this pin. From Whirlwind, Earthshaker, Roadshow, Funhouse, TZ, AF, they all have some correlation into Dialed In. It’s challenging and rewarding. Drones, Selfies, Tweets, Phone Flipper App, this innovative machine will be ageless with new tech generation and beyond. The sound is fantastic and the shaker is just an addition but designed for the machine. This game gets better as you get better. Don’t sleep on this machine, I sold first way too soon and extremely happy with second.
10 months ago
Absolutely love this game, the theme is fun, the playfield is jam packed, the lights amazing. It is so much fun to play and plays so fast. This game should be in every arcade out there and there would be a new generation of pinball players. Well done JJP and Pat Lawlor.
10 months ago
This is really one amazing game. Once every decade a game takes pinball into the next era. Dialed In is one of those machines. Magnificent work by Pat and JJP
10 months ago
This game got me into Pinball!
So much fun and really well designed however the theme is fairly Meh.
11 months ago
Amazing layout with excellent ruleset dogged with a terrible theme. It feels like 90s sim city and while relevant today, the predominate obsession with cell phones will date it poorly.
11 months ago
This, thus far, is my least favorite Jersey Jack pin. And it's not that it is a terrible pinball machine. But that it's modern pop culture theming just does not appeal to me. The Cell Phone, the social media angle, the chaos...Not really what I want to soak myself in when I pull back the plunger on a pin.

The playfield is very much cluttered with crap all over the place and honestly it seems like very little thought was placed into where everything goes and the overall flow of the game is impacted. If you play a machine by Steve Ritchie, for example, you get an amazing sense of flow. Not here.

And again I reiterate that I am not at all against Jersey Jacks. The Hobbit and Willy Wonka are amazing pins. So is their Pirates of the Caribbean which is quite innovative. I haven't played their Guns N Roses yet but everything I've seen on it points to 'epic'. But Dialed In I just can't get into...And I've dumped quite a bit of time into it. This review is not at all a first or brief impression.
12 months ago
Underrated game for sure. Easy to understand the basic rules but plenty of subtlety for those that want to score well. Should be use more at tournaments in the future IMO.
1 year ago
Pat Lawlor design stands out and is top notch in Dialed In!
1 year ago
The theme is so terrible. Playfield is boring. Couldn’t find a single thing I liked about this game. Pretty disappointing.
1 year ago
Not much to say because others have said it already.

Really I'm Mega impressed!
Best Pat game ever created.

After putting many plays on this machine I'm going to state this is the most fun pinball machine I have ever owned!!!
I have had around 90 titles total and the grand prize goes to D.I.
Even more than my 10k Wonka.
1 year ago
I have only played this on location, but I love to play it when I see it. It took me a while to embrace the game because the theme is so cheesy, especially the cell phone part. After getting over the theme, I found that the game shoots really well, the toys are fun, and it has the right amount of challenge. I don't have all of the ruleset down, but it seems intuitive enough and the callouts keep me going in the right direction. This would be a good game to add to a collection, as there is a lot going on and lots of different objectives in the code. Dialed In is fun and hard to not keep putting quarters into it.
1 year ago
Just picked up an LE and loving this game. Out of all of the games that I've played, this probably shoots better than anything else, there are a ton of great feeling shots in this! I know that the theme isn't for everyone and is honestly its biggest downfall, but If you give it time it grows on you. The disaster modes are great and some of them are really challenging. The bluetooth feature is pretty gimicky and doesn't connect very well, but when it does I haven't experienced any lag. Build-wise, this game is far and away superior to anything else that I own, it is solid and well built. It's a shame that a lot of people are missing out on a great game because of a cell phone.
1 year ago
Dialed-in shoots great has great flow ever shot feels like butter seriously, artwork looks good code feels complete/satisfying. This pin gets a bad rap for not having a license theme but if you built a great pin you don’t need a license theme gives this game a chance and you won’t regret.
1 year ago
The easiest way to explain this game is a Bally/Williams ruleset on steroids and multiply that by three. This game has an amazing ruleset and light show. I don’t mind the theme but if a better theme this game would easily be in the top 10. What’s not to like with a game that has 5 magnets under the playfield!
1 year ago
really enjoy dialed in when I play on location. I prefer this more than any other JJP game so far. The theme isnt the best but its also not as bad as many say as reasons they wouldnt own this pin.
1 year ago
Such a smooth playing pin. There's just so many cool things about the pin from the multiple magnets, to the camera, to beautifully flowing ramps. This is only the second pin I've brought home that both my wife and kid like to play.
1 year ago
How would I describe this game? Walking up and playing feels like a 90’s Bally/Williams original theme like Tales of the Arabian Nights or Theatre of Magic, but with an amazing light show and multiple interactive digital screens. Don’t plan on nudging like many newer games. DI is solid, quality-built, bright, and loaded.

This is a fun and versatile game. Home owner for 4 months now. I find it appeals to the kids and it is the preferred game for my wife. We particularly enjoy the selfies for high scores. I really like the ‘Daily High Score’ mode for kids and guests. That allows newbies a chance to put their name in and get a picture as it resets daily.

It is a city disaster theme, set to current pop Americana. Smart phones, selfies, emoji’s, drones (that actually spin), it is a snap-shot of today’s trends.

The shots are smooth. Anyone who gets their shots dialed in (yeah, I just did that), particularly the 3rd flipper will love hitting the SIM Card and station 3 ramp. The theater is cool as it is sometimes a spider, drone, or will become a virtual pop up target or spinner (complete with sounds). Hitting Big Bang can be a rush.

Not mentioned much are the magnets. Many a guest has been very wowed by the magnet action with the ball literally going crazy or stopping in place.

It is Jersey Jack so the monitor, sounds quality, LED’s etc. are excellent. Great choice for our very busy household. Kids, the grandparents, and buddies all play and enjoy different elements of this game.
1 year ago
Second owner of a LE. What a great game! Good flow, good feel, a blast to play!
There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 12.

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