Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.072

Artwork: 8.741

Sounds/Music: 7.83

Other Aspects: 8.261

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There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
So glad a Creature finally made it into my collection. Finally playing one that is in pristine condition makes such a huge difference. Totally accessible to any skill level. Great shots with amazing flow. The theme is incredible and the art package is so cool. I can’t believe it took this long to make it into my collection. I highly doubt it will ever leave. Go find one to play and enjoy!
45 days ago
Enjoyable classic that is fun to play and shoot.
61 days ago
This is a fun game with a fun theme. It reminds of the old drive-in theaters!
81 days ago
I really like this game, the theme is A1. A simple but challenging game, and if you like ramps boy oh boy its the king of ramps. The drive in popcorn style theme is just perfect for pinball. Unfortunately most games out there have the hologram faded/nonexistent, and it really takes you away. The mike mod is essential but someone needs to reproduce more creature hologram mods that work. Simple but challenging theme, not as easy as it sounds! Just like a drive in movie just has that charm ya know?
4 months ago
The callouts are great, the theme is campy, and it plays soo good. Been playing it since the 90's and it still fun every time!
5 months ago
A good game that perhaps gets a bit repetitive after a while!
6 months ago
WPC you can never go wrong! Another classic 90's pin. Move your car!
7 months ago
Great game, one of the best theme integrations ever.
7 months ago
Very nice game
7 months ago
Never seen this game on location. Played it at the Pinball Expo and it didn't keep me interested. This high end pinball machine is not on my wishlist.
7 months ago
Ive played this pin many many times and Ive come to realize that after a while things get way to repeteive and overall pretty boring other than a few cool easter eggs the depth is just not there. The 8-bit music does not do it for me.

Looks good and I can understand the attraction to the pin but for me it gets old fast.
7 months ago
Incredible “drive-in movie” game. Okay Creature game. Wish Creature had a real pinball game based on his movie, and despite the brilliant playfield design, the theme integration is a little choppy and non-uniform.

If this is a “drive-in movie” game, drop in the projector from ST and viola!

If this is a creature game, drop in a lower “underwater” playfield where you can bash the creature with an optical illusion and viola!

This complicates how I feel because as a whitewood with the same rules but no theme this game is genius, but the dichotomy of both themes seems like it should work, but in my experience it’s a bait and switch of promising creature and gatekeeping him behind a tricky but addictive lighting multi ball endeavor.

Luckily once you’re familiar with the game, you know how “FILM” works and you grow to love “Move Your Car” that you accept it’s cluttered theme arrangement. Yet if a theme is supposed to outline a world under glass while simplify the goal, this one just misses the mark.
8 months ago
Lot of fun, a bit repetitive and not as deep as modern games. Still a lot of fun to play and great theme
9 months ago
Fun game with a good theme
9 months ago
Enjoyable fun game, playfield is later out well, but many portions are hidden. Rules are clear, and not overly complex. Unique theme and artwork.
10 months ago
Owned it a few times. Best looking game ever to look at. Game rule set not deep. Spell film and go find. Great beginner to medium player game. In large collection it gets lost.
10 months ago
Great idea for a pinball game, routed firmly in the 1950s, the decade the designers grew up in. Today, it's dated badly and has very little appeal. Not the best looking game of its time, but the layout has many great shot opportunities. The whirlpool return ramp isn't fun though, adding unnecessary time wastage to the ball return. Thankfully this bad idea was only used in a few games.

The star of the show is the creature himself, appearing at times as a 3D hologram. That's all he does, but effective non the less.

Not sure I'd ever pay money to play it, I've always played it for free. Probably not.
10 months ago
Yikes! This playfield is so crowded and obscured by ramps that I couldn’t see half the game. Not sure why others like this so much, but to each their own...
10 months ago
This machine has some
Fine features but the best part about it is the hologram Beneath the Pf. Still one I would add if I had extra funds and room.
11 months ago
I wished the theme of this table was "Drive In Movie Featuring Creature From The Black Lagoon", when I first played it. I hated the theme of the drive in because I was expecting it to be a full on Creature From The Black Lagoon table, but as I played it and got deeper into the game and understood why it was themed this way, I began to love it. Starting the film, searching for the creature, blowing up cars that block your view of the theater screen, it's all really fun. The music has the throwback to that era as well and it fits nicely with the theme of the table. If I was going to choose this or Monster Bash for my Universal Monster fix, I'd probably choose this. I do like Monster Bash too, but the way this game shoots, everything feels so smooth that I just can't get enough of it. My biggest complaint is that the game is too dark. This game is in desperate need of additional lighting and bright LED swapping.

I'd like to own Creature one day. It might be my next table, we'll see.
1 year ago
All time favorite. Never Leaving my collection. I kinda want two.
1 year ago
Games played: ~10, >200 on Pinball Arcade

Everything is very close to the flippers and it also has the wide flipper gap.
The double ramp with the path into the whirlpool is pretty cool.

Incredibly unique way to try and beat that one goal (getting those jackpots) but without any given end goal.
This is the main objective of the game, and getting to it (and retrying) doesn't take very long. It also gives the most points.
Some side modes are are a nice addition, like ramp millions and move your car.
Other side modes become irrelevant and just mix up the music for half a minute.

The hologram is awesome.
Otherwise the game has some very clear indication on what to shoot for and the progress of features.
Animation on the display fits in very well without taking too long to finish when the ball is held.
Since the game focuses on scoring instead of objectives, there is a high amount of big numbers.

Very very right flipper heavy. The left shot, left ramp, whirlpool, center shot and scoop all feed to the right flipper.
This may get a bit boring.
Since the shots are close to the flipper and realtively easy to hit, not missing them while a timed feature is running is the real challenge.

Good art package in the movie poster style.
This game makes good use of black backgrounds.

The most catchy music in pinball.
The callouts and sound effects are very fitting for the theme.
There is a laugh to be had every time move your car starts.

It's about going to the movies instead of one specific movie in some franchise, which is a nice change. And therefore it can be much more generic and light hearted.

The rules are easy to get into for new players and provide an immediate goal to practice the flipper skills, or just have fun.
This is the best pinball machine for "beat yourself" instead of "beat some challenge in the game".
1 year ago
A great looking game for sure. Nothing really negative to say other than the gameplay itself isn't anything too special. You buy this game to look at it and to enjoy a few games once in a while. In an only pin setup, it will get repetive.
1 year ago
No clue how it's themed. Kept thinking wtf is this about?!?! So much going on with the ramps and so many blind spots. Shots are hard but not impossible. No really clarity on where to go or what to do. The ramps seem very close and cramp the playfield.

Not sure what all the hooplah and hubbub is about. Below average game.

UPDATED: Have played it more and still the same, only worse. Only one way to get the real big cool ramp. Dumb. Does the holo even work? Dumb. Why have cool stuff you can't use? Hit it up the middle and "move your car". repeat. repeat. repeat. Ramps are easily hitable and repeatable and combo-able. But what is there to this game? em.... not a lot. Still have yet to see the Creature.
1 year ago
This is another work of art from the 20th Century.
Really like the drive in movie theme of the game, great excuse for rock'n'roll music and who doesn't like a Universal studios monster - the hologram is a really nice touch.
I had a chance to buy this machine and regret not doing so.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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