Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.073

Artwork: 8.744

Sounds/Music: 7.835

Other Aspects: 8.265

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There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
this game has no visibility and rules are terrible. Not a very good game at all.
9 years ago
CFTBL is a great game! I love all the dots & sounds. Has some ejoyable shots, and getting to multiball and finding the girl is a blast. My only issue with the game would be its rules arent too deep, which is fine as I dont own the game and love playing it when I get a chance but not sure if would last forever in a smaller collection. Its also hard to find one witha good hologram, hopefully a repro will be avialble someday.
9 years ago
While the rule set isn't as deep as some of the higher rated pins on this list, the flow still carries you nicely through a play session. It's demanding at times (especially during multi-ball - of which I wish there was another mode of), but always rewarding when you do manage to rack up a good score. The top left side of the playfield can feel cluttered, but after an LED upgrade and a thorough cleaning (or replacement) of the ramps it opens up nicely. While not my favorite pin, I still highly recommend the Creech!
9 years ago
I went on the hype and thought that I should buy one.
Had it for around 1 year and had to go, was not for me.
Just did not click with me, was like playing a half sized pinball machine, everything was in your face all the time.
9 years ago
Its one of à kind game with excellent flow and Nice rules.
9 years ago
The game layout and the flow of the playfield are good. The shots aren't so easy that you get bored quickly, and they aren't too hard that you throw your hands up in frustration either. The drive-in theater theme appeals to older people who have fond memories of the drive in's and it's very well done. If you ever have the opportunity to add one of these to your collection without paying an arm and a leg, do it! I had one for several years but sold it. Strangely I don't miss it at all.
9 years ago
A buddy owns this game and I have had quite a few games on it. What a fun theme! Lots of action and challenges. Chance for some huge bonuses. Love the theme. Not a big fan of the hologram, but it doesn't effect the gameplay at all.
9 years ago
I just wish it had another multiball - maybe with more than 2 balls.
9 years ago
Creech is a game where the theme is really, really well done. I find myself laughing every time I hit the KISS shot. "Coommmee onnn...." "Oook" or something like that. There's enough to shoot for to make the shots varied and the multi-ball is a really cool concept. Overall it's a great game.
9 years ago
Real good theme, real good pinball with a well though gameplay.
Definitely a one to get !
9 years ago
Great pinball machine overall, like the backglass & cabinet artwork, good lighting, sounds not annoying, like the ramps & rails, fun to play. This rating based on plays on 3 different CFTBL pins, all in good-to-excellent condition, and enjoyed all 3 of them.
9 years ago
This game is not for the weak.
Very difficult, and if you are not hitting your shots you will not have a fun time.
When you are playing it well.. it's one of the 'coolest' pins out there.

Definitely a Player's game.. pinball surgery at it's best. :)
9 years ago
I have owned a Creature for 10 years and it never gets boring. A challenging game that rewards with lots of variety and things to shoot at. Of course, the theme and artwork are top notch. The music includes several classic 50's hits and cool sounds including the famous "move that car!" which is hilarious. I saw it was rated on one site as the top sequence of all time. I would rate it very highly and plan to keep mine for a long time, unless someone will trade for a Theatre of Magic??
9 years ago
I owned this pin for many years. Always fun to listen to and play. Saving the girl and the hologram monster was a great part of this game.
9 years ago
Played this pin when I was a little boy, and I still love CFTBL. The hologram is very cool and the music and speech is perfect. Easily one of my favorites.
9 years ago
Took me a while to get into this one. Didn't like it at first because it was a really fast game that was easy to drain until you get used to it. Once you play a good handful of games it can get pretty fun. Lots of great ramp shot and really good flow (though fast!). The middle and upper playfield get crowded and obscured with all the different ramps. Theme can't be beat! Only played a handful of games when I could hear the sounds and they seemed pretty good. Lots of fun to get the hologram. Multiball is a mixed bag: like all the stuff you have to complete to get it started, but hate that it's only 2 balls with no initial ball save (snack bar restart helps). Overall, pretty good game if you want some fast action and lots of ramp shots.
9 years ago
I LOVE this game! The game layout and the flow are a bit on the awkward side. The shots are quite difficult and at very strange angles. The thing that makes this game amazing is the theme. The drive-in theater theme is simply brilliant and so well done. Even though I have no prior history with this game it screams "Nostalgia" all over it. That is a very potent feeling to bring out but whenever I play it I'm sent back to my childhood when drive-ins actually existed. I was born in 1980 so the Creature From the Black Lagoon movie doesn't resonate with me as much as the overall drive-in theater experience does. The game is difficult and it keeps me coming back just to experience the amazing theme that it does so well. It sounds strange, but this game really has something special about it. Isn't that what really makes pinball great though? The feelings you get when you play one you really enjoy? I find this game to be one of the best I've ever played. If you are privileged enough to have one of these around, play it as much as you can!
9 years ago
This is a game that grew on me, didn't care for it at first, but once I had the opportunity to play it for an extended period, it became one of my favorites. Particularly like the music and the way it blends with the gameplay, very well done!! Great looking game too!!!
9 years ago
One of the best looking games out there. Fun at first, but stale ruleset. Spell film over and over.. then get a 2 ball multi-ball that finally opens up that sweet looking ramp. CFTBL is what it is.. a nice looking game that works in a larger collection, but for true players just doesn't draw me back. I do wish that more machines had art as nice as this one, however!
9 years ago
Although not the funnest game I've played I love the theme and artwork on this machine. I thought this one was well thought of with the 50's theme it has. I really like the film reel ramp on this one.

Back then, I said I would like to pick up if the price was right. I met a local collector who had this machine and I was having some real issues when deciding whether to pick this up or the Cirqus Voltaire machine. A few months later, he found another CFTBL and I quickly snagged it to go next to my CV.
9 years ago
I need a hologram ::))
9 years ago
A very nice looking game and..........................a very nice looking game. Lastability? No Fun factor. low. Man if that plastic gets dirty it gets tough to see things. A nice looking game...........
9 years ago
I really wanted to like this machine, as it has been on my wishlist for a while. Maybe I played a slow one. Until I play another I will stick to this game being a little sluggish, and a little limited on the shots. Still a good pin- but not a top tier in my opinion.
9 years ago
Love the classic Universal monster/drive-in theme. Love the retro music (haters gonna hate). Love the artwork. I love pretty much everything about this game. This was the first pin I ever owned, and I recently brought it back into my lineup. Creature is fantastic! I even have the side art tattooed on the outside of my right forearm. It's one of the easiest games to teach a non-pin person (the ruleset is very simple to grasp), but it's very tough to master. For every awesome game I have on it, I have 5 games in which I completely suck. My current machine is tricked out with all sorts of bells and whistles, and will never leave my collection. Oh, and CFTBL has the best attract mode of all time.
9 years ago
One of the more challenging games for me, especially when set up difficult, this one is a keeper.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 13 of 17.

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