Deadpool (Limited Edition)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Deadpool". The group itself ranks #5 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.588

Artwork: 8.947

Sounds/Music: 8.494

Other Aspects: 8.747

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Found 88 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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26 days ago
This machine was alot fo fun to play, satiisfying shots, plenty to shoot at and all round fun!!
3 months ago
An absolutely fantastic machine with many satisfying shots. The light show and LCD animations are both great.

There are many sounds reminiscent of older games like Williams Firepower.

The call outs are pretty good and fun to hear.

If I could change anything it would be to have the movie theme instead of the comic book but I still find it very entertaining with high replay value.
7 months ago
Went in to this game expecting something fun. I got something VERY fun and slightly surprising. Really enjoyed the layout of the game (the loop to ramp to lock feels fantastic), the placements of the various shots and loops feels intuitive and the kenitic energy of the ball is great. callouts are great, modes are great and varied and there seems to be a decent amount of content under the surface loop. Highly enjoyable. Woudn't mind owning one at some point
9 months ago
Great game I have owned it since 2019 and is still extremely fun to play.
9 months ago
great art work throughout. Game play is fluid and rewarding, keeps you coming back for more. Wish the movie was more family friendly, would increase draw across larger group but one id love to have.
12 months ago
Deadpool is nice, but the software is not the best and to simple
12 months ago
Só fun and lovely
1 year ago
Just played a couple of games on location but man, this pin was fun as hell! The Katana-ramp/lock, the mini DP, the animations on the screen as well as the call outs! It doesn´t seemed to be that hard because I almost reached the wizardmode in a couple of games but I really liked the modes with the 1vs1 feeling. The humor made me laugh all the time!
1 year ago
Pretty great game. Interesting shots and layout, feels a bit unique in some ways. I think the LE got the worst cabinet art personally.
1 year ago
Sometimes I don't really care for the difference between the LE and the premium but the art package on the LE is just so much better on this game than it is the premium. The only thing that I can say about the LE artwork that would be considered a negative is that I would rather see the artwork from the pro translite on the backglass. The game itself is a blast and has plenty of drop targets which I like and the snit shot is one of the most satisfying in pinball. All metal ramps, unique layout, and a fun ruleset make for a great game.
1 year ago
I wanted and owned this game... however, it only lasted 3 months. I was very disappointed as I had only played on location a few times. The Katana Blade is cool... loading balls in it is the highlight of the playfield.. The shot left of the scoop is completely wasted. The sound and music is simple and repetitive. The game modes taking on the enemies of DP is cool. The mini Deadpool is ok but leaves you wanting more form the drop target ball lock. It was ok but no way a long time keeper for me. I like Deadpool and Avenger characters, but something just failed on this game design for me.
1 year ago
Best machine I own. Loads of fun and very well made. Has 10k plays from being on location but you'd never know it. Katana shot is awesome, and the art package is stunning. Disco ball is super cool
1 year ago
The game’s theme is great, we are huge Deadpool fans and this machine did not disappoint.
I haven’t fully grasped all of the rules and have not come up with a good strategy on getting high points after played over a dozen times but it has not gotten old at all and I do love figuring it out.
1 year ago
Great table concept that is absolutely ruined by poor voice acting. It's not just that this guy is not Ryan Reynolds. It's that his work and the lines are so phoned in, it destroys what would otherwise be an EXCELLENT table.

The good: I LOVE THESE GAME RULES! The idea of setting up fights is great. The 16-bit era display animations are 10/10. When you're in a fight, it's clear what you need to do - and there's a straightforward way to do it. The ideas behind scoring are some of my favorite in a table.

But, they also included some of the worst, most annoying characters in the Deadpool universe. Why is Baby Deadpool in this game this much?!?! The jokes just aren't Deadpool quality either. Every single line in a game like Star Trek TNG is memorable. The lines here are just mildly amusing.

If they'd spent more time on the sound design, this could've been a true classic.
1 year ago
This game is the best game to get people in to pinball. Rules are easy to understand. Call outs are hilarious. Great flow and all around fun game…however…super easy to beat and once you’ve beaten it a few times…very low replay value…regardless…one of my absolute favorites.
1 year ago
Great gameplay with simple rules that are easily understood by family and friends, fantastic artwork, hilarious callouts and superb original music. The ruleset is a beautiful retro fighter throwback for an arcade player like me, it fits the theme perfectly. It's not superflowy and can be slightly clunky but this pin is just pure and unadulterated fun. I love it so much that I sold my Pro and traveled across half of Europe to pick up an LE. I just don't get bored of this game, for me this is a masterpiece and a keeper. This one has it all, the art, the gameplay, the music (disco/funk/soul/hiphop) and the callouts - I plan to get buried in it.
1 year ago
I love this game. A great one to play.
2 years ago
ecellent game
2 years ago
best stern game ever made. i wish it was based on the movie its really the only complaint. This is an amazing game.
2 years ago
It’s a fun game and well built game but it was actually the Stern that made me realize that Stern is starting to feel repetitive and jamming too much onto the playfield. I think the kitana is very unique but the battle mission concept felt repetitive.
2 years ago
fast, funny, call and music are just perfect
2 years ago
Love this game. Helps I love DP movies and comics also.
2 years ago
My first LE, really enjoyed this game. It is on the "easier" side of Stern games I've owned, but ultimately the fun factor really drives the score for me. Zombie Yeti does fantastic art, the callouts are the funniest in any pinball I've ever owned and the variety on them is really great. Just a solid solid effort by Stern on this one with some really unique shots, Katana and Snikt shots are extremely satisfying and the left orbit on the Premium/LE is great... and a disco ball??? Come on, this game has it all.
2 years ago
Theme does nothing for me.
Anyway, this game is really fun to play and quite simple to understand. Great flow. I like humour too.
Not really a fan of lcd animations, could have been better imho.
2 years ago
Man. This pin is incredible to me; it is my favorite pin after all. The artwork is awesome and the gameplay is great to. Overall I think this is the best game and will be a classic game in the years to come.
There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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