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Game design: 8.611

Artwork: 8.958

Sounds/Music: 8.408

Other Aspects: 8.796

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This is "Deadpool (Premium)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Pro) (regular version), Deadpool (Limited Edition)

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19 days ago
Best stern game since Star Trek.
36 days ago
Truly a fun pinball game, awesome art, sound and challenging. Not as deep as JP but easier for people to pick up and just play.
40 days ago
Everyone told me to buy deadpool. I really couldn't get into it. The lighting was so red.. ..and I can't really answer why I didn't like it I just play every single game I have besides that one and now it's collecting dust. Just a sleeper for me.
89 days ago
Played at local pinball shop, not a bad game.
4 months ago
Great Pin. Without a doubt this is George Gomez's magnum opus and his best pinball machine to date. The shots and theme are amazing and Zombie Yetti's artwork is amazing! I own IronMaiden as well and I am honestly torn on which one of these two I like better. Without a doubt, this is one of the best pinball machines that Stern has ever made and in my opinion it is practically tied with Ironmaiden!
5 months ago
I've pumped quite a bit of cash into this one - I really dig this game. Everything really comes together for me on this machine. I like the layout of this quite a bit - it feels a lot different to me than some of the other sterns over the last few years.
7 months ago
Love this pin, especially the premium/le. Will admit that I own it and it was my first, but it has stayed dispite owning other games now. Artwork is amazing and theme is top notch. Only thing I will say is playfield seems a bit flat after seeing games like TMNT, but the katana and snkkt shots are so damn satisfying.
8 months ago
Love this game, it is easy to understand the game rules and fighting the villains is truly a lot of fun. The Katana is a great shot. Have an issue with my sound sometimes?
8 months ago
This game is a blast that I often tiems can not step away from!

Mechsuit multiball is like a marathon run and the katana ball lock shot is extremely satisfying!

Great video clips (a little of the CGI is cheesy, but this is Deadpool!) and the call outs are great and the music is driving.
10 months ago
Great game different layout
11 months ago
this time stern did an excellent job, we are facing one of the most well-kept, fun and beautiful pinballs that stern has done. the game is fun and the animations on the screen are very beautiful, deadpool that speaks accompanies the game with irony, the challenges are fun and rewarding, the music is perhaps the top reached by sterns, various and all very beautiful and suitable for the context, the art is absolutely exceptional, perhaps even more than Ghostbusters and metallic, because in addition to the gorgeous playfield, the cabinets of all versions are wonderful too, maybe LE is the least beautiful of the three but they are personal tastes, I don't like that yellow very much, but I repeat that we are facing a pinball top, a beautiful pin that will not leave my collection. I took a premium because I really liked the design of the cabinet but actually between pro and prem / LE there is not much difference, the pro is complete and really gorgeous. a must have
11 months ago
Fun game with great call outs. If you are a dead pool or superhero fan, this is a "must-buy."
11 months ago
played quite a few games on this.
Tons of cool toys.
Love the Katana Sword lol.
11 months ago
Sooooooooo much fun. Best stern pinball machine out there.
11 months ago
I played on location and it was very fun...I wish I would have had more time. I would own one. Funny, I shouldn't like it that much as the theme is not high on my list. To me that says it punches above its weight class. Well executed. Easy to understand strategy. Excellent artwork. Just enough humor to be true to the films.
1 year ago
Been wanting for this for a year. We now have it :) Love it We traded our GB.
1 year ago
Great art, fun theme, unique shots. Premium and Le are better in my opinion because of the right orbit diverter and the disco ball. Code has made this one not just a looker but a player as well.
1 year ago
The first few games on Deadpool and I was impressed with the flow, ramps and rule set. Then I got into a rhythm and ran a score up to 550 million. This game is a bit like Monster Bash. Very good flow and shots, but maybe a little too easy to master. That said, it is definitely a keeper. The right ramp shot that then curves the ball up a steep left ramp is pretty slick.

I like this better than the new Elvira, but less than JP. Although nothing quite comes close to Scared Stiff!
1 year ago
My first pin and still one on my favorites. Chaining the Katana shot is a great feeling. This will stay in my collection.
1 year ago
Great game!
1 year ago
DP Prem is an all time bad ass game. SUPER fun! Amazing audio. Fantastic lighting. Hilarious callouts. It's just an awesome pin.
1 year ago
Loved that this one didn't have movie call-outs! Nolan North does a great job voicing the merc with a mouth!

- Extra ramp skill shot was a treat.
- Lil Deadpool shot wasn't the best.
- Love the disco ball Dazzler loop. That mode cracks me up!
- Hidden Colossus shot was a nice surprise.

- I enjoy the villain battles, and being able to add allies makes it more fun
- The T-Rex and Megaladon modes crack me up, but the shot rules seem odd.

- Loved the theme, the gameplay, and the aesthetics of the machine. My only gripe is the clunky Lil Deadpool shots. This is a fun pin, with a high replay factor. This one will stay in my collection for a long while!
1 year ago
I love Deadpool, so much fun to defeat mutants or quests, there's side games and multiballs, it's a fun, funny ride that's always a blast to play.
1 year ago
Have a bunch of great games in collection and DP is probably the most fun to play. it is fast and the flow is smooth (One little thing needs to be fixed in the code to make it more smooth, I detail below, if anyone from Stearn is reading.

My only problem with this game is that sometimes the audio cuts out and I hear nothing. Looked it up and can't figure it out. There is also a simple code fix they need to update on the far left lane shot. fun shot if you hit it hard enough to go all the way around the playfield and end up on the right flipper. If you don't hit that shot hard enough, it does not make it up the ramp to the sword and is stuck at the bottom of the ramp. Need to manually send in a ball to take care of issue. Seems like... when the ball stuck kicks in, all they would need to do is make that ramp Pop 100% a couple of times instead of just partially popping up and down.

Other than that, this game has the some of the best game set rules. Super fun to hit the villains and realize which villains to fight depending on what friends you have to fight that specific villain with. Love the Katana sword shot. Great game!
1 year ago
A very fun and very red pin! Hakuna Katana!
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