Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.081

Artwork: 8.758

Sounds/Music: 7.83

Other Aspects: 8.269

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Found 405 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Well, I wasn't born in the 50s so I imagine that's why the theme doesn't quite tug at my heartstrings, but it's executed really well.

Gameplay is awfully repetitive and that, along with the poor lighting and crowded play field, keep this low on my like list. I think the theme, awesome artwork and nostalgia factor keep this game rated so high, but make no mistake: it's a 1-trick-pony. Complete 4 goals to get to a 2 ball multiball. Find the creature. Rescue the girl. The other stuff along the way isn't really interesting. "Shoot the left ramp!" How fun is that to hit 20 times in a row? Well, not very.

Ultimately Creature didn't have the staying power it should, just like a drive-in movie.
5 years ago
Great theme and music
very fun to play and lots of combinations
5 years ago
The layout on this game is what I like best about it. There seems to be no end to what you can shoot for in this game, and the rules work really well in conjunction with this. It is a great casual gamer game. It doesn't require a great deal of time with it to learn what you need to do. Another positive note is the excellent flow in this game. It just feels right and fluid. Not much to nit pick on this game for me, other than the sounds and music don't do anything for me. it is easy to see why it ranks so high. It is a busy layout done right.
5 years ago
Fun pinball. Great theme.
5 years ago
Despite the simple rules its very fun to play and connection of art, theme, music and humor of the pin is fantastic and super cool. This table have style like no other.
5 years ago
This game is a blast. The call outs and animations are really fun. The rules aren't deep, but getting super jackpot is still a challenge. All around a really fun game.
5 years ago
The machine Looks awesome but i just can't get into the game. A big turn off for me are the sounds and music also they just don't work for me. It's hard to see things on the playfield also. Game just doesn't do it for me.
5 years ago
Fun game to play. Easy rules to follow. Great music. Will be a keeper in my collection for a long time.
5 years ago
All I can say about this Trudeau classic is that it truly oozes "fun". Sure it has that one shot that is far more important laying in the midst of it all, but even so, it's a purely gleeful shot to hit over and over again. The ramps are a blast, the music matches it perfectly, and the dot animations are perfection. I love this game. Such a blast every single time, and possibly Trudeaus' finest.
5 years ago
I have owned CFTBL multiple times. I did not really see the genius of the game until I started playing my friend's game. Once I started playing it with more attention paid to the modes of the game, I found that I really enjoy this game. There are many ways to score points. Most people prefer to go for the jackpot and super jackpots afforded by the multiball. I actually enjoy earning points using some alternative approaches

Move Your Car -- This mode is super simple. Shoot the ball up the middle as often as you can until the timer runs out. The wrinkle is that the score for the middle shot will immediately start to reduce as the timer ticks down. So it's important to make a shot as quickly as possible since the points earned on the first shot will be multiplied on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th shot. If your middle shot is sound, you can earn 50-80 million in this mode.

What makes this mode great is the dots associated with each shot. The guy really wants you to move your car! He shoots with a bazooka and eventually an airplane bomber!

Another fun mode is ramp millions. If you make the right "SLIDE" shot multiple times during one ball, you can reach Left Ramp Millions and Right Ramp Millions. If your ramp shot is true, you can rack up some impressive points during the mode.

All in all, I really enjoy Creature. It's a game that I can play 10 times in a row without realizing it. And that makes it a special game indeed.
5 years ago
I really wanted to like this game. Seems overrated played a few machines and the fun factor just isn't there. Like the video modes. These have hologram problems.
5 years ago
Very, very fun game, the sounds is awsome and addictive gameplay
5 years ago
One of the machines that made everything right when it comes to pinball. It's not like playing a machine, it's like diving into it. Innovation, artwork, music, fun...this is what pinball is all about.
5 years ago
Great game, own a very nice one. I love the art work, the colors and the theme. The hologram is great, it truly is a black lagoon which just shows the creature when it is revealed. Love the shots, I like the ramps a lot. the flow is great in this game, with nice ramps shots, and both end shots (KISS, snackbar and SLIDE). The game is pretty easy in rules, collect film and get the creature, not saying it is easy. I also love the deeper achievements like video modes, snack attack etc. Overall a solid machine with beautiful backglass and lighting.
5 years ago
Every time I see this game on location I have to play it. This game has a lot of great things going for it and it just an all around solid pin. From the artwork, to the music, and the game play it has it all. Going for multiball by getting "FILM" can be a challenge but once you have multiball, it is quite rewarding! Make sure you get that 4x everything bonus by shooting it up the left ramp when in multiball. Always fun.

They took a theme and made a fantastic game out of it.

Really none come to mind

Great solid game. A must have for the collection.
5 years ago
I love the double theme, the movie and the drive-in experience. Fairly simple rule set the is easy to beat.
5 years ago
Pros: Unique theme with great artwork. Gameplay is strong, rules are just deep enough to keep you interested, but not so deep that they're impossible to understand. This is a game that requires shot accuracy to do well in.

Cons: 2-ball multiball is underwhelming. I do, however enjoy how tactful the game is while in multiball. Sounds and music seem "tinny," especially when compared to other soundtracks at the time.

Takeaway: This really is a great game, and certainly worth several plays. One of the better games from this era, but it still leaves something to be desired.
5 years ago
Looks great and sounds great. Gameplay is OK but not a keeper at my place.
5 years ago
i like the back glass the most.. best in pinball for me..the playfield is good too,i always wanted one jus couldnt get a nice one at a fair price i am gonna pass on this tittle cause its not as fun as i would like my machines to be is very good but keeper for its art not its play,,the drive inn theme is awsome. and at the right fair price i mite be intetested but they seem over priced for the fun factor to shouldnt b in the to 25 not tryin to hate but there are other bettter games now..
5 years ago
This is one of those games that has a "love and hate" relationship from collectors versus players.
New players HATE the game, because it can be a brutal SDTM with a high WTF! factor, especially when plunging the ball into play.
Outstanding art package.
Excellent sounds and voice calls.
Superb theme.
Decent flow and shots.
VERY DIFFICULT to achieve jackpots.
The real problem is it is another "drain monster". (Pun intended)
Ball control is essential or you never see the creature.
Learn to shoot the whirlpool ramp!
Additionally, multiball can be anti-climatic because it can be over in literally less than 10 seconds, requiring you to start ALL OVER AGAIN for the build up, and it is a lot of work to get everything set.

"Little known fact":

The primary reason this game was moderately successful in arcades regarding production was not due to gameplay value but due to artwork by Kevin O' Conner. If it was not for the artwork design, animation, music, and sounds, the game would have ultimately been a failure. Even the designers admitted this fact. Time has been kind to this game as an iconic nature of John Trudeau and one of his few true "hit" titles.
5 years ago
The "horror movie playing at the 50's drive in" theme is unique and gives this game so much personality. Honestly, this is one of the better looking machines out there. It also has interesting dots, good music, and great artwork. The game plays fast and the ramp shots are fun to hit and really smooth. The "Move your car" mode is a lot of fun and features some great DMD animations and call outs.

On the negative side, the rules are a bit shallow and the 2 ball multi-ball is a bit of letdown. Getting a high score can be a bit of a grind hitting the shots to build up your bonus to 16 million before cashing in over and over. Overall, this is a fun machine that looks and sounds great, but the gameplay never rises to the level of the machine's aesthetics.
5 years ago
Great game music !
6 years ago
great game. Needs to be in large collection, got old pretty quickly, but fun to flip around every 3 months or so.
6 years ago
I have played this game a few times now at different places, I overall look and art inside and out is fantastic. I do find the play field view obstructed a little. I like the overall game play it just seems to be missing something i will keep playing it when i come across it might grow on me more.
6 years ago
artwork is brilliant,
sound is some of the best in pinball,
From the genius mind of John Trudeau
There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 17.

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