Cirqus Voltaire

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Game Design: 8.379

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Sounds/Music: 7.837

Other Aspects: 8.325

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There are 359 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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15 days ago
A classic! Since I am playing pinball machine my mother was talking about Cirqus Voltaire since it was the machine which was in the bar near her place. I always told her that it is a fun machine to play and looked very very nice but that it was to expensive for what you would get. But a project came on my path which made me decide to restore a CV and put it at my parents their house. Before restoration I started playing the machine and I really changed my mind. It is really fun! it doesn't have a very deep rule set but hey! it is a classic machine. Because of this the machine will be in my own game room. I really like the ringmaster which comes up and the awesome artwork in combination with the neon light makes it really stand out next to other machines. A very cool machine to own which a lot of people like
15 days ago
Cirqus Voltaire is an absolutely unique game.

The layout is unlike any other and has a lot of flow on the ramps as well as the loops. The most satisfying shot is destroying the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster is a nice feature especially when he inadvertently locks a ball for you. The ramp looks amazing with that neon light and locking the ball with the magnet on the ramp is always fun.

For me this is one of the more difficult WPC-95 games and it makes this game very replayable. The outlanes are pretty dangerous and tend to drain the ball pretty quickly in my experience.

The Highwire Multiball is my favorite feature of the game. Firing the cannon is also fun as it interacts with the backglass. I think the rules on this game are a bit weaker than on the majority of the WPC-95 games. But overall they succeeded in making this game a lot of fun.

All in all, this is an absolute classic and a very fun game. It is one of the more replayable Midway machines as a result of its difficulty. This machine will entertain everybody that likes the theme of circus. It is not too difficult nor is it too easy to play, it is a perfect example why the WPC-95 games are still thought of as highly as they are.
22 days ago
I really REALLY like this game, it's a shame it's so rare because in my opinion, it's probably John Popadiuk's best layout. This game is full of toys, and the layout utilizes all of them very well. The theme kinda fits right alongside Theatre of Magic too. Really cool art, and a literal neon ramp? Wild!
27 days ago
Perfect blend of out-of-the-box thinking and playability. It's a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned! It's like if prog rock was a pinball machine - it's wild experimentation, defying convention, pushing the boundaries of what would be compelling, and somehow still pulling it off. Amazing game all around. They should have made 20,000 of them.
46 days ago
Strongly overated game, boring rules , not for me
54 days ago
Oldies but not goldies
73 days ago
Great looking game and for its time was a very good pin but has been surpassed by the many well done pins of recent years. Music and call outs can get repetitive.
76 days ago
This is one Fun Game to play!
4 months ago
My very first pin purchased in 2010..The poster boy for less is more as to this day I regret not seeking out a ToM like I initially wanted instead.

The cannon ball in the backbox was a waste of space and the solenoid was prone to breaking off the plastic tub it was mounted to. My playfield had ghosting on the inserts. The ringmaster was fun to hit as was rattling the ball into the subway below him. And the high wire ramp is pretty impressive. But the menagerie ball is VERY meh and wasted a lot of space on the playfield.

I had the improved home use only ROM but the game was still way to easy. Plenty of fun pinball moments initially but the bloom is quickly off the rose with little to make you want to repeatedly come back. All style and no substance.
4 months ago
It’s one of the most fun games to play even if the rules and code are nowhere near as deep as contemporary games. It never gets old bashing the Ringmaster.
5 months ago
It's a pretty easy game. Rules are pretty simple, even for the era. It's gorgeous and a blast to play. The DMD placement is brilliant - only game I can watch while playing, plus it makes room for the peak-90s backglass toy!

Also: The sneaky lock animation may be my favorite DMD area scene.
6 months ago
I've been owning this game since 2008. It's a high end restoration from Treasure Cove.

The layout is extremely original. No game as this geometry and layout. It's unique in it's own way. Ruleset is pretty basic but that's not a bad thing. Rules are easy to understand but the game is pretty difficult to beat.

Colors are vibrant and there is some beautiful artwork everywhere. In my opinion, the jugglers ball lock are kind of a waste of space but it's original and well made. It never gets old to trow balls at the Ringmaster face. Some shots are quite hard to make (Acrobat) but that's a good thing. If you like brightly colored games with speed and lots of humor, you're in for a treat. The light show, while not on JJP's level ... is pretty impressive.

Game is pretty reliable but the subway and Ringmaster needs frequent adjustments.

The "Boom" balloon is very original et add a little bit of variation by changing the playfield configuration when it comes out. Lots of great ideas, all is done very well, creative and different layout by the great mind of John Popadiuk. Really hope to see him make a return with one of the modern Pinball manufacturer.

The backglass is boring, not by it's look (it's gorgeous) but by his functionality. There is absolutely no skills required to "shoot the canon". This doesn't prevent this game to be a hit though. Highly recommended. Let's hope that this is the next one that CGC will make a remake of.
7 months ago
Love this game! I wish I had it in my collection. It's artwork sets it aside and it was ahead of its time. The game can get repetitive the more you play but rest assured you'll want to keep wanting to play more. Simple rules and a lot of mechs to keep you coming back. GREAT GAME.
8 months ago
Now this is what i call a rare pin!
10 months ago
A bit on the easy side but fun!
1 year ago
This game is amazing shoots smooth family fun!
1 year ago
a very strange pinball (theme and design)but packed with a lot of toys from an other time!
a good fun factor but rules are not very deep and the machine becomes a bit repetitive after a few days.
The one I owned was fit with purple backbox add-on which was very nice!
the playfield is a total beauty from the 90s .
1 year ago
Beautiful, classic game with fantastic the Genie.
1 year ago
Great game. One of my best games from the last of the pinballs made in the 90's.
1 year ago
This is one of those games that I would like to own one day for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a game I know my family members who suck at pinball would enjoy when they come over to my house. I like the light show, the DMD animations and the shots mostly just the ringmaster though.

I also hate how one trick pony this is.
The ring master is so repetitive, it’s doesn’t change up the call outs. It could have been more like champions pub and had different voice actors or simply just increase the overall frustration in the tone of the ringmaster. It’s not asking too much.

I want to own this game, and maybe it would only last in my collection for a couple months. I really can’t see it sticking around. For less money you can get more bang for your buck. For instance, Roadshow is a fraction of the price and is twice the pin.
1 year ago
Excellent theme. Very colorful. Fun pin to play.
1 year ago
Finally added a CV and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. Totan is one of my fav pins, and CV feels like a quirky cousin to Totan. Some unique design features and mechs. It’s original, and innovative. It’s not super deep, but there is plenty to do. The music and callouts can get a bit repetitive, but maybe other ROMs or Pinsound exist. Great looking game, with the scrolls and lime green color this game will never be confused with any other. Ringmaster is a worthy focal point and main mech. Very interactive toy. A couple other multiball locks keep it interesting, with the high wire locks and juggler. The unique location of the dmd works very well, and frees up the backbox for a canon toy that launches a ball into a bell. Then the ball drops onto a spinning toy or possibly through a bonus switch. It’s a cute gimmick but isn’t super interactive. This is one of the most original pins and playfield designs from a great era. It’s not the masterpiece that totan is, or even as good as TOM, imho, but it’s not far behind.
I’m not sure it’s a long-term keeper, but it could be.
2 years ago
I love the theme and light and art on this table. Definitely sends a creepy, clown-like chill down my back. lol
2 years ago
“I am the Ringmaster! Defeat me for the Ringmaster Marvel”

My four year old loves Cirqus Voltaire on the Williams app. He loves hitting the ringmaster - he even repeats the callouts!

I was equally enamoured with the game when I first started playing online pinball, and even considered forking out the massive cost to make it our first machine. Having played one in real life, however, it’s nowhere near as impressive. The ringmaster isn’t as tempting a target and the playfield and shots, feel somehow limited and a bit incoherent. The floating ball takes up a lot of space, but doesn’t quite work, and - given the choice - I’d rather play another machine on-site.

That said: great theme, beautiful graphics and not the worst machine. I do think it’s possibly overrated and it’s certainly overpriced.
2 years ago
Fun pin to play, but one of the only games where the repetitive voice sounds get on my nerves after a while. The artwork colors are very bright, stand out, but not in a good way for me. It fits the modern circus theme well though and the dmd videos are exciting to watch. It may get a few games out of me but then I quickly step away for something else.
There are 359 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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