Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.081

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Other Aspects: 8.269

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There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Best integration of any themes. Wow.
6 years ago
Quickly becoming my favorite title, CFTBL makes pinball simple yet incredibly fun. I avoided this title early on because the playfield always seemed to cluttered to me. My early games ended up as drains due to the poor visibility coming off the right flipper. However, after getting a hold of the rules and getting 4X playfield during multi-ball, all is forgiven.
6 years ago
One of my all-time favorites - a really neat take on the theme, sort of a theme (CFTBL) within a theme (drive-in movie). The creature hologram is a great gimmick and the shots/rules are a lot of fun. Also some of the best-looking backglass art I have seen - really stands out and would look nice in a home collection.
6 years ago
I love this game. Hard shots for the experienced players and immediate fun for the beginners. The art style is really well implemented. The creature floating through the water on the side is awesome. The music is memorable and enjoyable. And the objectives are challenging. I would love to find one someday.
6 years ago
Great theme. Definitely a favourite here. Reminds me of a golden era in pinball and maybe my life at the time :-)

Fun fun fun..Keeper for me..
6 years ago
Absolutely my favorite pinball of all time! I have played it for hours and hours and now want to own one to do it all over again! How many pinballs can do that?
6 years ago
The Good: Artwork and theme-ing is hard to beat. In that regard this machine is a total package. It's also a good DMD game to explain easily to newcomers, as the rules are pretty simple. This is one of the rare reasonably priced DMD's (in comparison with CC, MB, etc) that my wife actually likes. So there's that. :)

The Bad: In a small collection, I can see the shallow rule-set becoming stale. The first time I walked up to it, I also remember feeling as though the central circular ramp took up a lot of real estate. it was difficult to see much of the playfield due to the coverage of the ramp.
6 years ago
There are a lot of great tables in the first season of Pinball Arcade, but this is at or near the top for me, as it has a great balance of difficulty. While I can get some decent scores on this table, for whatever reason, I find the "CREATURE" mission dealie to be strangely difficult, despite being what should be a simple two-ball mission. What makes this table a bit on the simple side is how easy it is to shoot up the left ramp to build your combo, and cashing in on that combo by hitting the left-center ramp... it becomes quite easy to get 16 million points over and over this way, and increasing your bumper multiplier as well. I can honestly say that I still haven't found out how to score the jackpot on this table or anything like that, despite playing it a number of times... of course, this likely has to do with my failure to be successful in the "CREATURE" mode. Although the table plays well, what really pulls me in are the sounds and the aesthetic of the table, as it revolves around a late '50s drive-in movie theater. Sure it has a cliche sort of feel to it, but that's what I really enjoy about it. Creature from the Black Lagoon is a must-play for any pinball fan of any skill level, of any age.
6 years ago
the artwork and fun factor is there with this pin! But the shots are fairly limited and once you have made most of the shots I lost interest. Great pin but better suited for a larger collection. I couldn't play it over and over again.
6 years ago
Creature from the Black Lagoon is moderately fun, but I do have some complaints about the playfield layout. First, I am short for a man (5'6"), but I doubt I'm at the low end of expected player height. That said, the skill shot rollovers are hard for me to see because a ramp return (plastic) is right in my line of sight for seeing where the ball is. Sometimes I find myself leaning towards the game over the PF because I'm not sure what the ball is doing, only to have the ball come out the left side of the orbit and head straight for the drain. Not great.

The bank shots that open the snackbar are awkward - I usually only get them through the process of playing rather than with carefully placed shots. This might be my shortcoming as a mediocre player, but those standups are dangerous to shoot for because the bounce often sends the ball SDTM.

Being restricted to two-ball multiball is limited and lame (I'm spoiled, sure, but at least give me three!).

Finally, I've yet to see a Creature with a working sub-playfield holo. That is just frustrating.

Overall, the game is okay, but it's not on my wishlist.

EDIT: I finally saw the creature under the playfield. I gave the title a bump just because I was amused by the holo.

SECOND EDIT: This game has grown on me quite a bit. I thought I would get tired of getting F-I-L-M over and over - but I haven't. It still feels fun and engaging, so I gave CFTBL a bump today (10//11/15).
6 years ago
Creature is great game for almost everyone. The rules aren't as deep as everyone says, but it has many different shots, and the holograms gives it tons of appeal. The theme is perfectly done, not over doing the Universal movie, but rather telling the story of going to a drive in to see the movie. The soundtrack is also amazing.
6 years ago
Who does't love that great drive-in theme and a scary classic 3D movie? The artwork on back glass and cabinet is just stunning. Five popular songs from that era that I just love to hear all cranked up in volume. Maybe just me as I am also a rock and roll nut. Animation is great with the guy trying to put moves on his girlfriend and the move your car. Only downside I see is the just 2 ball multi ball , but then that is when you get to search for the creature and see him on the hologram below the play field. Spelling FILM to get to the multi ball is a challenge. Not too difficult and anyone can play. A very under rated game and best game John Trudeau ever designed.
6 years ago
I can't get past the level of obfuscation on this pin. There is simply more "stuff in the way" on this pin than on any other I've played. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a shot on this game. I like the theme, and I appreciate the theme integration. Every pin expo, I try and play a game, and I'm overwhelmed time and time again with how unseeable the ball is on this pin. Blocking the view of the ball is not good for pinball.

6 years ago
Creature from the black lagoon is perfect. We all know that.

Shots lead in a linear and tricky way to potentially massive scores, but there's plenty else on the side should you want it. It's got one of the biggest and best ramps in all pinball, yet you hardly ever get to use it - which makes it even better.
6 years ago
One of my favs, spectacular theme and artwork. Easy game to learn hard to master. Shots need to be precise or you are punished. Ramps are smooth, hologram is one of a kind, DMD animations are tops, one of the best video modes! Only bad thing is the tear down takes awhile.
6 years ago
Love this game. Been one of my favorites since a first played it years ago.
6 years ago
The best looking behind Fathom.
I love theme but playfield layout makes this pin slow coz of kiss and movie shots.
Bad flow and cluttered playfield.
6 years ago
CFTBL is a great game - the music, lights, sounds and speech all make for a very good theme. However - most people under 40 have never been to a drive-in theater, so the theme and music are a bit dated for some people's likings. The creature hologram takes up an enormous amount of playfield real-estate and is rarely active (and most have turned to blue instead of green)...thankfully the LCD replacement mod is available and corrects this negative. The playfield is a bit claustrophobic for my tastes - but the backglass and playfield art are some of the best in pinball. My wife likes this one more than me - but it's a fun game - I can't really knock it too much.
6 years ago
Creature is a straightforward game that's fun to progress through every time. It doesn't need to be deep to be fun. Spell FILM, hunt the creature, get 2-ball multiball. As someone who's not the biggest fan of multiball, I actually prefer that it has only 2-ball play. It's one of those games like BK2K or F14 that people will say is fantastic "in a larger collection" which I only agree with to an extent. I think Creature holds on its own a bit better than most games people rag on for its deepness/staying power. The hologram is kind of whatever. The local CFTBL has the fancy LCD mod and I still basically never look at it. Playfield art is off the chains, one of the absolute best.

The playfield is pretty obstructed (by honestly not the most important giant spiral of a ramp), I find myself bending down when aiming shots more than most tables. The ramps are BUTTERY smooth though. WOW. If you ran out of ingredients while baking, I'm pretty sure just throwing Creature in there would suffice. Some of the best feeling ramps in pinball.
6 years ago
Overall I'd say this is a very good machine, that definitely earned itself a place in the Top 50 pins.

- the 3D hologram, it's just amazing
- the ramps... all the ramps!
- toys and beautiful decorations fill the playfield
- fun; I can't really elaborate on this one, it's just really fun to play
- splendid artwork, colour composition is dazzling (lots and lots and lots of colours)

- for some players, the overabundance of toys and decorations may be distracting (they really do cover up a lot of the playfield); it's a pro for me, but I'd like to be as objective as I can
- not much modding potential since the playfield is almost entirely PACKED
- the hologram can be a pain to replace if it gets broken or destroyed ($400, which could be invested into a new ColorDMD, etc.)
6 years ago
Classic theme, very challenging. Just the slight lack of depth which lets it down and the fact there is only 2 ball multiball and no autoplunger. Overall though a solid game, always play one when I see it on location.
6 years ago
i have a lotta love for Creech. definitely 'less than three' (<3) here.

it's one of the most beautiful looking machines, with some of the best in-game music, and it has possibly the funnest, most exhilarating shot in all of pinball - even better than the hole in one on NGG because it's so much rarer: when you are in multiball, have scored the jackpot and enabled the Super, you wound up the playfield to 4 x, and you finally nailed that Super Jackpot .... man it's a rush.

ok there are a few little niggles as with any game - the big blank area in the middle of the playfield is underused, and the Creature itself doesn't show up enough, even in multiball, and when he does, the holograms are mostly a bit damaged and age-worn. there is no wizard mode to speak of. and the machine has to be set up just right for the whirlpool ramp to work properly. but these are small potatoes. i borrowed one once for a few months and will certainly have one in my final stable. i just love games with exponential scoring.
6 years ago
"Why do you have this set up as a 5 ball game ?", an illustrious player has asked me. 'Because it's probably as terrible a drain monster as any major pin I can recall, in my several decades as a player, and because I mostly suck at playing it', was basically my answer. Don't get me wrong: I really like CFTBL -- or else I would not have bought one, and at fairly top dollar to boot -- but it is truly **exasperating.** In several months of owning it, I have managed one personal best score of around 650M (is that decent ? -- I dunno . . . ), and I've hit the super-jackpot (one of the most satisfying ones in all pinball) on three occasions. But, with almost every game played, I lose the first ball @ around 5 mil. or less (it's a CURSE, it's UNCANNY !), and I have logged MANY MANY games of 5 balls + the Extra Ball where I do not exceed a score of 22M, which is pathetic ! That call-out of "FOCUS !" as the ball drains around one side or the other just mocks your failure, in a very irritating way. And when you don't make the Left or Center ramp shots, which is often enough, you are DEAD, as in SDTM drain, and it makes you feel like crap. Ditto for regular, simultaneous two-ball drains, or not being able to complete the multiball.

Yes, CFTBL is a tad cluttered, and the lighting is not ideal in some sections. I would call this pin's signature hologram gimmick a neat touch, when it is working properly. (Had to replace both of the motors that run it, shortly after purchasing the game.) The CFTBL theme is great, the artwork quite good. It should be plenty challenging for most players. Although there are much deeper games around, there are still some features you might not often get to. Is it a classic and a keeper ? I think so.
6 years ago
A players' game.

What I like:

1. The challenge of spelling 'FILM';
2. The theme, which is awesome;
3. The attractive female on the backglass being held by the Creature; and
4. The payoff of striving so hard for a two-ball multiball. Seems like such a real treat, compared to, say, easily getting an 8-ball multiball in Indiana Jones (Stern, 2008).

What I don't like:

1. Not much, though it can be hard to see the back of the playfield.
6 years ago
Awesome theme, classic game, fun to play, has a little bit of everything.
There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 17.

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