Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.083

Artwork: 8.76

Sounds/Music: 7.84

Other Aspects: 8.27

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Found 405 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
The field came off as cluttered. Couldn't see 60% of the playfield. The concept is very cool
6 years ago
Challenging and fun - great use of the theme. I agree that the playfield is too cluttered, making it sometimes hard to see what is going on.
6 years ago
Creature....what's not to like. This was one of the most sought after games for my collection. Now that I have it, there's no way I'm selling it. Great of the best!
6 years ago
This is everything a pinball machine should be and pretty much the ultimate table for me. The only reason it's not a perfect 10 is because of the playfield obstructions and how dark it is in the back. This has the best artwork, best theme integration and some of the highest production quality in all of pinball. The rules play a bit like a System 11. They are simple and you always know what to do, but doing it every time is incredibly difficult. This is the kind of game that rewards accuracy and punishes missed shots, ultimately making you a better player. After every game you feel like you were so close and it leaves you itching to play one more game. When you do finally hit that Super with the multiplier cranked way up, it's maybe the biggest rush in pinball. John Trudeau's masterpiece and one of the all time classics.
6 years ago
I was thinking about buying this game because it looks cool. Good thing I got to play on it before I did. This has to be the worst playfield layout of any machine. Too much stuff way too far down on the field blocking shots to the upper field. Most of the upper field is covered by stuff so you can't follow the ball movement. Just pure pinball hell.
The artwork is really nice, absolutely love it. too bad that the game itself stinks.
6 years ago
Very interesting idea the way the story that goes on in the display is moved along as you play the pinball on the playfield. I'm not sure what other machines do this but I like it. It a fun machine to play but I feel it may be a little boring for serious pinballers as the shots are pretty easy and there isn't a lot of a variety. The hologram gimmick isn't impressive and is prone to failure. I would get this machine if I had the chance just because I am a fan of old school horror movies.
6 years ago
I could never get on board with this game either. I think I may need some more time on it, but I find the play field too 'short'.
6 years ago
Love this pin. Music is great, shots are great, gameplay is great.
6 years ago
The Creech has been in the Pin Room for a few years now. It is a fun game that keeps me coming back.
6 years ago
IMO the coolest cabinet/ artwork in all of pinball. The fact it's a great game to play is just a bonus
6 years ago
Just not a fan
6 years ago
Wonderful theme with great music.
6 years ago
I play this machine locally, love this thing. I personally would pick one up if the price were right. The overall theme is just fantastic and fun. Music is great as well. Plenty to do and to shoot at on it. Move your car is a bit over stated but not too much of a detractor of the audio. The hologram is a pretty cool feature and the DMD displays well suiting animations. Great pin for everyone!
6 years ago
I love the theme and music in this pin. Pretty simplistic rules, but very fun pin to play. Biggest negatives are the placement of the ramps which obscure line of sight to the Snack Bar and lane to the top of the playfield!
6 years ago
Fun game , cool theme
two balls multiball are difficult to control
Just need deeper rules to do this game a top 10
6 years ago
Had this game on loan from a friend for a few months now, at first I wasn't that impressed, but the more I played the better it got. Playfield is very cluttered making some shots very difficult. Move Your Car is a great mode to boost your score if you get it right. Multiball is very challenging, keeping 2 balls in play is difficult and the only ball save is a difficult snack bar hurry-up shot, getting the jackpot is hard but very rewarding.
The animations are great, especially in colour!
A challenging and fast game, keeps you coming back for more, pity there's no 3 ball multiball.
6 years ago
I couldn't get into this one. I didn't like the drive in theater theme. The call-outs and animations got old.
6 years ago
"MOVE YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Excellent design. The hologram is killer! Near perfect pinball game. A classic with a classic theme.
6 years ago
One of my favorites!
6 years ago
I've been waiting to spend more time on this pin before rating it, but time is at a premium anymore. This is a fun pin with a crazy playfield design... total ramp overload. Lots to do with some very cool gimmicks, some tough but rewarding shots and a GREAT theme. But I do not understand why I did not enjoy it more that I did. All of the elements for a great pin are there, but is doesn't feel great to play it. In fact in sometimes felt a little cumbersome. Perhaps just too many ramps and loops. I will definitely spend more time playing when I can and update my rating
6 years ago
Theme is great ,Who doesn't love a horror flick at the drive in.
7 years ago
Drive in movie theme - I loved it! Want one badly! One of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. Sound is wonderful, too!

I wish today's pins were themed as cleverly as this one is... Seems that nobody can make a pin without licensing it after a TV show, movie, car, etc.
7 years ago
- The drive-in theme and the K-I-S-S shot
- Humour and "move your car" animations
- Hologram
- Tight and challenging shots
- Rules are easy to understand, but hard to master…

- Soundtrack
- Busy (too busy?) PF giving poor visibility of obstructed shots
- Ball spend too much time on the lower part of the PF
- G.I.
7 years ago
My favorite game of all time. I love the drive-in theme and the Creature from the Black Lagoon movie! The artwork is second to none and the classic 50's music fits the theme very well. It has the toughest 2-ball multi-ball ever IMHO and the ramp shots are very satisfying. Lots of different modes, but Move Your Car is an awesome classic. The 3-D Creature hologram toy is super sweet when it's green and working correctly.
7 years ago
At first a good looking table but very fast and unforgiving. After a few games it starts getting clear, you have to continue playing and playing and playing......

A lot of modes, a lot of flow and stop and go, you pick your style so fun for all.

This game belongs in the top 10 for me.
There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 17.

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