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Game design: 8.434

Artwork: 8.824

Sounds/Music: 8.127

Other Aspects: 8.636

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This is "Deadpool (Premium)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Pro) (regular version), Deadpool (Limited Edition)

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44 days ago
Great game different layout
62 days ago
this time stern did an excellent job, we are facing one of the most well-kept, fun and beautiful pinballs that stern has done. the game is fun and the animations on the screen are very beautiful, deadpool that speaks accompanies the game with irony, the challenges are fun and rewarding, the music is perhaps the top reached by sterns, various and all very beautiful and suitable for the context, the art is absolutely exceptional, perhaps even more than Ghostbusters and metallic, because in addition to the gorgeous playfield, the cabinets of all versions are wonderful too, maybe LE is the least beautiful of the three but they are personal tastes, I don't like that yellow very much, but I repeat that we are facing a pinball top, a beautiful pin that will not leave my collection. I took a premium because I really liked the design of the cabinet but actually between pro and prem / LE there is not much difference, the pro is complete and really gorgeous. a must have
66 days ago
Fun game with great call outs. If you are a dead pool or superhero fan, this is a "must-buy."
76 days ago
played quite a few games on this.
Tons of cool toys.
Love the Katana Sword lol.
86 days ago
I played on location and it was very fun...I wish I would have had more time. I would own one. Funny, I shouldn't like it that much as the theme is not high on my list. To me that says it punches above its weight class. Well executed. Easy to understand strategy. Excellent artwork. Just enough humor to be true to the films.
3 months ago
Been wanting for this for a year. We now have it :) Love it We traded our GB.
4 months ago
Great art, fun theme, unique shots. Premium and Le are better in my opinion because of the right orbit diverter and the disco ball. Code has made this one not just a looker but a player as well.
4 months ago
The first few games on Deadpool and I was impressed with the flow, ramps and rule set. Then I got into a rhythm and ran a score up to 550 million. This game is a bit like Monster Bash. Very good flow and shots, but maybe a little too easy to master. That said, it is definitely a keeper. The right ramp shot that then curves the ball up a steep left ramp is pretty slick.

I like this better than the new Elvira, but less than JP. Although nothing quite comes close to Scared Stiff!
4 months ago
Very fun game! This game sucks me in.
5 months ago
Great game!
6 months ago
DP Prem is an all time bad ass game. SUPER fun! Amazing audio. Fantastic lighting. Hilarious callouts. It's just an awesome pin.
6 months ago
Loved that this one didn't have movie call-outs! Nolan North does a great job voicing the merc with a mouth!

- Extra ramp skill shot was a treat.
- Lil Deadpool shot wasn't the best.
- Love the disco ball Dazzler loop. That mode cracks me up!
- Hidden Colossus shot was a nice surprise.

- I enjoy the villain battles, and being able to add allies makes it more fun
- The T-Rex and Megaladon modes crack me up, but the shot rules seem odd.

- Loved the theme, the gameplay, and the aesthetics of the machine. My only gripe is the clunky Lil Deadpool shots. This is a fun pin, with a high replay factor. This one will stay in my collection for a long while!
6 months ago
I love Deadpool, so much fun to defeat mutants or quests, there's side games and multiballs, it's a fun, funny ride that's always a blast to play.
7 months ago
A very fun and very red pin! Hakuna Katana!
7 months ago
Played the premium at a show. Couldn’t hear anything with all noise but loved the layout and the theme. 3 weeks later I bought a NIB and the sound and music just adds to the greatness. Flow is nice. The right diverted back to the right flipper is great. Disco mode in a dark room is a must with the lights shinning on the ceiling. Looks like this one will stay with me for awhile.
7 months ago
the layout is simply fun! It can suffer from klunk at times due to the randomness of shots and design. But man, is it fun to shoot. Not many toys, but the gimmicks are great!

Best super hero pin to date!
7 months ago
Nice game with a good play field layout would play again
7 months ago
I simply don't understand how to play this game.
7 months ago
Played it several times, but just don't see how it's rated so high. It's art is one of the best, but I don't like the flow.
7 months ago
Has quickly become my favorite pin. Even edging out Iron Maiden Premium. This game is just fun. Shots feel great but they aren't easy. Feel rewarding when you hit them. Very well integrated rules. Sound and art are the best in my collection.
8 months ago
My Stern Premium Deadpool is my first Stern NIB purchase since The Avengers. After my experiences with that game and various critical comments posted about Stern's build quality and cookie cutter approach to game designs, I was hesitant to buy another. I looked at the DP Pro version when it was first released and it did nothing to change my mind. About 3 weeks ago I had the chance to play the LE version with the newest code and boy, what an improvement! I was so impressed with it that I immediately bought a Premium version (no LE's were available) and I am really glad that I did. I find it to be a whole lot of fun and it is not only great to play but the artwork is really impressive. And, no defects in the build quality at all. The whole family loves it so I think it will be a keeper.
8 months ago
This is one of the best Stern games in the last decade and top 10 in history. This game is point blank addictive.....Pinball cocaine! You can tell with Deadpool that Gomez finally perfected a few ideas he had been working on with Avengers. The flow and layout are amazing, the art is amazing, the rules are amazing and the music is amazing!! Amazing!! It really is close to a perfect game and a breath of fresh air compared to the cookie cutter games we have seen lately.
8 months ago
Loved the Pro so much I knew I'd have to have a Premium. Played one game on a Prem, and bought one after a summer of saving. Very happy with my decision.
Disco loops are super fun, as is the Chimichanga orbit shot. Great game to have in a home environment so you can hear all call-outs.
Hope some enterprising soul makes some R-rated code sometime.
My favourite animation is the zombie-unicorn. Freaky.

Other than that, I took off a notch for the variation of call-outs. I hear one in particular too often when hitting the SabreTooth: "Aren't you the guys who tune-up the X-Men's joint in Westchester?". Or something to that effect. Minor annoyance. Also took a notch off for lighting as it could be brighter in the middle of the playfield. Good candidate for PinStadium or something of that ilk.

As with other Premium owners, I bought this version because I prefer the 'blue' cabinet art.

Love the pin--great design, Mr. Gomez.
Tanio, please keep the code coming! As many high-score tombstones as possible please!
8 months ago
Great artwork and almost perfect lighting. I bought the Premium because I liked the artwork better than the LE. The most fun I've had on any pin I've ever played. Funny, great music, fresh, and not too difficult. Enough challenging shots to keep it interesting and the 90s video game style action is a blast. Toys are good, would be nice to see a few more. I think adding a shaker motor to the Premium is a must to get the full experience. I didn't know anything about Deadpool in comic book form, but once I took a chance to play this game, I had to have one at home. Now I need to read up on the characters so I know more about all the fun that's going on.
9 months ago
What can I say? I love this game and have to get one eventually. The shots are so numerous and very unique. I do think the premium is definitely worth it over the pro in this case, but the pro is so awesome too.
There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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