Cosmic Gunfight

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There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
Great game! Wasn't sure if I'd like it at first glance, but I gave it a try and I really fell in love with the game. Has good rules, good play field placement, and sounds that keep you engaged. Would love to add this game to my collection.
5 years ago
Great early solid state game. Good rule set. Cool theme.
Very rare game. If you get the chance to play one don't let it pass you by.
5 years ago
Finally got to play CG. It's right in there in likeability and simplicity with Blackout and Firepower.

Action/Per/Minute: Very good, only has GI-out and ball locks
Backhands: very good
Bonus Multiplier Goal: yes - right orbit shot
Dink Donk: good, might be a little coming out of pops with narrow opening in middle
Drops: very good - 3 sets!
Drops Sweep: good - can sweep right bank - very satisfying
Extra Balls: yes - 3 ways to earn them
Flippers: 2
Goals - BC/MB/Jackpot: has a "cosmic ball" where you can get 30-99 seconds of time. You can set it where if you get a set of drops in order 1-2-3, then you earn another extra ball and extend the game.
Hurry-ups: barely - just the cosmic ball itself
Inlane Lane Change: no
Inlane Swoosh: excellent
Lane Change: Yes - very cool! two levels of it
MB Earning: fair - too easy -- just your 1-2-3 lanes top right
MB Fun: looks good, no real detaining other than half-orbit to pops
Nudging: definitely on the outlanes
Outlane Fun: looks decent. metal inlanes
Pops: two sets. they are good, in that they help score 1-2-3 lanes, not too random or dangerous otherwise
Rules (time/order): if you hit the drops in order during cosmic ball - something cool happens.
Shots (total): 7 (super low)
Skill Shot: nope
Slap-Saves: yes, it's williams
Spinners: none -- what a bummer !
Stop'n'Go: Very good, only has GI-out and ball locks
Taunting: none, other than the sound effect of a drain
Toy/Gimmick: does a GI blackout when you lock the ball, cosmic ball is interesting. A-B-C x 3 is interesting
Voice / V. choreography: no voice ! thanks, 1982!

ART: amaze-balls

SOUND: Strong firepower set, but no voice

DISPLAYS: normal williams

FEEL: sure it feels great -- solenoids thunk hard in this one

OVERALL: quirky machine where you have to play it if you ever see one... 1000 made, makes this really tough.
5 years ago
Not really interesting to play and slow.
8 years ago
Very unique theme to to say the least, doesn't seem to translate into the table art though. Tough shots to lock balls, not easy at all...require some real skill. Overall not bad, wish it had a cooler theme and better and brighter artwork.
8 years ago
Very enjoyable old school SS, Fun game and very cool Backglass.
8 years ago
I like this game !!
9 years ago
Cosmic Gunfight is another game I got to play a few games on this weekend and I have to ask, why weren't more copies of this game made?

The Pros:
Skill is required on all shots and I have to say... they are all over the PF. The 3 sets of drop targets that need to be hit in sequence from one side to the next are well thought out. I don't remember a timer on these shots, but that would make it even better. The standup targets on the left need you to use the left flipper button to toggle the rows, it also lane changes the left lanes at the top of the PF. The right flipper changes the lanes on the top right of the PF... very nice. I got confused a few times and missed my lane change because I used the wrong flipper to change the lane at the top of te game. The lock lane and the lane to the upper right rollovers are narrow requiring precision shots. When this game is tuned with new rubbers, active pops and a waxed pf... wow.

The Cons:
Hard to find due to rarity.

The Takeaway:
This may be my new favorite single level Oursler table up there with the likes of Barracorra and Defender. A true skills playing game. It's amazing that all of this game fits into a single level PF. Some people do some people do not like the artwork. All I know is that I'd like to ride one of those horses...

Update V1:
After a bit of time with this game it comes down to the right orbit shot. Points for completing the 3 rollovers at the top and Points at the orbit shots themselves. The big whammy is the 2x PF after 6 shots. Once you have that, everything else on the PF is doubled for the rest of the ball as far as I can tell. If it was for 15-20 seconds, that may be a different matter (does someone who owns this game know if there is an adjustment for this?). Unfortunately what this really means is that an awesome design can be broken down to 1 shot. The funny thing is that the gameplay on the lower PF with all the sequential drops and the A-B-C arrow standups are now relegated to a secondary and tertiary scoring strategies. Gameplay and longevity scores are reduced accordingly. This is a damn shame, because the rest of this game is a winner.

There are 8 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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