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Game Design: 8.002

Artwork: 7.918

Sounds/Music: 7.553

Other Aspects: 7.913

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Found 176 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
A fun game for its first few initial plays with some pretty imaginative toys in the "Jump Rope" and "Speed Bag". However, the charm wore off quick for me as gameplay became too repetitive.
9 years ago
one of the most interesting and enjoyable playfield designs. I really like playing this game time after time it never gets old for me.
9 years ago
It seems like the jump rope in the corner of the game has 3 types of reviews 1. I love it 2. Meh 3. Why the hell are you wasting space in the pinball for this? I am a #3 and that is pretty much my overall feeling of the game. If you don't like that gimmick, the rest of the game will probably be downhill. I do not like the middle ramps of hit, hit, hit. If you like the jump rope 'toy' you might really like the pin. #3
9 years ago
I finally got a chance to play this game at the MGC in Milwaukee. I love the theme and everything about the pin... but I don't think I'll own one. The rankings wound up high in my top 20 and the only real knock is with lastability. I wish I knew somone that owned this pin. I could never see having this as part of a small collection, however; if I had 4+ other pins I'd love to have Champion Pub in my collection.
9 years ago
A great "party machine" and the type of game I'd love for one of my friends to own. Basically, I really enjoy playing it but it's not a game I need to have in my collection. I even like the jump rope. I wish more machines used featured like this instead of video modes.

PS: If I owned a bar, I'd buy a Champion Pub, Tapper, and Ice Cold Beer.

PSS: It's too bad they never used an Ice Cold Beer game mechanism in a pinball backglass. Would have made a great mini game.
9 years ago
Love CP but it did become repetitive rather quickly. Rules could have been more polished, wonderful bar game, glad I owned one but do not know if I would get one again. Would depend on space and money, still a great late model W/B, fun to play.
9 years ago
I played 1 game on it, and i didn't want to play it again.. I didn't like it , I don't want it..
9 years ago
A very unique pin with somewhat mixed appeal. I sorta like the old west saloon piano music. Bar brawl theme is similarly interesting. Jump rope is a clever toy. However, I would worry that the features that make this game unique would also become repetitive and less interesting with time. Seems like a great location pin if fully working, but to thrive in a collection I suspect you would need north of 20 pins.
9 years ago
Lots of neat gimmicks. last time I played it just wasn't drawing me in to go for another round.
9 years ago
This is the game Iv probably played most in my life. I will say that the rule set is simple and the game can be repetitive. HOWEVER, there is alot of unique fun to have with the speedbad, jump rope, and the actual fights. Great game for beginners to get them into pinball I think.
9 years ago
Its different, Punchbag and fights, training modes all good. Its a great game to play if not seen before and as a high fun factor. I played it first time and thought brilliant. 10 plays later the novelty has wore off a bit so I dont think its a keeper or will have lastability.
9 years ago
I really love this game. Probably the best bar theme pin. The game has alot of nostalgic items/toys that just pulls you into it from a punching bag or a jump rope. I really like the idea of training before a bout and then you get your chance punching out people with the main toy of the game as the fighters taunt you. You then can progress thru the game with different fighters similar to a punch-out style game. The game has a cool video mode with the spittune and the game has a dynamite soundtrack. Overall the game has a great overall package. I'd say it's one of the top 5 from Bally. If you see one play it or buy it, you will not be disappointed.
10 years ago
Definitely one of the last great pins made under the Bally name.
10 years ago
This one was fun for like 2 games.
10 years ago
I walked by this game dozens of times at the PHOF, unimpressed by the glass and cabinet art. Then I decided to play it one day. Wow, so much fun. So many interesting and surprising toys. The jump rope feature is so cool and unexpected. This game is one I want to own. A lot of fun to play, especially if playing with a buddy. This pin proves looks can be deceiving. I played bad pins like Star Wars and Avatar because of the theme and I overlooked this true gem.
10 years ago
Tons of fun and unique. 10 fighters to battle gives you lots of variation and the toys are great.
10 years ago
An interesting game to play, but the theme and artwork don't do it for me. I do like the change back to a silk-screen printed backglass though, just a shame they chose this game to do it on!
10 years ago
I see some stating that it gets repetitive too fast, but in my opinion any machine can become boring if thats all you play. I have many of the top ten pins in my collection and this holds up without a doubt. Its Great.
10 years ago
This game seems like it was built around the ideas for the toys. There are some innovative features here. I liked jumping the ball over the jump rope and the speed bag is like a mini version of the upper playfield on The Shadow. The problem for me is the repetitive nature of almost unmissable central bash target combined with the otherwise fan layout.
10 years ago
What a neat gimmick for a game. Beat up your way to be Pub Champion!
Great usage of a non-license theme. Fight Night Time is Fun!
10 years ago
Can't get in to this one. I was bored with it after only a few plays.
10 years ago
A very underrated pin from Bally/Williams.
10 years ago
I have lots of fun when I play CP. Thought at first I would want to add it to the collection, but have had second thoughts. I don't know that it would remain a favorite machine if I played it more regularly. As it is, when I get to play it every couple of months or so, I enjoy the dickens out of it. I don't know that I would like to try to keep it running at home - lots of stuff could go wrong.
10 years ago
Was fun at first, got old quick.
10 years ago
Lot of toys,desing is very nice.For my part it's a trophy on my gameroom but always the same thing to do
There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 8.

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