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Game Design: 7.849

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Other Aspects: 7.783

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Found 91 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
Excellent game with great challenges, very under rated game IMO.
9 years ago
This is a machine I had little interest in until I played it. It has fast, smooth-flowing gameplay with a compact-feeling and fairly unique layaout.. The LT-5 toy doesn't do much for me, but I love the car racing toy, despite the fact that I can never watch it as the races require intense concentration. I find the machine to be punishing in general with brutal outlanes, but it inspires me to try to get better. Overall the aesthetics are just OK. A great player's machine!
9 years ago
Top half of the PF is annoyingly covered with stuff and it's hard to see the ball coming out for the left upper flipper, but overall it flows well and plays extremely fast. Decent.
9 years ago
A few months ago I bought a Corvette thinking it would be a nice addition to my collection since I love cars and didn't have a car themed pinball machine yet. I didn't know this game so I had no idea if it would be any good.

Well, I must say this is an amazing machine! George Gomez did a fantastic job back in '94! The gameplay is wicked fast, the music and sounds fit the theme perfectly and the toys are the best I've ever seen on a pinball machine. Who would think to fit an actual racetrack on a pinball machine?? I've absolutely fallen in love with this machine and I don't think I would ever sell it. In all honesty I still think my IJ is the best pinball machine ever built but this one gets scarily close... If you ever think of buying one, don't think twice!
9 years ago
Not a bad game, the playfield seems cluttered and in your face........could of been done a bit better but its enjoyable not a keeper for me.
9 years ago
Corvette is a great game - super fast and great combos. Find the racetrack kind of cool. Super rewarding to complete "Catch me" mode with combo shots. Wizard mode a bit hard to get to and it could be better. It was actually my first game - have played like 1000 times - does not get that many plays anymore, but it has a special place in my heart.
9 years ago
I like corvettes but didn't enjoy the game .Poor lighting and flow also engine and racetrack waste space and block playfield
10 years ago
A local pinball place i frequent charges .75 for most games and .50 for corvette, when im down to my last two quarters, its time to play corvette. That being said I'v played it besides that but its never my first choice to play. To me the playfield is over crowded, i like to be able to see the ball 75% of the time, some trap doors can be really cool, and tunnels etc, but this game is a big blind spot, much like driving a coupe corvette.
10 years ago
Wicked fast gameplay. Played this at PAPA a few years ago and it was brutal. Love the sound effects and quality of sound on this one. Too hard for me to enjoy long term, but if you want a challenge then this is your game.
10 years ago
Corvette is a game that is a good game... that needs some attention from mystery programmer.

The Pros: A brilliant curving PF design with shots everywhere. Flow is all around and when waxed, the ball screams around the PF. Supposedly this game was originally designed to be a widebody game and it kind of makes sense. The PF is tight with lots of twists and turns in it. Combos are KING on this deck. You have to make accurate shots in this game.

The Cons: Uninspired rulesets (reminds me of JM...) and some strange spots on the PF with the engine block toy and the car race. Both spots could have been better utilized on the DMD and given the game an even better feel. Unbalanced scoring makes this game a coulda-shouda-been.

The Takeaway: A good game that could be much much better. If you want a fast car game from Williams... Getaway or I-500 are far superior choices for gameplay.
10 years ago
Got a chance to play this game for the first time the other day and I was actually quite impressed by it. Owning all games which were made a good deal after Corvette was released, I sometimes find it difficult to compare these early/mid 90's games with those of the last 5-8 years, but this game goes it well. In the same way that Goldfinger is the best (or one of the best) Bond movies to date, especially when compared to Goldeneye (anything Brosnan or Craig) being so much better asthetically, Corvette still has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the big names out today in my opinon.
10 years ago
Really cool game especially if you own Corvette cars!!!
10 years ago
I loved to play this game at the bar during my college days and when I got a chance to own one, I jumped on it. I really enjoy this game and there is something awesome about making that engine shake when you get the balls up in there. It is challenging yet the rules are somewhat simple, but keeps making you come back for more. The race cars on the side are not necessary, but kids sure do think they're cool. I got rid of mine to use as trade bait for a TAF, but would not minding having another one.
10 years ago
Corvette is an awesome pinball machine, and my second favorite by George Gomez. It has a lot of great shots, a cool toy, and one of my favorite soundtracks in pinball. I highly recommend playing this one!
10 years ago
the engine get broke to easy unreliable technique
11 years ago
I love this game.....keep in mmind I am a gearhead, a Corvette guy, and I own a HUO Corvette machine. I'm a little impartial to this machine. Mad fast game, great graffixs, and can you say DRAGSTRIP!!! plus a LT5...themed on America's Sports car. Can't go wrong with this one if you are a pinhead/gearhead
11 years ago
A driving game with good flow. Fast and not a lot of stop and go. There is a bonus race on the right hand side that isn't an animation. That's pretty cool. Has a bit of bounce a round and shot making that keeps it from being a flow-monster. Playfield is well thought out.
11 years ago
All I could think of while playing this pin was how much better HS2 is.
11 years ago
Like the corvette . . sound so !
11 years ago
11 years ago
Really fast and fun machine. Will own again some day.
11 years ago
Nice looking pin and good fun to play. As a theme though, I prefer HS2 and Indy 500.
11 years ago
I did have this game for a while and did want to like it, but failed! I should have probably played it more before moving it on, but where does the time come from!? I'm not a sports car person, so the theme doesn't help!
11 years ago
The best racing theme pinball ever. Killer flow, super fast gameplay, cool engine block shaking lock shot, and an interactive dragstrip toy. This game is a major sleeper! It's not just for the corvette enthusiast. If you like racing themes, this one is at the top of the heap in my opinion. Great early Gomez design.
11 years ago
Not my favorite driving game.
Huge let down...
There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 4.

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