Deadly Weapon

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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 months ago
This is a very serviceable for what it is. However for me, there are too many other machines from that era that are way more fun
1 year ago
DW got my attention when I saw a FB post by Keith Elwin, stating how much he enjoyed this game. After searching for awhile I finally manged to find one. It wasn't easy as this is a really rare title. Only 800 made & far less have survived in the last 30 years. I've owned it for 6 months now.

DW is full of cheesy goodness. The backglass looks like a cover to a 1980's Nintendo cart. The playfield is really unique, full of flow, speed & great feeling shots. No right outlane. A pop by the LT lower flipper with a "Stargazer-like" rollover design as well. Skillshot on the plunge, LT outlane kickback, drop targets, and standups. Collect a pop jackpot with an upper LT flipper timed shot to the right saucer. One of the first titles with multiple modes. 2 or 3 ball multiball. There's alot going on here for a "street level" game.

Shoot & collect the cop cars to light modes. Enjoy those cheesy siren & dispatch callouts! Super cop & million point modes. Play with your group of friends for points, or you can play for total arrests instead just like an old EM game. So many inserts & flashers crammed into this title. The game REALLY pops with LEDs installed. Just make sure you add red & blue flashers to the playfield to get that cop car lights effect!

Great layout by John Treudaeu. Very underrated title, probably because many people haven't even seen one before. From my understanding these street level games were not very successful for Gottlieb. They didn't sell well & many of them were trashed, which is why so few of these titles survived. But these Gottlieb System 3's were very reliable.

If you're looking for some cheesy, smooth shooting fun....give DW a chance sleaseball!
5 years ago
The layout is unusual, and the fact that there is a pop bumper very close to the flippers makes nearly every flip or bounce a challenge and adds a far amount of randomness. Given that, the game is not prone to draining for players.
5 years ago
A Street level machine..meaning , plain, single level (no ramps), slightly smaller pinball machine. But it has some interesting shots and multi ball action. The Mystery shot , 3 pop bumpers with a side kicker gives fast action on the table. All in all A fun machine to play,the more i play this machine the more i like coming back to play it.
7 years ago
Well, maybe the worst backglass ever. The playfield art is equally terrible. Playfield layout ain't too bad. Overall not too much fun, Hard to find , but not worth seeking out.
8 years ago
Deadly Weapon- with better art, and more produced - this game certainly could've been a contender.

I've played 5 of the "Street Level" series games now, and this faaaar and away the best of them. For a single-level playfield with only one shot that returns your ball to the flippers, the table has some serious flow to it. Lots of nooks and crannies to shoot thru, and lots of aiming skills needed.

The main goal of the game, collecting arrests via police cars, definitely keeps you busy enough, but the game is constantly throwing new objectives at you all the time that can make you dizzy if you don't keep your head straight. The only flaw in the rules that I have have found is when the ball exits from the pop bumper area, all other objectives stop for a few seconds so you have a chance to collect the pop-bumper bonus. Since this can happen several times in a game - it does break up the flow a bit.

Also, the "catch-up" feature (which allows trailing players' scores to be bumped up to the leaders) kind-of kills any serious competition, but if you think of this game as more "Mario Kart" and less "Gran Turismo," you'll have the right attitude.

There are two sets of scoring: points and arrests, and it's fun to aim for different goals depending on the game. I think the lighting effects were implemented really well, and the sounds aren't anything special, but it has never annoyed me like it does to some. (Caveat: I also love the sounds in Genie, so.... take that FWIW).

The art is....not my favorite, and I'll just leave it at that.

At the end of the day, the game is reliable, fun, challenging, and never boring which is all I really want. Is it deep? no, but it is jam-packed full of satisfying shots, has a respectably-crazy multiball, and is a multiplayer blast. The family has a great time with it, and so do I. With only 809 produced you don't get much of a chance to see one, so if you do, check it out; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised (just pretend the art is better).
8 years ago
John Trudeau and his team did a great job with this street series game. I like the skill shot on this game.

The Pros:
A very well done layout with lots of shots to be had everywhere. Solid rules that make you EARN what you score. Gottleib sys 3 games for reliability is as solid as they get. Third flipper is well utilized. StarGazer metal guide by the lower left flipper will keep the ball moving and lively. Do not underestimate it! The pop bumper on lower left keeps the game lively by the flippers ala pathand /beast's lair/ many gameplan designs. That whole area of the PF is pin-death so keep it out of there. How can so many different shots be packed into a single level PF? Leave it up to JT to figure it out. Multiball is fast and furious. Must keep activated.

The Cons:
The drops (or even better drops with standups behind them) on the right hand side of the PF would have been a step in the right direction. I don't care for David Moore or Constatino Mitchell's artwork. David Moore's "soft" airbrush work is not a draw for my eyes. The sounds are OK.

The Takeaway:
A brillaint PF design by one of the more underrated designers of pinball. Considering the limitations of the Street Series games from Gottleib... this is a damn fine deck. A great playing pin that is criminally overlooked. Just remember, good cops wear plaid.
9 years ago
Okay, this is my first pin so I'm trying not to be biased in this review. This is pretty good for a 'budget model' pin. It has lots of lanes to shoot for, three different modes, and multiball. A lot of the modes and scoring are based around shooting number cop car shots in order. Since it doesn't have ramps, you really need to hit some of the shots spot on to get them. After completing the first round of cars (7), you can start shooting to start a couple different modes. This can be pretty hard. The game has pretty good flow (until you hit a kickout hole) and can be incredibly fast. You can score for points or "arrests" for which you get a 10k bonus for each at the end of each ball. Two kickoff holes also add random bonuses, which can really skew the scoring and difficulty from game to game. Most of the scoring seems dependent on a few different bonuses. Multiball is a real challenge on this in that you have to score all 7 shots to get a jackpot and scores very low if you don't. Sounds get pretty repetitive, but I kinda like the low-fi quality of it. I think it yells "catch us meatball"!? Overall, a pretty nice, simple design with some balanced scoring issues. If you really want to challenge yourself, shoot for arrests rather than points.
10 years ago
The good is that it is a sweet playing game with lots of small twisty lanes and flow. I was really enjoyed playing it in a busy arcade, which brings me to the bad. I went back to play it for a second quieter day and was really disspointed by the annoying and repetitive sounds.
There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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