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Game Design: 8.002

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Sounds/Music: 7.553

Other Aspects: 7.913

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Found 176 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
Lots of fun features related to training your boxer to set up the big fight. Excellent audio on the different boxers you must face. Overall a fun game that can provide lasting entertainment.
10 years ago
Pretty fun basic game. The toys make the game, not the shots. The begining "skill" shot can make it way to easy to set up for exta balls. I've had games well above the alloted amount, one game I had 13 extra balls. Still it is hard to make progression through all of the fighters. It's a great game for a bar if you just want to hit the ball around, you can get some fun stuff to happen.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Have had this at the bar I work at for six months now, and it was impressive at first, but know I can't wait to see it go. The toys are cool, the sound and voices are hilarious, and the gameplay is fun at first. It just has no replay value, and it really gets on my nerves that every shot you hit starts a mechanical mini game, or a hold with a dmd animation, or a (URGGHH) video mode. Gimme my ball back! I don't want to play a hand of video poker, or a lame sidescrolling spit catching game.
10 years ago
A top 15 Game IMO. I currently have 6 machines in my collection, WW, TZ, RS, NGG, CP and NGG. When I have friends over Champion Pub is alway their favorite. I've been looking for one for a while and now I have one. A real masterpeice. very unique. I love the irish music. My only knock is this....because this game is so different it is best in a collection of 3 or 4 machines. When lined up next to others it really shows off it's creativity. The jump rope feature is the most creative toy in all of pinball. Everyone wants to jump that rope! As a stand alone machine it is still one of the best but in a collection it's a star! Less than 1400 made so you better get one while you can. A very under rated machine that will soar in price once the collectors find out how good it is.

Update. Once you've heard all the jokes and mastered the jump rope, the game losses something. Doesn't have lastability.
10 years ago
Champion Pub is an under-rated pinball. It is a great and fun machine. The theme tends to be very popular among male players, not as much with the females. The boxing matches could be a bit more challenging, but they are fun as they are. The jump rope is OK, but the motor sometimes runs out of control and the punching bag is not very challenging at all. The voices are hilarious, and the accents on the voices are very funny. This is a well made pinball machine with several types of multi-ball that will challenge a player simply because of the speed of play. The boxer is a lot of fun to hit with the ball and the pain noises that he makes when you hit him are very funny. Champion Pub is a simple machine that carries a heavy weight when it comes to entertainment. Not too many of these pins were made and I'm glad I own one.
10 years ago
One of my son's two favorite games ( w/ MM as the other). He and his friends play it when they are at the house leaving the rest of the games pretty much alone. Yes, it is pretty simple from a rules standpoint but some times those games are the most fun. The multi balls and betting your score on boxing matches after you are Pub Champ are cool. Not a lot of these machines around but, they still seem to be a little over priced .Also falls into the "different category", of which, I am a fan. Some, but not a lot of, maintenance over the years that I have owned
10 years ago
A different type of pinball to you average one, not that thats a bad thing. I like the jump rope in the back left and the speed bag on the right, it has 2 curved ramps in the middle used to jump the ball into the boxer which you need to beat.
11 years ago
I like the jump roping, rotating boxer, and holding down the plunger button to start the skill shot
11 years ago
Not sure how this would play over time in a small collection, but I've had a blast the few times I've played it. A really fun boxing theme with great toys in the jump rope and speed bag, not to mention the boxer! But for all this fun, it is very, very expensive! One I'd own if money and space weren't a problem!
11 years ago
I liked this game for the most part but the ball kept getting stuck behind the boxer and I continually had to call an attendant to put it back in play for me. The theme isn't for everyone but I liked the overall idea of the game.
11 years ago
One of the most fun pinball machines to play, when friends come over this is the one that we always spend the most time on.
This game always gets people laughing. That said I don't think that this is the best choice if you only are only going to have one pinball as it isn't as challenging as games like TSPP or TZ so you may get bored. It's more like MM or AFM with repetative shots.
11 years ago
Truly Awesome
11 years ago
Best game Ive ever played and am proud to own one of these rare gems!
11 years ago
Pretty, good toys, but absolutely awful gameplay. I have no idea why it commands the prices it does. The fastest game out of my collection! The fun factor fades quick! A game that actually feels like "you get to the end", once you beat all of the boxers. I never wanted to play again
12 years ago
I have sunk many a quarter into this one and have a blast every time. From the jump rope to the speed bag. The cool green wedge ramps. Great theme. I recommend!
12 years ago
I like this pin, great theme, great toys, the jump rope was little tricky for me. Jump ramps to hit boxer are cool. Wish I'd played it some more to see video modes. Backglass art could be better looks a bit old fashioned.
12 years ago
It has the old school music and plays off the boxing theme very well. The layout could have been improved but the jump rope feature, speed bag, and overall great theme make it a fun machine to play.
12 years ago
Another rare title at only 1300 units ever produced and still available at a reasonable price...grab it!
12 years ago
a under rating pinball in my's not bad..the theme is nice and colorful and have a good lastability..try it and you'll get fun..
12 years ago
Coolest toys in pinball ! Great layout and much more to do than bashing the boxer !
12 years ago
i want it.. i want it.. i want it!!!!
12 years ago
Just recently played this machine for the first time at a local bar and I have to say it's a very underrated game based on the ranking here. Definitely in my Top 5! Much like destroying the castles in MM, or taking down alien ships in AFM, with CP you fight your way to the top of the world rankings in the boxing circuit. If you enjoy goal oriented machines like that, you'll love this pinball. Fun video modes too!
12 years ago
This game is EXCELLENT! It is very under-rated but once you play it you'll be a fan like I am. :)
13 years ago
A great concept and well designed game but the toys interrupt the flow of the game.
There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 8.

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