Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.083

Artwork: 8.76

Sounds/Music: 7.84

Other Aspects: 8.27

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Found 405 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
It's OK, holo is OK, music is bland IMO, great looking machine with awesome theme, not a keeper for me.
7 years ago
I have a soft spot for Monstery/Haunted House-ish/Halloween themed games, and Creature fits that bill.

I know some people want more than the 2-ball multi-ball, but it's a challenging enough game as it is, let alone having 3,4,5 balls to worry about.

Great art, fun shots, and cheesy music, good rules . . . what's not to like?

Ok, I know I didn't like not being able to see the ball on parts of the playfield, which seems to be a common complaint of people who come over and play; but after I put some time in, it didn't really bother me anymore.
7 years ago
its good
7 years ago
Good game, but IMO it's not the great game that some make it out to be. Better than most, but it's not a top 10 or anywhere near the top ten for me.
7 years ago
Classic Table. Plays quite a fast and drains a bit too easy if your shots aren't perfect. But hey, that's up to the skills of the player :) I will keep inserting more euros to this machine, would love to own one some day.
7 years ago
Just traded my GnR for this game. Never own or played it before , should be ranked better. This is a great game. Just led some of it along with the head 110% better .This one be in my collection a while. Im off to play.
7 years ago
I have a love hate relationship with this machine, its the hardest next to WH20 to master, In all honestly I have never mastered, not even close.
Love the theme and layout, art work is very near the best, would be very difficult to part with, if I did I think I would simply want it back after a short time.
7 years ago
This is one of the hardest pins I ever played. But most rewarding once you have a good game. The lcd mods that are out now definitely take this game up a notch. Excellent upgrade for the old hologram.
7 years ago
I've loved this game since I first played it many years ago, and it was the first one on my want list when I decided to start gathering up machines. This machine drips of pinball perfection.

I don't care for stop and go pins, and I'm not a fan of games that don't have an orbit shot. This game has a ton of stop and go, and no orbit shot - but I still really like it.

I'm not a theme guy (I don't think they make or break a game), but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better use of a licensed theme in a pinball game. The art and lighting are nothing short of awesome. Clearly, the most beautiful game I own from an art standpoint.

But what I like about it most is the rule set that pulls from the system11 days, rather than from the mode based rules that were in the process of taking over WMS. Easy to understand, difficult to master indeed.

There are some deeper objectives here, and each feature shot does set up some mode style hurry-ups, but the core of the game is simple, hard and unforgiving with only a 2 ball multiball.
7 years ago
one of my best pin ever. Simple to play, not realy deep but each time i play on it, i'm in love :)
7 years ago
Great fun and the theme blends in well with the play
7 years ago
Some people really like this game, some people don't. I am in the middle. I'll definitely play once in a while, but something about the layout starts to bug me. Everything is condensed to the front of the playfield with long curvy ramps that obscure the back of the game. Still, it has some unique rules and a fun progression to find the creature, but . . . and it is a big but . . . after playing a game or two, I have no urge to play it again for some time.
7 years ago
I liked this game. Play field seems a bit cluttered for me. I really enjoy the sounds. It has a nice nostalgic feel to it. Very good game
7 years ago
One of my favorites. I bought Creature used and replaced the hologram myself. Too bad the lamp mechanism is bad... Game play is very good and once I get the hologram working, will add to the mystique. This game is a must have if you like the horror themes. In order of fun - Scared Stiff, Dracula, Creature, Monster Bash, Tales crypt, Adams Family.
Should be in every collector's inventory...
7 years ago
Really nice game that I didn't really get into till I watched the papa tutorial. Wow. Ball control = lots of fun.

Very satisfying to hit the shots you need to hit. Spelling Creature is very satisfying, getting the jackpots feels great.

The only thing that drove me crazy was how much work it is to get multiball, and then how quick all that work can drain!

Sold this only to pay for Metallica. I do not regret it, but I could totally see owning this one again.
7 years ago
I absolutely hate the soundtrack of this game, it's just terrible in my opinion.. Apart from that, great game.
7 years ago
I'd have this except my wife's not fond of it.
7 years ago
This game deserves a spot in up in the top 20. Way better than TOM or CV.
7 years ago
Beautiful game with simple yet addictive game rules. Only two ball multiball, but it is not boring. It gets the most plays by gameroom visitors.
7 years ago
Love the game! Awesome theme and fun to play. Bit of an easy pin but a must have for my collection. Love the cabinet art!
7 years ago
Good fun cool ramps neat theme all in all a solid pin.theme is almost deceiving but works very well.
7 years ago
My first true love of the DMD variety.
7 years ago
Great 50's drive-in movie theme, cool music from the era, unique playfield layout, great art. The Move Your Car DMD scenes are hilarious. The ruleset doesn't have the depth to make it a keeper for me, it gets old too quick.
7 years ago
Fun feel good game. Good theme. Sounds are a bit cheesy but good game overall. Looks good.
7 years ago
Great theme with sounds and art wonderfully integrated. The playfield looks really cool, with lots of interesting ramps. Although there are plenty of ramps, I found shots to be repetitive and felt too many areas of the playfield were obscured by them. I felt the rules could have been a little better, seemed somewhat shallow compared to games of the same era. Still a fun game that's stunning to look at. Would be great in a larger collection IMO.
There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 17.

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