Dialed In

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Game Design: 8.796

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Other Aspects: 8.343

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Found 287 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
"Great game": The rules of this game are simple, but effective! Nothing new in these, but I don't why...This game always attracts me!!! The flow is one of the best I know. The light show is top. The music is fun, I like the fact that this accelerates when the game progresses. The multiballs are fantastics!!! I like the three "super jackpots attack" on the flippers. It's a family game, and so a good chalenge to the player. A great title of Lawlor, with a lot of reference of theses best pinball machine. I stil don't understand the theme. But it's doesn't matter! I like this atmosphere.
17 days ago
A lot of people claim to like the theme. Not me, of course.
42 days ago
My first JJP - this game is incredible - feels like playing a W/B machine 2.0 - absolutely a keeper
65 days ago
I wasn't sold on the theme to start with as the name of the game is misleading. It is a disaster theme and a fun one at that. Its a hard to master game which gives it that one more game feel to it for me. Wish the flippers had more snap to them which is a gripe of mine with all JJP games. Having played all of the JJP games fairly extensively, this is the best title to date in my opinion. Doesn't seem to suffer from any playfield issues of recent JJP releases.
65 days ago
This game has a lot of things on the playfield and really good shot geometry. The lighting and sounds are well done but the artwork can be better. The worst part of this game is with the theme or maybe it could have been implemented better. Overall this is a fun game that wont disappoint.
68 days ago
very cool and fun game. i love the "quantum" theme :) the moving target electrician is great, the powering up the cell phone is cool. I guess there were so many interesting things to look at on the field that it keep it fun. the theme is weird but its original so it works I guess its a futuristic city that comes under attack by aliens.. i probably didnt play it long enough. the lady with the hat reminded me of flo from the progressive insurance commercials haha
75 days ago
Exceptional game; I finally had the opportunity to play in person at "Barcade" in New York City. The shots, toys, and execution are absolutely top notch and blast to play. For some reason the theme just didn't grab me when reading about it, but in person this has to be at the top of the list for best pins. Absolutely would love to have this in the collection at some point. A+
3 months ago
like the game wish the app was available to link the phone, new out of box, Do not like the double switch stack on the right flipper button to control both right flippers. Well worth the money,
3 months ago
This machine is a bigtime sleeper and a well rounded package that delivers in all aspects. It is absolutely packed with toys, amazing shots and flow, funny deadpan voice acting (news anchor style with spot on humour) etc etc. I have read that the theme is mediocre but the pop culture disaster mobile phone theme is both familiar and enjoyable.
3 months ago
A jaw-dropper of a modern pin. So much silliness, fun, modes, tricks, all without sacrificing clarity of shots.

Pros: Perhaps one of the funniest and well-executed themes I've ever seen. The dystopian city destruction mixed with ridiculous characters and even the news crawl are all phenomenal. For such an insanely complex game, the basics are clear so you kind of grow with the game as you play and recognize new goals. The holograms fit the gameplay nicely, and the in-game instructions are clear and intuitive.

Cons: Too many magnets. While throwing the ball around is a neat trick, this game takes it to a crazy level. Also the level of tech on the toys and such makes bar tables almost always have something (the phone screen, the camera, etc) not working. Personally, I find this to be a table where you have two 45-second balls and then one for like 7 minutes, so, for me at least, it doesn't have the more consistent flow and ball expectations you might see from the AFM or MM type games.
4 months ago
Played this a few times on location. This game seems good would need to play it more to get into it. Theme is not something that pulls me in.
5 months ago
One of my favorite JJP's I've played. Some really cool features, sadly I don't believe the phone app support is there anymore.

Great gameplay but the theme is a little confusing to me. Either way this is one I would love to add to my collection, I love it.
6 months ago
I had this game for a year at home. It was my first djp. I discovered the 2.0 pinball machine. A great shooting plan, full of gadgets and full of innovation. I was amazed by the technology of this pinball machine, the light show and the overall quality. I have spent hours with friends on this pinball machine and I have fond memories of it. I sold him to buy a potc but I think he will come home someday
6 months ago
Love this game. I keep coming back to it. I wasn’t sure about the original theme, but I really enjoy it. Lots of fun shots and clear progressive through the game.
7 months ago
This game is REALLY fun. This is a perfect for a home environment. Being able to work through all the modes and multiballs is so much fun. This is the family's favorite pin by far. While some may not like the theme, it makes perfect sense being a disaster theme. The movement of the ball in EMP Strike mode, the flipper effects, callouts, iPhone screen to help remind you where to shoot, and just all the sound effects, shaker effects and everything just make this game SO MUCH FUN.
7 months ago
This is one of my favorite non IP tables.
7 months ago
I just recently discovered the fun of JJP games and was honestly very skeptical about getting this one because the theme just seems odd to have a disaster game based around a cell phone. But man did JJP make it work, 5 magnets 2 screens on the playfield, 3 ramps, 2 scoops, 1 trap door, a subway, a diverter to a mini playfield, 3 flippers not sure what else they could have jammed onto this playfield. This game is loads of fun and really draws you into it once you start playing. This a great layout with awesome flow! I highly recommend everyone try to look past the odd theme and try this one out you wont be disappointed.
7 months ago
I waited until I played the game 100 times before attempting a rating. It really isn't a difficult game to rate. If you *get* the theme, and enjoy it, this will likely be one of your alltime favorite games. If you think it is just a "dumb cellphone theme" then you will probably won't like it. I think JJP should have named it "Quantum City" instead of "Dialed In." In a way... it is this generations version of "The Shadow."

For us... we really enoy the game. It really feels like a very modern version of Twilight Zone. The Quantum Theatre is a fantastic toy. The ramps are fun to hit... the lighting is fantastic. The callouts are subdued, but that is intentional. If I had a complaint it is that the art is a little too generic.

"Dialed In" is very much a new take on the B/W 90's era games. The callouts are cheeses and it doesn't take itself too seriously. I think it makes a nice compliment to the newer Stern games.
7 months ago
Finally going to rate this game since I have gone from enjoying on location, to wanting, to owning, and now to trading it. Dialed in is a great game that is fun and has lots of flow. It is mode based. And that is my biggest issue. I found the scoop shot to start modes very frustrating (even after swapping the cliffy for a mantis protector). But this is a problem I have with a lot of Lawlor's games. I just hate the backhand to scoop shot to start a mode. But on Dialed In, I found the backhand to still miss or bounce out more often than not. And that was the main reason I traded it. The theme is a bit dull, but the game is quirky fun. I wish the announcer voice was a bit more lively. I think that and some more intense music during the modes would have really made this game more immersive. The video on the back is amazing once you realize all the little things going on. The shots have great flow. The sim card shot is tough and if I was playing for point or ever thought I had a chance at the final wizard mode, I can see where it would be frustrating. The toys are fun, especially the theater. It is a very fun game and I'm glad I had a chance to have had it in my collection. But over time, the frustration with the scoop shot and the lack of immersion finally got to me.
7 months ago
I really wanted to like this game but I found it so boring. This is one of the worst Jersey Jack games, it is only better than the Hobbit. It has a different feel to it than Stern and Williams and that's not bad, but I need a game to hook me in and be intuitive and I just couldn't get into this one.
7 months ago
This game didn't draw me in as much as I had thought it would. There's a lot going on here and a handful to toys/gimmicks on it. It's a good game, but not for me.
7 months ago
Maybe I am just not cultured enough when it comes to pinball but I think this game is awesome. There is a lot to do, a ton of shots, the variability is fantastic and it plays pretty fast. The screen animations are a lot of fun as well. This game to me is as good as any JJP game, and stands up against most other newer titles in my opinion. Only downside for me is kind of like the upside, there is a lot going on and a lot to learn.
8 months ago
Not sure other than a phone what the game play is about, not the one for me
9 months ago
A terrible title which does everything it can to put you off playing it. Is it a phone game? It's actually a very clever disaster game but it doesn't generate any excitement from me when I play it.

More like a technical marvel to show off to your friends, than the immersive disaster adventure it should've been.

It takes your picture which is kind of fun, I suppose.
9 months ago
Just it my cup of tea I’m more of a 90’s dmd guy
There are 287 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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