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This game received 115 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.249 /10


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This game ranks #217 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.396

Artwork: 7.394

Sounds/Music: 6.254

Other Aspects: 7.457

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Found 80 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 80 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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67 days ago
Classic start to the Coaster trilogy. Gorgeous art package, and fun simple rule set. Million shot still gives me chills and makes you feel the challenge to make the shot in time.
3 months ago
I guess I am a sucker for those annoying 80's pinball sounds. The music in this game although repetitive is just plain fun and perfect in my eyes. The artwork and lighting are a little lacking but considering this pin is from 1985 I am still loving it. I know cyclone is the better game of the 3 but I am still loving the sound effects from this machine. May not last long in my collection but still a fun pin.
6 months ago
Had this early in my collection, kinda wish I still had it. Was a fun early game. That center ramp put alot of balls into the glass though. Scared the hell out of me sometimes.
6 months ago
Really love this game.
7 months ago
If you can find a nice example of this game, its a joy to play.
Really fun!
9 months ago
Having played Cyclone thousands of times, I thought playing it’s prequel would be enjoyable. The game has many of the cinematic elements and themes similar, but lacks depth of gameplay. The circus theme is always fun, kinda hard not to enjoy the musical element of the game.

Play is a little slow and kinda repetitive, but still a fun pin.
1 year ago
Comet is a fun game. The drop target dummy to advance the bonus can be a ball draiin. The duck and rabbit bonuses are annoying to collect! Even though it is easy to hit all the drop targets to trigger them. For some reason, I can easily make the right jump ramp for higher points, but when it becomes the 1 million point shot, I keep missing. The pinball game sounds reminds of early Williams video games, but I love it. I like the that music is different for player 4. I love it because the game teases me to get higher points but I fail often. I agree with some other reviewers that CYCLONE is overall a better game, but that is preference of the player. Similar to which is more fun: HIGH SPEED or THE GETAWAY HS2.
1 year ago
I am a bit biased in my rating. Comet is the first pinball that I encountered, playing the rules, multiple times at 10 years old. It is my first pinball love.
That said, I rediscovered Comet at the York Show 2018 after many moons away from it.
I was disappointed, and kind of embarrassed of my past love of it.
At that same show, I purchased our first pin Cyclone. My second pinball love and clearly the better game.
Fast forward to the dead of summer, with the help of the gents over at the project pin thread I was able to talk to the owner of a Comet on Craigslist and secure the purchase.
After a ten hour drive in an air conditon-less car by my incredible husband, we were the owners of an unexpectedly beautiful Comet.
Not only did he fall in love with it, I found my youth again of how amazing this game is.
The sounds of this game is the first thing we loved. We'd leave it on in the game room and laugh at the random sounds coming out of it. The game play is endlessly fun and challenging.
The Dummy, the cycle ramp, the multipliers, the million shot, it's all encompassing with Python's art and light shows.
This is an underappreciated game that needs a second look by many pinballers.
1 year ago
Honestly, one of the better solid state games I've played. Wasn't exactly well lit but besides that it's a lot of fun.
1 year ago
One of my first favorites back when I was a teenager, man this brings me back and it's still great to play trying to hit the million shot is difficult and keeps you coming back for more.
2 years ago
Great older pinball without breaking the bank. Does not have multiball but still has the FUN factor that brings you back. The combination of Ramps with the Jump Shot makes for a nice variation of shots. Some of the shots are not easy to make so require some play time or skill to get them consistently. The game can be a bit dark with the standard lighting. I upgraded to LEDs and this fixed the problem and makes the game look more modern. I actually left a few of the lights out when switching to LEDs so there was no harsh lighting while playing. 1,000,000 point shot is what it is all about! Classic pin.
2 years ago
The inlane/outlane "swap" is different. A lot of fun little details on the playfield artwork. A simple, yet fun game worth a couple plays at a show or on location. Just not enough there to add one to the collection though.
2 years ago
This was my 2nd ss game..I drove 900 miles to pick it up! It’s a cool fun game. The sounds/call outs, to hitting the ramp and the cycle jump..ya, it’s still addicting..
2 years ago
This machine was added to the fast food joint I worked at when it was new. Many hours having fun on this machine back in those days. This was the first machine that I played that had a ramp on it and I LOVED hitting that ramp. It hasn't held up to well over the years compared to it successors. But still is fun to play if you can find one in good shape to play.
2 years ago
I bought one because it was a good deal, but not really that into this machine. I adjusted the legs to play as fast as possible but at times it seems really slow. Sounds are terrible. Jets are weak, could be the age of the machine although its in great shape.
2 years ago
This is a great game but it definitely gets old after a while of playing it.
3 years ago
A pinball quite classic but too simple. Not much to do and repetitive enough. We get tired of it soon enough.
3 years ago
My first pinball.
Fun but very repetitive, like the music
3 years ago
Comet is a game that you want to make sure you play BEFORE you play Cyclone. Once you play Cyclone, this game is a bit of an after thought.

Gameplay is great for a single ball game. The million shot is a lot of fun and some of the rule-set can be challenging the entry level players. All in all, I agree with most from the ratings perspective, it's fun and cheap, and worth picking up if you find it in the right situation.
3 years ago
Owned Comet for a handful of years. Decent solid pin but does not offer a lot in way of features. No multiball and not a whole lot going on with the playfield. The center ramp is appealing and easy to hit. Both banks of side targets which mimic a shooting gallery are aptly labeled 'ducks' and 'rabbits' and blend nicely with the carnival/theme park theme. The ramp shot for 1,000,000 points is what kept the game interesting and is very satisfying to make. Spiral ramp in the upper left is tricky with how the right flipper and slingshot are set up, but when you do, hitting the spiral had a great feel. Also kind of neat how it was used as a two-way ramp, if you plunge a ball into play with full power it will make it up the spiral and enter the playfield that way.
Other notable features are the dunkable dummy who taunts at the start of each ball 'Hey, turkey!', and the backglass and playfield artwork with lots of detail and funny aspects. The 1,000,000 point shot plastic with the 3 circular holes was fairly brittle and many people had issues with the spiral ramp cracking. My game had an all black spiral and held up fine during my ownership.
Comet is lacking in features but performs well with what it does have. Catchy music, a good friendly-for-all theme, and the addicting and elusive 1,000,000 point shot is enough to keep you playing many times... for a while. Mine has been sold for a few years and with so many options for future tables I would not consider buying Comet again. I enjoyed it while I owned it.
3 years ago
I owned this game for a while. It was fun but if you are looking for deep this isn't it. I loved the theme and my kids loved to play it because it was so simple. Construction on this thing was great but it was little dark. I put LEDs in it and it was still dark. Pretty cool game that I would put back in my collection just because kids liked it and the theme is neat.
3 years ago
Comet suffers from repetitive shots and not much variation. However for 1985 not a bad game, and still a classic. One of the few games as of 2017 that can be had for a Grand and is playable. Not sure If I'd buy one , but still not as terrible a game as people claim. AS is too often the case, many newbies tend to judge 1980's pins to NIB 2017 games which is apples and oranges. As far as the big 3 (comet, cyclone, hurricane) roller coaster games of this era, I'd choose Cyclone. But in a large collection I'd probably have them all!
3 years ago
Too easy. I destroy the machine almost every game. Others dont like to play against me on this machine because it takes too long.
3 years ago
I have own this game for 20 yrs. was my fave growing up and had to have it! For its era it's lots of fun!
4 years ago
My favorite game as kid. Still love to play her today. Big fan of Barry O.
There are 80 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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