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Game design: 8.394

Artwork: 8.979

Sounds/Music: 8.456

Other Aspects: 8.793

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This is "Deadpool (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Deadpool (Pro) (regular version), Deadpool (Premium)

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32 days ago
Deadpool is almost a perfect home run game for me. Mainly the artwork drew me into buying this, but I have to say this machine really tought me how important music can be to a machine. The great soundstrack made for this machine gives it such a big boost in fun and immersion, it was almost shocking to me.
Overall I love it as an hommage to the old pinball machines and arcade games (see the 16 bit animations, hear the classic sound effects). Also, the gal is quite clear from the get-go: Beat up the bad guys, finish the quests to get further in the modes of the game.
This keeps me coming back and hooked for hours if I'm in the zone. The Katana Ramp shot is unique and feels absolutely amazing. Never shot something more satisfying anywhere.
The only downside is maybe the Little Deadpool design, I don't quite like the looks of him, but that's really all I can find negative honestly.
All in all: Can't ever imagine selling this machine, and that's in a position where I have space for 3-4 machines only. A huge fan!
47 days ago
Fun game, played it a bunch at the Cleveland show but was able to walk away and it never drew me back like other themes.
86 days ago
With code comes an amazing game. Deadpool Premium/LE is no exception. Not a huge fan of the cabinet art on the Premium but the gameplay and code make up for it big time. Call outs are fun, the lighting is by far one of the most interactive from Stern so far (especially with the latest code). Game is a blast to play for beginners and experts alike. I find myself saying just one more game everytime I see one.
86 days ago
Had a chance to pick up a NIB LE recently and am pleasantly surprised with it. It has a flow and feel that I haven't seen in a game in a long time. The shots are satisfying and the overall package is pretty killer. Highly recommend finding one!
3 months ago
This machine is excellent. Not an owner just a fan. Tons of shots in varying levels of difficulty.
4 months ago
The game is fun, fast en difficult. Tight shots, very rewarding.
6 months ago
Took the plunge and grabbed the LE and boy am I glad I did. Everyone told me how great this game is, and I have to agree. The shots are satisfying and I really like the rule set. The battles are cool and progressing through the game is a blast.

EDIT: DP is an awesome pin but I wanted to shake up my lineup and basically swapped DPLE for EHOHLE. Will be interesting to see which one I like better.
7 months ago
The game flows fairly well. Ninja MB isn't a gimmie which is makes the game a bit more challenging. The theme is good and definitely like the pin more than when it was first released.
8 months ago
Out of the box the game did not work. Deadpool had a bad node board. Stern stepped right up and shipped a replacement right out. Plug and play after that. Great game that my friends love to play. There is some great animations that you have to see while others are playing because it's too fast too see while playing for yourself. Was it worth the new asking price? NO. Would I buy it used, definitely. Would I buy it again? Meh.
9 months ago
Truly funny game with great call outs and artwork. One of the better sterns in the last many years. I just can't get over that cheapie deadpool toy though.
10 months ago
Wow. Played this game for the first time and what a fun game. I love the flow, shots, and sounds. The throwback 80s video game visuals and sounds make this a piece of modern art! I may have to get one.
12 months ago
This will go down as the best Stern ever made.
1 year ago
Generally this is a good, fun pin to play. I like the art on the Pro cabinet better than the Premium and LE. The general layout is different and fairly good. However, there are a couple of "clunky" shots that if they were designed a little different to be smoother, it would be a great pin. Sometimes it is real frustrating. The animations and call outs are great and fit the theme well. The lil Deadpool on a spring was the subject of many jokes by the pinball community initially, but it has generally been accepted at this point. The battles are fun, but the various other multi-balls I like better. The extra mechanisms and toys make it better than a Pro. I would play this on location several times on each visit. I would maybe like to own a LE some day down the road for a good price.
1 year ago
I can’t believe how great this game is. I played it at Expo and it was fun but now it’s just at another level. Great job with the updated code. This pin is just fun fun fun! And funny. I was kinda hoping for an R rated version but the callouts are great even without the f-bombs etc. Artwork is up there with the best of all time, music is fantastic, and the play field is very unique. The LE is gorgeous and feels super solid, almost like a JJP in fit and finish. Shoots unlike anything else I own. Great job Stern.

Edit: adding that the LE is the best sounding pin I’ve ever heard. The upgraded amp and speakers make this audiophile’s ears weep with joy.
1 year ago
Great art, fun theme, unique shots. Premium and Le are better in my opinion because of the right orbit diverter and the disco ball. Code has made this one not just a looker but a player as well.
1 year ago
Deadpool LE along with Munsters LE are two of the best Sterns that I've had the pleasure of playing in a long time. This is the rare case where I couldn't care less about the theme and yet enjoyed the game immensely. It's great to see Gomez design a game after taking a long break from doing so. The shots are varied and this is nothing like your typical Stern. Playfield is packed with ramps and loops, but doesn't feel claustrophobic. I like how you do battles as it makes the game and how to play it very approachable. The game looks great, but is extremely red, which fits the theme, I suppose.
1 year ago
DP was my first ever Stern LE purchase and I'm glad it was frankly. Thoroughly enjoying it since purchase in December and playing it equally as much as my POTC CE also bought in December. Every code update is making it better. I love the flow of the machine, it's definitely one of the better Sterns of the last couple of years all round. The Zombie Yeti artwork is brilliant on top. The sounds and call outs are also a heap of fun.
1 year ago
Lots of fun, but would've preferred for it to be movie based. Deadpool is a bit of a deeper reach comic-wise. The cartoony parts take a bit away IMO and the attempts at PG humor really aren't all that great. Again, this is just my opinion. The play is great though and definitely brought me back to play many times over. Flow is great, worse than IM, but better than Batman 66 which they were played alongside on location. I would still say spider-man would be the best superhero pin, but this is a solid choice nonetheless if the theme is up your alley.
1 year ago
I would love to add this to my collection. I would recommend the premium. Much nicer then the pro, no need for a Limited.
1 year ago
Game Design:
Layout: The layout is polarizing, but I love it. It needs to be dialed in and at the right incline. When set up right, it has two of the best shots in pinball. The Snikt shot and the Katana shot are amazingly satisfying. There’s the added bonus on this version of the left loop shot that super satisfying. 6/6
Rules: In my opinion it’s one of the best rule sets. The progression in the game is well paced and allows for multiple approaches to the game. I love the three multiballs. I love the battles and the benefit of bringing in the other characters to increase your score is super cool. I also like the multiplier being tied to one tough but repeatable shot is interesting. 6/6
Toys: Almost non-existant. There’s a springy lil Deadpool and the katana lock. One the limited edition you get the disco ball which is something, but not anything beyond a bolt on mod. 4/6
Game Play: The flow is tough to get going or almost nonexistent, but the shots are satisfying. It works best if you control the ball and make your shots instead of comboing shots. 5/6

Playfield: Gorgeous. Great work by Zombie Yeti. 6/6
Backglass: I like the back glass and it’s one of the best Stern back glasses ever. 6/6
Cabinet: The Limited Edition has the best art with the TRex. 6/6
Animations: Best animations on a Stern game ever. 6/6

Sounds and Music
Sounds and Speech: The callouts make the game. They’re varied and don’t get over used. They’re always interesting and sometimes funny. 6/6
Music: The music is great and changes often. 6/6
Quality: Sound quality is great. 6/6
Variation: There’s definitely enough variation. 6/6

Other Aspects:
Game Lighting: Great lighting. The disco light show is the best. The shots are lit appropriately so you know what to shoot. 6/6
Lastabilty: Easily one of my favorite games. I could play this forever. This game has had me playing it everyday since I got my Pro. 6/6
Theming: This is a tough one. The theme is carried almost exclusively by the code, animation and sounds. The excellent use of these more than makes up for the lack of integration on the play field. 6/6
Fun: This is a fun game! The shots feel great and the code keeps everything engaging. 6/6
1 year ago
Good all around game. Great theme. Fun to shoot. Simple stupid fun!
1 year ago
Deadpool will be a great pinball when the code will be completed... there is a high potential in this pinball, we can feel it. Its really fun, flow is really good, playfield is just wonderfull, cabinet is really nice... the music and the animations are really funny...

A great pinball !
1 year ago
Deadpool is a blast to play. Just a fun game. Great layout, different. Flow is awesome. The diverter on the premium / le helps keep the game going.
1 year ago
Company office got a Deadpool Premium and I have mixed feelings about it.

Pros: The art is spectacular. I really like the Zombie Yeti art and the side blades on the LE look sweet. I also give bonus points to the freaking T-Rex on the side. I really like the retro Street Fighter 2 style of animations. The sound on this thing is awesome too. I love the music and generally like the callouts and voice work, but I agree with others that an optional "adult" mode would be awesome. If I were picking out a piece of furniture for my basement, this would be the machine as it looks beautiful as a stand alone piece of art and sounds awesome when someone else is playing it. I really like the Katana ramp gimmic. It doesn't always work, but I'm sure with more leveling it will get there. I am drawn to this machine. Were I an operator, this would be at the top of my list.

Cons: I have put 20 or so games on this and have not figured out the rules for the different modes yet. When fighting the different characters, you have to do different things to defeat different characters. There are no instructions on the apron, in game callouts, or flashing lights on the field to tell you what to do. Some characters require hitting the drop targets to beat and others require hitting ramps. No idea what I'm doing. I'm still having fun playing it, but am hoping these unclear rules will be fixed with future code updates. To the Stern Programmers reading this... the game has a lot of potential, but something needs to happen so we don't have to look up the instructions online to figure out what is going on. The physical build quality on this machine does not seem as nice as my CGC AFMr or the SW LE this game replaced. It's not cheap per se, but I'd be interest to see if Stern was using thinner wood on this. There are parts of this machine that scream hollow to me. I am comparing this machine directly to a SW LE (as that is what this one replaced) and I don't find myself as drawn to this machine. SW had that "one more game feel", but DP doesn't. Looking at the two of them I have the urge to play DP more, but once I'm playing I want to keep playing SWs all day, but DP gets older quicker.
1 year ago
DP has a fresh layout with a ton of fun and rewarding shots.

The team at Stern has put a lot of passion in it and the software has largelly evolved since the release of the pinball (new modes, mode stacking, lot of new animations...)
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