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Game design: 8.417

Artwork: 9.041

Sounds/Music: 8.482

Other Aspects: 8.714

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16 days ago
I owned the pro and absolutely loved it. Kinda miss it actually. The theme, music and quirky animations along with the humor really make this pin a gem to own. I tend to like the spooky themes though so I sold it to fund another.
I could easily own one again. DP is fantastic pinball.
20 days ago
Deadpool, that machine that nobody wanted at first, after updating the game it has become a great machine, super fun, I don't think anyone who plays it has fun, important thing in a pinball, spectacular board, very good animations Difficult but understandable rules, as a whole it is a great machine, I recommend it to any player, whether expert or novice.
deadpool is a great machine
32 days ago
Great art work! Has really long ball times. Flow is alright. In this title you need the premium or LE pro lacks to much.
46 days ago
Just an incredibly fun game that has a layout like none other. Some say the right ramp (for kitana lock) is clunky. What’s great is that as long as you hit the shot and it rattles away from going all the way and locking in the kitana handle, you are still awarded the shot (not the lock). You have to hit the shot clean to lock it in the handle. Which is the way I prefer my games. No easy lock balls for multi ball! There are 8 great shots. All of which are very satisfying. Easy game to learn and although the code is not super deep, there are lots to do and the game doesn’t get stale. Play for battles and quests, play for dazzler multi ball, complete the little Deadpool modes, go for ninja multi ball. The latest code 1.05 is great. Oh and the art and sounds....the best you will see and hear. Add a couple of spotlights on the slings.
51 days ago
Nice pin, fun to play, good to look at. Stern did well with this theme.
63 days ago
Owned DP for a little while now and the amount of call outs still coming that I haven’t heard before is amazing this game really does mix it all up. Extremely fast flowing game that will keep you coming back for more the call outs are hilarious especially when sinking some drinks i have a collection of 7 machines and this is my go too no1 machine with JP a close 2nd (gnr coming) so that could change. No local machines available to view so I purchased this unseen & unplayed and went purely of other reviews and i have to admit they are all right this game can only get better with game code updates.
66 days ago
Deadpool may just be my favorite game of all time. It’s a perfect balance of everything you would ever want in a fun pinball machine. The Art and sound are exceptional in this pin, but this game really shines with its unique layout and exceptional personality. The code is top notch and I love the animations and the entire retro fighting integration.
83 days ago
Not the deepest game but a real fun playing game
89 days ago
All around fun machine that anyone at any skill level can enjoy
3 months ago
Best sounds/soundtrack in all of pinball. This game has grown on me. I wasn't sold at first but after about 20 games I fell in love.
3 months ago
One of the best all round packages in pinball I reckon. It's really hard to find any fault with it - its fast, super fun, sounds amazing, it's not frustrating (I find the difficulty to be pitched perfectly on this), and the code is great. Plus, it looks absolutely spectacular!

If I have one criticism it's that maybe the lighting doesn't really stand out...? Plus I could only get my hands on a pro and really want a premium or LE, but that's not the game's fault. :D
3 months ago
I finally added a DP Pro to my collection of other Sterns, a Bally's and a JJP. This game is unbelievably fun! I love the flow of the game, especially hitting that left ramp. It's hilarious in its callouts. The animations are really hip and retro-cool. Love the battle modes and various multi balls. Disco multi ball is just so freaking fun! I really picked mine up at a serendipitous time with the new code just being released! This game lacks nothing in my opinion and I'm having an insane amount fo fun playing it for hours on end.
3 months ago
This is my favorite pin so far!
3 months ago
Another one of those recent Stern machines that just nails everything. Sure the pro doesn't have the orbit shot or spinning disco ball but it still has the great gameplay, awesome animations, top notch voice work and smooth shots that we look for in a great table. Deadpool is truly the little hero who could, rising from obscurity to billion-grossing film franchise and now his own pinball machine. Breaking away from the movies and using original video game style artwork was a great idea and freed up the game to really make some interesting gameplay decisions. The only downside to the Pro is the plastic hero standups everywhere but thankfully there are decades of action figures of all the characters you can use to make the playfield really pop!
3 months ago
One of the best games Stern ever built. Fun, deep, and interactive. Lots of shot variations and great artwork. My only ding on the game is the backglass art, but I own it because of the gameplay, not how it “looks”. The latest code update really makes this game a must have, although it already was before too. Home run pin by Stern.
3 months ago
DP is a super fun pinball machine to play. There’s so much to do and figure out with this pin. I love the 16 bit graphics. I can’t wait to play it with the new code.
3 months ago
Fun for all family. The machine is beautiful peace in the collection. Nice and fun to play. The Katana ramp is a cool detail. There different multiballs modes and the Little Deadpool one is easy an make the game fun from the first ball.
3 months ago
Game shoots incredibly well. The katana shot is one of the best feeling shots in all of pinball. Modes are fun and music is good. Callouts could get old, but there are quite a few good ones. Excellent game.
4 months ago
The complete package of theme, shots, music, artwork and rules.

This is not the deepest or most complex game you'll play but for someone of my standard that's just fine. I've owned Jurassic Park Spike II and I'm nowhere near good enough to even get halfway through.

This is simple, make some shots, beat-up some of Deadpools enemies and play some multi-ball along the way.

The animations, call-outs & music are just perfect whilst the innovation of the sword ramp shot is excellent. The Ninjapocalypse combo is a joy to behold. I'm a massive fan of LOTR but Gomez may well have outdone himself with this offering.

Having never played the Premium I never really felt as if I was missing anything . . . you can't miss what you've never had.

In short this isn't a game of strategy with a massive rule-set, it's just wonderful pinball fun. If you're new to pinball and considering a newer machine then this really is the perfect introduction to the hobby.

I've owned the pro and have to say that the artwork on the cabinet and the playfield really made this machine stand out amongst the others.

I'm not sure if it's within forum rules but I've done a brief review on video.
4 months ago
Great Pin. Without a doubt this is George Gomez's magnum opus and his best pinball machine to date. The shots and theme are amazing and combined with Zombie Yetti's artwork makes this pinball a masterpiece! I own IronMaiden as well and I am honestly torn on which one of these two I like better. Without a doubt, this is one of the best pinball machines that Stern has ever made and in my opinion it is practically tied with Ironmaiden!
4 months ago
Deadpool is easily in my top five list. Love the art package, 16 bit art style, humor, and variety of shots. Yes, it does not have Ryan Reynolds doing the callouts, and yes the playtime can be lengthy if you are on a roll. For me, this game belongs in a three pin collection with at least one being more difficult. It does not come up for sale as often as other titles I notice, so owners aren’t turning them over as much.
4 months ago
Overall, a fun machine. Animation leaves some to be desired.
5 months ago
Game is rock solid, and works well as a theme. Great integration into the "90's style fighting games." I think that is really fun... Lots of "Mini" Wizard & usable breaks in the game (Sauron / Mechsuit Multiball / Disco Multiball)

I have take out Mr. Sinister (The Final Battle) at least 3 times. It is so gratifying... And HUGE Points if you can get there.

I don't usually work on the "Snikt!" shot too much, or my machine isn't adjusted properly or something... I just try to progress through the game. I love the small Colossus loop, and I rarely can hit it clean. It's a TIGHT shot. The spinners are so gratifying too. I love snapping the dazzler spinner.

I added:
PL shaker
LERMODS disco ball
COMET spotlight kit

The lighting, right out of the box, is ROUGH - it's not good. Way too dark to play with the lights off, in my mind.
But - at least that is an easy fix. The comets really help with that.

This game is one helluva crowd pleaser, though... people WANT to play this game...
Easy to hit "BATTLE" on each ball, and even for the causal player, you could end up fighting an enemy - and even getting to the first mini-wizard mode of "Sauron."

Also, there is a "Clean" version of the language and callouts... I have three youngsters, and I have it on the CLEAN version.

<<So, once you play this a ton - there is a definite strategy to it... How you approach each of the battles / how you use team ups, how you use your multiballs... As you go go through the game, you know how to get the game set-up to make your journey as risk-free as possible... but Once you get the "Table all set..." if you have one or two quick drains, it can make you just walk away from that third ball! ha... Conversely - If you get everything set-up just the way you want it... And things start happening, it goes REALLY well... I have beaten Mr Sinister many times, and it is still a fun game to play... though the game can get very repetitive - wouldn't recommend owning this if its your SOLE pin or if is, perhaps your crown-jewel in the collection. >>
5 months ago
It's a pretty fun game.
5 months ago
If you liked the movie then you'd like the design of the game. Thank you Button Mash.
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