Deadpool (Pro) (Stern, 2018)

Deadpool (Pro)

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Game design: 7.45

Artwork: 8.877

Sounds/Music: 8.069

Other Aspects: 7.959

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7 days ago
After playing several games I never got that feeling of "I need to play this more". I think the game just lacks the flow and excitement that I find in other games. While I love the artwork on everything this game offers, I also thought the LCD animations and a bit lame and cheesy looking when compared to other games like walking dead and Iron Maiden.
It didnt take long for me to realize that this is not a game I would add to my collection.
11 days ago
Played the pro and was blown away on how much fun this game is. I'm thinking of adding one after the 5 games I put on it, I love the 90's fighter style animations, the call outs are great and I love the artwork. I'm not a comic book guy but this one I'd buy just simply on the playfield and the flow of the game.
13 days ago
So I traded my MET Pro that I put about 2500 plays on for a practically brand new Deadpool Pro from some rich dude. I have about 100 good plays on it so far and I have mixed feelings.

I really like the game but I feel like they really still have a long way to go with the rules. There could be so much more to the game than there is and whats up with the no extra ball. Well really hard to get extra ball? They really need to come up with a update and also keep track of more high scores. My MET kept track of all kinds of in game mode high scores. I mean come on we play to beat high scores. And then again I will complain about the stern quality again. Already have pitting on this machine. Again people seem to keep justifying this by saying a pinball is harder than wood. Well I have two other machines with thousands of plays and there is no pitting on the play field so why stern keeps putting machines out with play fields they know and don't care about pitting blows my mind.

Now with that being said the game is a lot of fun and I dont feel bad about my choice. I know people arent going to like it when I say this but I think MET is a little over rated on this site. I put up some monster scores but it was really are to stay consistent with it and it takes a beating. This machine is holding my attention and I like a lot of the features. I will be patient with the updates because I know they have to be coming. I think with a few updates this machine could really be one of the best machines of there. And it looks great. And I came out ahead in the deal so that helps too I think haha. Mine came with a light up topper and under cabinet lighting and the MET pro I traded didnt really have to many big mods like that but was very very well taken care of.
19 days ago
One of the best at the moment !
19 days ago
For me, exactly the opposite of Iron Maiden :
- Art, sound, animation, theme... everything is top notch, maybe even above GB.
- I just can't get the flow... Not bad, but far to be as good as Iron Maiden.
So, finger crossed, next Stern pin will be as fun to play as IMDN and as beautiful as DP :)
30 days ago
Badly wanted to love this game but after playing it for a few weeks I was turned off :(
35 days ago
Great fun with outstanding art across the board. Strong variation in music and fallouts. Great toys and layout mechs. Can’t always tell where I’m supposed to shoot or where upgrade are coming from, but eager to learn and play it more
39 days ago
This game can be choppy at times, shots feel clunky, it’s got a wayyyy too easy of a multi ball, not a huge diversity in gameplay modes- but all that being said, I find myself being drawn to this machine. Maybe it’s how quirky and fun the Deadpool theme is (think less of the movies and more of the comics) and how “meta” the whole machine feels- but there is something fun about it. Definitely not a “pro” machine; but rather, one to play with your friends on a Friday night!
40 days ago
I was surprised at how much I actually enjoy this game. The callouts are very funny and in line with the character of Deadpool and the shots are really nice. The katana ramp is a very unique shot and it's very satisfying to make. It can be sorta clunky at times which is a huge bummer but it works enough to still be satisfying. The only other shot that isn't great is the left orbit. The shot is very makeable and the spinner is satisfying to hit but unfortunately on the pro the ball just gets stopped at the top lanes when you hit the left orbit, making is sorta lead to nowhere. On the premium this is fixed to feed the right flipper which is great. If on the pro it just looped to the right orbit the layout and flow would be much better. The rules are the part of this game that is slightly lacking. I really enjoy what they have so far, but There are only 5 main modes and then a couple multiballs and 2 wizard modes. It's a decent amount but I wish there was a bit more in the game to do cause I could see the current code getting old fast. Animations are very mixed for me because I absolutely love the idea of a 16 bit style but it sadly wasn't done to the fullest meaning it goes from the best pinball animations ever to just great. Some of the animations such as when Deadpool gets into the time machine truck to go on a quest are blurry and ruin the pixel style cause it blends together. I don't know the resolution of the display, or what limitations they had, but if the animations were sharper in quality I think it would have made a huge difference. Also, I personally cannot stand the mini Deadpool animations. I respect whoever put their work into them, and i certainly couldn't do any better but the mini Deapool animations look very out of place with the rest of the main animations and they are very choppy and cheesy and it doesn't look good. Changing the mini Deadpool animations to something that closer matched the other 16 bit style would go a long why in my personal opinion. In conclusion this game is one of, if not my number one, favorite games of Sterns recent titles which is saying something when Iron Maiden preceded this game. This game is amazing with the few minor gripes I stated.
40 days ago
This game is so much fun, every one I have played The lock/ katana ramp shot has been easy to hit, not a serious pin but hey there are to many of them already, the fighting aspect of the rules is a great idea and wow this would have to be the best looking stern so far jeez I want one!!
42 days ago
The artwork is great, the animations are great. The layout is interesting, but most of the shots are very tight, and unsuccessful shots happen more often than not.

The call-outs mainly focus on comedy and entertainment. There are very few suggestions to the player on what to shoot for next.

It probably takes about a dozen or so plays before you begin to understand a few of the rules.
48 days ago
Man I love this one. I wasn't a deadpool fan, but I liked arcade/fighting aspect, which seems to divide opinions.
Layout is refreshingly new.

One month after it's release the code is already very good. Stern is doing a great job!

Zombie Yeti art is 11/10.
Sound Music 10/10
Animations 10/10

Not so good:
Shots/flow 7/10 - A bit clunky and choppy.

Other games look pretty cheap after this (Iron Maiden and Ghostbusters being exception).
55 days ago
I am loving this game. It has an original layout and the shots are fun. Hitting that right loop to upper ramp on the fly is super satisfying. The playfield multiplier ricochet shot off the "snickt" target to the ramp is very cool too. I like the fact that the main multiball is not a "gimmie" like most games. You have to earn those locks and make the shots. I do brick occasionally on the Colossus shot but it just helps improve my accuracy. The callouts are great but there should be a few more as I can see them getting a little old. The Art is just amazing!! Maybe a little too red but hey it's Deadpool!
61 days ago
I haven't played the premium yet, so I can't personally weigh the difference between the two. But I've played a fair amount on the pro on two different machines and they both felt a bit clunky and awkward to me. Some shots are decent, but 2 or 3 are just meh. I don't care for that tiny inner loop left of the battle scoop. It seems to reject or deflect balls rather than accept them properly. Lots of airballs on the second machine I played. The sword ramp is a clever variation on LOTR, and the mini Deadpool ball lock is fun, if a bit too close. Overall, I felt it was average to slightly below for someone not familiar with the theme. For fans, I'm sure this has more appeal. There is just so much less to this game than games made a few years ago. Compare what's going on with this playfield with that of TAF, or TOM, or TOTAN or LOTR or TSPP, to name a few. Bally/Williams and earlier Stern were more complex. Maybe less is more is the idea? Or, cheaper and cheaper is the idea, and focus on making it a video game with lots of code and LCD material. Same with Star Wars and BM66. Dressed-down playfields, but more focus on video content and rules. I like the old DMD games with more engineering and mechs. Artwork is eye-popping, as it was with BM66. In short, the gap between JJP and Stern would have been small years ago, but is quite noticeable today. Although price does reflect that.
62 days ago
The flow hurt my review. Although the art and music are so so so good, some shots are just a pain in the butt to hit consistently. I hope that everyone that bought this loves it for a long time. But I don't think this one is for me long term.
62 days ago
Game is clunky and nothing will fix that. Code is shallow and repetitive, hopefully can improve with updates. Art and music are awesome. It's got a long way to go to be much more than mediocre at this point.
63 days ago
Good game, looking forward to having a go on a premium or LE! True to the Marvel themed games.
77 days ago
Top notch artwork, and a theme that I really love. Shoots fine but not the smoothest game ever. What holds it back for me is a lack of toys on the playfield. Great game to play on location for sure.
77 days ago
I had a few plays on location. Overall, I did enjoy the feel of the game. As with all new releases, the code is early and I expect it to get better with time. I did wish the theme was a bit grittier, like deadpool as a whole. The shots felt satisfying, artwork was very nice. Solid work Stern.
83 days ago
Game software is buggy at this time as expected. The Ninja lock shot has to be dialed in perfect of results in many clunks and missed shots. The scoop sometimes registers a ball, sometimes award points/mode starts, other times does nothing but sit in scoop awaiting a ball search.

When game is working it is a fun shooter. Artwork package is good, sounds are ok even though the Firepower/Defender sounds are way out of place. The video assets are so 1970's except for the 4th wall graphics. Will rerate when software matures and scoop problem is fixed.
85 days ago
I'm not crazy about new pins generally, but Deadpool is an exception. I've been hooked on this one ever since playing it for the first time 2 weeks ago. I seem to get multi ball at least once every game, which definitely keeps the game fun. Some of these new games I play once or twice and "nothing happens" so I don't feel the need to play it again.

I also really like the soundtrack for this game, and some of the callouts are clever/funny.
85 days ago
I've got about ~30 games on this now and the rule-set isn't complete but the game is super fun to play, it's beautiful, and the theme integration is top-notch. I dig the shots and I like how difficult the right ramp shot is. You can definitely feel the difference when you hit the ball just right and it flies up into the ball-lock. I'm excited to see what happens as the game makes its way to V1.0.

Would love to see the game let you run multiple modes a bit easier. For ex. When you lock in Lil'Deadpool, you should be able to start a mode and THEN initiate lil'deadpool multi-ball. The call-outs are lacking and repetitive. Would like some better humor in upcoming versions. Maybe some call-outs that talk about Stern not having enough money to get Spider-Man licensing? Deadpool has a serious bromance with Spider-man in the comics. And I don't think this is going to happen, but an "adult" mode where Deadpool is a bit more himself would be good. Doesn't have to swear, I don't think swearing is what makes Deadpool 'R' rated, but some better adult oriented humor. Maybe a few sexual innuendos that are a bit "deeper" than your cliched ball jokes? Maybe licensing is the issue with Deadpool not seeming "like" Deadpool in the game? Pinball is such a geeky sport, you'd think a few people in Stern would have been a bit more familiar with Deadpool from the comic books and made sure he felt like Deadpool in the final product.

The game looks like Deadpool, it plays fun, the voices are solid... the call-outs just don't FEEL like Deadpool. Stern has (@0.84) really missed the mark trying to make Deadpool a family friendly game. Absolute wrong theme to attempt that on. Comparable to making a family friendly Rick and Morty or Archer table. They’re all ‘R’ rated characters from ‘R’ rated media. Sigh...

I'll re-review at V1.0.
86 days ago
Big disappointment.
3 months ago
Solid game. BEAUTIFUL to look at IMO. WAY too easy. Should be funnier. Should be dirtier. Still not bad.
3 months ago
I rate the PRO higher than the LE for good reason... Stern is ripping off people even offering an LE. I added side blade art to my PRO and guess what it looks nearly exact to the LE. Different artwork on the machine doesn't justify paying over 3k more. Getting two plastic toys you could buy off ebay for $5.00 doesn't justify paying 3k more. Powder coating it red also doesn't justify... pure and simple there is almost NO difference between the PRO and LE.

This is a fun game and for $5700 worth every penny. Great game. Avoid the LE because its not worth the extra money.
There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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