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This game received 47 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.759 /10


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This game ranks #305 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.695

Artwork: 7.076

Sounds/Music: 6.671

Other Aspects: 6.678

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Found 27 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
This game needed one more ramp. One more going the other way sort of like a check point race
or up the middle across a bridge or up a mountain. The theme doesn't feel like a checkpoint racer.
It feels more like local oval track racing, slightly repetitive after a few games. it has the features to be great
its just needed one more ramp of some type.
1 year ago
This one got better with more plays. There are a couple basic ramp, shots, an easy bonus shot - all in all enough different ways to move play forward constantly that it remains fairly interesting for the era of the machine. A MPH clocked ramp, raising RPMs, Redline. The one thing this specific machine does (not sure if all do) is that balls lose control in the lower play field and end up bouncing on the glass, over the flippers, and such. This kind of makes it unpredictable. There is a voice that keeps yelling "faster," obviously if you follow the advice bad things happen. All and all pretty fun - not necessarily overrated, but not terrible. There is a very consistent theme that foreign car lovers would get into. Something is just a little amiss in the whole package.
1 year ago
Checkpoint is a lot of fun, especially with a group of friends. This is the kind of game to get non-pinball people into pinball!
1 year ago
I find the shots repetitive and the game play to lack you wanting to come back for more.
2 years ago
A fun game that everyone wants to play. A piece of history, the 1st DMD game. Surprising good animations considering the small size of the DMD and , did I mention this was the first DMD game? The shaker motor is well implemented, reminiscent of a classic hot rod. The mirrored backglass is a striking piece of artwork, one of my favorites! The sound in this game is awesome, you can select your music style at the beginning of the game! Some complain that the game is not deep enough but I find that there are some good shots in this game and I don't tire of it nearly as fast as other games costing 4 times as much. Only ~3K of these made and parts are hard to find, get one while you can!
2 years ago
Ok game. Pretty limited rules and animation and gets repetitive like the guys voice. Art is actually pretty good and I like the music. For the price, I’d get one, but it probably wouldn’t last long.
2 years ago
Good game for the $$$$$$. For $1,200 or less i'd buy it all day long. However over $1,250 or so i'll pass, even at todays skyrocketing pinball prices. Very good first pin which it was for me.
3 years ago
I have had this pin for over a year now. Good safe family friendly theme. I think it is a perfect pin for a man cave, especially for someone that loves Porsche. Stacked against my brand new pins, it is less exciting, but alone in a game room it is a great fun machine.
3 years ago
This is a very simple and good game, but it's a one-shot game. Ramp, then ramp, then ramp, then ramp. If they had worked out the rules a little more, it would have been SO much more fun.
4 years ago
Head for the Checkpoint....Redline!!! This machine was featured on Storage Wars and really grabbed my attention with the racing theme and orange cabinet. Plus, I love any pin that has an automotive racing theme. In my opinion this pin is well underrated from a collectible standpoint alone and the game play is challenging. Here's why check these features out: shaker motor, turn the key to start the game, select your music prior to play, a spinning wheel on the back glass that gets faster as you hit shots. The back glass is awesome it is mirrored and is very cool. Game play is good especially the ramp shots that drives red line! Bottom line play it if you can find one and make your own decision. I do believe these pins will go up in value because of the limited production (3500) and the automotive genre that is increasing. I was already offered to sell mine and refused because I do enjoy playing this pin and it originated the dmd world. I put led lights into mine and it is breath ta-kingly gorgeous to look at and is addicting to play!
4 years ago
Checkpoint is solid in gameplay, and it actually is better in terms of shot features than games like High Speed or Getaway, and cheaper as well.
Not as good as Corvette or Indianapolis 500, however.
I cannot compare Stern's Mustang to this machine, because it is not really a good game in terms of design comparison or quality.
This is a "stop and go" machine however, not based on speed of action like the others mentioned.
You will understand when the left ramp is fed from the kicker, rather than fed from the right side flipper shot.
Good challenge in trying to achieve and keep multiballs going. Primary tune is "ok".
Artwork is quite good.
Checkpoint has a lot of "whizbang" if you are a car nut like the tachometer and key start.
5 years ago
Crate full of gimmicks. There is so much to like about this game at fist that I can't believe how fast I got sick of it. I think racing themes are fantastic for pinball but this game just has no flow. The speedometer and pit stop hole add about as much to the game as the spinning wheel and key start. They are entertaining for the first few plays but after that you are just searching for anything else to do. The only reason I didn't rate the sound as low as possible is because you can choose the radio station which is cool and a couple of the channels are alright, but the callouts are insufferable.
5 years ago
Love this game, as would any lover of Porsche - or even cars in general. The choice of music is very nice and gameplay is very fast (especially on a recently waxed play field), but if you practice you can control it which amplifies the enjoyment level even more. This game sits nicely beside my Porsche in my garage and every time I drive into the garage I'm tempted to have "just one game"... which almost always ends up in me being shouted at by SWMBO! :)
6 years ago
with a new set of black rubber, this is a completely different game, than the uncontrollable frenzy with the white rubber installed on most examples.
6 years ago
I'm a Porsche/Car nut, so I bought this machine more for the "look" and theme than the gameplay. But I was surprised that the game is actually quite fun and I plan on restoring the machine and adding my own flair to the machine. I was expecting worse quality from Data East especially this older game, but the machine seems well made and easier to service than my other DE and some Williams.
6 years ago
Ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp...then some more ramp.
7 years ago
why was this even made?!
7 years ago
Checkpoint is a DE game that is pretty well done.

The Pros:
I like choosing music at the start of the game. The PF layout is a solid one and the game theme works nicely. The integration of the speed gun graphic on the DMD for the ramp is perfect for this deck. The skill shot is nice and requires you not to hit anything else before it. Greedy outlanes makes you keep your shots tight.

The Cons:
This is a 1 ramp game. I mean, that's all you need to really hit, over and over. Paul Faris' must have needed more time with this art package...

The Takeaway:
One of the better efforts by DE that is fun to play... but even then, consider that T-2 was only 5 months away and TAF is just over a year out... progress marches on and the quality of game is far behind what B/W produced at the same time. As with almost every DE made, there was so much more that could have been done with this game.
8 years ago
I picked this game up as a project. After many hours of slaving over this thing I have finally got it going so I can now give it a proper rating. I banged out quite a few games and I find it very enjoyable. The ramp shot is challenging. I know some people on here say it's nothing but ramp ramp ramp... thats easier said than done. For the price I paid for getting this pin and to get it up and running it definitely has some bang for my buck. If you can find this pin cheap enough, pick it up! The backglass on this pin is top notch so it will look great in any collection.
8 years ago
Ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp and so on.... This is a fun game, good theme, 1st DMD pin and so has it's place in history. There is little to the gameplay though and, even though I had a blast playing this, it is a game that would get quite stale in your collection I believe. Funnily enough though, I own Cyclone and love that, so maybe it's more to do with the theme than the limited gameplay?!
9 years ago
Ran across this one at the car wash down the street. The design shows its age, but the fun factor is still there. I would characterize this as a good basic pin (it has a nice shaker motor feature) that has decent fun to offer. Not a pin that will blow you away with tons of features or toys, but still good solid pinball play.
9 years ago
Finally!, a game that gives you something for hitting ramps over and over again!
Cheezy overall but sorta fun.
9 years ago
Wow! This game was a surprise to me. Had the chance to play a mint condition one the other day after never hearing of the title. Despite what other reviewers said, this game is FAST (I'm guessing their machines were dirty/not setup correctly). Shots on the game feel good.

Best part though, is the sound and lighting. Like the sound on BK2000? Well, you'll love the sound on this game as Brian Schmidt did the sound on both and it's reminiscent of BK2000. The lighting is outstanding and really adds to the atmosphere. Given the fact that you can pick one up for $700-$800, this game is a steal.
9 years ago
Checkpoint is definitely a fun game and one you should try if you are up for challenge or if you have never tried it before.

The average time per ball in play was indicating about 15 seconds when I started playing, but skilled players will enjoy learning how to control the speed of the ball and carefully take aim at the ramp and targets.

The music selection at the top of the game is great. You can choose between Rock, Soul, Classical, Rap, Country and Jazz. This is nice because you can always change the music if it gets repetative for your next game.

Redline Multi-ball is crazy. Keeping multi-ball in play is tough. Try to cross the finish line target at the head of the ramp. Jackpots here are hard to get, but are so gratifying if you can pull it off.

The machine rumbles and goes crazy with a deluge of flashing strobes as it plays through various modes like the Blue Light Special.

The Blue Light Special is awarded by knocking down 7 targets to collect "CARRERA" and wins several nice awards. These targets targets get blasted hard, and sometimes kick the ball up into the glass. I really enjoy the occasionally ball snap against the glass.

The pop bumpers are fun, because they actually pop up and down as the ball ricochets about the area. Completing the lanes to spell "FAST", is also a challenge, but rewards you with Fast Scoring. Enabling this is a great way to pull into the lead as all switches increase the value to 55k each.

A few other fun features to mention is the ignition key to start the game and the spinning wheel in the backglass. The voice sound effects taunt you to go faster and the female voice does sound like Rocky from Bullwinkle. ^_^ This machine is also the first pinball to feature a Dot Matrix Display.

If you are car racing fan or like Porsche automobiles, you will really enjoy the cabinet artwork, backglass and the Porsche toy located on the playfield.

If you play with a friend, the best driver with the highest score has a special 20 second multi-ball Winners Circle mode to rack up additional victory points.

Overall, I am happy with the game as it offers a fast paced challenge and lots of unique features. I guess lots of people don't enjoy it as much because it is too difficult for them.

9 years ago
Alright pin but I expected more from one of the first DMDs. It isn't simple to get multiball unless you understand what you have to do to get it. You really do have to follow a pattern to get multiball or the main jackpot. You have to be good and have some skill in hitting the ball and within a certain time frame to rack up the big points.
There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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