Cirqus Voltaire

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Game design: 8.369

Artwork: 8.724

Sounds/Music: 7.883

Other Aspects: 8.34

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There are 326 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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77 days ago
Really enjoying this one. Normally I like flow, but the stop and go on this one is tolerable and fits the theme perfectly. The acrobat wire ramp is now my favorite ramp in all of pinball (even better than infinity falls) and the Ringmaster is awesome, just wish he had a few more things to say. Love the shout out to Vector with the juggler feature. Plenty of shots but deadly outlanes. Definitely a keeper.
87 days ago
Ever been out with a girl who was really hot but boring as hell?
Well that sums up this game perfectly, gorgeous looking but absolutely no personality.
I owned it for a few months and honestly couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Some nice ideas with the pop up pop bumper and high wire physical ball lock.
Something about the game just feels cheap and unfinished, like they blew the budget on cosmetic features like the art and neon light bulb.
For example the cheap plastic bash ball inside the wireform feels like an after thought that they just chucked in there and the way the ball magnetises to the top of the ringmasters head but then just flops back onto the Playfield.
It also shoots funny, the layout is weird the shots and angles strange and they don’t really even feel good when you make them.
Style over substance you could say I suppose.
I’ve owned TOM and played TOTAN to death and love them both so I’ve got nothing against J Pop games, I just can’t warm to this one.
3 months ago
A true classic, I feared that the game would be lacing because too easy, but the magic operates each times I push on the Start button. I recommend this pinball to all fans of Popadiuk and pinball machines from the 90's. It captures all the best of this era.

Fans of modern pinball machines with complex rules and increased difficulty should turn to recent Stern or JJP, but if nostalgia and the magic of the 90's speak to you, this pinball machine is, with the TOM, the embodiment of what is a fun pinball machine.
4 months ago
One of my top 5. Can't get enough of this weird wild ride. Quick and unpredictable.
5 months ago
This game is uber cool but the ringmaster gimmick wore thin fast. First time he popped up it was a blast. By the third time in the same game It felt super repetitive. Same problem I have with MM Casstle. It should be more difficult to get the RM up and then require defeating the other acts to fight him. Make him feel like a well earned reward not a jack in the box with a weak hinge. Game is beautiful though.
5 months ago
Fun to play. Not to dificult.
6 months ago
progressing through the marvels to join the circus is a blast. joining the circus and then taking on the ring master is exhilarating, this game is a masterpiece. definitely in my top ten.
7 months ago
Looks really cool with the neon, but that's about it.
9 months ago
A few months ago this pin vanished from the local barcade.


Great theme. Over the top art and that ball...
9 months ago
Good game for it’s time, but by now it is not worthy of a top 20 position. It offers some unique features like the ringmaster and the dissaapering popbumper, but not many other deep or challenging elements. It always felt like a big miss to me all ringmasters have the same voice. Would have been much more fun if they were different ala AfM & MM.

So decent game, but get boring quickly. Especially compared to the latest new pins from almost any manufactorer.
11 months ago
Fun game, but it doesn't have the "it" factor for me.
11 months ago
Outstanding art and sound package. Game play is simple enough to understand but hard to achieve. I opened the outlanes all the way to enhance the need to nudge.
This game is not for everyone, as I learned in the forum area. check out the pinside forum about the game being so damn fruity. Only on PS......
1 year ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It was really fun and we all agreed it was the best game in the place. The lighting is too notch and the ramps are clear so they don’t get in the way. I especially liked the pop up jester that becomes a target. If I could afford it I would purchase this machine.
1 year ago
CV is one of my all to time favorite games. It is a must have.
1 year ago
My grail that I have been chasing for awhile now so hopefully this doesn't come across to biased.

This has to be close to the complete machine. Artwork is stunning and deserves to ranked perfectly. I have this at the end of my collection to be seen.

Shot layout is good and challenging enough. I'm still trying to find the ramp but love the lock shot and the loops.

Animation on the DMD is pretty awesome. I know the game play can be slow because of this but watching the Juggler and High Wire M/Ball animations is great. Really well done!!

Learning more about the game but this deserves a spot int he op 10 personally.
1 year ago
Finally played a good example of one of this at expo. Lots of fun and cool shoots. This one is a top 5 machine. Hope to get some more time in this game. Hard to find one.
1 year ago
This game is one of the best just when you think you're done there's more to complete on the game or if you do it in a different order something else might come up top 10 for sure
1 year ago
This is a top 10 pin. Period. It absolutely NAILS what pinball is supposed to be. Amazing unique layout, vibrant color and light show, innovation and originality, approachability. The theme isn’t for everyone I keep hearing but to me this game is so fun, so unique and special that the theme just fits. It’s a crowd pleaser too. This is JPOPs best and has cemented it’s place in pinball history. So much more interesting than the usual top games. Give me this over the “holy trinity” of MB, MM or AFM any day. All three of those are great but aside from theme not unique. CV falls in uniqueness category with stuff like SafeCracker, banzai run, etc. one of a kind!! Do not overlook this game because of theme. It’s one of the best.
1 year ago
Amazing artwork. Easy game to play very Simple game.
1 year ago
I really enjoy playing this layout whenever I get the chance. I love games with loops and this has some satisfying shots. I like the concept of the hidden pop bumper. Really cool ball lock. Plays fast but it never seems like the ball was too out of control for me. The theme is very well done. Obviously, like most pins, this one really needs to be dialed in and maintained well to get the full effect. I wouldn't own one myself, but I love playing it when I come across it.
1 year ago
a top 10 classic
1 year ago
Lots to like here and lots of chances taken in the design, layout, and art. The music and call outs get a little annoying after a while, as does battling the ringmaster. Ultimately it has a stop/go feel to the gameplay that I’m not a huge fan of and I can’t tell if it drains cheap or if I’m just still getting used to the unorthodox layout. Still, a very fun work of interactive art.
1 year ago
Great unique, beautiful and fun machine, but it does not have the same magic as TOTAL or TOM. A true Jpop classic anyway and the best circus themed pinball without any doubt (at least, the less creepy one).
1 year ago
Such a forgotten classic. The pin bombed upon release but it has so much going for it. The in-cabinet DMD is so good, all pins should have it here. The psychedelic theme and artwork is amazing. Love it.

Tough game with unnecessary stupid outlanes where the right one is also obstructed by the ramp.
1 year ago
Cirqus Voltaire is a unique game in nearly every aspect and is one of the best games you will ever play. There is no other pinball machines like it. The animated backglass, DMD below the playfield glass, and pop-up head, and neon tube set this one apart from all other machines. The art, music, theme, and game play set the benchmark for the pinball industry. The build quality is solid. I highly recommend this game!
There are 326 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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