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Game design: 7.814

Artwork: 8.511

Sounds/Music: 7.95

Other Aspects: 8.17

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19 days ago
Shooter lane drop ramp to complete left orbits adds a ton of flow!
20 days ago
Crazy fun game.
Fantastic unique layout.
Get that Katana ramp set up well and the shot is one of the best, especially from a plunge or orbit.
64 days ago
So. Much. Fun. Can’t. Stop. Playing.
74 days ago
Really loving this game. Setup is key to make shots smooth. The theme and Zombie Yeti artwork are fantastic! The sounds, lights, features are all great. The code last code update really made a difference. I really dig the animation style and the call outs are really good and fitting for the comic version of Deadpool. Once you get the right setup, the katana shot is great!
3 months ago
Played the Pro at a Pinfest event when they were first released and just kept coming back. It was great fun, and despite two machines, there was always a queue.

Bought the Premium as soon as it was available and have not been disappointed. Great theme and fantastic game play.
5 months ago
Deadpool rocks! Im not a superhero theme fan, but I did love the movies. DP has the same humor, (its very funny) and lots of variety in the battle mods and multiballs. The art is great, the shots satisfying and challenging, the rules are deep enough to be interesting, but easy enough to explain a simple version to guests so they enjoy it too.
Highly recommended for the game play; even more so if the theme has appeal.
6 months ago
fun game, modes, callouts, etc. are great, well thought out & integrated nicely.
interesting shots that are pretty cool when made, diverter is a great add on (keeps the ball going).

There aren't really any risky shots and it feels like you have a lot more time to react to a ball that is in danger based on the design of the playfield (a little more open and nothing shooting it back at you, Drops slowing the side to side down).
For the purposes of why I got it this is great, because it extends ball times.

For me personally, not so much, I like a little risk in games. Kind of like the bell on AC/DC, Simple yet effective.
I'm not great at pinball at all, but it felt like the modes were pretty easy to get through. Based on that I'm not sure I'd keep it in a home setting for very long.
6 months ago
So. Fun. Great game!
6 months ago
Deadpool is the first game from George Gomez that we have seen since Avengers.

The Pros:
The FanMan has learned from his Avengers lesson and has put together an interesting Fan/NotFan layout that has lots to do and some simple ideas that are very well implemented. This design is different for him in 2 very important ways. The 270 degree loop shot to the upwards facing super jackpot shot is way sweet! The rules as they stand seem to be stable and well balanced. The multiple skill shots are appreciated. The animations, quotes and playfield artwork is in line with the rude and intelligently obnoxious character that Deadpool is. You get to battle a super-shark and a dinosaur in this game. The videogame is another way to break the 4th wall and have fun. The drop targets on the sides of the skin make a huge difference. The standups are good, but 11 drop targets are much better than three. Also, the inverted ramp that takes the shot all the way around the playfield and then feed it back to the right in line is very well done. There aren't too many ramps that I know of that work from the top of the game down, this one does. Well played George. George The katana ramp harkens back to the Master Zale designs of the late 60's and early 70's. Rather brilliant actually...

1) It is not a straight fan like most of his designs
2) It does not feel clunky like Avengers.
3) Deadpool preem/LE has a spinning disco ball.
4) More drop targets are more betta. Especially on the lower PF.

The Cons:
You'd better like the color red.

The Takeaway:
A great layout with fantastic character theme and lots to do. I know the rules will be refined with time, but Stern is doing a great job with releasing games that have solid code from day 1. Well played Stern!

Even with the few changes made to the software, this game's rules are showing more balance and polish. Hitting the 4 hero shots to add to the features during the villain battles are a great way to get the players to keep shooting the entire table. This kind of building of resources is a great way to balance a game and it will be interesting to see how this can be adjusted (esp. for tourneys). The katana ramp REALLY needs to be tuned to flow, but when it is... it is a very satisfying shot. While this can be frustrating on location, it should be a non-issue for the home owner who has the time to really get this shot adjusted. The villain challenges are varied and require some dangerous shots to complete the different characters. Shot variety is good as is the Deadpool bobblehead drop target trap. I have actually had the center drop up only and a missed ball will enter on one side of it, bounce off the geometry of the rubbers in the chamber in front of the standup and come screaming down the pf towards the flippers. Game times tend to be long. This game may benefit from a tight tilt, open outlanes and lightning flippers. While the rules are not "deep" they are entertaining and should offer a great deal of fun once you get to Mr. Sinister. Beating up on dinosaurs and sharks is always a hoot. And for those who don't "get" the humor of this game, please consider reading the comic book. The movie does a good job of staying true to the character as well. I understand that not everybody has this kind of a sense of humor. And I believe there is a "family mode" for the easily offended. Lighten up people, it's just a pinball game!
7 months ago
Nice alternate artwork on cabinet and backglass. Not much difference in play between pro.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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