Demolition Man

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There are 190 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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30 days ago
I dig this pin for the variety ramp shots and how comfortable it is to play with the handles. That's a plus for me. Love combo shots. Voice actor callouts are great, especially during Museum Multiball where every jackpot is Stallone yelling "AAARRUUGHHH!!!" Love it. Perhaps a design flaw, but launched balls don't always make it around to the 3rd flipper, which is a common thing to happen on this pin. Also, I wish there had been some more importance applied to the left side of the playfield. Would have been nice to see some inline drops, but I get the idea of having the car and retina scan for the sake of theme.
30 days ago
Wide body pins can seem slow and boring but this one is one of the fastest pins out there. The flow on this pin is unbelievable and fantastic, and hitting shots are approachable with no less than five ramps and habitrails to aim for. The crane is often broken in the wild but when it works, adds a fun and an important part of gameplay. With five different multiballs and game modes, there is plenty to do and each mode is different and cool.

The game is not without a few problems, issues, or gripes. The skill shot does not work with a lot of machines and is difficult to get working. The game is also a STDM drainer. The floating eyeballs never have fluid in them and are too light to hit the stand-up target. The last issue I have is the game is a little boring for me. It seems uninspired and and the theme is lost to most people.

I may be the only person who liked the movie, and the pin it's based on is a great widebody with the pistol grips and incredible flow. But it suffers with uninspired theme, poor use of dot matrix, and bland game play objectives. This machine is a good fit for a larger collection.
50 days ago
Mi piaceva molto il film, il flipper purtroppo e' tutta un'altra cosa. Tutte le grafiche sono orribili, non ci sono cose divertenti da fare. Unico punto positivo sono le tante rampe e possibilità di combo.
53 days ago
6 months ago
This game has a lot going for it. The ramps are great, the Cryo-Claw is cool and the overall flow is very good. I like the car crash captive ball but find it to be a bit of a drain shot if not careful. The theme is well integrated with the movie, the call outs and animation are good. Don't like the guns so much, but they are unique.
9 months ago
For a wide body this game has it all. Flow is amazing. Hitting ramp combos very satisfying, especially the skill shot.

The claw is an ok addition to the game. Makes reaching m/balls very easy. Disabled and it adds a new dimension to the game.
9 months ago
Let me get a few things that I hate about this pin out of the way. I don't like the hand triggers, I prefer to use the normal flipper buttons. And I think it has just a horrid backglass, and the cab art is just garbage as well. They reuse Snipes face for the upper cab art and it wasn't a good portrait to begin with. Big faces on cabs and backglasses are BORING to me.
With that out of the way I think it uses the theme of the movie really well. The toy car and eyeball toy are cool. Has a crane that lifts the ball and lets you select the modes. That's a really cool touch and a big crane is in the movie and is important in the movie too! I think the animations for the DMD are really well done, and I like the MB mode where Stallone just grunts and yells everytime you hit a jackpot. I love Stallone, so that sound doesn't get old for me. I think its awesome. I like the playfield layout. Game has a really nice sense of flow. And each mode seems to be done nicely. Game also is really fun to shoot, and I think has really nice replay-ability. I actually think its the artwork that is the main reason why this game isn't so sought after. Could also be the callouts for non Stallone fans, but its just a boring to look at pin, but fun to play. I think if I owned this, I would re-do the cab art and totally replace the translite with a better image.
9 months ago
Besides the superhighway of ramps to shoot for the things I walked away from liking on this game were the Cryo-Claw and car crash captive ball. I liked the movie ok and probably feel the same way about the game. I'd watch the movie if its playing on the television and I'd buy the game if found at a decent price. . . but I am not going out of my way to seek out and pay a premium for either. Have to remember this is a wide body and these things are heavy!

I may be in the minority but I do not really like the handle style flipper actuators. Just cannot get used to them. . . guess I am just and old school flipper button kind of guy.
10 months ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 9 - very high

* Hands down the best feature is the gun handles makes for a really fun gaming experience
* Flow of the shots is very impressive and fun to hit
* Toughest shot is the left loop to start a multiball which is how it should be
* Swear roms are fantastic
* Keeping a tab of how many shot combo's made is cool
* Easy to get to at least 1 multiball

* The ability to choose "Lock Freeze" each claw
* Animations are a little weak as most display shot combos made
* left side of the playfield with car crash and retina scan a bit redundant
* Average cabinet & backglass but I've seen worse

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Install a GI socket under the scoop on the left
* Add swear roms
* Lights in the gun handle buttons

What To Look For When Buying
* Worn out chrome on the gun handles
* Make sure claw works as it should
* Broken centre ramp is common
* Cars in the car crash easily break
1 year ago
A fun machine with some really atrocious cabinet and backglass art. If you can get past that, it's an absolute hoot to play.

Figured I'd update with some Good, Bad, and Ugly:

The Good:

1. This game flows phenomenal. IMHO, this is the best "flowy" game ever produced, bar none. One caveat: YOU NEED STRONG FLIPPERS. This game will stink without them. If you play on location somewhere and the ball keeps failing to get up the ramps, that's why. With proper flippers, you get into a nice rhythm with this machine, ramp to ramp to ramp. Never played another game like it. Never get tired of it. This game will likely never leave my collection.

2. The Cryo Claw is just cool. Some don't like that it breaks up the flow. I do. Gives you a moment to reset. The novelty factor is great, too. It's an awesome toy. The other toys are kind of cool, too. The sequential hot wheels cars as captive balls, and the squicky floating eyeball for the retina scan. They aren't shots you hit often, but they are nifty toys nonetheless. Toy factor is A+.

3. It's a wide body that doesn't play like a wide body. The orbit is deliberately made standard size.

4. The sound and music is excellent for the era. Yeah, quality isn't up there with today's machines, but compared to contemporaries, it's excellent. Hard to imagine it's a '94 pin. It only ever annoys me if my son leaves it on after starting a game, but before finishing it. The launch waiting music is annoying.

5. There are lots of funny easter eggs in this game, like the exploding cows in the ACMAG mode, or Eat at Joes "big points."

6. The rules, while shallow, are also very fun. You can just play this pin on kinda-sorta autopilot and have a good time. Makes for a great party pin.

7. These things are STEAL in price. I don't think there's anything as cheap as a Demo Man that even comes close.

The Bad:

1. The cabinet is UGLY. U G L Y ugly. Did we really need a naked Sylvester Stallone on there? Somebody apparently thought that was a good idea. I always sandwich this pin between other pins, or a wall, because the cabinet is THAT ugly.

2. The back glass art is bad. Not as ugly as the cabinet, but the three giant heads look weird.

3. While I liked this movie/theme, most people don't. Some don't even know what it is. It's just not a theme most people care about.

The Ugly:

1. Maintenance on this machine is a chore. The overlapping ramps are a major pain to disassemble for cleaning, and then reassemble. You have to really stay on top of your flipper maintenance, too, or the whole gameplay experience is ruined.

2. Did I mention the ugly cabinet and backglass? Thankfully the playfield art itself is pretty decent - not great, but okay... but still, one of Williams/Bally's worst art packages, for sure. OTOH, this is probably why a game that plays as well as Demo Man is so cheap. So it's not ALL bad.

Overall, it's a great starter pin, because it will teach you how to maintain a pin by necessity, it's very cheap, and it's fun. It also has a place in a more experienced collector's lineup because it's such a well-flowing, unique game. I've yet to really play anything else like it. With better art, and a theme people cared about, this would have been in the top 20 games - maybe even top 10 - IMHO. But since it didn't... these things are great bargains.
1 year ago
So many ramps and combos keep you entertained for hours.
1 year ago
This is my fav game of all time and the reason I say that is because I have owned the game 16 different times; this game has it all and is the best playing wide body pinball ever produced
1 year ago
unique fun game with lots to offer. call outs are fun claw is neat toy and flippers operated by trigger take alittle getting used to but neat once you get em.
1 year ago
This game has FLOW. Fun shots all around. The dmd animation with a colordmd is on point. Call outs are fun and limited so you do not get annoyed by the same thing over and over. Claw is cool but slows down the game, beer break. Great game if you can nab one for around 2k. Its a lot of machine for the money.
Just put some mirror blades in mine and man it looks nice.
This game is gonna stay around awile.
1 year ago
Great bang for the buck pin.A nice one can be had for $2,500.That price point makes this pin one to own.Good game with nice flow all around.They will catch on one of these days and that price will vanish.Buy one now
1 year ago
Nothing bad but also nothing that really stood out for me. I’ll have to play this again sometime to give it another shot,
1 year ago
This is among my favorite games. When I first got one, it suffered from underpowered flippers, which can be rough on this game with long, steep ramps. It was fun, but replacing them with the stronger solenoids made this a whole new game. The flow is outstanding, and the claw is a great gimmick. Looks great with LEDs.

This would be a top 30 or 40 if it wasn't for the theming, I think. The movie is campy/awful (apparently written by a conservative third grader who read the Cliff's Notes of Brave New World), but the pin really integrates the theme well.

Addictive game play, lots of fun toys, and a challenging, well-integrated third flipper (which is integral to the game play) make this unique and a blast to play.
1 year ago
Totally under rated and a widebody on top of that. awesome! Went out and bought one 6 months ago. Most played pin in my collection. With LED's and tuned, It is a top 30 game. great sound, callouts, and swear rom's and enjoy the FLOW!!!!!
1 year ago
I've changed my opinion a bit on Demolition Man now I've finally found one in the wild that isn't broken or misleveled. (Every machine I've played previously on location in the last 20+ years had something wrong with it.) As a flow game with a heavy emphasis on combos, it has to be precisely tuned, and any little variation in leveling or flipper power throws off the fun by a significant factor. That said, it's got a lovely cross-pattern worthy of a Ritchie game, and some difficult angled shots that reward quick precision shot-making. The playfield is just a touch too busy; the left side is a mess, with the drain-magnet car target never really being worth going for, and you can get to some very high point totals without necessarily completing every last thing in modes or multiballs. As with Johnny Mnemonic and the Eddy games, a rollover/bonus area mostly obscured by playfield ramps reduces the fun factor there, and parking balls up there through the center shot during multiball makes it a little too easy to manage shots.

The triggers aren't completely necessary for most play (only the auxiliary buttons add a few things in modes and multiballs, and you can reach for them from the flippers), but they do add an extra fun factor if you want to try to remaster the game.

I'm not sure it's on my must-have list but I now enjoy playing this -- again, when it's tuned.
1 year ago
The right car shot is frustrating in that a dead-on shot will always drain. The problem is so common that programmers compensated for this by activating an autosave timer when the shot is successfully hit. The game has really nice upper playfield flow. An awesome pinball game themed after an awesomely bad movie.
1 year ago
I think this is a totally underrated pin!! I really love playing Demoman. It's so unique with the handles and has tons of flow! The sound package is so awesome! There is just something about the music that appeals to me. It's a great wide body pin.
1 year ago
Love the movie but the pinball experience is not quite up to par. I like ramps and this game is all about ramps and flow (except for the cryo claw). Sound and music is good with plenty of quotes from the movie. Artwork is not very fun, playfield is boring almost Gottlieb 90s quality and translite is horrible. Decent pin to have even in a smaller collection. I do like it!
1 year ago
1 year ago
This game is severely underrated (maybe it comes from the relatively awful backbox design - playfield doens't look too cool, either). But this machine has great flow, super-smooth shots and wicked multiball. Also a lot going on - there are 9 entrances you can possibly hit, the cryo claw is a nice toy and the overall presentation is also cool, dot matrix animations and sound are awesome. I am not a fan of wide-bodies, but this one I already liked back in 1994 - and I still like it now. I got one at a relatively good price - which made it an awesome bang for the buck!
2 years ago
I loved Demoman and would still have it if I had the room and less of a desire to play lots of different games in my home. What I loved:

1) several extrordinarily satisfying shots (the thunk of of the computer scoop, the thrill of hitting the left loop hard enough to feed the sinkhole, feeding the claw when lit are the ones I like best)

2) fantastic flow as many others have said

3) sounds, music and call outs and quality I think are top notch.

4) it is not the deepest code (you will see demolition regularly and maybe at some point more than once in a game) but there are a lot of different ways to play. You can focus on combos (center, scoop, left ramp), you can turn the claw off and force yourself through the modes; you can go for demolition time, you can choose to stack modes, build your bonus, etc. Most choose multiball over and over but it’s cool to snowball the other modes as well.

5) 4 different multiballs with super jackpots achievable in each but also a super, super jackpot that is that gives you a score based on all jackpots accumulated......if you hit it

6) The handles just feel great playing. I think too many forego them because of their novelty but it’s their loss. The game also rewards you for using them via combos and Easter eggs by using the top buttons (one jackpot that you choose in multiball, one in acmag among several others) but it also

The artwork and translite are not the best but it’s not photoshopped and I think the side art is decent. Demoman is not ever going to impress as other machines will as a work of art but it’s a great pinball machine. I would also recommend, as I would with any older machine to rebuild the flippers as it really shines with rebuilt flippers.
There are 190 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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