Class of 1812

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Game Design: 7.222

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Other Aspects: 7.29

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Found 37 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 37 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 months ago
Don’t care at all for this table. Theme does nothing to me, rules feel boring, sounds are cheesy and the play field “toys” are pretty boring, especially the rubber hand..
10 months ago
Very fun and pretty rare game, can get repetitive after a while and is definitely a game for bigger collections
1 year ago
I love the spooky theme and unique artwork. The toys are just so interesting. They make me smile. The gameplay is fun, but nothing groundbreaking. It would be nice to have it as an example from the era in a medium or larger collection.
1 year ago
Class of 1812 isn’t for everyone.
It doesn’t take itself serious at all.
The music is very brooding and dark, but then multiball (which is ridiculously easy to obtain) puts you into some cheery goofy music.
It’s only a 2 ball multiball but for some mysterious reason it’s really hard to keep both balls in play and I always seem to be only a few shots away from a drain so I generally find my primary objective in this game is just trying to keep the 2 ball multiball going.
It’s a rare game and it has its cult following. I had it, sold it but want one again.
It’s an oddball. You’ll love it or hate it.
1 year ago
I love this game! I played it a few times in the early 90s, and I wondered what crazed mind came up with this theme, the beating heart, the chattering teeth, and the chicken clucking the "1812 Overture." I don't know how or why, but I am really glad they did!

It took me more than 25 years to find one to play again. And luckily, I found one to buy in May 2020.

I understand some of the criticisms, especially about the frequency of the multi-ball. I choose to look at this not so much as something that has to be earned (like most multi-balls) but as another regular element of the game.

This is definitely the favorite of my collection. No matter what, it will never leave - even if it quits working.
2 years ago
a surprisingly fun & oddball game , hope to add one of these to my collection someday
2 years ago
Another weird ass game by Gottlieb from the early 90s era. This game is difficult to score because it's so bad. The art is horrific, but almost to the point that I like it. It's quirky and odd, and somehow interesting because of that. The scoring and rules seem slightly off like the art. Overall a weird novelty, but nothing I would want in my basement or to see often. Maybe it's like the ugly gimp you put in a closet and only see on occasion when you want to see some weird shit.
2 years ago
My ratings are probably not going to line up with how I feel about this game. It looks great, it's kooky as anything out there in the pinball world, and it's a ton of fun to play--for about a dozen games. After that, it's multiball on EVERY DAMN BALL. EVERY DAMN SHOT is either multiball or a door prize (which can give you an instant multiball). There isn't much shot variation--it's basically aim for the left ramp, aim for the right ramp, aim for either set of drop targets, or shoot it up the middle into the pop bumpers (or if you miss that shot it falls into the GIANT door prize hole).

The game is cool as can be and if you see one at a show or on location it's definitely worth a few plays, but I can't recommend this game in a collection unless you're positive that its limited variation in game play fits your tastes.
3 years ago
An approachable and unique game that just can't tie the sum of its parts together to make it a great/good game. Two ramps, three pops, two banks of drop targets, silly chattering teeth, a beating heart, a spinner that increases in value with stand up target hits, campy call-outs and music with different "stiffs" that rap. Lots in this game for sure but the rules hold the game back. The only way to score the stiffs is though switch hits (like the way end of ball bonuses are calculated in nearly all machines), the multiball is given out like candy and the jackpot ramp can be backhanded easily (and repeatedly) with the left flipper. The sounds and music are very good for the period and the layout is solid as well (dare i compare it to elvira) but the game just doesn't build up to anything. A good game to play anywhere but a shallow game to own. Anyone comparing this to Monster Bash is totally out of line and unfair as the only similarity is that the games have different stiffs/monsters, otherwise they have nothing alike. If the rules were better this game could rival most of system 11's of its time but as they are written the game play is mediocre.
4 years ago
"Class of 1812" is the answer to "What if Gottlieb made their own really crappy version of Monster Bash?"

Here, we have Gottlieb upping their game a bit and presenting us with a pinball game where you need to collect "stiffs" like zombies and vampires in order to score points. The other objective is to light high-scoring ramps and targets by hitting drop targets which, like the main objective as well as the multi-ball functions, is far more simple than it should be.

If anything, it's the toys that steal the show: a severed hand, a set of chattering vampire teeth that serves to mock you much like the head in "Funhouse" and a cool "beating" heart. The problem is that none of it really amounts to much and they don't really have a place in the game. They're just there to be there.

Yay for Gottlieb putting some thought into this one...too bad it wasn't more fleshed out.
4 years ago
Been awhile since playing this title. But I remember liking it very much. a fun game
4 years ago
I never thought I would get the chance to buy this game, as it’s quite rare and sought after. I only played a partly working example once in person and on the pinball arcade app. I stumbled upon one by chance at an auction in better than decent shape. To my surprise it’s a very fun and additive game! I love the campy horror theme. Music/sounds are great. Gameplay has a bit more complexity to it than I initially thought. Too bad it didn’t come out a bit later to include a DMD… O well, still overall a great pin.
5 years ago
Just... so... weird - gotta like it just because it is gross and funny and somewhat of an unusual overall shape and presentation. Super easy to start up a fun two-ball multiball, and I think the shots are open and clean to the drops and ramps. It's not a complex or intricate pf, and the rules were beyond me on location. I also had quite a few direct-to-outlane (usually right) bounces and the center post was not as helpful as some other games. Still, glad I had the experience of playing.

I'd probably not add this to a personal collection, but it is a fun game nonetheless. I can see how it might get annoying after too much play time, but I think it is worth a go where ever you might find it chattering away at you.
6 years ago
Very fun game with great art!
6 years ago
Not sure how I feel about this table after a few plays on it. While I like the layout (or at least how it looks) for some reason, and the general simplicity of getting a decent score on this machine, I still don't understand if there's some sort of "story" to what I'm supposed to be doing on it. There's a very easy to get million point shot, multiball releases easily... it's just a very straight forward machine that definitely seems more geared to children. Byfar the worst thing about Class of 1812 is the horribly repetitive sound. The chicken during multiball is annoying, and the sounds in general are just pretty bad. While I sort of enjoy playing this table for some reason, I think I'd rather play it with ear plugs in.
7 years ago
A lot of people really like this game and I cannot fathom why, the theme is downright awful. What the hell where Gottlieb thinking with this one? I get that you have to bring together classmates for a reunion but it just doesn't translate very well at all. The music is dull and the multiball chicken overture while cool the first time gets boring super fast. A poor solid state release from Gottlieb.
7 years ago
Great, hilarious pin. Top notch audio. Monster Bash lite, with that nutty, 80's Gottlieb feel. Too much reliance on left ramp but still enjoy the gameplay. Catch up mode is cool. Kinda rare, I'm keeping mine for a while.
7 years ago
Sound is very cool but thats it... Gets bored very quickly.
7 years ago
A game with Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture with chickens clucking it? Amazing! :)

It's fun to play! I think it's same as good as Monster Bash. It's even more freaky than Monster Bash! ;)
8 years ago
Wild fun under rated pinball
8 years ago
Fun theme and game
8 years ago
On the surface, worst idea for a pin ever...but its done so well! Super campy...funny callouts and music. Really love it. Beating heart always pumps me up for multiball. If there is one table that needs redone and rerun this is it! Too hard to find and almost never seen out in the wild.
9 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this machine at the Rocky Mtn Pinball showdown this weekend....i loved it so much I bought it. It is not a deep game, but it is fun and just plain strange. Fits my collection well and my 8 year old enjoys it as well. Not as classically beautiful as HH or BH but more fun then either.....I even got an extra heart.
9 years ago
underrated pinball its a rare but super scary machine
9 years ago
Class of 1812 is one of those games that could be so much more to play than it is. And that's a damn shame.

The Good:
This game looks fantastic. I mean for a monster theme the only game I may like better are the Elvira games. Sorry Monster Bash... The BG has the relief on it that just looks brilliantly done. Fat Drac, Wolfman in Fez, Medusa Mummy, Farmer Mort and the Kilt wearing Mad-hatter with the Pirhana teeth. Awesome Character from the word go. The sounds are brilliant and I can' help but at least smile if not quietly chuckle to myself when I hear the chickens do their thing in multiball. So much to shoot for.

The Bad:
Parts like the heart the hand and the BG are hard to find if you can find them at all. So much to shoot for but why bother with anything else other than multiball... A completely unbalancing ruleset that needs to be addressed "CALLING MYSTERY PROGRAMMER!"

The Takeaway:
A fun game that is... great fun. Great for the kiddies. The way it feels, it puts me in the same space as when I was a little kid watching an episode of Scooby Doo on Saturday morning... which is most righteous! As a player, multiball over and over. That's not a bad thing... it's just the way it is.
There are 37 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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