Deadpool (Premium)


Deadpool (Premium)

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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Deadpool". The group itself ranks #5 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.71

Artwork: 8.877

Sounds/Music: 8.621

Other Aspects: 8.816

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Found 172 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 days ago
Pretty good game, fun shots and a cool theme, I found the playfield a bit dark.
28 days ago
The game is very fun, with a lot of assets that make it fun to shoot. An upper flipper would make this a lot more fun with a few additional shots, but overall there is plenty to shoot at. I wish the animations had more live movie assets, or there was more of a "core mission" to the game, but the humor in the callouts is very on brand, the Katana ramp is great, the disco ball modes are cool, and its a great time.
31 days ago
Great game for everyone. Unique layout. Love the katana blade.
85 days ago
Deadpool is a really fun game.

The layout is good and innovative, especially the lock shot is very nice. My only complaint about the Pro's layout was the shooterlane. On this version the issue is much, much better resolved. The flow on this game is superb, especially the ramps feel very satisfying to hit. And given that the left loop returns to the right flipper, this version is superior to the Pro and a legitimate reason to pick a Premium model.

The rules are pretty straightforward and the Ninja Multiball is a lot of fun. I also enjoy battling the villains, it is a very nice feature to have.

In general this game is fun guaranteed if you're at least a casual player and hit a few shots. It is probably the most fun centered game of the last few years.

The artwork is awesome and couldn't be any better. Especially the playfield looks very nice.

Overall, Deadpool is an innovative and fun game which is the ideal game for a casual challenge. I especially enjoy playing the Premium model as the flow feels much better.
86 days ago
Plaisir d’y jouer !
3 months ago
I finally got my first Pin, and I'm so happy I went with Deadpool, I love the easy to explain ruleset, the fun modes, and especially the amazing stylized animations, makes newer games like Avengers and Venom look terrible in comparison honestly... Plan on treasuring this for a long time!
3 months ago
I really struggled to understand the goals and find the fun in this game that so many others seem to just love. I don't get it. Felt like I was just pumping quarters into an impossible and unfun game after a while.
3 months ago
Just a fun game. Love the toys and theme. Its how pinball should be, a good time without taking yourself too seriously. This was a consideration as I was contemplating buying my next machine. It made it to my top 5 considerations but I ultimately went elsewhere.
3 months ago
I love this machine, extremely fun to play and addictive. My local arcade has one and I spent a few hours on it! I plan on making this one my second machine behind Jaws. Love the style and theming of this machine. Easy to learn the fights and the humor cracks me up every time.
4 months ago
Deadpool is my dream machine to own one day. I judge games mostly on how much I want to play another game and I always come back to it.

I'm a sucker for any game that plunges into pop bumpers. I feel that's true pinball, so it checks that mark for me. But really where this game shines are the battles against Mystique, Sabretooth, Juggernaut etc. It gives the game a simple goal and adds a different dimension.

The colors and artwork on the game is of course gorgeous and perfect for the theme. It truly is a sexy machine. The shot to get the katana multiball is so satisfying, love how unique and challenging it is.

This game has so much to offer and in the end it keeps me wanting to play it again and again. Sure it's not perfect, there are some weird shots and the premium doesn't add much to the pro. In the end I love this machine because it's so much fun and I can't wait to put one in my home!
4 months ago
SUCH a fun game filled with action and humor. I owned the pro and the premium. Super unique layout and shots. Extremely fun to shoot. The music gets you going and humor is fantastic especially when playing at home with others. Love this game and may own one again. I know why so many say "this is a keeper"
4 months ago
It's been six days since I unpacked the Deadpool Premium I ordered. I must say, I enjoyed discovering a perfectly packaged machine without any scratches. Everything was in its place; once the legs were installed, the silver balls inserted, and the machine leveled, all that was left was to update it from version 1.09 to 1.10. Zombi Yeti's visuals on the backglass, cabinet, and playfield are well-executed, and I knew from the first plunge that this pinball was awesome.

The action is quite fast, and the playfield configuration is well-thought-out. The sound is equally impressive. Although I would have preferred Deadpool's voice to be Ryan Reynolds', Nolan North's voice is not disappointing. The ruleset is solid, and the shooting lanes, especially the Ninja shot leading to the Ninja multiball after three placements, are enjoyable. The Lil Deadpool bash toy is really a good idea! The action button is well-used with the boom effect. The fights are well-designed and very satisfying to succeed.

In my humble opinion, this pinball definitely deserves its place in the top 5.
5 months ago
I played a bit of Deadpool on location and sometimes wondered why it was so revered. Shots and layout were smooth. Animations were alright. The modes seemed OK. But it never clicked. And yet, I wanted to try one at home anyways when a trade opportunity came along.

Fast forward a little over 2 months from pickup, and this Premium is seriously sweet. The sound callouts/effects, music, pf artwork, and theme integration are all fantastically top notch. Zombie Yeti absolutely at his A game on the playfield. Slight gripe on cabinet looks but it's certainly sharp and plenty serviceable. Definitely prefer the Pro translite, but I've grown plenty fond of the Premium one as well at this point. And the other issue is the playfield isn't that well lit in the center. Between the art and the lighting it's pretty dark when the ball is in the center.

The modes are really well thought out. I love all of the multiballs. Each boss battle brings its own flair with callouts and shots. If there's one gripe in the game, it's that the boss battles seem a little linear in the progression, even with you choosing the order. Can't tell you how many times I've battled Sabretooth at this point. He's told me he's going to rip me apart plenty. My own doing but kind of just how I work through the game. The final shots into the scoop never seem to get old and still seem all so satisfying even if the battle itself sometimes seems like work or a chore to go one more time. Really more so with the 3 lowest level enemies as Megalodon , T-Rex, and the Sauron multiball always come across as a hoot. Same with Snikt! Shot when I hit it. Really satisfying when you're playing well and nailing the shots in this.

The mechs and toys are pretty fun. Dazzler/Disco ball really changes up the music and feel for a bit. Honestly, the team just did a great job at bringing Deadpool personality into the game. Katana lock rocks. Like it even better with a mod to make the balls more visible. Love the katana vdiverter on the Prem. I like the drops and Lil' Baby Deadpool as well.

Really, there's a lot to like. I wasn't sure of DP on location but bringing it home the music and sound when heard ratchet this game to a much higher level. Haven't quite made it to Mr. Sinister, but been close. I brought it in on what I thought would be a temporary trade but I'm really trying to figure out if I could justify keeping it even once I fill my tiny roster of 5. Only thing that will likely hold me back is I wish there was a little more depth. But there's certainly nothing wrong with a game that allows you to just jump on and flip for sheer fun either. Especially when it's so well done. And undeniably, above all else, Deadpool is fun.

EDIT 4/17/24 after trading away: Decided to trade out of DP. This game is a hoot, but ultimately falls short in one key place. Lastability. Had the designers finished the code and added more bosses, it may have helped a little. The boss battles are basically a duplicate of themselves, and the initial strength of Deadpool is also its greatest weakness. The theme integration, art package, sound, shots, fun...It's all there in spades. But it's better suited for location imo unless you have room for a large collection. 3-5 title collections and the Hit Scoop, Start battle, Rinse, Repeat doesn't offer enough variety. There's some side modes that don't even offer a reason to play them other than just because they're there. Hurts to say, but the "One more game" excitement of initially bringing DP into the house grows a little stale and the all-encompassing rest of the package can't overcome that. Still a great title, and if you've got room bring it home, but otherwise play on location in short bursts and keep the magic alive with Deadpool while leaving the space for another title in your home.
5 months ago
The sounds should suit the shots. Sound effects should never be annoying."

Except Deadpool is supposed to be grating. That's his charm! I love this game, and if you're having a bad time with it make sure the SNIKT pathing is working correctly. When this game is dialed in that whole area is very fun to shoot.

I would replace the Premium translite with the pro art, that's just personal taste though, it's all ZY and it's all great looking and fun. I think the 3D animated Deadpool on the LCD is worse than the fun pixel art during mainplay and battles, they should have leaned into the pixel art harder. Nolan North does a fine Deadpool voice, although Ryan Reynolds now "owns" that character for me. (Deadpool 2 is a rare sequel that outdoes its predecessor!)

I need to get more time on this machine as I suspect it may supplant Godzilla as my favorite machine.
5 months ago
Since I bought this game, I've given it around 100 plays before I decided to review it. Overall I have played the pro more at my local pinball arcade, but I opted to get the premium. I'm a sucker for extras and the diverter ramp, drop targets, molded figures (I really dislike the 2d plastics used on pro sterns), and that disco ball was the cherry on top. I also prefer the cabinet art on the premium over the pro and LE as well as the back glass over the pro.
The gameplay doesn't get old. The callouts are pretty funny and it has some very satisfying shots (snikt!). The animations are very amusing and have a nostalgic feel to them (feels like playing pinball and street fighter at the same time). From a design standpoint it is very solid, but as someone who has read a decent amount of his comics, I would've found some way to incorporate Blind AL, Weasel, and Taskmaster. Other than that, I have no complaints, but the little deadpool is sometimes a risky shot.
6 months ago
Solid game you can play all night
7 months ago
I have no idea how I waited so long to get this game. Perfection!! Everyone is different, but for me this is just the perfect amount of depth of rules that I like. Fun shots and I love being able send the balls round and round. Easily the best game I have owned in all these years and it will pulled from my cold dead hands.
9 months ago
IMO it's the funnest pinball i've ever played it's well rounded unique shots tons of great features some of the best sound and imo the best callouts in pinball of all time.

The code is deeper then it appears there are a ton of things to do, and it's easy to understand. The LCD animation is incredible, the artwork might be zombi's best ever.

Even if i had a bad game i still feel like i had fun. If i had to say one negative for a premium it doesn't have a lot of "Mechs" but that will help with the longevity of the machine holding up.

I don't think i've ever had more fun playing a pinball machine there are other machines that i think are better like JP and Godzilla both have better shots. But just pure adrenaline pumping this might be my favorite pinball of all time. And playing it with friends is an absolute blast. The animations are so fun to watch it might be favorite pinball to just simply watch people play.
9 months ago
Stupenda macchina da tenere in collezione..l'armadio del premium è un opera d arte.. non profondissima come regole da poco spazio alla strategia ma cmq non banale e abbastanza intuitiva.giocarci è spassoso perché il tema è integrato alla grande e i callout sono sfacciati..ti ritrovi sempre a sorridere mentre giochi..veloce e con inquadrature poco convenzionali.sono un fan di stern e in particolare di elwin e credo che finirò per tenere in collezione solo le sue 4 macchine ma per il momento questo capolavoro di gomez non si muove dalla taverna.
9 months ago
Solid game with some interesting shots, really well executed retro video game feel. Lacks the depth of strategy to be a long term keeper for me, but very fun.
10 months ago
Currently my favourite pin! Love all aspects of this game. Has great flow for a two flipper game. Really enjoy the disco loop on the premium vs the pro. I feel like the Katana ramp is the most satisfying shot in pinball.

Deep enough that it offers a challenge but fun for all levels of players. Not sure I can find a flaw with this machine.
11 months ago
Great game I can play it over and over the call outs are fun
The battles are easy to understanding
The artwork is amazing. The toy are perfect and all fit.
Love this one
11 months ago
Deadpool Premium is great game with tons of depth with the ruleset but fun enough for a beginner to like gameplay. I love the animations of the fight scenes. Give it a shot and you will see why this is a high rated game.
1 year ago
Theme was great for outs funny...but the toys appear almost child-like. Not something I would want in a HUO situation but fun to play in my local arcade.
1 year ago
This is at-home PIN number four. We just got it home recently and I am so happy we decided to make it ours. I’m still learning the rules but even without a full understanding, the shots are incredibly fun and surprising at times. It is action packed and every shot does something. There is no ball-wait times. You are in constant play and it’s fast but totally controllable. The callouts are so fun and varied. The toys are awesome and there is no desire to add mods. The lighting is fantastic and I love the color palette. I’m excited to get better at it. I think it could be a pin that I can get better at and feel like I’m finishing modes. Very approachable!
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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