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Other Aspects: 8.168

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There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
I Do like this game i hate the theme though and that is important to me. I played this side by side with a Munsters pro and i found the Munsters a lot harder and this very easy i got 220 million on my first ever game. I would own it if i could afford it but we are so spoilt for choice. Overall if you bought this you would be happy. Good Flow and Good shots.
12 days ago
Great game. I like the lay out. I could do without some of the call out's. I still need to update the code so it may help. Great game all in all.
45 days ago
I was surprised by how much I like Deadpool. My goodness I keep crediting and crediting. I think the call outs would become repetitive and the enjoyment of the humour may not last. That being said, I really enjoy the humour and the fun it adds!

The art is a knock out hit!

I had zero trouble hitting the rear ramp (with the right side entrance) which surprised me. I didn't expect I'd be able to make the ramp but my third opportunity to shoot the ramp, boom right up and locked in the katakana. Its not a fan layout and thank goodness it isn't! Something different!

If I was in the market for a NIB, this machine would be high on the list to consider.
48 days ago
I was really impressed with this title. I thought the theme was done as well as it could be based on the movie. Ryan Reynold's call outs are as quirky as they are in the movie. I thought the shots were rewarding and there was a lot of variety in how to play the game. The Ninja multi-ball ramp is difficult without a strong flipper and good shot. To me, the game felt a lot like Metallica in the way that you could control the ball with the flippers. Overall, I really enjoyed this title and would consider swapping it out for my MET Pro if the opportunity came up.
48 days ago
Recently picked up one from a fellow Pinside Member. This pin fills a void in my otherwise guy oriented pinball machine lineup. My wife likes it, so you know how that goes... I like the Bobble Head Toy and the red GI lighting. Overall gameplay has been somewhat difficult for me, which is a good thing. It keeps me coming back. I like the many modes, three at first (plus the ability to not select a mode) then the other two which you have to work for. That is a total of six modes. One of the best values on a pro model in recent times.
50 days ago
One of the best games I ever played as home pin. Super fun, fast, easy to understand - theme and music just makes it a masterpiece!
53 days ago
It’s a fun game. Some games can be long, I have noticed game play is different from location to location. Game needs to be dialed in well for all shots to be fluid.
55 days ago
I have played DP Pro at locations all over. The cabinet, are and backglass look much better in person. Some lighting issues in a dark room (especially with disco multiball). Gameplay isn't consistent as others have said, the game needs to be dialed in well for the shots to pay off. Code seems to keep getting better to make this game shine. I feel with each code release, it is become more enjoyable to play. Ball times can be long, but if you know what you are doing, on a well dialed machine isn't that the case anyway? The drawbacks on this machine are early code and clunky shots if it isn't dialed in just right. Theme, I would prefer an adult rated version but hey, it is what it is. The katana and lil Deadpool are pretty awesome. There are plenty of things to shoot for on this pro, which IMO makes this a great value pin for the money.
56 days ago
Not so bad!
56 days ago
I am not a Deadpool fan, so I wasn't expecting much with this pin. I was surprised that I actually liked the artwork and the playfield. I liked the lighting especially in a darkened setting. Game seems quite a good player, bit confused with some of the rules, quite a drain monster, a wee bit clunky, the ball seemed to jump around a lot. I didn't like the animations on the LCD, seemed lazy and cheap. Would like to have spent more time on it, just enough feel to have that one more shot type of game. A better Stern than most.Overall worth spending a few of your hard earned on.
59 days ago
Good shots, though weird shooter lane capture. Could have used more variation in battles - eg 5 possible instead of 3. I don’t care for the playfield art. Fun game, has the potential for improvement on code updates.
68 days ago
I like the battles but feel they are a bit long and very difficult to conquer. I'm sure with practice that would change. Not a difficult game overall. It's a newer game. I like that
75 days ago
So I've been considering buying this game for a while now. I've played it many times at my local dealer... it's a tough call.

First off, I see no reason to buy the premium or LE models. I'm sure some do, but frankly, they all play nearly identical to me. Differences not worth the added price of the higher models, IMHO.

So let's go over the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Edit: I bought it ;).

The Good:

1. The artwork is amazing. I wanted to hate it - because I'm not really a fan of the color red - but somehow, the artist made it beautiful anyway. Cabinet, playfield, backglass... all amazing. 11/10.

2. The 16-bit fighting game animations and interactivity are well done. Nostalgia factor is A+. This is a great use of the LCD display, and adds an extra dimension to the game.

3. The 270 degree ramp shot - while a bit clunky at times - is so different and interesting, it really adds to the game and makes it feel unique.

4. The bobblehead is amusing. Don't know why, but it is.

5. Music is A+. There's a lot of variation - it doesn't get so repetitive.

6. This game is just FUN. It's bright, fast, and the callouts are slapstick amusing. The feel of the game is excellent.

The Bad:

1. The rules are convoluted and a bit... off. Then again, I don't know which software version the machine was running, and I am told there were improvements to it. It wasn't horrible, mind you. Still fun. Just... off somehow.

2. While the 16-bit fighting game animations were excellent... the little Deadpool animations were a bit off in terms of style. Not horrible but... oddly jarring. Stern is getting better at using their LCD displays, but they aren't anywhere near Jersey Jack's quality when it comes to this, and it shows. Deadpool is one of Stern's best attempt so far, though.

The Ugly:

1. The layout is a bit clunky. Not bad, mind you. But I jumped the ball twice at the showroom, and that is unusual. I think Gomez was trying really hard to make a unique and different layout and... almost succeeded. Actually... kinda-sorta did succeed. It's a solid B+ in gameplay, but just isn't QUITE at the top level of pins. Despite this, it's really fun to play anyway, and I'm not entirely sure why. I should be more frustrated with clunky bricked shots and missed ramps than I really am.

2. While I enjoy the nostalgia and 16-bit theme... and the slapstick humor and bad puns... this is NOT for everybody. Pretty sure my wife hates this pin - and I haven't even bought it yet. OTOH my son (4 years old - and loves pinball because I've always had pins in the house since he was born) thinks it's the most amazing thing he's ever seen. So I foresee mixed opinions on this.

Overall, I like it and am mulling over buying it. It's not as smooth of a shooter as Iron Maiden, but I like the theme and LCD animation and integration a helluva lot more. So, IMHO, it's the best of current production Sterns, but only just barely.
86 days ago
This game is a blast! Probably one of the most fun and adrenaline rushing games out there. At first glance it doesn't look like there is a lot of variation but there are tons of shots in this game. The theme is dead nuts perfectly applied. Stern hit a home run with this machine!
3 months ago
Decent game. I played this a dozen times in an arcade. It was a noisy area, so I did not rate the sounds as I could not hear them. The shots seemed easy to me. I had just played a JJP before this one, and the flippers seemed of less built quality. It felt to me as more of a toy pin than a commercial grade game.
3 months ago
Finally got this in my collection. Very colorful game with some really cool shots. Love the sword. The animations could have been better. The animations get boring pretty quick but the game is fun to play. Naive addition to a collection
3 months ago
Great flow and lots of fun. Fast but not ridiculous. Play one whenever i get the chance
3 months ago
There is a Deadpool pinball on location that I have been playing. Each time I find that it is really growing on me. I could be mistaken, but I feel like it is not so much just a Deadpool theme, as it is a 'Deadpool hangin' at the Arcade' theme. Like all he wants to do is play pinball and some ninjas show up! Pretty cool. I was never a huge comic book fan, but always respected what they were all about. This pin, I think, goes beyond just another comic book related theme. It felt like much more and it's a lot of fun. The arcade I was playing it at was very loud but I could hear just enough of the music and sounds to really get a good experience. I really like the mix of old throwback sounds of games from the past. Everything was done with such thought, right down to the Match sequence that references the Price is Right (a show I used to watch as a kid when I was home from school for the summer.) The 90s style video game fighting scenes were very well done. I like that it had 16-bit kinda look to it. Another throwback to my youth.

The layout is one of the most interesting ones out there. I can't think of another layout that closely resembles this one. I really enjoy the shot variety and, although it wasn't entirely clear what I was shooting for, it was still very satisfying to play.

Artwork is excellent. This machine is very bright and colorful and it makes it a really inviting pin to play. I'm glad it's not too much of a toy overload. The Pro really holds it's own. Love the bank of drop targets. Sword ball path is really cool.

So despite my minimal experience with comics, I still felt a connection to this theme. I think the design team did an awesome job by making this pin so much more than what we've seen before. Obviously people have been wanting a more R-rated style pin. I think this pin still holds its own and is fun for people of all skill levels. Definitely my favorite Stern pin at the moment.
3 months ago
I guess you need to be a fan of the theme as game just didn't have me wanting to keep playing.

Great art package.
3 months ago
I have never changed my mind so much about a machine after repeated plays. (Dialed In is a close second)I'll never be a big fan of the theme but this machine is amazing for really making its modes feel meaningful. The gameplay experience is HIGHLY dependent on the katana ramp shot functioning smoothly!
3 months ago
I played about 10 games on a pro today.
I’m a big Deadpool fan so I love the theme. I like that the layout is a bit different.
The call outs and music are cool.
The display I like.
Over all very nicely done.
My only criticism is some of the shots don’t flow as well as I would like.
Not the best stern has done but a solid game.
3 months ago
This machine keeps me coming back for more. The shots are tough and satisfying. The shout outs are way cool. They should make an R version for the shout outs.
4 months ago
After playing several games I never got that feeling of "I need to play this more". I think the game just lacks the flow and excitement that I find in other games. While I love the artwork on everything this game offers, I also thought the LCD animations and a bit lame and cheesy looking when compared to other games like walking dead and Iron Maiden.
It didnt take long for me to realize that this is not a game I would add to my collection.
4 months ago
Played the pro and was blown away on how much fun this game is. I'm thinking of adding one after the 5 games I put on it, I love the 90's fighter style animations, the call outs are great and I love the artwork. I'm not a comic book guy but this one I'd buy just simply on the playfield and the flow of the game.
4 months ago
I bought DP Pro a week ago NIB and it's my 2nd pin. I only own High Speed, so getting a NIB for me was a big deal. My wife had me on a budget of 4k, but she's a big DP fan and when I showed it to her, she caved and let me pull the trigger. I LOVE the theme and comic book just looks so damn good. I immediately experienced the Katana ramp shot difficulty. Some games, that ramp is butter and I think it's dialed in nicely. Other games it's as tough as when I first got it out of the box, pre adjusted. I think the machine AND the player need to be dialed in to hit that ramp consistently, but it's such a cool shot that it shouldn't be super easy to hit over and over again. I hit it probably 50% of the time.
The LCD fighting animations are great. I might be in the minority but I love Lil DP. Some people don't like the randomness of the videos from what I've read, but it's's supposed to be off the wall!
I do have some dimpling already which is a little annoying, but i'm not really worried about it.
The light show with the time travel modes look awesome after the code updates. Scoring seems a little stingier, but I'm still learning.
So all in all, this is one of the more fun pins that I've played.
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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