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Game Design: 8.643

Artwork: 9.039

Sounds/Music: 8.53

Other Aspects: 8.859

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Deadpool (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Pro) (regular version), Deadpool (Premium)

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13 days ago
My first LE, really enjoyed this game. It is on the "easier" side of Stern games I've owned, but ultimately the fun factor really drives the score for me. Zombie Yeti does fantastic art, the callouts are the funniest in any pinball I've ever owned and the variety on them is really great. Just a solid solid effort by Stern on this one with some really unique shots, Katana and Snikt shots are extremely satisfying and the left orbit on the Premium/LE is great... and a disco ball??? Come on, this game has it all.
13 days ago
Theme does nothing for me.
Anyway, this game is really fun to play and quite simple to understand. Great flow. I like humour too.
Not really a fan of lcd animations, could have been better imho.
17 days ago
Nice shooter all around. For me, the animations and sound are horrible. theme integration is very good. flow in this game is great with the ocassional stop and go every time you get the ball in the scoop. The L.E. Looks is probably the best of all of them but the video on this game just feels like it was never completed aside from the "street fighter looking sets", the rest is just ok. The katana lock ball shot is probably the best shot in the game.
59 days ago
Plain ole stupid fun!
82 days ago
Very fun machine, easily understandable rules so it adapts to any player, very beautiful, very fast
3 months ago
It was fun, but for some reason not one that kept me at it. I had machine tweaked just right. Shnikt shot was perfect. Love the Katana lock, I can’t put my finger on it. Art package was not to my liking on the LE. Cabinet just looked stupid in my opinion. Not great use of the LCD say compared to BKLE. Think I would have preferred it themed after the movie and not the comic. I know it’s meant to be cheesy but this was a bit too cheesy for me.
4 months ago
Fun game to play. I gravitate toward this game more than others. The animation are growing on me. I hate it at first but it fits the game well
4 months ago
I wish this was based on the Ryan Reynolds Movie pin, not the comic. Reynolds callouts would have matched the excellent game play so much better. Instead of that paying that licensing fee, it is clear Stern spent the money on the PF and this is a good trade off. The pin is packed with a lot of features. 3 banks of drop targets, 2 spinners, the Katana Sword, stand up targets Hell House scoop and more. The LE adds more drop banks instead of the stand-ups, an extra control gate, an up/down ramp in the shooter lane, the disco ball, some toys and premium sound over the pro.
4 months ago
After hearing all the hype about t his game, I finally got a chance to own one. I gotta say, it seems like I was in the same 5 fights over and over and over. It's just so repetitive. I don't enjoy the low end graphics and the call outs aren't anything special. This game is overrated. I don't love the theme; maybe if I did I'd like it better, but I doubt it.
5 months ago
The Deadpool character was off of my radar until the first movie, which I love. However the cartoon version is still mostly unknown to me. So my expectations weren't predetermined in any way. This pin is on par with the majority of Stern's offerings in the last few years in terms of being a well designed, solid and fun machine to play. Some very challenging shots (particularly the Katana ramp ball lock) as well as very rewarding shots and some really good multiball modes. The call-outs and the animations are a blast. Even though I enjoy playing it, I am never compelled to keep playing it. It is a good pin, but not among my favorites.
5 months ago
beautiful game, great shooter, music and call outs rock you won’t be disappointed
6 months ago
Spent days playing this game. Another stern game released with incomplete code. Much better now. Probably one of the best marvel games but scoring point totals the more you play doesn’t seem correct. Music is great it is a good game! Two thumbs up! This is a long term winner! Armour color is nice!
7 months ago
only three words: fun, fun, fun
8 months ago
Gameplay might be slightly better on a few other titles, but no other game has the complete package like Deadpool does. Super fun to play and the art, music, and call outs are unmatched.
8 months ago
This game is off the charts great and has the entire package; very hard to find a game as good as Deadpool has the gameplay, music, animations, killer shots and amazing shot layout and original as well; Gomez’s beat game next to LOTR
9 months ago
Great Pin. Without a doubt this is George Gomez's magnum opus and his best pinball machine to date. The shots and theme are amazing and combined with Zombie Yetti's artwork makes this pinball a masterpiece! I own IronMaiden as well and I am honestly torn on which one of these two I like better. Without a doubt, this is one of the best pinball machines that Stern has ever made and in my opinion it is practically tied with Ironmaiden!
10 months ago
My favorite pin by far.
11 months ago
Wow, this game really delivers. Intuitive code that interfaces well with the player. Smooth shots and fast action. Love the battle modes and the callouts cue nicely without being distracting. Great art package. Gomez at his finest.
11 months ago
Love it. EXTREMELY different layout on the Playfield than I’m used to. Awesome toys. Good display. Cool stacks. I’m more of a wanna be collector of all things horror related but this would be the one I’d own non horror related.
11 months ago
Good friend of mine let me borrow his Dead Pool for an extended amount of time. In that time i rarely played my own pins because i kept liking the challenge and fun of deadpool. This pin is amazing! I just have one complaint and thats the little loop under the left ramp, that has always been a clunky shot for me. But other than that i love this machine, i can play this for hours!!
1 year ago
Fun, fun, fun! A bit clunky sometimes, but fantastic game overall.

Lots to do
Best call outs
Best Stern animations to date
Best soundtrack
Did I mentioned fun?

Bit clunky
Not a lot of interactive toys

This one is bolted to the floor and never leaving.
1 year ago
Played 20 different machines last weekend at wizard world I chose Iron Maiden premium for my second pin then this will be 3rd for sure !!! Well done !
1 year ago
All around a fantastic machine with code to keep you engaged every game. Awesome sparkly powder coated rails!
1 year ago
Deadpool is almost a perfect home run game for me. Mainly the artwork drew me into buying this, but I have to say this machine really tought me how important music can be to a machine. The great soundstrack made for this machine gives it such a big boost in fun and immersion, it was almost shocking to me.
Overall I love it as an hommage to the old pinball machines and arcade games (see the 16 bit animations, hear the classic sound effects). Also, the gal is quite clear from the get-go: Beat up the bad guys, finish the quests to get further in the modes of the game.
This keeps me coming back and hooked for hours if I'm in the zone. The Katana Ramp shot is unique and feels absolutely amazing. Never shot something more satisfying anywhere.
The only downside is maybe the Little Deadpool design, I don't quite like the looks of him, but that's really all I can find negative honestly.
All in all: Can't ever imagine selling this machine, and that's in a position where I have space for 3-4 machines only. A huge fan!
1 year ago
Fun game, played it a bunch at the Cleveland show but was able to walk away and it never drew me back like other themes.
There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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