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Game Design: 7.743

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Other Aspects: 7.685

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There are 138 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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63 days ago
Off all my games kids love this one the most. Ramps, fun house, you with the face, Ferris wheel. Great game fun loud various sounds lots to shoot for. 15 sec double scoring specials. Add a spinner and this game has it all. Shots all over the playfield great art work. Kids are wearing mine out. Quarters stack up on this one for plays. For you little leaguers out their that means they line up to play this one. Rules are easy to understand. Game tells you what to shoot for.

Get this game you will keep it.
68 days ago
Fun pin from the late 80’s, second in the trio of carnival pins is better than Comet, in my opinion, with fun ramps, good risk/reward shots and a cool skill shot. I like the carnival theme, so I’m a fan of this group of games. The Where’s Waldo style playfield art by Python is really well done and fits these games well. The cab art is another matter, as pins were just starting to get full detail cab art, not just simple shapes and bland paint jobs of earlier pins. But by 1988, the cab art could have been much more fun. No excuse for Hurricane cab art to be so horrendous by 1991 however. The mystery shot behind the single drop target is fun also, and can be risky. Ferris wheel is a cute, simple mech. This is a decent, challenging pin with some fun ramps and looks like it should be easier than it is, so you want to hit start again and again. Hey, you with the face!
77 days ago
No multiball but this straightforward game has some of the best callouts in all of pinball and some fun toys. It’s a blast to play and reminds me of the old wooden rollercoasters. This is the
Embodiment of cyclone at Coney Island. Great machine.
1 year ago
I played a decent number of pinballs in my youth, but this one stands out. From the "Hurry, hurry!" and "Hey you, with the face!" call outs, to the Dracula "BLEH!" when the timer runs out on the trick shot for spinning the wheel, I just remember this one more than any other. Great Williams sounds and fun carnival themed music. I love this machine.
1 year ago
Cyclone is one of the best 80's pinball machines made, even without a multi ball feature. I am surprised it is not higher ranked.
1 year ago
Great game with the perfect theme. Nancy and Ron in the front seat! Lets ride!!
1 year ago
COmet, Cyclone & Hurricane....never card for these titles...then again I enjoyed ROller Coaster Tycoon. Cyclone is boring...almost to the point of nausea for me. Very be a 250 pound paperweight. Owned for 2 weeks and was a MAJOR pain in the ass trying to sell. Just too goofy for me.
1 year ago
Really fun game - rules are straightforward, Ferris wheel and ramps add to the gameplay, and the artwork/theme are great. When you consider this game is now 32 years old, it’s an impressive machine
1 year ago
Great classic real family or party pin with very good sound and lighshows.
Artwork is beautiful with a lot of detail on the pf.
The wheel of fortune in the bg is also a nice gimmick.
1 year ago
fun machine to play but seems much older than 1988.
Ronald and Nancy on the backglass are a nice detail.
2 years ago
It's a solid game for it's age and price. It probably wouldn't last in a big collection unless it raises a lot of nostalgia for you, however.
2 years ago
Just bought it last week and I have to say it is not easy and really fun. Very fun and easy to mod and has great features that make it hard to get a high score. You drain very easily making it annoying but makes you want to beat the game more and more until you do. Really fun and happy to own one of the best 80s machines
2 years ago
One of the most Classic games ever built
2 years ago
Yeah it's cool. Ramps are cool. Ferris wheel is neat gimmick. Shots aren't hard but still gotta hit em.

Pretty good game for its age. And I'm sure mine was not a good example of it.
2 years ago
Some great simple mechs. that are still fun today , Python art package , amusement park theme a decent all around game
2 years ago
One of the best games from this era. A theme that will last for decades. The cabinets art is amazing and the sounds in the game are truly funny. A really great Williams 11-game.
2 years ago
Played this game a ton in college with friends at our local bar. Very fun, addictive game play, and a unique layout that perfectly suits the theme. I don't particularly feel that it is lacking by having no multi-ball feature. Not sure that adding multi-ball for multi-balls' sake or having 3 balls triples the fun. Sure, it may seem simple by today's standards, but a great pinball for the era. I still cringe at the sound of those elephants though.
2 years ago
Kind of ho-hum early Python Angelo machine. Some unique features such as the ferris wheel in back left corner give the game a little bit of fun. And the playfield artwork does warrant stopping play for a while to explore in detail. But the game it's self lacks the kind of splashy panache that would be the hallmark of later Python games. I'll give it some credit. It's not a terrible game but nor is it terribly compelling.
3 years ago

The first time I played this game was years ago at my girlfriends house. Add 12 years, a marriage, and a lot of hours behind the flippers and I can attest that this is a very fun and lasting machine! Throughout the years I have played this game probably 1000 times, every time is just as fun and challenging!

Not knowing much about pinball machines, by no means an expert, I have learned a lot about mechanics and playability of machines thru this game. The amount of different bonuses, mixed with fun thematic elements, allows you to play this game LITERALLY for hours! All in all, a fun game that you can flip on and play without thinking too much about strategy, pure enjoyment.
3 years ago
Not a bad pinball for sure but overated. This gets the best rank in my collection, it's also the one that cost me the most and I barely play it... Not a keeper I guess.

EDIT : Once restored and played a lot... I love it ! Fun and addictive. It will never leave my small collection
3 years ago
I love both Comet and Cyclone. Fun theming, good sound, and variety of shots always make for a fun experience. Both have interesting play field gimmicks with Comet edging out it's younger brother, in my opinion, by variety. Cyclone plays a little cleaner than its older brother. I'd have a hard time picking between the two for a purchase.

I have one major problem with Cyclone: the strobe. The right hand strobe combined with the other lighting effects can wind up giving me a headache.
4 years ago
Cyclone is a really fun game!

The layout is fairly basic, but it works really well. Waiting for the ball to ride the Ferris Wheel can get a little cumbersome at times, but that's really my only complaint. No multi ball in this game, but it doesn't really hurt it either in my opinion. Nailing that Comet ramp over and over for the "Million" shot, or the Cyclone ramp 3 times for the Gate Bonus (Jackpot) in a certain amount of time is the main goal. I also like the skill shot in this game.

What really attracts me to this game is the music/sounds and the art. It's really a work of art, with such detail given to the individual people on the playfield. The music is catchy and fits the theme well, and the lights/flashers work great in this game.

This is definitely a game worth playing for a bit. It can get old since there aren't a ton of things to shoot for, but it is a really fun game to play a few games of from time to time.
4 years ago
The artwork is fantastic! As good as it gets. Not a fast paced game. The call-outs are great! Coney Island theme is used to perfection. It's a fun game to play without overly challenging shots.
4 years ago
Cyclone is a classic. Being the era it is from it doesn't give the player as much as some of the modern era games (alphanumeric display) but the theme, art, and rules really do go together well. The wheel in the back box is also a perfect element for the game. Biggest con here is the rules can be a bit one dimensional as the gate jackpot is the primary objective points wise.
4 years ago
Overall pretty good for its time, no multi ball but probably the best non multi ball out there. Plastic ramps block quite a bit but they are clear. We enjoy wire ramps better but still a good pin
There are 138 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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