Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game Design: 8.108

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Other Aspects: 8.306

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Found 421 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 421 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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60 days ago
CFTBL is a great game from John Trudeau with flow and brutality!


Great flowing playfield layout with slightly off angles for shots making this feel unique.

Art is pretty great I have to say, another great Kevin O’Connor effort.

Game is brutal, and I mean that in a good way! An excellent tournament game.

Sound is pretty solid, not the best soundtrack, but the usage of classic 50’s songs is nice. Multiball theme is pretty catchy too.


Rule depth is definitely lacking nowadays, especially without any wizard mode.

If the center plastic piece is warped at all, it can cause some bizarre physics in the center of the playfield.

The center loop might be a bit long, I also wish it fed back the left loop instead of the pops.

Overall, a pretty great game! It’s a classic for a reason.
5 months ago
Playing is not so fluid, to many ramps
5 months ago
I wanted to love this game and planned on it being a permanent keeper. Cabinet is beautiful, probably a top three for me. Playfield looks awesome, music, and DMD animations are all fantastic for an early 90’s BW. Lot of ramps and diverters that have beautiful flow. Creature hologram looks awesome if it’s not faded.

However, shallow rule set, and two ball multiball killed it for me. Any decent player will figure out the rules and get to the multiball in a handful of games tops. Where do you go from there? Not a lot of really value from me. If it was a cheaper game and I had more space it still probably would have snuck into the keeper section. Traded mine for Theatre of Magic and have zero regrets.
5 months ago
Played at Pinball Republic (two different pins) and on Williams Pinball app.

I find this hard to rate. My husband loves it. It’s a flowy pin with attractive artwork, which - with modern lighting and mods - can be made stunningly beautiful.

Unfortunately, I find it a bit simple and shallow. I’m a terrible pinball player, but can routinely get to the multiball and that seems to be the entire focus of the machine. Despite absolutely loving Alien Poker, which has next-to-no rules, I somehow feel cheated by this one.

UPDATE: This pin is definitely growing on me. It has a great theme and getting the multiball is harder than it looks. I play it everytime I see one on route. A true classic of its time.
5 months ago
Awesome machine. It's absolute iconic pin with a great theme. It's fun to play, rules are not deep
6 months ago
You go to the Drive in with your friends sneaking some of them in, make out with your girlfriend, deal with someone parked in front of you, go to the snack bar, the creature B movie starts and you save the girl. The game tells you what to do shoot the snack bar! Anyone that grew up in that time period understands and if you didn’t it’s still a game that makes sense and has a theme purpose.
7 months ago
one of my favorites by williams, fun, perfect music, very technical
8 months ago
Great game
8 months ago
A sentimental favorite and the first pinball machine I ever bought. Drive in theme is wonderful and hope to someday have this one back in my lineup
8 months ago
One of my favorites. Compared to later machines it doesn’t have the same depth of ruleset or shot variety, but the shots are satisfying and the strategy required to get high scores with the two ball multi ball make for a perfect challenge. The artwork is incredible, and the overall theme seems to appeal to a wide range. Thinks like move your cat and the snack bar callouts add extra character too. All and all one of the best machines out there, perfect combo of challenging, fun, and goofy.
8 months ago
Fun game! Haven’t fully gotten the rule set down but I have gotten more understanding each time I try to play it. The theme is good, just a little dark (referring to lighting) which I realize is part of the theme, just makes it hard to see at times.
9 months ago
Creature is just a fun game with a throw-back to the Drive-In Theater days. Game play is fast and them is well integrated. The game is not overly complicated, pretty typical for the time frame...pretty much a game for me that makes me keep coming back. Lots of nice mods to be had for this game...Swinks Snack-bar Mod for one. It should be mentioned that the only downside of owning this title is the hologram...over time they become faded and the "3D" selling point becomes nonexistent...again, there are mods created to remedy this issue but they are either too expensive or no longer available.
9 months ago
A fun theme that holds up well to the constant threat of newness / the next big thing that tends to be a trend in pinball.

A lot of ramps, a lot of fun artwork, fun callouts and music. I'm a bit nostalgic for the era of vintage cars and drive in movie theatres so this game has appeal to me; the Creature aspect is a fun add on -- a functional hologram is a must.

Definitely a game I'd like to rotate into the collection one day.
9 months ago
The game play is excellent. I would like to own this machine.
10 months ago
Not a true horror game but close enough. The intro music when you hit multiball… one of the few games I regret selling. Rules aren’t deep but they sure are fun..
10 months ago
So glad a Creature finally made it into my collection. Finally playing one that is in pristine condition makes such a huge difference. Totally accessible to any skill level. Great shots with amazing flow. The theme is incredible and the art package is so cool. I can’t believe it took this long to make it into my collection. I highly doubt it will ever leave. Go find one to play and enjoy!
11 months ago
Enjoyable classic that is fun to play and shoot.
1 year ago
This is a fun game with a fun theme. It reminds of the old drive-in theaters!
1 year ago
I really like this game, the theme is A1. A simple but challenging game, and if you like ramps boy oh boy its the king of ramps. The drive in popcorn style theme is just perfect for pinball. Unfortunately most games out there have the hologram faded/nonexistent, and it really takes you away. The mike mod is essential but someone needs to reproduce more creature hologram mods that work. Simple but challenging theme, not as easy as it sounds! Just like a drive in movie just has that charm ya know?
1 year ago
As perfect as it gets. Perfectly themed. extremely fun to play. doesn't feel old compared to the latest greatest pins out there. puts a big smile on my face. Just works. shots hit as they should.
1 year ago
The callouts are great, the theme is campy, and it plays soo good. Been playing it since the 90's and it still fun every time!
1 year ago
A good game that perhaps gets a bit repetitive after a while!
1 year ago
WPC you can never go wrong! Another classic 90's pin. Move your car!
1 year ago
Great game, one of the best theme integrations ever.
1 year ago
Very nice game
There are 421 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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