Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game design: 8.106

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Other Aspects: 8.295

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6 days ago
I just love this pin. It plays like butter. Shots feel great (even bad ones). It's a bit slower, but the sounds and theme are so we'll integrated with the play, and it's more relaxing to play than stressful. This is my go to pin for fun and non-frustrating gameplay. I can't speak for Theater of Magic as I've only played one example one time, but Creature is the best feeling pin I've played to date. Highly highly recommend!
25 days ago
Beautiful game. Great art and sound. Awesome hologram. Fabulous.
26 days ago
Great pin! Played it so many times and still love it! The hologram of the Creature on the playfield is very unique and makes me want to play it over and over just to make him appear! Love the game play - I also really enjoy the call outs on this game - "MOVE YOUR CAR!"
44 days ago
It is in my collection for only two months. The art is lovely, like the music overall. Some callouts can be repetitive. In relation to the gameplay, sometimes this pin seems too quiet, so you will have to get the four letters FILM to start something amazing. Jackpot is not easy to get, and whirpool is interesting. Move your car mode is a good way to get points without finishing FILM letters. Personally, I hate the four green targets in the center of the playfield, you can feel very frustrated to hit all the four. Playfield looks wonderful with Led lights, but if you are thinking about to buy it for the hologram, forget it, because it is only a little interesting gimmick. I expected a bit more
46 days ago
CFTBL is a classic game. A little too busy of a playfield that can feel crowded with ramps. The theme is great and the hologram is superb! Wished there were more Universal Monster themed tables!
50 days ago
I like it.
51 days ago
One of my early favorites, and lucky enough to get to play one with the creature still intact! I will confess, the whole drive-thru theme can make me a bit bonkers, but it's still a favorite I keep going back to.
3 months ago
CBL has grown on me over the years. I didn’t understand the rules until years after its release. Once I figured out how you spell FILM and start multiball, then everything became a lot more fun.
3 months ago
Fun, albeit not very deep.

The theme is great and they do a nice job incorporating the hologram.

I hate the ramp that blocks so much of the playfield.

I do enjoy the music and the callouts.

A classic, that is well worth a few quarters and your time.
4 months ago
This game look like a great game to play but disappointed I was to say the least not being able to see the ball beneath spiral ramp. Disappointed
4 months ago
I want so hard to like this game because of theme. For me, the playfield is too covered with ramps going everywhere. Just not a fun one for me.
4 months ago
Amazing “American Theme”

Beautiful colours! Fun game!
5 months ago
This game is too much about the drive in factor than the Creature movie. It feels like Im being pulled in 2 different directions with this theme?
5 months ago
This is a tough one because I have grown to appreciate it more the more I've played it. Walking up initially I had hoped it was more classic creepy monster movie than it turned out to be. It's colorful and very 50's drive-in. Even still, its a theme I can connect with because I love movies.
5 months ago
I don't have nearly enough time on this pin.
I love it.
Game play doesn't get old and I can't think of a better theme.
6 months ago
Beautiful to behold. It will take a while to discover everything. Shame about the probs with the hologram.
6 months ago
For me, CFTBL was a game I was hooked on from first flip (even though first flip was on a terrible example at a dank laundry mat that was so unlevel it was basically unplayable). I am a nut for ramps, so the huge spiral ramp was a big draw for me, and I don't mind how it obscures much of the back of the playfield like I often see people complain about. Overall this is just a game that always really fun to shoot.
7 months ago
All time classic. Great game. Simple but really fun. I’d have trouble buying it because I think it would get old fast. But it’s a beauty with a cool layout and good shots.

And the hologram!
7 months ago
Everyone loves this game. I thought it was about as exciting as a History Channel special on bricks. The shots are nice, but you can't see a thing on the play field. Not as much fun as I thought it would be. I know that I will get flak, don't care, didn't and don't miss it.
7 months ago
Classic drive-in horror movie theme that is very well re-packaged in this fine pinball machine.

For some odd reason I view this game and Addams Family as two similar successful attempts at combining solid and innovative (mid nineties that is) gameplay with a well proportioned mix of spooky imagery and funny details.

Gameplay feels like a carnival ride and my impression is that there arent too many, or rather any, "filler" areas here. Every shot and path works well in sync with the next and even the giant whirlpool adds to the action in a good way instead of just being a boring three-second delay in ball return to the normal playfield (like Whitewater for instance).

Regarding looks, this is a machine that just shines with the kind of magic that drew people into the arcades for the right reasons. Stunning backglass art, a colourful and detailed playfield combined with the most beautiful cabinet art on any machine so far, counting both classics and 2000-stuff ! Absolutely gorgeous.

On top of fine cosmetics this game also sports one of the coolest effect gimmicks ever; the Creature monster hologram !
This atmospheric old school light show under the playfield is just plain awesome. The only thing that possibly would add more beauty to this game would be the installation of a colour-DMD.

The call-outs are great and even the corny rock tunes, which are my only real gripe against this machine, have enough varitety to them so it doesnt take the thrill or fun away.

A very entertaining 90's pin and defintively one of the five best from that decade.
7 months ago
Strong overall package. Not the deepest rule set but for the time it was released, it's fine.
Huge improvement in the dots/animations compared to T2 and party Zone.
7 months ago
This is a fun game with great sound, but bad lighting. I always have issues with the darkness of it on location. A set of pinstadium lights would really improve the enjoyment factor.
8 months ago
I'm bias so let's start there being that this is the best pinball I own. With that said I have over 20 pins and it's still and amazing machine. From the sound which if you like the oldies is amazing. To the ramp placements and most importantly "MOVE THAT CAR" challenge, which is as funny as it is rewarding. Love this game.
8 months ago
Great classic theme always gets me coming back
8 months ago
I've owned this game for 15 years. I got my first taste of it in the early 2000's playing a computer game called Williams Pinball Classics. The theme is great, a 1950's drive-in movie theater (where the movie is Creature from the Black Lagoon). The under-playfield hologram is a very cool toy. The rules are straightforward... spell FILM and start the movie, find the monster and rescue the girl. The artwork is really neat. The game isn't super deep or super challenging for a good player, but very fun. The shots are smooth and satisfying. Aside from the hologram, my favorite treat is when you make the shots necessary to open up the long habittrail to the whirlpool.
There are 385 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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