Dale Jr.

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There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 months ago
A big part of this game is the gimmick and I enjoy it nonetheless
1 year ago
the theme is not my cup of tea i guess for a nascar fan it could be a huge hit. I didnt know anything about dale jr before i played it. The game is fun though it has that feel of race cars and stadiums. The pin ball that circles around the perimeter is interesting if not a little too gimmicky since it doesn't really serve any function. Nothing too memorable here. Photos of the fans didnt really do it for me but again might have liked it more if i were more of a nascar fan
2 years ago
very easy game.
3 years ago
I played NASCAR once at Pinfest and had it on my radar - When the limited edition Dale Jr popped up in the classifieds at a good price I jumped at it. Have had it for 4 years now and it is a keeper and will stay put for years to come. Not often you get a simple game that is so enjoyable. Not yet rated but if you see one and they are rare with only 600 made, PLAY IT...... My rating 9.04/10
3 years ago
This was my first pin, and I still play it today. It's fast and fun to shoot (it is a Lawlor afterall). I think it's a great game for people who are new to pinball because the callouts tell you exactly what to shoot and the shots aren't tough. Overall a fun game to play, but Dale's ugly pink mug is the subject of much scorn in my basement. It's pretty easy to flip him the bird when a game doesn't go like you want (and maybe that's a good think). He's like the black night....but much whiter. Ok...this rating is turning into a comedic routine...I'm out.
5 years ago
Wow, just played several games for the first time. Very cool race track when you shoot the ball out it goes round and round the race track. Then for multi balls you have several balls racing around the track with engine noises, wow, just wow. Very unique and I haven't seen that in any game that I played. Works great with the Theme. Fun game, rules are pretty good, still learning the game and rule set. I will add more comments in after I play some more. I love all of the chrome including the rails and the game head. It really makes the game pop.

So far I love the game and can't stop playing. I hope that lasts.
5 years ago
I have really been enjoying my Dale Jr. However, I have spent more time adjusting the game features in the software than any other game I have! It was WAY too easy on the default settings. It was non stop multi balls. I have now made it as hard as possible to spell R-A-C-E (changed 3 or 4 feature settings I think). Now to light the lamps to collect a letter you must shoot the 3 rt drops. These are hard to hit and send the ball out of control. I changed lots of other settings too, but I think this was the most important to make the game more difficult. I also opened the outlanes as much as possible without removing posts. The game is now hard and fast and has good flow. Loving it and I couldn't care less about Nascar! Finally, I agree with some that some modes are worth more than others. So be it. Time some out then if you want. There is always something else important to shoot for.... like those dangerous drops on the right!
5 years ago
Game is a blast, and is not your traditional layout. The outer track makes for a smaller playfield overall, and that makes it so the ball comes back fast to the flippers. The garage is a unique toy/feature, buts needs tweaking to avoid SDTM returns. Dale Jr. is the same as NASCAR and Stern's Grand Prix, in terms of rules and layout. I prefer the red colour scheme of the playfield over the other two. Gameplay is good, shot layout is fine, and the light show is good.

Some people are put off by the theme, but that's my only negative at this point.
7 years ago
Being a limited edition makes this game a little more collectible than Nascar though it plays just the same. This was an example of Stern's earlier attempt at a limited edition model pinball machine. Very fast and alot of action. I do not understand how anybody could really say anything negative. It's a great game to play. The usual complaints I hear such as the garage shooting the ball down the middle can easily be fixed with a little tweaking. Keeping some wax on it especially in the outer loop keeps balls moving efficiently. The only thing I find "annoying" about this game is the start button built into the lockdown bar. Sometimes I accidentally bump it during gameplay. My bad! I find this game to be moderately easy but a lot of fun to play. Although, I am not a fan of Nascar. I am a huge fan of this game. It seems the more I play this game the more fun I have playing it.
9 years ago
Lots of action. Great sounds. The way the pinball drives around the track is a very nice and innovative touch. Chrome accents make it a great collector's item. Cons are: too many cheap plastic playfield toys (mods needed to replace the cartoon-like car in the center with a life-like Bud car) and ball shoots right down the middle when it exists the garage.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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