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Game Design: 8.445

Artwork: 8.98

Sounds/Music: 8.445

Other Aspects: 8.673

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This is "Deadpool (Pro)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Premium), Deadpool (Limited Edition)

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30 days ago
I remember playing this machine with TickleFeather369 at the arcade across from my mom's. As stated in earlier reviews I have made, I am not too good in real life, but I have watched a playthrough made by the one and only Dead Flip, so I can also base some aspects of my review on observing the gameplay on that playthrough. For starters, let me say all of the fourth wall breaks are amazing! I am called the Fourth Wall Breaking One Man Army for a reason. Anyways, the developers also did a good job with all of the references and made the machine seem like an 16 bit fighting arcade game in the battle modes. Of course, Deadpool being Deadpool however, might get a bit tedious for other players because of his personality and might want to stick to something serious. But I enjoy this. Sometimes the jackpot sound in Mechsuit can also get annoying because of the voice actor. But this is a good machine and I wish FarSight Studios would make "Stern Pinball Arcade 2." That way I can play some of the modern machines like this one. Over-the-top humor well played by the developers!
53 days ago
I really like the pro version which looks so much better than the most recent pro version of Stern.
The game is great and theming well done !
67 days ago
Excellent pro model from Stern. Maybe one of the best ever actually. Fantastic layout and tons of shots along with humor, good music, video and lighting just pull this game all together. I have owned and only swapped to try a different pin.
76 days ago
I frequent an arcade with 10 plus pros in their line up. I always seem to gravitate to this game for some reason . Truth is I don’t like Marvel, and like the movies with Ryan Reynolds even less.
But, this game is based on the comic and the theme is campy, retro, and simply fun. The modes all make sense and ball time is higher than average. Gomez did an amazing job laying out shots and ramps and the game feels like a premium experience ( even as a pro). I liked it so much I bought one .
3 months ago
Funnest game out there, in my opinion. I Love Godzilla, but I think Deadpool is even better.
3 months ago
This game is just pure fun. The shots are varied and satisfying. There aren't a bunch of layered ramps all over like most modern pins, making this layout feel really unique. The 180 degree ramp is lightning fast. The only other ramp is the katana lock shot which feels amazing when you nail it. The physical lock in the katana handle is really cool and makes for one of the most eye catching playfield toys out there. The multitude of multiballs (ninja, lil DP, disco, mechsuite, Sauron) and ability to stack them with modes and other hurry ups means that there is just always something going on that keeps the game fresh and fun.

The artwork is amazing, save for the art blades. They are my least favorite that stern offers as the comic strip background is too washed out and they just look reddish. The playfield artwork is superb, as is the backlass and cabinet art. It uses a lot of red, and I found myself replacing the red GI leds with sunlight white ones to help bring out the art a little more and helps the issue where this game's GI is on the darker side of things. It can be tough in a dark room to see the playfield well. During disco multiball, it becomes a real challenge to see what is going on. The lighting is really my only big issue with the game. I don't like the flasher bulb added under the insert for the center spinner. I thought I had a bad RGB led under the playfield, until I lifted it and found the flasher. The white turns on with the color LED making it look like something is broken.

The animation style, while not everyone's cup of tea, are well done and work well in the game. I admit it didn't do it for me it at first glance, but it really grew on me.

The call outs are hilarious. The music on this pin is AMAZING. There are a ton of unique music tracks that are fantastic. I actually use the DJ mode from time to time to blast the tunes on here, they are that good.

This is a great value model, as the features missing from the pro found on the premium and LE don't make a significant difference where you feel like you are really missing out. I think the deadpool drops in the prem/le slow the game down too much and the orbit diverter and disco ball doesn't sufficiently justify the cost difference.

There are a few make or break set up issues that make a big difference in how the game plays. Flaring out slightly the trailing end of the guides leading to the katana ramps stops the rattling making the shot rejects go away. The game really needs to be pitched to 7 degrees to play right.
4 months ago
This game is pure fun ! One of the best modern pinball machines to me with rules which are easy to understand, excellent musics and callouts fitting the theme perfectly as well as a fantastic playfield/cabinet art package. I bought a Pro model NIB a year ago and this will never leave my collection.
4 months ago
Amazing game. Have about 100 plays on my pro and it's absolutely the best game I have ever owned. Not many toys in this game but it makes up for it with its fast and flowing pace. I truly enjoy the ruleset and snikt multiplier. This one is never leaving my collection unless I can get a premium.
4 months ago
Super fun!!
Pro model is packed with tons of value!!
Funny call outs, amazing art! Zombie Yeti nailed it with his style for Deadpool.
This would pass for amazing comic art for the Deadpool series comics.
Fun challenging shots.
5 months ago
Really fun and funny game, the music is INCREDIBLE in terms of quality and variety, I downloaded the soundtrack from the Stern website!! I am not a great player and was able to finish the game in just over a week. Would have liked to see some more villains instead of fighting the 3 main ones a 2nd time but I understand there were time constraints due to the original designer being let go . A few shots are a little less smooth however there are some killer shots to make up for them. Overall a very solid and enjoyable game for me.
6 months ago
A pretty fun game. If I was wanting to own one, I would go for a premium or LE. For some reason Stern's modern artwork doesnt always sell me. Deadpool is pretty decent.
6 months ago
First NIB game purchased. Rating the Pro, and it is a great game. Defintiely a keeper. Totally understand why it has been in the top 10. Even though we own a Pro, consistently play Premium and LE when we hit up a pinball bar. Always fun, and the call outs are great. Being a fan of the movies doesn't hurt this rating! Updating. The code and animation s on this have progressed nicely. W own the game at home but still play it when we find it in bars or other venues. It continues to be terrific and will not be leaving the game room at home. Thoroughly enjoy the multiball combinatiosn starting with Lil Deadpool Frenzy. Disco multiball is a blast. Enjoy choosing the enemies to conquer and the Kitana lock. This is one game that I do not believe that a premium or LE version is required. W've added a few mods just for appearance sakes (Kitana handle, pinball art blades) and a shaker. Good to go! I know that everyone has their preferences but for me this is a superior Stern game to Godzilla and Rush (which I also enjoy).
7 months ago
There is no better bang for your buck in all of pinball than a Deadpool Pro!!
7 months ago
Great flow! Integration is great! Fan of Zombi Yeti, but art work is OK not great. Music is original and jams. I have owned this machine for over a year and the call outs still make me laugh.
7 months ago
one of the best pro pinball from stern
an incredible fun factor despite the lack of toys
music and animations are top notch, maybe the best one in this area with some music pinball
ninja , disco and mecasuit multiball are pure adrenaline and this table is fast and furious with great humour
the layout is original and the gameplay addictive
nice work mister Gomez!
7 months ago
I played this game for the first time yesterday and I understand what all the rave is about, ton of fun with a lot of variation and fast gameplay.
7 months ago
Game has a great flow
8 months ago
Great fun game after a few plays working out the shots.
Lots of funny moments.
Love the disco!
8 months ago
I’ve had this pin for almost two weeks now. Absolutely amazing. My family loves it. Win or lose, this game puts a smile on my face. Even if your not a fan of Deadpool you need to give this machine a try.
10 months ago
I prefer the actual comic book versions of comic book themed pinball tables. I like the Avengers table a great deal more than this one, but this one has some cool toys.
10 months ago
I only have room for one machine right now and a budget for a Pro. After playing tons of machines on location, I settled on a Deadpool Pro. The game is just so much fun to play. Even non-pinball people love playing on it. I'm a huge Marvel fan, and I think Deadpool is an excellent character. I'm glad they went with the comic book style and art over the movies. I feel like it is more timeless than seeing an actor's face on the backglass! I think the pro actually has better art than the other models.

The shots are fun and the game flows pretty well. The code is deep enough that it won't get boring, but not as demanding as an Elwin game. I'm still a beginning level player, and I feel like I can still have fun, but learn and progress. Not a frustrating machine at all, but not too simple and easy.

For a Pro model, I don't feel like I have an incomplete game. I'm surprised at how much they were able to squeeze in and the cabinet just feels solid. Other Pros like Led Zeppelin seem barren in comparison. Even the newly announced Godzilla Pro seems like it compromises too much.

I feel like this is the perfect machine for the price, fun factor, and quality. To me, this earns a 10.
10 months ago
After playing this on location and not caring for it, I've played it at home for 100 plays and think it's a crazy fun pin. If you're looking for a simple "hit the flashing shots" type of pin, this is it!
11 months ago
Finally put a few dozen hours into Deadpool and this game is just pure FUN!
Yes, a couple of the shots can be clunky. The right orbit in particular just feels broken to me. But when the shots hit - oh man!! This game is just mindlessly fun to shoot! You don't need to have a goal in mind when you start playing. You can just start shooting at whatever you want. The code really shines in this way! You want to do modes? Go for it! Want to just hit left orbits? Here's Disco Multiball for you! Want to just hit the center spinner? Here's Wolverine fighting ninjas!
And the drains almost never feel cheap.
Yes, the kitana shot is not always easy and can feel clunky, but when it hits just right and slides down the rails into the kitana... Butter! And how satisfying is 'SNNNKKT' shot when you can hit it!?
The callouts are fantastic! The music is fantastic! The lighting and art are fantastic! Is it the perfect pin? No. As mentioned some of the shots can feel clunky at times. The modes can also feel a bit repetitive. Ball times are generally longer if you like that kind of thing like I do. I know there are people who dislike DP. To those people I would say - "stop trying so hard". This game seems to be tailor made to just slap the metal ball around the playfield and enjoy the humor that is Deadpool.
"Looks like somebody found the BOOM button!"
11 months ago
I like a lot of things about this pin. The shots are satisfying. The left ramp is a bit close to the flippers. The Katana shot is difficult and rattles instead of going all the way up the ramp. I like to see the ball all the time, so it makes me feel bad when it disappears around the scoop. The drops for Lil' Deadpool is a death trap. It's a lot of fun and the ball times can be long, as there is a narrow gap between the flippers.
11 months ago
I've played a LE in an Arcade and bought the Pro within a week. You lose almost nothing on the Pro, I even think the cabinet / 2D Standups look better than on the more expensive versions. Just an all around great Pin that isn't lacking in any area.

If I had to pinpoint the weakest part, it would be the music which I find "just" pretty good.
There are 203 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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