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Game Design: 8.448

Artwork: 9.032

Sounds/Music: 8.466

Other Aspects: 8.712

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This is "Deadpool (Pro)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Premium), Deadpool (Limited Edition)

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2 days ago
What can be said about DP that hasn't already been said? It's a fun, fast, easy shooter, with some of the best music and callouts (thanks Nolan North!) in pinball. The ruleset is simple by today's standards and allows players to feel satisfaction when in a shooting groove. The sounds and scoring give lots of positive feedback to the player. When properly dialed in, DP has some good shots. The crossover ramp to the katana is always satisfying. George Gomez's layout is very fun to shoot.

Zombie Yeti's artwork is some of the best in pinball today. He captured each of the Marvel character's very well and shows how pinball art can look. This game has great music and top-notch voicework from Nolan North and all of it comes together to make a complete package.
7 days ago
Decent variation of shots, theme integration is good but is based on the comic books instead of the recent movies so since I'm not a comic book fan I'm sure there are a lot of story nuances I'm unaware of. I would prefer the movie theme assets and modes based on events in the film but this is my favorite comic-themed pin by far. The SNIKT shot is awesome, the katana lock and feed is perfect, better than the LOTR sword. The mode integration video game animations work really well with the shots the temptation to glance up at the LCD is strong on this game.
10 days ago
My second pinball machine. First was iron maiden pro which I loved. Thhi machine has fantastic art, callouts, music shots that just feel great. Family and friends prefered this game to iron maiden due to deadpools easy rules and unique combat style that made game play intuitive.

I have played the premium too and would give it better marks only for tge right return on the katana as the pro model is not consistent.

Highly replayable game that everyone will enjoy.
13 days ago
This is my favorite game of all time. The pro is absolutely stacked with features and honestly wouldn’t argue if you just slapped a premium label in this thing. The theme is perfect for me, up there with Rick and Morty. The gameplay is smooth and unique. Boss battles are fun and gives the player an experience beyond simply hitting a shot. Animations, music, lighting, art. It’s all phenomenal. Nothing bad to say about this machine. It’s as close to a perfect pinball as I’ve ever seen. This will be a permanent addition to my collection and I’m not looking back.
15 days ago
Great flip but it's not my favorite.
16 days ago
Well made game, very fun to play, good for novice players and experts. Pro is a good value highly recommend.
18 days ago
Tremendous pro package here with beautiful art, insanely good music and immersive theming. This one really sucks you in and makes you feel like you're part of Deadpool's universe. But once you're in that universe for awhile you start to realize it's a bit shallow - the biggest improvement to this game would be to add another couple modes and quests instead of just going after the same bad guys again. That redundancy was the main reason we let it go, but I'd love to see the team behind this one get another crack at a theme because that's where it shines.
21 days ago
This has been the third Stern I have owned. In the simplest of terms... “its just fun!” Rules are easy to pick up on, shots are fair but challenging.... multiballs are pretty attainable.

My family is not a bunch of pinheads...we play just for our own entertainment. This is has turned into the go to game to just have a good time on. Guests always gravitate towards it.

That Katana shot... gold.
22 days ago
Want to spend more time on it for sure but a visually gorgeous modern marvel pin with some unique layout features and fun speech/animation is a win in my book.
52 days ago
Really fun game with nice, long ball times (even as an average player). Fun call outs, good rules, and lastability.
61 days ago
So much bang for your buck here
3 months ago
This game is amazing. I’ve been playing it consistently for over a year and it never gets old! The artwork couldn’t be better, the call outs are funny and edgy, and the game play is fast and action packed. The Pro model is also a great bargain in this title. No complaints at all, but if there is one thing that might be improved to knock it totally out of the park it’s the video. I think there is a little opportunity there to kick it up a notch in subsequent code updates. Overall, very well done
3 months ago
I've played this at a few pin shows, I like it. The comic book/arcade fight scenes are entertaining
3 months ago
I like this pin.
3 months ago
Overall good Game But gets old fast in my opinion. Has no bash toys as a standup with a bracket on top is not a bash toy . Good code ,sounds animations . No real gimmicks here .
3 months ago
I love this game. I polled it against another Stern and it by far won the poll. I had never played it but bought it on everyone's word. Glad I listened. I fell in love the first time I played. It is my favorite game by far now and I have a large collection of solid pins.
3 months ago
This is honestly one of the best modern sterns. The pro version feels full featured, and the layout is really unique. Great ramps, but some of the shots are clumsy and clunky.

Still, it’s simple enough to understand, and defeating your opponents is VERY satisfying. It has a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat vibe and it works really well here.

Firepower sound effects are a fantastic fan service, and never get old.
3 months ago
Bought this because the price was right, let it go because it's a bit too... shallow after two months. Cool game, would rather have a premium due to the left loop. Layout is awesome, theme is done well.

Playing this on location is enough for me.

I don't always think deeper = better, but playing the same three missions over and over got tiring faster than I expected.
3 months ago
The game shoots well, some tight shots at first but you can get them dialed in eventually. I find the left ramps a bit clunky, the center left shot for multiple is rewarding when you hit it. The game plays fast and drains down the center if you are not careful. The art package from playfield, glass, and cabinet are incredible. I am a fan of the lighting on the game, it's perfect stock. The animations, and modes are pretty good, but also pretty standard. The sound and speech are well produced and enhance game play. Overall a fan of the game but definitely need more plays on it.
4 months ago
This game has it all. Great humor fun to flip, decent flow, fun multi-balls. It’s been in my collection for 2 years and it still gets played a lot. My only complaint is the red LED’s on the playfield, who ever thought that was a good idea needs to take a class in lighting. Thank you comet for that fix.
4 months ago
Very fun game when you play in multi balls on this game you got your hands full
4 months ago
I wish this was based on the Ryan Reynolds Movie pin, not the comic. Reynolds callouts would have matched the excellent game play so much better. Instead of that paying that licensing fee, it is clear Stern spent the money on the PF and this is a good trade off. The pin is packed with a lot of features. 3 banks of drop targets, 2 spinners, the Katana Sword, stand up targets Hell House scoop and more. Bang for buck, this is one of the pro models that has a lot of game play with very little lost over the premium/LE models.
4 months ago
Not a Deadpool fan really, but this game is great. I love the unique layout. My drop targets keep having issues though.
5 months ago
I owned the pro and absolutely loved it. Kinda miss it actually. The theme, music and quirky animations along with the humor really make this pin a gem to own. I tend to like the spooky themes though so I sold it to fund another.
I could easily own one again. DP is fantastic pinball.
5 months ago
Deadpool, that machine that nobody wanted at first, after updating the game it has become a great machine, super fun, I don't think anyone who plays it has fun, important thing in a pinball, spectacular board, very good animations Difficult but understandable rules, as a whole it is a great machine, I recommend it to any player, whether expert or novice.
deadpool is a great machine
There are 177 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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