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Game design: 8.221

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Sounds/Music: 8.335

Other Aspects: 8.577

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32 days ago
Love this game. The little Deadpool toy is super cool. The shot that advances ninja is very cool and satisfying.
32 days ago
Super fun, great theme!
33 days ago
Came and went after 10 months, largely due to space availability. I love the Quests, however the 3 Battles become slightly repetitive as you advance thru the game. The katana ramp can be touchy. Scores can become inflated for people who have adjusted/bent their SNIKT target to make the shot SNIKT shot into katana more frequently. I'd like to revisit this game in a premium version someday.
44 days ago
The game is a blast. Simple enough for a newbie but deep enough for a seasoned pinhead. Great shots, battles and quests are a unique element, disco multi ball and Mechsuit are phenomenal. Playfield artwork by Zombiyeti is gorgeous. Sound design music and call outs are second to none, honestly. There is SO MUCH variety here. Truly one of Sterns best efforts. BUT...the orbit shots can be a bit clunky and ramp entries richoochet and bounce out frequently. This pin absolutely has to be setup perfectly to achieve a fluid smooth play but don’t let that stop you. I am NOT a fan of Marvel or any superhero type themes whatsoever but this game is so much fun I had to buy one.
59 days ago
This is a really fun and unique game. It's just so different from everything else. It would be great in a home collection.
61 days ago
Owned this pin for 2+ years. Still the only pin I've ever played that has an amazingly high replay-ability.
87 days ago
A friend just got a Deadpool Pro and invited me over to try it out.

I want one.

1) It is fast.

2) It is fast.

3) it is fast.

4) there are some nice shots here.

5) Ball time is decent, but it is a short ball time machine.

6) Rules don't seem to be too complicated.

It is a nice playing pin.

I want one.
88 days ago
Uh.Maze.Balls! Amazing. Outstanding.

Balanced, fast, controllable. Easy to understand. Doesn't take an expert to hit the shots but you have to pay attention to them.

Wow this game is fun. Once you learn the battles and where to put the ball you can get multi ball and extra balls all day long.

Just flat out fun pinball.
3 months ago
This machine is first and foremost FUN! The art is top tier for sure. The rule structure is fantastic and not hard to grasp. The light show is decent, but replacing those red playfield LED's (actually all) with Sunlight, along with spots and a trough strip, goes a long way. The callouts and music are good.

Two of the most satisfying shots in Pinball, IMHO, are in this game as well; the right ramp AND especially the SNIKT ricochet shot for PF multipliers!

I'm hoping for at least one more code update to add more high score tables, with games like IMDN & JP2 having quite a few, I don't think it's asking too much.
3 months ago
I have a lot of games on the pro and few on the premium. The shots feel great on this game. This is a brilliant 2 flipper layout. I've never been into comic books, I had never heard of Deadpool before I played this game. Despite that the theme works and that's a rare thing for me with modern Stern pins. The artwork is gorgeous, animations and callouts are funny. But the main attraction is the gameplay, great fun!

My one criticism is the GI lighting. The GI lighting is weak. I find it too dark, particularly in the middle of the playfield.
3 months ago
Pretty good game for a newer stern , I wasn't a fan at first but it has improved much
3 months ago
This is an awesome game! I like the pace of the gameplay, combining speed with tactics. The katana ramp is very cool, the artwork and the playfield is beautiful and the colors are fantastic.

I really love the retro fighting game graphics on the display when you fight the diffrent villains, makes me thinking of playing Street fighter 2 om my super nintendo as a kid.

There is lots to do in Deadpool. Many diffrent shots, bad guys to fight and missions to complete.

I really recommend it!
4 months ago
Deadpool is a game I loved to hate for a long time. For some reason, I just really struggled to every shoot very well on it, but I've come to really like it. Although I think there are certain aspects of the rules that lead to very unbalanced scoring. At the same time the playfield multiples that I think cause much of this issue are from one of the great shots in pinball, the snikt shot. There have been games where I just get lucky and hit the snikt shot a couple times early on and blow it up because of the multipliers, but it's always a lot of fun. Each of the battles is unique and give enough variety in the game. I also really enjoy the art and the humorous callouts. All in all, Deadpool is definitely a game I would consider owning and alway will step up and play.
4 months ago
What a game. It never gets old and the call outs are amazing.. a must have if your a fan of Deadpool!!
5 months ago
I didn't connect with the films, and for that reason will never buy this game, but there is no doubt it's a blast to play!!!! Always look forward to playing at an arcade!
5 months ago
One of the best modern pinball machines I see a lot in location! Initially hated it because of it being too easy if set up normal (I thought it would be easy even if set up hard). Rules are pretty simple but never get old, but it's very hard getting to Mr. Sinister! Another thing I like about this pinball is that shots aren't similar to other machines. Artwork is well made too. The only thing I criticize about this machine is, like written before, that you have too long ball times if it's set up normal.
5 months ago
A great George Gomez layout, beautiful art by Zombie Yetti, and fun humor and music. This is one of the few modern Sterns that I would be thrilled to own.
6 months ago
Find a play, without knowing the rules set. They display is top notch and I enjoyed the conjunction of video and music/soundtrack.
6 months ago
When set up right, this machine is fun and fast and has some very rewarding shots.

Not a comic book guy, never saw the movies, but the theme is fun.

I love the 90s video game feel of this when it comes to the battles, etc.

Beautiful artwork and great call outs.

Only negative for me is that the sword ramp sometimes triggers my Avengers PTSD.

Great machine for the arcade and the home, methinks.
6 months ago
Enjoyed this game, the lighting, and commentary from the game during shots. Didn't play enough to learn the rule-set but enjoyed it a lot overall.
7 months ago
Great unique layout with several shots that are very satisfying. Good music and rules. One of the best of the newer Sterns.
7 months ago
This one ranks high.

Right from the start it's a gorgeous art package, from cabinet to backglass and playfield. A lot of attention has been paid to the playfield layout, structure and details. The ramps, toys and different theme-based gadgets, like the shuriken-shaped bumper caps, all make for a great looking pinball machine. I am especially impressed by the inside cabinet art/decor on the top end, together with cool and funny extras like the chimichanga truck, which I assume must look even more awesome in the 3D-LE-version of the game. The main features on the playfield, the Katana trail/lock ramp and the bobble head target/lock area are incredibly fun and work well with the whole theme.

Gameplay is rather fast, although not on the same insane level as Star Trek etc. There is a smooth flow and a wide variety of shots here.

The lighting effects on this game deserve to be mentioned. They are nothing short of amazing. I really can't think of any Stern from recent years that even comes close to this game in that aspect. What a great job and a very rewarding addition to the gameplay. Even the LCD-animations are top notch.

No real weak points here. I did however experience a couple of real strange airballs with one of them jumping from playfield up on the Katana-trail. Fun - but weird and hopefully something that is a result of unsufficent adjustments rather than poor playtesting. I'm not crazy about the Deadpool theme altogether, and that goes for the absurd humour as well. But this game really manages to make a colourful and a fun ride out of the whole story.
If I were to change or mod anything, I would replace those spring-like arms on the bobble head figure, they look more lame/cheap than cool. But thats about it from the cosmetical complaint department....

Summary: One of the best superhero games and second only to Spider-Man. This table outshines X-men, Transformers etc. with ease. The balance between gameplay, gimmicks, visual effects and overall smoothness is nearly perfect.
7 months ago
Damn near perfect. Not much to nitpick other than the sound package/speech, but that is because everything else is 10/10. Flow + Strategy + fun rules and layout. It reminds me a bit of LotR, but with shorter ball times and riskier shots. Has the one more game thing going for it more than any recent Stern. My fav of all the 2010's games.
8 months ago
I only know Deadpool from the films, not the comics, so I didn’t know anything about this pin until I saw it on location. The artwork and playfield caught my attention and I have played it dozens of times now over the past few weeks. I have to say, I really enjoy it. So much so that I bought a Premium, still waiting for delivery. This game is so much fun from the first ball. Love the music, call outs, shots, throwback video game effects, all of it. It is a little dark in the center of the playfield, especially with the lights low on location. It’s definitely a pin to try because it’s a blast.
8 months ago
Gomez knocked it out of the park. Excellent game.
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