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Game Design: 8.624

Artwork: 8.929

Sounds/Music: 8.561

Other Aspects: 8.781

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This is "Deadpool (Premium)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Pro) (regular version), Deadpool (Limited Edition)

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There are 117 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 hours ago
This game has been my favorite game for a long while. I love the red and the katana sword. Very fun game. Not too easy but not hard is right in between. Great game overall.
2 days ago
EXTREMELY fun game. I had the pro and let it go knowing I would get it back later in a premium. A year later I have done exactly that. I absolutely love this game. It is one of the BEST of all time. It has a replay factor that is unreal. Only points off for me is that it could use some added playfield spotlights which I plan on adding. Just a tad dark. Gameplay wise, the combos are endless and the tight loops all feel so frickin good it just doesn't get old. The combos during multiball are insane. The music changes are cool and the modes are completely fun and satisfying. Then we have HUMOR. Deadpool is a fantastic character for pinball imo. It just works.
Deadpool is a keeper in nearly any size collection.
29 days ago
Feels like playing a NES fighting game but with pinball. Funny, great shots, and that mini deadpool feels really good to bash. Don't really like the voice of deadpool that much although the more I play it he is starting to grow on me.
52 days ago
This game makes me think of LOTR, but that makes sense since some of the people who designed LOTR designed this game. Love the colors, the art is super cool and the game play and animations just make the game come full circle. A great game!
63 days ago
Great game and a lot of fun.
73 days ago
Beautiful looking machine. The Katana is so cool and the art package is excellent. Gameplay is just ok for me but the ruleset is pretty good. The one thing bringing this machine down for me and its a BIG thing is the katana lock shot. That shot is pure crap. If you don’t hit it just right it can never make the turn and make it up the left ramp. I would never purchase this machine just for that reason alone. That shot feels clunky.
75 days ago
WOW Such a amazing game. At first I didn't feel I needed the premium until I actually played a premium and instantly placed a order for one. It took over a year but so glad that I have this game and this game is bolted to the floor forever.
88 days ago
Played at Pinballz in Austin. Really enjoyed the call outs, music, & fantastic art work. Unlike other reviewers, I kind of liked the animated Lil’ Deadpool. Just one more example of the self-deprecating humor of the movies. Really had fun with gameplay. Playfield has several nice shots, multiball is great fun with call outs triggered almost simultaneously- sensory overload is sensational!
3 months ago
This game would be perfect except for the fact it gets a tad repetitive feeling. It's not terribly repetitive, so that's the only slight knock I have on it. Otherwise, super fun, satisfying shots that are unique, fantastic music and callouts, excellent (possibly the best ever!) artwork. I just figured I'd start with my only slight gripe because otherwise it could be the best game ever made.
4 months ago
Practically perfect. Themewise, you know you have a hit when wolverine is a supporting character. This is a very fun machine with great rules and a wonderfully playing field. Hitting the twisting shot up into the Katana lock is great, the long orbit on the premium is even better.

The adoption of video-game mechanics on the LCD really nail DPs signature 4th wall breaking narrative style. Great Machine.
4 months ago
Played this a bunch more and now really, really like the game, Great gimicks and great Fun!!!
5 months ago
I would put this up with Iron Maiden in terms of the newer Stern machines. I didn't like Deadpool at first but I was finally able to play it for a couple hours and now its one of my favorites. The battles are tons of fun and give the game a ton of character. I am not a huge Deadpool fan (I don't dislike him) but the theme is whatever to me, same with Godzilla but they are both so good! I think the game is a little too "red" for my tastes but I get it. I am definitely considering adding this one to my collection!
5 months ago
Deadpool Premium is a great game. Most people will recommend the pro version of the game, due to the cost of the Premium. I would say if you can afford the Premium, go with the Premium over the Pro version. The loop shot that the left orbit adds feeding the right flipper completely changes this game. Don't get me wrong, if you get a Pro, you will still have a blast. If Deadpool is the pin you want to bolt to the ground and never let go, I think you need the Premium. The battles in the game are really satisfying to complete, and the addition of the team-ups to make them easier was a great idea. The Snikt shot is really satisfying to hit, it's hard to think of a more satisfying shot at the moment. Mechsuit multi-ball is really fun as well. The Jackpot callout is great during that multi-ball. If you are looking for a pin that is straight forward from a rules perspective this is the pin for you. Unlike Avengers Infinity Quest, you won't need to pull out your 32 page rule sheet to figure out what is next. Not knocking AIQ as it is one of my favorite pins. Deadpool is the pin, you go to play when you just want to go flip and not have to think too much.
5 months ago
Not really into deadpool but played this pin and had to have one. Great flow rules arent the deepest but always a lot of fun
5 months ago
Deadpool is legitimately good! Not a particularly deep game, you basically set up fights and work through them. And the callouts are very annoying, but overall a really solid game.

The 16-bit feel of the game is charming, and the playfield is accessible. There’s not great flow, but everything you have to hit on the board is fair.

There are some games that are a high wire act like TMNT. That’s not Deadpool. It’s easy, fun, accessible and reasonably deep. Not every pin needs to be difficult!
5 months ago
If I needed to sum up this game in a single word, it would be "Wow"

This game has some great flow and some very interesting shots. I really enjoy the calls out and way this game turns the concept of a super hero flight into pinball shots.

The music is not the greatest, but it is not a rock game to it suffices. This one will be in my collection a long long time.
5 months ago
This game doesn't get old. I also love how the pro is just as much fun to play as the LE or Premium. Thanks STERN for making something this much fun accessible to the masses.
5 months ago
Hands down one of the most fun pins I own if not the most fun in my collection Jurassic Park Star Wars Walking Dead and guns and roses are all challenges and special in their own way but this game is Just bonkers fun crazy shoots amazing perfect 10 for me
7 months ago
I find this game to be very "clunky" and not smooth. Didn't last long in my collection. Very over rated in my opinion. I had a NIB Premium for a few weeks. Meh.
7 months ago
mega fun... we can not stop to play! only the disco ball ... to hard to turn on! please fix this issue on the premium one!
8 months ago
Fun pin that I had for a while. I think it is rated a bit too high . There are not as many satisfying shots as some of the other newer pins and some older pins as well. Still fun but I prefer the 3 flipper Sterns with more shots.
9 months ago
So the first time I played this game was at PHF in Vegas. Played 2 games early code and never wanted to play it again. Also to note you could barley hear the pin. Fast-forward a few years and I got to play again and was blown away, just wow. I could not believe it this game was rocking!!! After one good game of a dialed in DP and I was hooked. Never judge a book by it cover. Now I know many people are going to say they liked this out the gate but im not a huge fan of DP / Ryan and for some reason the comedy is just OK for me. So when this was announced I was not Stoked. At first glance the art as pretty as it seems is super busy on the PF. It grew on me after having a great game on this pin and I actually purchased one. All the DP owners that tried to talk me into this this is me saying "OK OK your were right!"
9 months ago
Awesome package that keeps me hitting the start button over and over. Love the funky music and the call outs are hysterical. I enjoy the game play and really enjoy the variety and number of shots. Hitting the Snikt shot is very rewarding especially when I'm actually aiming for it. Zombie Yeti hits it out of the park on the art package and really nails the theme.
10 months ago
I find this to be a slightly above average Stern machine.

The good:

The artwork, code, and sounds are all solid. The animations are some of Stern's best, they're subtle, but add to the game without overwhelming it. The gameplay of trying to fight the different villains is easy to understand and fun to play.

The bad:

I simply don't like the design of the playfield. The AFM like baby dead pool feels too close to the flippers that shooting for it seems too risky. On top of that, on the various Dead Pools I've played, the lock shot constantly fails even when you hit it with good power. With this shot being so inconsistent and the baby dead pool being so risky, the right side of the playfield feels like it should be avoided. I find myself just ski passing the ball over to the right flipper over and over again. The upper right section of the playfield also feels underutilized with a rather large 4 lanes and pop bumpers section filling the void.

The theme integration is fairly average. That being said, the katana was a nice touch.
10 months ago
So I have owned 2 pros before finally talking myself into upgrading to the premium and I must say I am extremely glad that I did. The looping of the left orbit is a total game changer in not only fun but game play. Not to mention I don’t ever remember getting so many booms before on my pro. The drop targets alone to me were enough justification as to the superiority if the premium/LE over the Pro. The disco ball while cool is hard to see. All in all I cannot be happier with my upgrade and totally understand how this game is top 5, my only wish was the pro cabinet artwork was on the premium but in a lineup of games you don’t see that anyways.
There are 117 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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