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There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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66 days ago
Played at Pinball Republic, London.

I had an ‘exciting’ few minutes shooting down drop targets to shoot into this huge pointless sports stadium ramp, and then up through a gate, along a tube and into a saucer.

It genuinely looked like the playfield had been randomly assembled from games that made more sense, with multiple components that looked cool but didn’t do anything interesting. A low point for pins at PBR, which normally has good stuff on site.
3 years ago
Cybernaut to me is one of the most underrated pins out there. Seeing as they only made 900 many probably have not had the opportunity to play this machine but i highly recommend you do. The rule set while basic is fun and challenging. Crank up the back legs and it makes all the difference. Opening the gates and hitting that tube shot is very satisfying and adds an extra element to the game that makes it really fun and rewarding. What sets this game apart from the other tube games is the sounds. That pulsating Ion generator effect is hands down the coolest thing I've ever heard and keeps me coming back again and again. completing it while it intensifies is so unique. The artwork and back glass has the perfect 80's feel to it. While most will think this game is boring i find it really fun and challenging to complete all the criteria the game has to offer. Seek one out and give it a try so we can get it on the top 100 and you can see for yourself just how fun a basic pin can be.
4 years ago
Very excellent game all around, captures the space theme and illusion well, the sounds are amazing and the sound quality is great. Layout is decent, and it's difficult to get all the shots for maximum points. Upper flipper helps a lot. Super fast action. Not really sure if there's anything I don't like about this game. The whole package is amazing.
4 years ago
I was surprised to learn this came out in the mid-80s. Felt like a late 70s machine, like a poor first effort for Xenon. Boring play.
4 years ago
I believe there are 3 tube games Cybernaut, Xenon, Mars God of War. Cybernaut is in the middle as far as speed. Xenon being first. This is a fun game with a small ramp that brings you thru the tube. There is a gate to open then you will get to shoot it again to hit your rollovers.. Drop the targets that actually drop, I miss those. Then you have the cyber multiplier that you have to hit 9 times in order to get big points..
It's a good game, very challenging that makes you want to keep playing until you complete the 9 hits.
Tube games always look good. I have a MGOW as well.. Xenon is the worst of the three but the most popular because of the sounds..
4 years ago
Bad layout, bad art, no flow . Just boring
5 years ago
A decently fun game for what it is and when it was made. Not a lot to do on the play-field, but what is there is set up for a fun experience. Its a great game to just play without having to worry about in depth rules, what particular order to do things, etc. A good pin to use as an intro to pinball for guests that are new to playing. Artwork is awesome, pure 80's sci-fi. Sound effects are ok, though some might find them repetitive. If you can find one for a decent price, I would recommend it. I quite enjoy mine.
6 years ago
Another case of a game from Bally's twilight with a good art package but uninspired gameplay. The "Xenon Tube" is a feature that breaks up the playfield monotony, but serves little purpose. I like the stand-alone drops that block the ramped area behind, but in the end, you are firing up to this area and hoping for the best. It is also a damn shame about the top ball entry area--an underutilized porition of the playfield. Much like Motordome, the art is aces...too bad about the gameplay.
8 years ago
My friend has a real nice example of this rare game. I never knew it existed. After playing it I realized why it was rare. Quite boring.
10 years ago
Not a bad machine, but lack of multiball definitely lowers the score a bit especially since this was released in 1985. However, the tube ramp is very cool and hitting the right set of drop targets is satisfying. Still, this machine was already a little outdated when it was released.
10 years ago
This is by far going to be the lowest scoring pin I ever rate. I at least "like" every pin I have ever played, except this one. Decent art and nice colors and all, but there is just absolutely no gameplay at all. It almost appears the bean counters told the designers "you can have two flippers and a ball, and that's it." I had bought one of these pins on the cheap thinking I couldn't go wrong, but I did, and after fixing it then playing one game I couldn't wait to get rid of it.
11 years ago
Cybernaut is what happens to pinball when there is no money to be made in the business. The Golden Age of Bally has past, games like this are what we are left with.

The Pros:
Considering the cost to produce this game, Kmiec and Co. were able to get a great deal from this design. The skill shot from the tube shot is cool. Multiple rows of drop targets are borrowed from Vector. The Alien's gun on the BG reminds me on Neal Adam's designs. Doug Watson did a great job with this art package. The tube rolling the ball back down to the lower PF or to the plunger is a simple and great design.

The Cons:
Simple and easy. Not a good combination for the pinball player who wants a challenge. Third flipper is a waste.

The Takeaway:
Considering what they had to work with, the team did a great job with what they had. Unfortunately, this is still not very much. The similarities to Xenon with the tube, the tictac rollovers and NO MULTIBALL shows you what 5 and a half years did to the pinball industry. Ouch, right in the tenders!
There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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