Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.083

Artwork: 8.76

Sounds/Music: 7.84

Other Aspects: 8.27

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There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Wow. That's how I would describe Creature. Right now, probably my favorite game. I didn't grow up going to the drive in theatre, or listening to the music that gets played. And, that makes it even cooler. This game rocks. I love the long ramps. Some complain about cluttered play field, but I disagree. Game flow is wonderful and getting the creature hologram to try to grab you is really cool.

Only knock would be multiball. Only two balls? Most of us already have that :)

An absolutely awesome game that won't be leaving the collection.

Update. Creature is the first game that I enjoyed, traded, and then brought back into the collection. I sure missed the Creature. An awesome game that's only down side is a two ball multi ball. Yet, it challenges you and I love it.
7 years ago
Fun as all get-out. Stop and go gameplay draws the player into the world of the drive-in. FANTASTIC theme integration...could have simply made a Creature from the Black Lagoon themed game...but Trudeau turned it into a meta-pinball by placing the player as a drive-in patron attempting to start the 3D feature presentation. Sit back for a moment and ponder how genius this is. Simplicity may be its only knock against it: spell FILM to get multiball, then do it again, and again. However, everything from music to artwork to dot animations work in a way that makes the journey worthwhile and entertaining every time. Well executed "simplicity", if you's a theme straight out of the 1950s, which was a "simpler" time after all...
7 years ago
I think it's great to look at, but i'm just not a fan of the gameplay. I dont like the music choices on this game either.. cool ramps, and artwork, but thats about it for me.
7 years ago
This game has grown on me. I can't wait to play it more
7 years ago
I love this machine. The play field is heavy in plastic ramps but the theme is awesome. Perfect for any pinball collection.
7 years ago
CFTBL has a really busy playfield. It is one of the games that instigated operator backlash in the day and got WMS to start producing games like AFM with playfields you could actually see. That being said, this is a great game if you like lots of playfield stuff. It is surprisingly easy to play and fairly forgiving to novice players. Theming is good, sound is fun and the hologram is very unique. Fairly dependable but not the easiest game to work on. "Move your Car" animations are hilarious. Probably not a good first game but good to have in a collection.
7 years ago
This game has really grown on me over the past year. I was disappointed that there was only a two ball multi-ball at first but now really like it. Achieving 4X scoring and getting Super Jackpot is very rewarding. The ruleset isn't as deep as some of the more recent titles but I keep wanting to play more. The playfield art, cabinet, etc looks great. Some don't like how "congested" the playfield is but I like the layout. The shots are tight and can be unforgiving if you miss your shot :)

Overall, it is a keeper.
7 years ago
Excellent machine, lots of fun and the theme is right up my alley and very well executed, love it and hope to one day own it.
7 years ago
Creature is my favorite game - admittedly probably because it was the first game I owned.

I love the strategy required to get high scores. 4x jackpots and super jackpots during multiball are the only way to go, and it's easy to focus on but difficult to do. A perfect balance. I can't say enough good things about the 2-ball multiball.

I have my Creature next to a Theatre of Magic, and one of my favorite comparisons to make is this: On Theatre, in order to beat the high score you're going to need to play a game that lasts for 45 minutes. On Creature, you could feasibly start a multiball with 4 shots in less than a minute, and if you can nail the right shots (left ramp to max multiplier, search, rescure, jackpot, bumpers, super jackpot, repeat) you could get an all time breakout score of 2+ billion in just a couple minutes.

More so than any other game, Creature exemplifies the fact that "it only takes one ball" to get huge scores.
7 years ago
I wanted so bad to love this game. Great theme and artwork.Just did not have long term playability for me. I'll still play it when I see it in the wild..but not to own. If I had tons of money, I would add it just because of the theme alone.
7 years ago
I never have played the game before and had big expectations. Too bad some of the playfield is covered. Still a great game and classic.
7 years ago
With a challenging and unforgiving two ball multiball with no ball save it's rewarding to get a high score, but this game does not make me want to keep going - it's missing the "it" factor for me.
7 years ago
This is a great pin in my collection, and all the new upgrades and mods make it even better! this game is a KEEPER!
7 years ago
A really fun and additive game. Can play for hours and not get bored
7 years ago
I enjoy the theme because some many different generations can enjoy the music and 50's style setting. The 65+ crowd loves it. My ago group loves it and the kids love it. It is Americana rolled up in one pinball machine. While I enjoy AC/DC and Metallica, I can't imagine the 65+ crowd really getting into it. It is on my list for a must have pin.
7 years ago
like scared stiff, and monster bash they got it right when blending pinball and Hollywood. True pinball game play with a timeless them.
7 years ago
Creatures is a classic pinball machine. Impressive in 1994. Looked like a lot of money went into it. The hologram in the playfield is very cool but fades with time. Can be sorted out but it may cost a bit. Toys are numerous and good for an old pinnie. Gameplay is not totally suited to me but the ruleset is quite deep and the machine fits the theme nicely. Was very cool when it came out and it's still cool today. Played it 2 years ago and enjoyed it. Nicley kept machine and holding it's value. Collectable for sure.
7 years ago
Very nice backglass. Playfield felt too dark for me. Tons of shots on this board. Wasn't a big fan but didn't get too many turns on it. Need to come to get the full experience.
7 years ago
Play occasionally on location but no desire to own. Can't get past what seems to be a constantly obstructed view.
7 years ago
Very iconic machine, this and Funhouse were the machines I knew about before getting into Pinball. I was a bit disappointed to find out the theme has more to do with 50's drive-ins than it has with the Creature, but anyway, the theme is very well implemented, the graphics, the music create a very solid package and a great atmosphere. Some of the complains I often hear about this machine is that it's very hard (don't agree), has only 2 multi balls (not a problem, on this playfield, more than that would be impossible to control), and that the playfield feels claustrophobic (ok I agree in part, the shots are all in the middle of the playfield, too much in your face, I prefer more open playfields).

The good:

- Great art package. Backglass, playfield and cabinet are all very good.
- Creature hologram is nicely done
- Amazing looking ramp in the middle of the playfield
- Theme

The bad:

- Playfield layout
- Main ramp not used enough
7 years ago
I don't understand why this game scores so high. I'll drop a few coins in this game and be satisfied walking away. It just doesn't have a draw to me that other games do. I think the theme is really strong and has a coolness about it. This is as far as the positives go for me though because I think the game play is really simple and for the most part blah.
7 years ago
I just love this pin. The drive in movie theme was just brought together so well. From the music to all the little modes to play it is just great and mixed with so much humor.
8 years ago
The pin that started my love of pinball. That is all.
8 years ago
I love the 1950's feel of this game. Beautiful artwork. Lots of shots, I prefer a more wide open playfield. The hologram is incredible!!
8 years ago
CFTBL was an instant hit for me. I first played it on TPA, and was addicted... then I saw one up for sale and knew I had to try the real thing. The real thing is even better, although it's just as hard! I keep mine on 5 balls, even though I can complete FILM in 1 ball now, new players struggle to get there in 3. This machine looks great in LED (it's rare to see one that isn't converted) but I pulled my cool white LEDs out of the dimming GI because they flicker at low intensities. I wish I could have the cool white lamps but with flicker free fading - this machine looks so much better with cool white than warm. I tried it with the dimming off and the light show is a little boring without it.

The flippers are very wide, and a lot of low posts and missed shots punish you with a middle drain. This is a machine that you have to nudge to succeed at. The tilt callouts are funny. I don't think the hologram adds that much or is very important to the game, but I'm fortunate to have a decent blue-green original hologram. I also added the pop bumper lamps that should have been there to begin with and it really improves lighting in the back. Visibility behind the ramps is no issue to me, but I'm tall.

All the ramps are fun, although the best one isn't available until multiball. I wish someone would create a new ROM for Creature that has another mode that uses the whirlpool ramp and a way to get a 3-ball multi. But as-is the machine is still great and not leaving anytime soon. Great use of theme!
There are 405 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 17.

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